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Owen Barder @owenbarder Somewhere in Europe, mostly

Senior Fellow at @CGDev. Visiting Prof at LSE. Ex No.10, Treasury & DFID. Likes: economics, science, evidence, running. Dislikes: poverty, injustice, sexism.

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On the subject of freeports, was I too kind? (also quotes now-arrested Yves Bouvier) http://t.co/FN5ZZRc4QN http://t.co/FeMiIzflEP
Retweeted by Owen BarderWhat are "costs" to the nation, and what are transfers within it. Essential reading from @CJFDillow http://t.co/C3wROXN2TAGood to see @CGDev taking research transparency seriously, asking for ideas on next steps #alltrials RT @owenbarder: http://t.co/6L4wEQg0ul
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe whole #TheDress question has not improved productivity on our office today. I fear I may be to blame.The @CGDev Europe team uses @SlackHQ for collaboration. I've never seen a piece of software be embraced so quickly or so warmly.what are the next steps for research transparency? @billsavedoff and colleagues at @CGDev want your ideas http://t.co/SK8Uz9NqBFInterested in a career in international development? The @DFID_UK graduate scheme is now open! http://t.co/MXlvuKLOcd
Retweeted by Owen Barder@johnthegeo @owenbarder @PeteVowles 'agile', 'lean analytics' and 'measures that matter' discussed on pp. 13-14 in http://t.co/MgvBh5eRa1
Retweeted by Owen Barder@PeteVowles Has DFID piloted using agile +instead+ of normal project management (for a non-tech project)? e.g. http://t.co/KftW4eWFne@johnthegeo that is a VERY different proposition from saying that logframes are consistent with agile.@PeteVowles agile is the alternative. Can't think of any tech companies using agile who also use logframes. Can you?@johnthegeo Sounds like a dodgy syllogism. "Measurement important in agile" "Logframes include measurement" so ...? Cc @PeteVowles@PeteVowles I find it hard to see how you will ever reconcile logframes with agile. #AdaptDevMaking Do With More by @delong via @ProSyn http://t.co/9VpGveoU6H
The young, growing Europe office of @CGDev is recruiting a Senior Fellow. http://t.co/wjdNLrzPXd @owenbarder @vijramachandran
Retweeted by Owen Barder@pjskids At my school, once a term they only gave full lunch to every fifth pupil. The rest got a small bowl of rice. Made a big impression.@LonerganRoy Right. Wouldn't it be good for the rest of them to get a sense of how that feels to the majority who are not up there?@pjskids I quite like the idea that they would get a sense of the distribution if some of their number got the funny money top salaries.@LonerganRoy Right. Though in a sample of 650, nobody might come out in the top 0.1%.@mattbjones they do influence the overall salary distribution, don't they?@LonerganRoy No. Each MP gets a salary drawn from the distribution, with the same mean and median as the UK population.What if MPs' salaries were drawn at random from the same income distribution as the country as a whole? #Rawls #VeilOfIgnorance@paulclist My view is just based on the way that the UK has largely withdrawn from GBS, though there is no strong evidence base to do so.@paulclist I think properly-done PBR is feasible, though I agree that the experience so far suggests the opposite. GBS not feasible.@leniwild I'd like to see greater recognition that developing countries, not aid agencies, will bring about #AdaptDev.@edwardrcarr with great respect to @WiltonPark I don't enjoy all the blah blah blah with no action resulting.@PeteVowles They haven't been offered it. They've been offered a frankenstein monster of PBR bolted on to old-school micromanagement.On practical examples this @dhymowit video on locally-led politically feasible reforms is worth a watch: https://t.co/uXHOs5QZaq #adaptdev
Retweeted by Owen Barder@locationsafety My view is that PBR is the only bureaucratically-feasible mechanism to give adaptive autonomy to implementers. #AdaptDevTo me, "dev't entrepreneurship" feels a lot like old school, grassroots organizing, with a private sector packaging. #AdaptDev
