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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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Considering listening to The La's self titled debut record exclusively for the rest of March. https://t.co/ykGHPAaJn1Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen is selling off his guitar collection http://t.co/BnQlKrxnRf via @dangermindsblog“Alright” by Cast (@castofficial) is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/yGoCMDmWit@TheSandyWalsh Have not. Will give them a spin. Cheers.@martinclinton Maddy. She sleeps downstairs. The rest do not ;)Question: How long can a sweet old dog who wakes up at 4:30, stand at the bottom of the stairs barking for her breakfast. Answer: 40 minutesThe good folks with @t4g are looking for a Project Manager http://t.co/AlQXJ56bZR
The new self titled debut by @Tuxedo is the serious funky business. You gotta hear this y'all. Love it http://t.co/FndAj7XX87 via @rdioINFOGRAPHIC: The Twitter Tendencies of ‘House of Cards’ Fans http://t.co/dfzNKbVCW5@hollyabond For sure. Sometimes I miss inefficiency and having patience.@hollyabond I can still pretty much remember the very first 11 I ordered, and that wasn't yesterday ;)How did you choose your financial institution? This infographic explains differences between banks & #creditunions http://t.co/XguInmuVaz
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@Greg_Beau All pretty crazy now, when you look back.@krisp131 Think I was running 4-5 concurrent memberships at one point.1982 says hello, America. http://t.co/6zIKnnhLKc
Retweeted by Paul RyanI could excited about receiving mail again, if this still arrived once a month. http://t.co/sbKtDesaBIBank of Canada urges ‘Star Trek’ fans to stop ‘Spocking’ their fivers http://t.co/7oNYSxvjgv via @dangermindsblogPeaky Blinders - Tommy Shelby and Tweed Suiting http://t.co/5IGklJmVUk via @asuitthatfits@jerryleewilson Not sure how you thought that was going to end any other way.@jerryleewilson I can't dude...I just can't@jerryleewilson Oh man. Is he really popular? You know with people who like shitty music, that is.@jerryleewilson Haha. Jesus. That's not good.@Bobby_OK Yeah, sort of stumbled on it. Knew he was still making quality country, just sort of lost track of him to be fair.Vince Vaughn and Co-stars Pose for Idiotic Stock Photos You Can Have for Free http://t.co/sl59vVko2W
Retweeted by Paul RyanNot sure who Luke Bryan is, but on his new album cover he looks like a guy who won a contest to mc a hot dog eating contest at a county fair@chrisgalton I was going to say it runs a bit long, but realized I was listening to the deluxe version ;) Really quite liked it.@WayneCarterRad Haha. No argument here mate. Terrible terrible band.The new Noel Gallagher album sounds a lot of like Paul Weller's "Wildwood" in spots. Somehow I'm guessing that's not accidental.@RyanMcNutt @MalcolmHfx My sense is they are the ones who show up in the playoffs and make a lot of noise without watching a game all year.@MalcolmHfx They also tend to not watch very many hockey games.@MalcolmHfx They tend to be the same ones who tell you how many cups the Habs have won before 1980, and less so since then.Some Habs "fans" spend way more time chirping about how bad the Leafs are playing, than they do about how well the Habs are actually playingIt's a dark day. #MumfordAndSons announce new album and tour. #pleaseNO!
Retweeted by Paul RyanBjörk Unveils Eye-Popping "Vulnicura Physical" Release Artwork http://t.co/FsnDwJwBNP via @pitchforkAll I can say is boo - "Maggie Smith to Leave Downton Abbey" http://t.co/wDkPXuJsJM via @pastemagazineSAIT students pressing records at Canada’s only vinyl plant http://t.co/uRABLyGLBtAlright? #LibertyTaker http://t.co/G5YLNKusEl
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@martinclinton That's amazing
@Jer_Godfrey Had not considered that technique. Thanks mate :)Wow. Just wow - "B.C. Conservative MP James Lunney tweets against evolution" http://t.co/eBlwmuJm2e@MegBlumenthal Yeah that's fair, and same here. We're not wired for this much ice.@MegBlumenthal I have pretty much no fight left.@LaissezFlair @ludditelynch Haha. No pretty sure they play a lot of Mars Volta at Roy's.@LaissezFlair @ludditelynch In a former life, I used to DJ at The Rovers.@LaissezFlair @ludditelynch The Bistro is the "classy" place in WeatherfieldBroke another shovel. Just going to wait until next year to buy a new one, and cross my fingers for a Halifax style chinook in the meantime@ludditelynch @LaissezFlair Actually sounds more like something they would play in The Bistro.Been listening to mostly Suede today on @RdioCA including the classic 'dog man star'. Best #BritPop band imo http://t.co/AHmOrfwMU4Garth Snow improved his goaltending and added a solid depth forward without giving up a key piece. That's a good day. #Isles
Retweeted by Paul RyanGoogle is trying to build a phone service to show phone companies how to run a phone service http://t.co/OH9Yef37IMRevolutions can't start without awareness. Help us change people's lives by voting here!! http://t.co/JZateQWY9F @ILOVELOCALHFX @Doctors_NS
