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@conorsen not bad for an "off year" in the Big Ten.
@Morgan_03 when does Ken Griffin pack up and leave? That stuff has gotta be driving him crazy@RebeccaJarvis tell your husband we want bigger buyback of GSVC shares and its 95 degrees in the shade at the Phoenecian@graemehein @mbusigin Heebner's homebuilding bet starting to pay off and maybe he ditched his short Treasuries too http://t.co/g7FzabC5SnThis week in HEDJ inflows/creations - another $750 million trickles in to the hottest thing on the street http://t.co/pit5P6BhJXThe George Brett Story https://t.co/pDt52MZ88x wtf baseball players are gross - no women or children pls@modestproposal1 can u imagine spending a summer weekend in the Hamptons with him - as his wingman? he's got no game https://t.co/UUB4uZQyty
Bulk of inflows to equities have gone to international fund and HEDJ still top of Billboard's charts http://t.co/GiXXSMO6pd with a bulletU.S.-based stock ETFs had $7.3 billion of net inflows & mutual funds posted $1.6 billion of redemptions wk ended 3/26 http://t.co/psdEdYc9jH
@chigrl neighbor with that $50 million Ferrari GTO pulled out of his gate today with something that can only be this https://t.co/P4iEyqVVls@maoxian they have never recovered from getting Obama'd but had some silly co specific excuses on the qrtr. Greg gotta be feeling major heat@MissTrade @conorsen @Nebrewska whoopsie http://t.co/1zGHbJsYQx@nicolatheron 84 at the beach? heat is building - this is nuts.@John_Arndt the lizards are out have not seen a snake yet tho@daytrend might need to skip Fast Money this weather is close to perfect http://t.co/DB3mKHOwZv81 degrees and sunny its Madness in March http://t.co/Imo5MekHiRBergdahl and perma bulls charged with desertionFund Manager of Bitcoin Savings & Trust pleads not guilty to fraud charges http://t.co/Sc6oQDJ5In In God We Trust - all others pay cash plsMiles driven on US Highways in January rises 4.9% YoY as cheap gas etc takes hold http://t.co/zwxsnjXxw9@MissTrade @conorsen @Nebrewska two a days in August heat build character. I can still taste the dust@mappingbabel @alex ah last years model. he changes girlfriends faster than ORCL quote changes@mappingbabel @alex too much tennis screaming - and who is Nikita http://t.co/uqtCF1iaQDNFL allows for medical time outs after possible concussions http://t.co/KIdTkYmhuO via @conorsen@conorsen @Nebrewska in Bend OR @Misstrade sez tykes Football still a suburban kids sport & parents not pulling em yet but is atypical metro@conorsen @Nebrewska luv Friday Nite Tykes show but demographic/societal issues maybe starting were few white kids altho cud be few reasons@CowboyMC123 @appflyer these artificial barriers are not working for me the more I have thought about it last 6 months@jkaynyc I might be a buyer soon don't leave home without updating us on the takeaways from the pow wow@oknotsomuch basketball heaven coming up this weekend. Love the years we get 2 Big Ten teams in final four but that is a stretch this year@oknotsomuch bot back some TUBE and TWTR after selling yest what is up with you people? bang those keys@jsndacruz I have not spent much time on this but best thing about Twitter Fin is self policing -we might have new entrant 4 Charlatan award@hmeisler I noticed this yesterday that nobody noticed this yesterdayWhen I was 17 went to Merrill Lynch office w/ buddy whose dad died broker then lost 80% of his inheritance in 18 mos maybe Wohl not so evilI'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS@AppFlyer in similar vein our sewn on patches on our jackets at CME read "Free Markets for Free Men" current oil market anything but@ShaferVineyards @wineweirdos those guys are def weird. And I am nostalgic. I remember my first year on mailing list, $85 for 1995 Hillside
@Jesse_Livermore put this on Craigslist and see what comes back to you@michaelsantoli we would go for nightcap after the year end holiday party. Was humorous, a real throw back to good ole days@michaelsantoli @georgepearkes City went to shit after Billy's Topless closed http://t.co/9Dgm6tsXv9@talktoskirt http://t.co/a1fzlPa1qf@conorsen oh I gotta try that a sucker for anything Cherry and the netz say large drink is made with 4 real lime halves too@conorsen their TV ads nearly suck me in, I think I have been there once. Ads are funny tho and pretty effective I think@72guard that thing carried me today was up 20 bps love picking up a little ground relative on days like this@hmeisler Peaches coming on too http://t.co/j10fPIaKRC@hmeisler garden moving along in this heat will spot you a tomato soon http://t.co/peja9PUr11Wearing my TWTR t-shirt and lugging a 5% position coming into today. But this is for all of you taking victory laps http://t.co/BJvVUad9oB@ChairPuppetMao @jessefelder as Wayne and Garth said we are not worthy https://t.co/SSMLAyRBwb