Retweeted by Owen Barder@nataliaadler19 Right. Ethnography. That's exactly how most firms establish the needs of their consumers. #adaptdev@nataliaadler19 I think we disagree about how to discover user needs. Most private enterprises would not logframes.@AndyR_AGI So Andy: do you actually need a Theory of Change? #adaptdev@nataliaadler19 That sounds to me like "waterfall" project planning - ie the opposite of #AdaptDev ?@AndyR_AGI @martaforesti Agreed. I'm just pushing back on the tendency towards politically correct gold plated project appraisal.@martaforesti I suggest that the "which ignore local knowledge" part of your tweet is redundant? #adaptdev@martaforesti are you suggesting that pre-planned interventions that do NOT ignore local knowledge will work? #adaptdev@leniwild @HamishNixon Precisely. Yet researchers often draw the opposite conclusion (viz: more research needed). #adaptdev@leniwild @HamishNixon Precisely. Yet researchers often draw the opposite conclusion (viz: more research needed).#AdaptDev if the problems are "complex" (in the sense of "complex adaptive systems") then more ex ante analysis won't help @HamishNixon#adaptdev How in practice can public sector funders put up money in advance and allow local decision makers to adapt? @PeteVowlesTo the female cyclist cut up by white van man on #Battersea Rise: I caught up with the driver and issued him 3 penalty points & a £100 fine
Retweeted by Owen Barder@JoshuaCPowell @AidData a solution to the chicken and egg problem is dogfooding.
@alanbeattie @xtophercook Randomly allocate incomes from a distribution matching the UK's income distribution. #Rawls #VeilOfIgnoranceQuick feedback loops and adaptive processes are more important than blueprint planning @rakeshrajani
Retweeted by Owen Barder@MLBrook There is a big fat grey area where these overlap (e.g. use of parliamentary time)@MLBrook I'll be interested to know what you find.@MLBrook I think only the chairs are elected. But perhaps you are right and the members are too?@SimonMaxwell001 @alexevansuk @benphillips76 But what does 'clean' mean if they don't have constituents to represent?@MLBrook Technically some (all?) of the government whips are Lord Commissioners of H M Treasury, so maybe that would be the department?@MLBrook No it isn't. But it isn't a stretch to call on the Conservative party to replace a select committee member.@SimonMaxwell001 @alexevansuk @benphillips76 Obv should be replaced with a senate. But in meantime, they don't have constitutents.@MLBrook isn't membership of select committees decided by the party whips?@SimonMaxwell001 @alexevansuk @benphillips76 The Lords is a wholly different kettle of fish.@MLBrook Why is it wrong? (I don't disagree but am interested in your thinking)@benphillips76 @alexevansuk Indeed. One good example would be to implement recommendations of pay review bodies in full, for MPs & nurses.@alexevansuk @benphillips76 The NHS paybill is about £35bn a year. MP paybill is (I am guessing) about £40m a year.@lijumdar @benphillips76 @alexevansuk it seems to me that the key issue is having "two masters" - not an issue for novelist or caregiver.@benphillips76 @alexevansuk The difference being that there are half a million nurses & theraputic staff in the NHS.@benphillips76 @alexevansuk Indeed. I think having two masters is indefensible. Would like to see MPs' salaries increased, 2nd jobs banned.@benphillips76 @alexevansuk Is your problem with them having two masters, or is your problem with them earning too much?UK government continues to allow UK courts to arbitrate on contracts on behalf of Russian citizens (even those affected by sanctions)@benphillips76 @alexevansuk Jack Straw was clear he wasn't available until after leaving the Commons. That seems OK, right?.@nancymbirdsall @charlesjkenny Cryptocurrencies may be the solution… http://t.co/SY72CneLDK
