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Hear @thevaccines go "future-punk" in their new album, with exclusive live tracks in Unveiled http://t.co/lK76Bs2N1Q https://t.co/MhY2giQsa5@ccarnal13 That's a lot of power for one person. Please, use it responsibly!@fallynnwest Zzzzz..... Sorry, we were listening to this: http://t.co/WLPQFqY5wL@RTWgirl_ Hey! We've gone ahead and put a few together: http://t.co/jVXxOt2Epw@thwphipps Hey Thom, we've got what you need: http://t.co/8DVjRCLVLW
15 years later, what impacted modern hip-hop more: @Eminem's "Marshall Mathers LP" or @OfficialDELTRON's debut?
@SargentoCheese @chickywiggle So cheesy (but in a good way)Feeling that #ClubLife! #NowPlaying @tiesto's Club Life Vol. 4 - New York City on @Spotify https://t.co/4bfUUAf9CS http://t.co/TilIjsU9NI
Retweeted by SpotifyWhat does the end of your week need? @Avicii knows—stream his new track "Waiting for Love" http://t.co/LIuwkTBIJq http://t.co/0euyC5laRG@authentrovert Consider the game changed, Boss Lady!@Blike_Dante dreams do come true!@SeeMuralsNMusic get pumped! We think you'll be needing this ;)... http://t.co/Ni7IuPbcEn@snupe what's going to be our first dance song? 😏 http://t.co/AauIrLl0ld@TheMoniScho what are you in the mood for, Monica? We'll get you one!Very thrilled that #MLA will represent @playit podcasts on @SpotifyBrands new shows drop every Monday!
Retweeted by Spotify@DynaMike6 Hey, Michael. These new features are rolling out slowly on iOS over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!Cannot begin to tell u how excited I am about #HPMTAZ being available on @Spotify - its a cool & MASSIVE platform! Gr8 job @playit team!!
Retweeted by SpotifyWe’ve got exclusive playlists from @sharonvanetten, @ilovelucius & @kelelam h/t @madewell1937! http://t.co/Gxa6M0kkBx http://t.co/wWmTzJ8TpdCBS Radio’s @playit is a podcast launch partner of @Spotify on its newly launched platform & we are 1 of 20+ podcasts selected to REPRESENT!
Retweeted by Spotify@CarIos95 Well! This is a coincidence... http://t.co/o7Lfqxn7Z2@davidjgtaylor http://t.co/UzpabUBDAj, David!@ajarnkayla We'll always..... be there for you! http://t.co/0GB3YQkuRX@danialguess http://t.co/LhTX42PNsX <3@chickywiggle Nice! Let us know any other funny mishaps you have with lyrics. We'll let you know some of our best ones@jzmnx Do you need a pick-me-up? How about a... http://t.co/pf9kyYFY9F?@broohee We're with you, Brooke! Try this to help you get through it: http://t.co/l8MBefDhmB@meeeeshhh Anytime, Michele. Just hit us up if you ever need an overly-specific playlist again :)@chickywiggle Were you singing "sweet dreams are made of cheese", too?@kyrsting That depends. What kind of work do you do? :p@meeeeshhh Got it right here, Michele! http://t.co/I5qelaF1qQ@bobbypins Dry those tears, Mimi and get this on for a great weekend: http://t.co/7wkTZTqAQw
@skier1 we're glad to hear it! No excuses now 😜@_ebuwa #MissionAccomplished!@_heavyheartxx just send a shout over to @SpotifyCares and they can help you out with this, Kara!@lindzmetz nope, not at all.@BrettAtkinson which song keeps you coming back, Brett?@monaloca you're going to love our #ShoegazeWeekend then, Monica! Best way to celebrate.In honor of #KevinShields' birthday, we're celebrating #shoegaze with a #ShoegazeWeekend, kicking-off tomorrow 🔊 😞👟@Ludvigmo doesn't get much better than that, Ludvig! http://t.co/biDjRXnWSDWhether you’re sprinting or going the distance, your music is automatically timed to keep you going. #NewSpotify https://t.co/ewRaNVGaC8"21" is the brash new pop-country single from @HunterHayes & we're streaming it exclusively! http://t.co/LtFhpGhXBN http://t.co/GSscFfBZA5
Retweeted by SpotifyWhen your new song finally comes out and it's at the top of the Spotify homepage... Yeah, that's a thing! #excited http://t.co/o72YY2w4CN
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.@nerdist We're stoked to start hearing your theme song even more around the office! 👾 http://t.co/32ff3LAZEf@brittneyburgett Hey Brittney! These updates will be rolling out slowly on iOS, starting with Running. Stay tuned!We're so excited to be partnering with @Nike to enhance the experience for runners on Spotify. Get started: http://t.co/09WuIz4JtZ.@Jessicalessin @soulcycle Of course—We're all about helping our fans find their SOUL 😛 🚴 http://t.co/bXoGAYEwQQ@LBRosa now that's a good friend, Linda! What's your go-to running song?Get to the heart of the matter with the news you care about it. Welcome to Spotify, @Vicenews! http://t.co/VMITI8RQMkWe’ve got all kinds of brand new content. http://t.co/Td036cms4KNews and sports podcasts—nice! 