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@zatapatique @LadyFOHF trolling for rage clicks I suppose@LadyFOHF once I saw that it was efinancialcareers I wasn't surprised. Horrendous content...exhibit A is this gem of an article@lastbadasstion @ShanersMD that was so cool. Taking pictures isn't even your day job (every pro photog silently weeps)"Keep Your Head Up" by @lastbadasstion Hi everybody this is week two of our #UntappedCities & #BigScreenNY contest… http://t.co/xYOyugfLCi
Retweeted by ___T-Pain just dropped a new mixtape. T-Pain is back http://t.co/uLff9XA7Im
Retweeted by ___The best prescription is to go home and not worry about it. | http://t.co/M6hJdAmvrQ@KWALRULES @k_ved totally fresh, inside and out@k_ved @KWALRULES 'you can accidentally spray a bit on your skin and be perfectly fine' is what he should've gone with@KWALRULES @k_ved he went all in on a bluff and the interviewer called himMD paid for lunch. Pizza. Guys on either side of me are out. So...I'm currently entrenched in a pizza fort.#volckerizationCVC CP prices €370.8M refi of Apidos IX CLO; adds 'Volckerization' capability, increases cov-lite bucket $ http://t.co/qSn1ypd0RQ
Retweeted by ___#NYC A 1927 plan to build a super highway connecting #Manhattan rooftops http://t.co/2mslICXfq5
Retweeted by ___@kylef the show's fallen off so far from what it's been in seasons past. When/if he goes, I will divorce myself from the show entirelyThe moment Daryl Dixon dies is the moment I identify with all those kids heartbroken about Zayn Malik. | http://t.co/fDhaL0VafB
Apparently people had been calling in with reports of gas but no one had been able to find it.....Whoever lives in EV: I hope your home is intact and not partially collapsed.Americans Try Israeli Snacks (NOTE: THIS IS NEITHER AN ENDORSEMENT NOR CONDEMNATION OF ISRAEL) http://t.co/2Cazw9z6EY http://t.co/2C7X53qb6x
Retweeted by ___The PlayStation 4 made gaming better for millions of people with this one menu http://t.co/3poD29RBQG http://t.co/2KSaFWvGBQ
Retweeted by ___Always Google something before asking someone else. Always.@k_ved @ShanersMD @dfledderjohn DIY halalIs Periscope just a repackaged version of a Snapchat story with only videos?VERIFIED. There are a handful of people who totally destroy the system. https://t.co/g7NTTtE5A8@dashbot Michael Lewis is a high frequency HFT truther@k_ved @dfledderjohn infinitely worse than your goat videoSteven Spielberg to make every gamer’s dream come true by directing 'Ready Player One' http://t.co/yvJEU7Qpio http://t.co/CL6PYI6gmm
Retweeted by ___@dschorrnyc @k_ved I'm pretty sure descending 40k feet in a matter of minutes will change it considerably. The oxygen masks aren't for deco@k_ved all you can do is hope the rapid pressure change makes people pass out so they don't have to be conscious for it. God awfulEgyptAir 990 all over again. Again. https://t.co/lmSEf72XP0
Fios in the house (literally).warm-weather reminder: you can order a large iced coffee by saying “large-ass coffee” and nobody else will notice or care
Retweeted by ___@zatapatique @zaynapatiqueCalifornia cries. https://t.co/pJcyMiVNhbAnthony @Bourdain’s new graphic novel has an insanely violent cover. Get the details here: http://t.co/kwaWc7bgox http://t.co/u5kGSel3x2
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@timothydh @k_ved that movie is so underrated. Specifically Mr. Diesel's performanceMore evidence that the 4/5 is the worst. | http://t.co/Ce1RoWElLKTIL "Just Do It" was adopted from a convict's last words: http://t.co/fQXD0f0OkV via @Dezeen http://t.co/bAMCnNIfxA
Retweeted by ___As Silence Falls on Chicago Trading Pits, a Working-Class Portal Also Closes http://t.co/Etot54EaY7 $CME
Retweeted by ___@k_ved if jerry jones was as gungho as he was to draft Manziel, I would say he'd move heaven and earth to get AP@LadyFOHF I've done that a few times. Decide to give someone a second chance and quickly realize why I unsubscribed....then rectifyJalapeño honey sounds incredible.Emmy Noether revolutionized mathematics — and still faced sexism all her life http://t.co/tYWvvU1lOM
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Baltimore Ravens Offense Lineman @MathMeetsFball Is 10,000x Smarter Than You, Publishes Complex Math Study -- http://t.co/sixiPLcJXB
Retweeted by ___Based on all forms of revenue coming in #MayweatherPacquiao is not only a lock to generate more than $400M it could easily surpass $500M.
