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@JSiegel88 that One Vanderbilt project is crazy. But tunnels in and out of GCS make sense a major bonus for CT commuters@Nonrelatedsense another kicksave on VRTS as the turd was circling the drain this AMWTI spec longs at 8 month high http://t.co/J8co3RXolUFirst Look At The Tallest Residential Tower On Earth, Headed For Midtown Manhattan http://t.co/KiBQtgdKqO
And so it begins...but does it end with an autographed photo of Mooch over my turret? "With the bullish best wishes" http://t.co/RVlKBCEPGx
Gary Kaminsky moves into part time advisory role with Morgan Stanley ahead of Wall Street Week TV re-boot http://t.co/dXtGLjDNGe
$5.8 billion of outflows from US Equities and $6 billion of inflows for non-domestic equities in the wk ended 4/15 http://t.co/7HBp6MFfNU@Dutch_Book looks like you win again http://t.co/QUVaprefWa
Q&A: SkyBridge’s Anthony Scaramucci Readies For Wall Street Week Debut http://t.co/mpgG4k2sqX@Dutch_Book its not a stock, its a Honey Badger@Dutch_Book Phil Collins Friday arrived early this week for ATRA longs https://t.co/OvMMoBJTHl@Valuetrap13 so far today...the people have spoken. This is part of what I am betting on http://t.co/nZuRejVoHd no reason to get 2 granular@firstadopter off with his head! Unless he lets us eat cake, then its all good@IvanTheK electronification - is that how you spell it?
@KegsnEggs Go-pher it@Valuetrap13 sure but oil storage meme made my antennae quiver just sitting back and observing things here@hmeisler quite a day for FCX@JacobWolinsky a flaming Lumbersexual (please print this out and help kill a tree)@conorsen yes he has this market right where he wants it, time to pounceAs Hussman Strategic Growth hits new lows it is important to recognize HSGFX is an excellent vehicle to minimize capital gains taxes@EquityNYC @JacobWolinsky clearly Grantham is a closet Lumbersexual@Nebrewska Mich QB situation is more crowded than AAPL long and Rudock thing kinda bizarre imo http://t.co/eUCyivc9ZDLUV adds wider seats to accommodate American's wider.... http://t.co/Iw7UdeLU1O @BarbarianCap american eater wins again@hmeisler that oil storage meme of March 17/18 was of the bigger dust devils to whirl thru here this yearBut...but...what about oil storage? A month ago it was full, now No Room in the Inn for the bears and the r living in Van down by the River
Dept of Labor blog on new steps to put in place consumer protection for 401k rollovers and IRA's https://t.co/GUua397aqu@AppFlyer 401k lobby are the ones I have a problem with their plans are too expensive and their options are limited http://t.co/vnfKIb8Z29@AppFlyer the comment period is gonna get heated http://t.co/0fUeWR3e2f
@LivewireAZ @EnglishBeat I confess...I will be there for that show@IvanTheK he already used it to string someone up
@Nebrewska oh darn http://t.co/F4ofvwXMp2@JackHBarnes I thought 17 year old kids drove go-karts not F1
@brooklyn91941 just focus on getting the per capita average consumption up and it will all work out (burp)CHART: US Brewery Count 1874 to 2014 http://t.co/B4nlJTRA18
Retweeted by StockJockey@ericjackson Win, Place or Show. Show still good for some dough
@Dutch_Book Benzinga should give u an award for best call ever on hottest stock ever here is a lil Motown 4U on Fri https://t.co/PSoy9D2jNS
@jessefelder In Bend, too long@ronkory @hmeisler exceptional weather at the moment, that much is trueU.S. oil production is probably peaking right now: Kemp http://t.co/prUzr7uEzL
Beat AAPLBig Final Four stat: Duke shot 57 free throws. Kentucky, Wisconsin and Michigan State combined 36 for free throws in the Final Four
Retweeted by StockJockey
@michaelsantoli tastes like...vanillaCap Group's American Funds takes home 19 awards at Lipper's annual U.S. Fund Gala http://t.co/ETDiYgGSHb its like the Oscars but more boringInteractive Brokers Group Reports Brokerage Metrics for March 2015, Includes Reg.-NMS Execution Statistics http://t.co/xR2P5QCabj
The SEC keeps quiet as the F-Squared fallout keeps spreading http://t.co/5klLPPD07E radioactive do not touch @MebFaber@msttrader ok will have to try NYPD calzone since Sbarro closed at Fashion Square I lost my go-to faux connection to NYC lol@msttrader making dough in Tempe http://t.co/hh2Z0j8obZ is there an edible Calzone in all of AZ?@hmeisler @34bps sadly I lacked the courage of my convictions & am not there but stock brushed off AMZN competition news etc and keeps goinSFM goes on MS Best Ideas List w/ $40 target http://t.co/0jufLVBrUK
@conorsen not bad for an "off year" in the Big Ten.