Retweeted by Owen BarderBlockchain technology could improve the financial system, say @mattjuden and @vijramachandran http://t.co/Lni2F4v0eU"most foreigners see our royals as we see the King of Swaziland" ICYMI in 2006 Six Reasons to Oppose the Monarchy http://t.co/1ScrJpQG3jBritish support for staying in the EU at an all time high, according to @YouGov http://t.co/KTyTG7hcMz http://t.co/xj3p431ULOInteresting from @montie on his desire for "a preventative state" to save taxpayer money (and increase well-being?) http://t.co/RoP5vFgk6n@RichardDawkins It was one of the books which fundamentally shaped my view of the world. Thank you for writing it.Do international NGOs have a future? @gabazira says they must become '4th sector entities' http://t.co/GVT5W1lFiX@NealHockley Got a big piece of work coming out on that very soon #SkySharesLaunch of the DAC peer review of the UK on 9th March with @DFID_Mark @kwatkinsodi @SimonMaxwell001 at @ODIdev http://t.co/TkOv8ARDEs@NealHockley I couldn't agree more. That is how we should put a price on carbon.The UK landfill tax has reduced waste: http://t.co/UUvRWc0uKh < We need a price on carbon now. #PigouCosmopolitanism is the new realism, says David Heald http://t.co/br7LDgKCQh
"ISIS and Boko Haram" by John Campbell @CFR_org http://t.co/cICfAMHaw3Would the Ebola response have been faster with catastrophe bonds instead of slow donor systems? http://t.co/Uh70rOWNIsAre catastrophe bonds part of the solution to slow donor response? Blog post by @theobot1000 (and me) http://t.co/Uh70rOWNIs@aid_leap @UNOCHA David Milliband?@alexevansuk I'm with @phkrause. We are overthinking the connections between summits and exaggerating the importance of momentum.Sign up for CGD Europe sandwich seminar, in London on March 18th. Simon Quinn on start up capital: http://t.co/8XWCdcUVQ4Ordnance Survey to become open, and to champion open data. This is big. http://t.co/xJ1qsUrlbtAs a #HeForShe, I'm committed to #genderequality. I invite you to stand with me. @HeForShe http://t.co/ancpuLS0cdChris Patten on the need for stronger international law http://t.co/z3jGkIQgq7 http://t.co/hTULePY9RxHow the libertarian internet has had to recreate the beginnings of the state, by @henryfarrell via @cblatts http://t.co/g9Cr1aGL0w
A Swiss bank account isn't cool. You know what is cool? A Swiss bank account held via a Panamanian shell company http://t.co/IlCd8loP5S
Retweeted by Owen Barder"Core support is the lifeblood of think tanks, whose success depends on credibility & relevance."- @RuthLevine5 http://t.co/YAK5m9M5O4
Retweeted by Owen Barder@lkreitzman ideally press it before freezing to avoid air pockets on thawing.@lkreitzman you can but it changes texture. It becomes much more chewy.Why the world is so bad at tracking dirty money - by @charlesjkenny http://t.co/5Z8i4N8HbLFeatured research this week: Does #RBA change anything? @billsavedoff + @ritaperakis investigate http://t.co/usuyeqDiKH
Retweeted by Owen BarderExcited to join @ODIdev’s first Twitter Q&A on #AdaptDev & how to be a development entrepreneur, Thurs 10am GMT w/ @PeteVowles @totivchiki
Retweeted by Owen Barder@SimonMaxwell001 If we can't summon the political will to do it the cheapest possible way, we can't do it at all.@SimonMaxwell001 @Clive_Bates The costs of limiting emissions are lower by cap-and-trade than by any alternative approach.New edition of Dev Balls (which is to development what Private Eye is to politics) http://t.co/olkB99h0c1@Clive_Bates @SimonMaxwell001 Not that vast. (We are doing the maths.)@Clive_Bates Much easier to ask them if they can sell their surpluses. Then it becomes in their interest to set a quantity.@Clive_Bates 'Contract and converge' is what we should argue for.@Clive_Bates Arithmetically it is. But the framing matters.@Clive_Bates @SimonMaxwell001 The "burden sharing" approach to reducing emissions is doomed. Must start from the (equal) right to emit.
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