Retweeted by Paul RyanCome in for a #MeatlessMonday vegetarian burger #Halifax!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@MusicianPicture these two beautiful bastards #Albarn #Cocker http://t.co/2KnR8QJ1D1
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#CelebrityTrade Dionn Phanuef for Hal Johnson + Joanne McLeod @bodybreak. They show way more hustle in their :30s spot
Retweeted by Paul RyanFirst day back to set of John Luther....stand by East London. 😎👍 http://t.co/tkALv7zO9L
Retweeted by Paul RyanNo matter how much music you listen to, you always miss something cool along the way. Not sure how I never heard Swervedriver. Fixing that.Toronto tunnel builders identified, police say http://t.co/znnxdOvxhmOne thing's for sure: People who don't know the difference between "Your" and "You're" and "To" and "Too" have strong opinions on Facebook.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan5-10 cm of snow over the top of thick layers of ice, is basically Mother Nature setting booby traps for walking and driving Haligonians.Johnny Marr: 'The Smiths were planning a disco album' http://t.co/5PACgYFTtC
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
A good portion of my listening today has been all about the new album by @dashumans - very nice work on this one lads.@rockitdev I don't like him, just feels greasy enough given the Dartmouth theme, plus home town and all that.@rockitdev @Hooberbloob I would be wearing Sean Avery letters.@rockitdev @Hooberbloob The best would be, just being out there firing pucks "at Dartmouth." Not even landmarks or buildings. Just the land.@Hooberbloob @rockitdev You could totally skate on that, as long as you were wearing CCM Tacks.@rockitdev Yeah I would chip in a two four and couple buckets of pucks to hang out with you for that project, mate.@rockitdev "Hey who are those people skating down the harbour under the bridges. Good for them."@NatalieErb Yeah fair game. Guess we just see how it all plays out.Pretty cool that people are skating on the Arm, since it's one of the least safe places to skate in HRM due to its half assed frozen water.The final word on #TheDress. http://t.co/JEUhnIVfyv
Retweeted by Paul RyanProud of all you Haligonians who got out there to chip away thick layers of ice in your driveways today, making space for tomorrow's snow.I get my hair cut correct like Anthony Mason.
Jimmy Kimmel addresses the anti-vaccination morons, and it is simply brilliant. https://t.co/OQKL4LnHSL@steamwrksdesign That's it. I had one asshole at the bottom of the stairs barking in short bursts for 20 minutes. It was all over from thereWhen you have 6 dogs, sometimes they decide 5am is a good time to start barking for breakfast. All it takes is one to get that ball rolling.@therealchubbroc I don't think it will make a huge difference. Certainly going to be strange for the first while.
@missflossyboss thanksHali People: Any stores between the peninsula and Fall River with a decent supply of street salt? Thinking Bayers Lake/Bedford/Sackville.@grantisagrant That was inevitable I suppose. Pretty boring.Friday is the New Official Release Day for Albums http://t.co/kkaCOpsWC2
Jonny Greenwood Shares Update On Radiohead's Recording Sessions http://t.co/k2EAY5yN1MDrivers are adjusting how they yell at each other due to snow removal challenges. "There are one and a half lanes there. Pick one of them!"@sack_vegas Ha. She used to call me a "little Christ'er", but I think that's a Pictou County thing.@skivels Haha. Yeah, that's fair.My 70 year old mom just called someone a hipster. For any of you who are still using that word, this might be your sign to finally stop.@rockitdev @grantisagrant I have no real issue with the Sens to be honest. Actually like to see them get it together and be more competitive@rockitdev @grantisagrant At least most folks have been mildly distracted from all that tragic gold for the last little while.@grantisagrant @rockitdev I feel like every Twitter conversation about The Isles comes back to the highliner logo eventually@grantisagrant The original logo was Mike Bossy blasting a puck with the Habs logo on it.Cannibal Ox Stream "Blade of the Ronin", First Album in 14 Years http://t.co/1AhVqNZFfx via @pitchfork@huskermould It is now mate.Sporting my @NYIslanders pride up front and centre today in the office #Isles http://t.co/KccsPWzWKpAbsolutely loving the new Dan Deacon album, "Gliss Riffer" on @Rdio http://t.co/3f4Jev4gCZReport: Only 40% Of Celebrities End Up Marrying Their Stalkers http://t.co/x8h0ImHf6I via @TheOnion@TeamAdam76 http://t.co/FZ3pgF0DLg
Outage: Bedford/Sackville (Cobequid Rd to Waverly,Windsor Jct,Fall River Rd,Windsor J...) 2752 affected. ETR 8:00 PM http://t.co/m0XtQPGBFP
Retweeted by Paul Ryan“Ingenue” by Atoms for Peace is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/0oPbI9cmmR@MalcolmHfx I'm an admitted Vince Clarke fanboy and that record is as goos as anything he's been involved with. Probably an A+, A minimum.Someone Made an Itty-Bitty, Teeny-Tiny Little Drone: The Daily Details: Blog http://t.co/7H5ENgjPQn
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