Retweeted by ___Non-prime mortgages becoming fair game in current RMBS environment. | http://t.co/2webfmH4Bq@DavidSchawel 2.75Uhoh. The rebirth of synthetic CDOs http://t.co/TcDq5UV1jz
Retweeted by ___This is a v interesting piece. Goes beyond blanket statements and backs up with substance. Worth checking out. | http://t.co/lhKyZQwxy0How to enjoy Twitter without working yourself into a frothing rage: http://t.co/NoXL2zHjhG
Retweeted by ___Brushed shoulders with Ken Langone this morning. Took a minute to sink in. Pretty cool.Kernan will probably vote for Cruz.@donalderyan thanks for highlighting...have my daily lunchtime rage-read nowFed fix means smaller fire sale for CLO 2.0; non-US banks can hold deals that don't comply with Volcker Rule http://t.co/avq9MwCNBJ
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Boom. A little salt in the wound for barca. Ronaldo puts it home #HalaMadridFinally, El Classico is on a weekend afternoon. Not at 2pm on a Tuesday. #blessedVIDEO: This exquisite Juan Mata scissor kick was the decisive goal in the Liverpool-Manchester United match http://t.co/d141QqXTla
Retweeted by ___Rooney denied after commentators go on about how long he's gone without scoring at Anfield. That was great.Steven Gerrard’s heat map http://t.co/mKNgcrc09R
Retweeted by ___Just came across the latest album by Spoon. Can't top this for a Sunday morning soundtrack. | https://t.co/LvnOL4LWho
hashtag march madnessThe bar is playing 'epic' by faith no more. I rocked out to this song as a toddler. On the MTV where the M stood for music.Girl, zombie drunk, lip synching Blank Space. Dead eyes.Out of more than 11.57 million brackets entered in ESPN's Tournament Challenge, 1 perfect bracket remains. This one: http://t.co/Bzk4VyUTVo
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Let's go Terriers #BUREMINDER: Jack Eichel leads BU against UNH in the Hockey East semis at 8 ET on @NBCSN, http://t.co/rnEYR9gHTu http://t.co/D9c7BJMBcS
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Earth During a Total Eclipse of the Sun #NASA #Space #Astronomy http://t.co/5B3QYZ51ML http://t.co/EGeNL7i8HZ
Retweeted by ___One way to pique interest... "@UPROXX: There’s Apparently Going To Be A ‘Colossal Orgy Sequence’ On ‘True Detective’ http://t.co/luY1rZBOSM"@ShanersMD Qatar 12/18/22. WooofWorst thing about a World Cup final in Dec is that I'll no doubt freeze my ass off watching the game on a TV outside. Like it's meant to be@kylef Yeah for sure. Upsets like the UAB one just now are validation for my decision to stay away from brackets@kylef Oh you are a better man than I am. I love fantasy FB@kylef neither did I. It feels phenomenalRing the bell. Do some stocks. Try cocaine. Do whatever you'd like. Welcome to Wall Street! http://t.co/A4wzJePRsL http://t.co/SweWXLV9ev
Retweeted by ___It's always smelled like piss. Now it looks the part too. http://t.co/plqSOcPiytEsp to recent grads: just sign up and we'll save your money for you. Just do your thing and you can build your nestegg w/o thinking about itWhichever bank acquires 'Digit' will see new accounts opened at an unfathomable pace.
Helmet Safety Is Being Revolutionized, Right Now http://t.co/QpsoQAcbMi cc: @SmithOptics http://t.co/QAmf5ZvFAA
Retweeted by ___Hold the phone. I just watched a woman bust out a cassette tape walkman on the train...to use.@timothydh really is unbelievable@timothydh http://t.co/j0sRsXrrpBWow. BarclayHedge unabashedly skirting responsibility here. 'Not my problem' is crux of defense.. | http://t.co/3YyXFdo74GDO IT. "@MarkMaske: Colts proposing if go for 2 points after TD and make it, can attempt bonus kick for 9th point from midfield."Seriously, check out this amazing yield curve info graphic: http://t.co/qW15hQwMGa http://t.co/E7eW0LRRMB
Retweeted by ___All the viewer complaints about the Super Bowl, including parents traumatized by that Nationwide "dead kid" ad: http://t.co/1nVnO35meM
Retweeted by ___Starbucks delivering in NYC spells the death of the intern coffee run.ALERT: Starbucks says it will test delivery service in New York and Seattle » http://t.co/QelexTNHjN
Retweeted by ___Phenomenal lunch trolling "@infatuation: Need ramen for lunch? Yes you do. Hit up @ippudony's Midtown West location. http://t.co/s6suAr5GgI"This is pretty incredible. Surprised no one has made a fuss about NeighborWorks bc it's taxpayer $ and all that. | http://t.co/Oddab7dyB2I'm all about patients.Going to the gym the morning after St Patrick's Day is going to have to become an annual thing.
If EVERY PERSON ON EARTH each filled out 1 bracket per second, it would take 42 YEARS to complete every possible bracket.
Retweeted by ___.@ProFootballTalk isn't NFL water carrier. It's company newsletter that doesn't acknowledge life outside the company. http://t.co/YHbS9HZigl
Retweeted by ___Some banks are privately complaining that Apple Pay may not be so great. They may largely have themselves to blame http://t.co/WJeDwx07CK
Retweeted by ___Mitt Romney volunteered to get punched by Evander Holyfield for charity! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 http://t.co/xS6Dph1yql http://t.co/s1FBs3ZGpz
Retweeted by ___PREACH. Blame 'The American Dream'. "@Markit: Another view on #doddfrank & what really caused the financial crisis http://t.co/4TbsaHTOM5"@BigInTheShire something today 'will puke'"Global equity markets are joining the spirit of today as they continue to trade 'In the Green' boosted by..." No.No holiday puns at work. I realize how difficult St Patrick's Day makes this when you're focused on the markets...just don't.
And that's when there's zero compensation for their participation. Borland walked away from the dream. Something to be said about that.Kids in HS could take a lesson from Borland. Many I've seen interviewed for various specials say 'I want to do what makes me happy now'
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