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New video! When most major roads were toll roads: https://t.co/iJP2AUMXoU (thanks to @ianvisits for unwittingly tipping me off to this!)
@ToastMaster Watched it on a plane. Took me half an hour to realise there were two separate lead actresses playing two separate characters.@bockph @DavidJBodycombe That’s incredible, thank you very much!“We can buy a potato and head up the workshop.” — scheming with @unnamedculprit takes some weird turns.@Matty198891 That link doesn’t work for me? It’s not a unique name though!@CatGK Vanity and practicality, in differing amounts depending on what I’m up to!@OpenRightsGroup Thanks for the link — your observer reports were invaluable in backing that up!@CatGK I think I had that for nearly ten years! Worked for me back then, although I don’t think I’d go back to it now.
@Spacemans Not for a while, for various reasons!
@elderlyapple I think it's just what we've been trained on, but that's not based on any concrete evidence!@CriticCoreShow Yep, exactly the same thought process here!@SirCrest My style tends to use a bit more motion blur and easing, so it seems to fit better at regular frame rates!@VackerSimon Native 60fps maybe, but video smoothing's an effect I really can't stand. (And I do like 3D, so it's not just "new is bad".)Just tried rendering part of a new motion-graphics video in 60fps. Absolutely horrible. High frame rates still don't "feel" right for video.@VackerSimon I've got that one filed away for Computerphile; I had a topical Superfish video recorded but managed to mess up the filming!@iamdanw Seriously considering purchasing a selfie stick.@jonty Seconded.@garybrannan Important question: did you catch the train?Durham based Tech Diff fans! If you'd like to say hello, please do, just don't yell WALK FASTER, GARY! behind me as I try and catch a train.
Retweeted by Tom Scott@gbrannanarchive A procedural slip did mean they outlawed Melvyn Bragg at the same time, though.@DavidJBodycombe Beaches.@gbrannanarchive Good grief, I haven't heard the word "melvin" for years.@tef I could be convinced this evening.@Aosher Amazing.@dotboris Put it this way: I lost 15 minutes to Vengaboys music videos this morning and I’m not blaming them.@LinfordMiles Hell no, I’m not chiming in on this disaster. Actual neurologists are confused by it.@tef @qwghlm I was being a little “well obviously those of us who work in video can handle colour correction better” smug and then NOPE.@ravenevermore @solace_aderyn It’s like the Starfleet medical uniform from First Contact onwards: blue? green? Who knows?All today, indoors, I was sure that #thedress was blue and black. Outside, on a phone in bright sunlight: white and gold for a moment. What.@Kyle__Terry Beyond my skills (and a long way away)! Glad you liked it, though.@hllnS @unnamedculprit That was the joke I was going for, yes.@unnamedculprit @vickyjo @iamdanw BOOM BOOM: https://t.co/ggvXLhQ5f9
@marvelloustea Just played one for the first time. Totally agree: needs more theming. Although fewer replicator-disruptors than DS9, please.@TRJeffries @unnamedculprit John Oliver took this to a different level: http://t.co/9aN8YaHfB9
@danielpeake I recommend the Hugo Award-winning "A Walk in the Sun", by Geoffrey Landis: http://t.co/MtU4qBK7Fz@mseckington Yes - the alternative is that it's too loud and clips! (Also, using the open backdoor can make a big difference if you're not.)@kmacleod Again, thanks so much: the live producer's a bit stunned that someone would pull that together for us :)@bockph @DavidJBodycombe That's fantastic, thanks very much!@Ovidiuxxxc In truth, just practice - and challenging yourself. (Also, in general, learning other languages: broadening your skills helps!)@solace_aderyn Lots of sympathy, and very best of luck!