📢 Welcome to the Spotify team, @playit!It’s a whole #NewSpotify—all the content you want, exactly when you want it. http://t.co/Aa3diZnmDOMusic for you. Music for right now. Say hello to the #NewSpotify. https://t.co/s0l7lIXXww@RunNYC15 we're glad you're pumped, Ashley! Cant wait for you to try it out.@butterfly_89000 it's a good thing that we make... http://t.co/j6rFr0NnWj@courtneyjohn17 we're just as pumped as you are, Courtney! Which new feature is your favorite?Running, Shows, and waaaay more. Find out how the #NewSpotify is better than ever. http://t.co/lP3729F6ys http://t.co/S6WqXwtnoeYou pick the pace & we’ll play music perfectly matched to your speed. Runs will never be the same. 👟📱🎶 #NewSpotify http://t.co/kc1tGy3pqcFrom the web to television to our app—you can now watch @BroadCity on Spotify! http://t.co/nnGJKJtoEJ@xxxcarlosr welcome to the party, Carlos! Who's up first on today's playlist?@WebTalentScout we can't wait either, Sabrina! Which is going to be your first?@praetorius keep up with all of the conversation with #NewSpotify, Michael!“With access to so much music at our fingertips at all times, the way we think about music has changed.” - Daniel Ek http://t.co/FAzup5IDvI“Our users are constantly discovering artists through our playlists—it happens two billion times every month.” - Daniel Ek“Streaming is the growth in music, and Spotify is the growth in streaming.” - Daniel Ek“Since Spotify launched seven years ago, we’ve streamed more than 25 billion hours of music.” - Daniel Ek@HfdQuarry Oh, is that what we said, Ian? 😝LIVE on #Periscope: And we're live! https://t.co/hvyuZDBBJ7Watch our #Periscope for an exciting announcement about Spotify. It’s going to change. Your. Life.
It's almost showtime. The curtain goes up tomorrow at 11:00am EST http://t.co/a88vyv3EtM@TajalleNick Hey, Nick. We have a few steps that may help solve this! http://t.co/14Y0jDFMSgVERY IMPORTANT THING TO DO TODAY......take this quiz then listen on @Spotify #seafoxnation http://t.co/Ee5LV4qfqR
Retweeted by Spotify@eheembrock find any winners on there?Add tracks now to the my #FORVER @spotify collaborative playlist and help unlock an an exclusive album mix! - http://t.co/nSMFXomqZ9
Retweeted by SpotifyWe’ve teamed up w/ @madewell1937 to bring you exclusive interviews, playlists & free premium 😱 http://t.co/As29sAurbZ http://t.co/VRpd5q69S1@alonzotsui And we can prove it! Give this a listen: http://t.co/UtHcxyh17f@KalamityJaine We've been...http://t.co/CUVNtOSXBq@Ajfreeman_47 Turns out that's pretty hard! (We had to be really broad about 'slow dance'). Here's what we've got: http://t.co/n89gseaRNH@clintondfoster Hey Clinton, if you're a student don't forget about our student discount! http://t.co/VYRS6beuNP@o2lovespanera <3@ericfm Well, if we're keeping you up - you might as well settle down with the perfect playlist: http://t.co/lzoODMEcpI
@damnitemily now that's a good brother, Emily!@californniyaah YAS 🙌@mjs09e that moment when your Monday became awesome... Yeah.@bobbywilliams05 happy to help, Bobby! http://t.co/KbT3w9xEGvWe're pumped to be @Starbucks music partner—taking your coffee breaks to a whole new level! ☕👍 http://t.co/o9vRl1MMVE http://t.co/ekSZpo883V
Retweeted by Spotify@HowDuYouPlay1 no problem! Enjoy the tunes and happy Monday 😎@HowDuYouPlay1 Check out some of these bangers then, Kyle! http://t.co/3ngbTc9QkQ@caroline__ring If you make it an epic one, you never know what could happen, Caroline! http://t.co/d2UMMV56rV@UrbanLegend__ These tracks are bound to get your blood pumping in the gym, Lyndsay! http://t.co/NVFgTMyXRj@HowDuYouPlay1 hey, Kyle! Who are some of your favorites? We can send you some new tunes.The Breakfast Club is 30 (!), and @simplemindscom have a NEW version of their classic track: http://t.co/DYiAHw15Fx http://t.co/Npql0fX7WI
Retweeted by Spotify@abbeemarie Most necessary, Abrielle. http://t.co/cuskXGhEqT@blairmaline We get you, Blair! Try these out next time: http://t.co/Dgoyt0kcqP@christheatim this playlist should get you pumped up and focused at the same time, Timmy! http://t.co/PAe2reKMII@Lele2Pretty Try this one out next time you hit the gym, Angelique! http://t.co/3kG9Lvehxc@notmariza Consider it done! http://t.co/Itjc7ma6MU@DaniellaBanton We've got your motivation covered, Daniella. Get to running with these tunes! http://t.co/LQ44wvKDCX@NeaShanae We've got you and the bae covered this workout with these throwbacks! http://t.co/Rn04nGxkhZ@Glenda_MariaDA Hi, Glenda. @SpotifyCares is always here to help as well! Just let them know what the issue is.@seija_tachi Sorry about that. Please follow these steps to make sure it doesn't happen again: http://t.co/6NzXk2y4mh
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