@Morgan_03 when does Ken Griffin pack up and leave? That stuff has gotta be driving him crazy@RebeccaJarvis tell your husband we want bigger buyback of GSVC shares and its 95 degrees in the shade at the Phoenecian@graemehein @mbusigin Heebner's homebuilding bet starting to pay off and maybe he ditched his short Treasuries too http://t.co/g7FzabC5SnThis week in HEDJ inflows/creations - another $750 million trickles in to the hottest thing on the street http://t.co/pit5P6BhJXThe George Brett Story https://t.co/pDt52MZ88x wtf baseball players are gross - no women or children pls@modestproposal1 can u imagine spending a summer weekend in the Hamptons with him - as his wingman? he's got no game https://t.co/UUB4uZQyty
Bulk of inflows to equities have gone to international fund and HEDJ still top of Billboard's charts http://t.co/GiXXSMO6pd with a bulletU.S.-based stock ETFs had $7.3 billion of net inflows & mutual funds posted $1.6 billion of redemptions wk ended 3/26 http://t.co/psdEdYc9jH
@chigrl neighbor with that $50 million Ferrari GTO pulled out of his gate today with something that can only be this https://t.co/P4iEyqVVls@maoxian they have never recovered from getting Obama'd but had some silly co specific excuses on the qrtr. Greg gotta be feeling major heat@MissTrade @conorsen @Nebrewska whoopsie http://t.co/1zGHbJsYQx@nicolatheron 84 at the beach? heat is building - this is nuts.@John_Arndt the lizards are out have not seen a snake yet tho@daytrend might need to skip Fast Money this weather is close to perfect http://t.co/DB3mKHOwZv81 degrees and sunny its Madness in March http://t.co/Imo5MekHiRBergdahl and perma bulls charged with desertionFund Manager of Bitcoin Savings & Trust pleads not guilty to fraud charges http://t.co/Sc6oQDJ5In In God We Trust - all others pay cash plsMiles driven on US Highways in January rises 4.9% YoY as cheap gas etc takes hold http://t.co/zwxsnjXxw9@MissTrade @conorsen @Nebrewska two a days in August heat build character. I can still taste the dust@mappingbabel @alex ah last years model. he changes girlfriends faster than ORCL quote changes@mappingbabel @alex too much tennis screaming - and who is Nikita http://t.co/uqtCF1iaQDNFL allows for medical time outs after possible concussions http://t.co/KIdTkYmhuO via @conorsen@conorsen @Nebrewska in Bend OR @Misstrade sez tykes Football still a suburban kids sport & parents not pulling em yet but is atypical metro@conorsen @Nebrewska luv Friday Nite Tykes show but demographic/societal issues maybe starting were few white kids altho cud be few reasons@CowboyMC123 @appflyer these artificial barriers are not working for me the more I have thought about it last 6 months@jkaynyc I might be a buyer soon don't leave home without updating us on the takeaways from the pow wow@oknotsomuch basketball heaven coming up this weekend. Love the years we get 2 Big Ten teams in final four but that is a stretch this year@oknotsomuch bot back some TUBE and TWTR after selling yest what is up with you people? bang those keys@jsndacruz I have not spent much time on this but best thing about Twitter Fin is self policing -we might have new entrant 4 Charlatan award@hmeisler I noticed this yesterday that nobody noticed this yesterdayWhen I was 17 went to Merrill Lynch office w/ buddy whose dad died broker then lost 80% of his inheritance in 18 mos maybe Wohl not so evilI'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS@AppFlyer in similar vein our sewn on patches on our jackets at CME read "Free Markets for Free Men" current oil market anything but@ShaferVineyards @wineweirdos those guys are def weird. And I am nostalgic. I remember my first year on mailing list, $85 for 1995 Hillside
@Jesse_Livermore put this on Craigslist and see what comes back to you@michaelsantoli we would go for nightcap after the year end holiday party. Was humorous, a real throw back to good ole days@michaelsantoli @georgepearkes City went to shit after Billy's Topless closed http://t.co/9Dgm6tsXv9@talktoskirt http://t.co/a1fzlPa1qf@conorsen oh I gotta try that a sucker for anything Cherry and the netz say large drink is made with 4 real lime halves too@conorsen their TV ads nearly suck me in, I think I have been there once. Ads are funny tho and pretty effective I think@72guard that thing carried me today was up 20 bps love picking up a little ground relative on days like this@hmeisler Peaches coming on too http://t.co/j10fPIaKRC@hmeisler garden moving along in this heat will spot you a tomato soon http://t.co/peja9PUr11Wearing my TWTR t-shirt and lugging a 5% position coming into today. But this is for all of you taking victory laps http://t.co/BJvVUad9oB@ChairPuppetMao @jessefelder as Wayne and Garth said we are not worthy https://t.co/SSMLAyRBwb
@AlexRubalcava nice, how many kids have you worked with in that capacity since you started?@Dutch_Book ATRA move since ur tweet around that mid Feb secondary should put you in the Twitter Finance Hall of Fame on the first ballot@BrattleStCap @maoxian its the pride of Manhattan Beach buddy has been all over it featured in his qtrly 6 mos ago http://t.co/XHUoe6Cgke@Gil_Brandt @bpilzner its an embarrassment of riches@OliviaSterns looks like fun as long as you don't prawn this off on us as serious journalism
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