@metabrew Ha, thanks :)@jacklucien @DavidJBodycombe Thanks very much — and well done :)@bouncybouncyboo Glad you like it, but I can’t let you do that right now — sorry!@kmacleod That’s great, thank you! I’m not sure where it goes from here, but that’s a lovely thing to receive :)@Carthage17 Probably not for a while (for various reasons). Sorry!@solace_aderyn Thanks :)@florianbecht @tmigge That’s legal restrictions in your country, alas!Thank you, everyone! Will deal with tweets later — but as the sun sets on our studio, that’s a wrap and a happy team! http://t.co/XMZUoebYCiAlright. We are getting everything in place for the Big Show. Tune in now. Good luck! http://t.co/RaHpTeg0YHI'll be honest, I'm absolutely bricking it. The @hitlistquiz live stream is up, and rehearsals are starting shortly: http://t.co/RaHpTeg0YHOur live stream is up! Rehearsals shortly; our big game will be at 4:30pm. Tune in now: http://t.co/jTGxkZIDaO
Retweeted by Tom Scott@mattround @youngvulgarian @edjeff Huh, looks like it’s happening here too. How bizarre.@InnateBeast That’s “0” in Unix time! http://t.co/AzLgzhxNcq
@NehadHirmiz Thanks! There are more on the way at some point…New video! How to program a quantum computer (sort of): https://t.co/NhCezeL8ne - thanks to all the Centre for Quantum Photonics team!@fridgehead @tef Who?@iansteadman Er, although ignore the dodgy audio in the first minute of that, it's perfect afterwards.@iansteadman It does work! Right now! Incredibly well, and still edited to a slow burn, like it was ten years ago: https://t.co/AfeyUhLkPP@tef Just wing it. Don’t get into a flap, or someone’ll tal-on you and you’ll be up before the beak. Owlet it go there.@acreature That's the sort of pun that deserves a polite round of applause. Well done.@whoisdanw 🎶 I’m talking to the man in the middle / and now all my passwords have been stolen@TRJeffries @unnamedculprit This should brighten up your morning a bit: http://t.co/7FxfnAWaaP@youngvulgarian "Paxman and Robinson".@Aosher I’m hoping that you’re genuinely this chipper and that’s not just morphine talking. Either way: blimey, get well soon!
Left my backpack alone with @unnamedculprit for two minutes. Tactical error. http://t.co/eRDMZ9e6ak
@euromaestro Send me an email — tom@tomscott.com!@felix_cohen Completely forgot to send you this: http://t.co/Otd8BMIGKZ - alpine slide, Chatham, it's brilliant, take friends, arrive early.
@iamdanw If there's anything really plot-relevant, there'll be a small note on screen about it. I got through without needing a guide!@Breadfries A bit of generic music from YouTube's stock library: "Far Away" by MK2.@Grimbriar That... wow. That's either a wonderful error, or something that should really have been divided into two form fields!@qwghlm It took me a good 15 seconds to work that out with you giving me the wrong priming. There’s a linguistics paper there.@tef I picked the wrong day to not be in the office.@mattcee233 Thanks so much again :)@tef Okay, then it should be like the TNG warp scale. Noisebridge Factor 10 is drama in all points of the universe simultaneously.@tef Which, of course, starts an argument about whether that should be a linear or log scale.@ChannelFlip It didn't provoke a loud "whaaaaaaay" from anyone so I'm calling it a tentative success.@editorius I might have been doing that. On the plus side, I did catch my train.@QuizQuizQuiz That is a lovely final question and I'm not just saying that because I could have got 8/8.Tripped on a tube escalator. Tried to style it out. Failed. No physical injuries, but incalculable damage to my credibility as a Londoner.@LovedayBrooke There may be good reasons (legal compliance, monitoring outreach) but perhaps an optional checkbox might work for that.@JasperSpruytte As ever, Twitter’s a poor medium for any subject that needs subtlety!Signup forms: Male ☐ Female ☐ Stop asking by default here’s a great, well-referenced up-to-date piece about gender: http://t.co/LCmPuvs5r8@timoncheese Thanks. :)
@TingSinclair I was actually going to try and make a little icon of a fish with a cape. Ah well!@ChrisHanel Not my style, at least for videos like that!@EricZeiberg Not a reactive one, no. There might be a more generic one on MITM attacks at some point.@olivervscreeper Not going to be topical by then. It might get reworked into something more generic at a later time!@isrob @01xFi The second angle failed, plus a ridiculous script error that showed just how much I'm on autopilot when using a prompter!Recorded what I thought was a great video about Superfish. The footage is unusable. No time to rerecord. Sometimes it just doesn't work out.@matlock Very tempted but other commitments and too much work. Would have loved to, though, that’s very generous of you :)@whoisdanw Override them. They’re using outdated style.@01xFi Yep, possible video about that this afternoon!
Earlier, @felix_cohen showed me video of hydrofoil surfing and I'm still just saying "what" repeatedly: https://t.co/daYPODeuwz@ToastMaster Y'know, I reckon I might be able to pull that off in the YouTube studios. Although I think I'd call it "Put A Drone On It".@danielpeake I believe @DavidJBodycombe was just writing the same words over and over again!Here's the trailer for next Tuesday's show. See you then, Twitter, and good luck! https://t.co/ihXhNnNNnc
Retweeted by Tom Scott@lbamp Probably a bit too old hat, that technology: although I always liked the "secret" DTMF codes that regular handsets couldn't produce!
@tompratchett It's about 50/50 between those two at the minute.Meanwhile in the office, @jonty invents a game involving tiny magnets and a remote-control model helicopter. http://t.co/FrscpUWW92@schrodingerskit A suit, certainly...
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