@AlexRubalcava nice, how many kids have you worked with in that capacity since you started?@Dutch_Book ATRA move since ur tweet around that mid Feb secondary should put you in the Twitter Finance Hall of Fame on the first ballot@BrattleStCap @maoxian its the pride of Manhattan Beach buddy has been all over it featured in his qtrly 6 mos ago http://t.co/XHUoe6Cgke@Gil_Brandt @bpilzner its an embarrassment of riches@OliviaSterns looks like fun as long as you don't prawn this off on us as serious journalism@Nonrelatedsense @MebFaber F-Squared Investments cutting 25% of staff http://t.co/criL1geU8X@conorsen they just called YELP a racket on CNBC so you can add that to the list@conorsen A) CFA Institute, Cosa Nostra, Port Authority of NY/NJ Q) Name organizations running the most lucrative rackets@conorsen Cavaliers are still imploding - Virginia senior apologizes after calling out his teammates http://t.co/4LqAqytyE7@buckdeerstocks4 @CapitalObserver @FCFYield @MicroFundy always shoot first and ask questions later when trading SWHC@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk @conorsen this guy might be worth a follow for NCAA stats I assume he does some football too https://t.co/OllJCyPPzpHedge funds get short of U.S. oil as storage fills http://t.co/ahHEJPsJ4L "super bearish"
@JeffCNYC @jessefelder I would like you to tape that conversation with your wife and play it back to us so I can get a good laugh@jessefelder been talking to @ChairPuppetMao about GT4 tho he thinks 993 Turbos and college Bug make me aircoold guy http://t.co/xZ8OBIZNVG
@georgepearkes @IvanTheK as Sparty gears up for Cavaliers lemme tell you what I really think about Charlottesville http://t.co/X6AA1FHvGn@georgepearkes @IvanTheK stick to photoshop and leave chart art to experts who are too creative for CMT credential https://t.co/I3ct9gq7gR@conorsen Sparty might have shot at Sweet 16 and I am not being Cavaliers about it@conorsen Michigan St beats Georgia in Outback Bowl and March Madness are you sure SEC is not worthless and weak plus who has best athletes@BlondBanker @DavidSchawel brought to us by @JKempEnergy he is style driftin out of oil patch into war on inflation http://t.co/jTSXC3ln0u@DavidSchawel Apparently the coming rout in bonds was foreshadowed in 1940s and we will all get shot down in flames http://t.co/dunTQH5nVy
Lipper: US based equity ETFs pull in $8.5 billion, equity mutual funds $56 million in the wk ended 3/18 http://t.co/EKanAYKf4X
@maoxian remember when they would "sign off" at like 2 am and end the days programming? we mostly got this to end it https://t.co/2mEdBVFpWy@maoxian I talked to him at Culver teen center for a few minutes they made him wear green contact lenses and he had webbed hands@maoxian its hard to believe that this was not as popular as CHiPS https://t.co/J0I3iEVJPC@maoxian @AlexRubalcava Patrick Duffy with a water mister keeping him moist for an episode of Man from Atlantis was highlight of summer '77@maoxian @AlexRubalcava one summer they shot a CHiPS episode next door to my uncles house in Culver City but watching a guy follow around@AlexRubalcava yes I know but we have motorcycle cops involved and you kinda look like Erik Estrada@AlexRubalcava are you gonna cashtag HOG?@LWinthorpe if PTJ is like a rockstar then Janet is either like a groupie or maybe a roadie scoring drugs for her peeps@LWinthorpe another crazy SAE
@conorsen @adoxen @jvposter Sparty On@conorsen Terps have their number but they looked good last night. 3 games in 3 days def takes a little out of u heading into the Big ShowHEDJ creations/inflows this week slow a bit from last week but still rolling in cc @michaelsantoli http://t.co/evui58DSoU
Another new high for WETF http://t.co/M9fpha029n@MissTrade played em well until 2 mins to go. ok on to Harbaugh may he keep us entertained into August cuz dog days coming@MissTrade hilarious video and commentary. PS pls beat the cheeseheads@JacobWolinsky so Tilson goes boogie boarding with Barry Minkow? is that what the LL CEO is implying? this is turning into Point BreakLipper: US Equities see $4.5 billion in redemptions as european stocks garner $5.5 billion of inflows - wk ended 3/11 http://t.co/qpJLE6ao0v
@AppFlyer Oil CEOs Press Obama Administration to Lift Export Ban http://t.co/LjRqemPKw2Wall Street Firm Develops New High-Speed Algorithm Capable Of Performing Over 10,000 Ethical Violations Per Second http://t.co/Ddc3UJIuab@chaseyb @DavidSchawel I was gonna say "mismanaged" wud seem he gives zero fucks and proly makes the Gorilla buy his own bananas@DavidSchawel Suns bot for $400 million in 2004 maybe return not that impressive annualized http://t.co/yRRR533843@DavidSchawel Phx Suns majority owner wants to muscle in on u? http://t.co/4IAdnXan63@garyw1 @MissTrade omg what decade is MN living in?@HCPG somebody drank the shorts' milkshake@conorsen @Nebrewska @ryanprociuk KPI Analytics getting more attention for hoops than CFB but u might enjoy this http://t.co/JdsHIEk7zm@rjkok2 @awealthofcs never invite Lake Superior or the North Dakota hockey teams to the Great Lakes Invitational when they have good teams@michaelsantoli @EconomPic @Nonrelatedsense Jimmy the Greek just posted over/under on this weeks HEDJ creations at $1.4 billion@michaelsantoli @EconomPic @Nonrelatedsense I wonder what % of creations in HEDJ & DXJ come from advisors/institutions/hedge funds vs retailLake Superior State offers in-state tuition rates to out of state students http://t.co/qB3gOuNKkP space heater and hockey skates are extra@Nonrelatedsense he has been rightfully tough on them - but that was not on the agenda today. they were mostly talking hamburgers@Nonrelatedsense was the first 10-15 minutes I guess. Seating chart left me squirming in my seat@Dutch_Book holy cow ATRA cured cancer or something? what a move@Nonrelatedsense Meb sitting next to VRTS man on FM this is kinda...interesting
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