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LIVE IN 66 MIN! Immigration Is About A Three Letter Word - Jobs - Gang Of 405 http://t.co/ewgUBkfMiu @POPSradio @tamij
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@jjauthor documented? can we Add est 10-30 million undoc so far, wide open boarders, w a 'child match' Add Central Amer parents coming soon?#WakeUpAmerica RT @DCClothesline: 190 U.S. cities are hosts to immigrant “seedlings” to create “a country within a.. http://t.co/rHrfn5gFatShocking Images Released By Authorities In Texas Show Individuals Cross Border With Drugs, Guns – BB4SP http://t.co/BjoV3UnDOy
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWow! Census: Record 51 million immigrants in 8 years, will account for 82% of U.S. growth | http://t.co/RLus6g40P0 #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSocialism in picture and words... http://t.co/vTr8RHwcEN
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#WakeUpAmerica 🇺🇸 ONE NATION UNDER GOD #RenewUS #CCOT @ericbolling @jhodnot @jjauthor #CashinIn http://t.co/e4OiQtyLvd
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@JonathanHoenig Very suspicious why he did that. Distraction? Watch the back door? Catalyst for something? When has he admitted anythingI'm infuriated Obama apologized. The culpability for hostages' deaths is with the Islamist aggressors, not Americans acting in self defense.
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@MittRomney thank you! for being a mainstream figure that speaks of Hillary's possible Uranium scandal that gives appearance of impropriety..@MittRomney on Hillary Clinton and the claims about donations to the Clinton Foundation and State Dept policies http://t.co/pEFMnKlR0P
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL.@MittRomney does not mince words when asked about report on Clinton ties to uranium company: http://t.co/EKAilb74CJ http://t.co/uwYp4ACgU8
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLIn Wisconsin, the True Face of the Left: Midnight Knocks and Jack Boots http://t.co/tw1jPQLVJW #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLOf all the gifts anyone received with speechless amazement no one equals the one found in the manger. Heaven itself in a box.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSin doesn't always look sinful to us, sometimes it looks beautiful. So, we need grace in order to see sin as dark and dangerous as it is.
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Let he who has failed to report tens of millions of dollars in foreign contributions while serving as SecState cast the first stone.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#BREAKING: Sisi says Egyptian army in a fierce battle against terrorism in the Sinai region
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMegyn Kelly EXPOSES New Hillary Scandal! ➠ Don’t Miss Video #BB4SP http://t.co/L4QaZZqfCS
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@PamelaGeller on US soil #WakeUpAmericaThe Brooklyn Zoo: Above photo: tweet from Muslim students at my talk making the Islamic State salute in solida... http://t.co/1KD0XOYW75
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLOut-Of-Touch Hillary ‘Surprised’ That Small Businesses Struggling – BB4SP http://t.co/FAwKLLWbog http://t.co/fpXW5M1P5v
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLObama ‘Largely Silent’ On Murders Of Christians ➠ Greta & Powers Call for Action! – BB4SP http://t.co/OacTJyKQKD
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLObama Will NOT Use The Word Genocide On 100th Anniversary Of Armenian Genocide That Left 1.5 Million Christians Dead! http://t.co/ds64y2MNx4
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@glennbeck @TheBlazeRadio @TheBlaze MT @2AFight: Message to the West about Islam from Archbishop from Mosul http://t.co/CVfeFAHhpuMessage to the West about Islam from Archbishop from Mosul #ISIS #PJNET #tgdn #tcot #ccot #RedNationRising #teaparty http://t.co/bx16WbsfMA
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#wv #RedNationRising DISGUSTING! U.S. Army FORCES ROTC Cadets to Wear Red… http://t.co/8sm74GHL1c #pjnet #tcot #ccot http://t.co/EX3RbsujPW
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLShe Was Raised By A Gay Father. It Took Her 30 Years To Admit What It Did To Her. http://t.co/0tIW1Cb2is #RedNationRising
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLDUDE: Brit Hume LAUGHS SO HARD at absurd clip of ‘exclusive’ Hillary interview http://t.co/ZSj00HJcpT #rednationrising #tcot @RNRSouCarolina
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLrt @rusty5158 @peachpundit ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm http://t.co/uTkbaxWI7P Just walk rt in!
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RT @trscoop: DUDE: @BritHume LAUGHS SO HARD at absurd clip of ‘exclusive’ Hillary interview http://t.co/YSFmOMIyGf http://t.co/zbCFCbJ1uCDUDE: @BritHume LAUGHS SO HARD at absurd clip of ‘exclusive’ Hillary interview http://t.co/M8emDOmWih http://t.co/qEWUqORisk
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLAmerican-born Muslim student gives ISIS instructions on bringing bloody jihad to US http://t.co/4H4YQ7Jwr4 via @BizPacReview
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHillary Clinton has been a partisan fixture of Washington at its most exhausting and ugly moments http://t.co/uFqV2xzaB3 writes @JonahNRO
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#Ethiopia mourns #Christians killed by IS militants. #Rememberthe30. ^ta http://t.co/44E8uVvTtH
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLCruz: Don’t Blame All Senators For Obama’s Lousy Job As President http://t.co/nZTQXoooxn #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThey lied to us all! #tcot #tlot #withnewt #pjnet http://t.co/Ah72XHpMe4
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLLoretta Lynch Belonged to Jew-Hating, Pro-Terrorist Harvard Group http://t.co/PUqeovXkEq #ConfirmLynch http://t.co/vwEd0bpCAr
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLBREAKING: #Marine Held Captive in Iran Describes Brutal Treatment http://t.co/aH6mvBoWCT #FreeAmirNow #ReleaseAmir http://t.co/n9zWe0VVOM
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@glennbeck I love you for replaying the conversation with @ScottWalker on @TheBlazeRadio regarding our hopes for America's futureTake 2 :) http://t.co/QhKAB9KnaQ heard on @TheBlazeRadio with @glennbeck is looking for donations to elect the right candidates. #PJNEThttp://t.co/QhKAB9KnaQThe Conservative Press, there are very few, will expect the American people to connect the Dots on Hillary. "Pinning the Tail on the Donkey?
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSen. Graham, Jeb Bush Back Loretta Lynch - Sens. Cruz, Paul, Rubio and Gov. Walker Won't http://t.co/Dq12JUoMCK via @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWalker strikes populist tone on immigration: 'Protect American workers and American wages'... http://t.co/9TsOmmbH3P
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThose who claim @ScottWalker is "anti-immigrant" are wrong. He's not. He's supportive of a policy that puts American workers' wages first
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#truth RT @trscoop: Rand Paul says details of influence-peddling from Hillary in new book will be MIND-BOGGLING http://t.co/gK9HWQ1pJXWalker is not opposed to LEGAL immigration. He's supportive of it. He's opposed to a massive INCREASE in it. Very big difference.
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#alert RT @SHEEPDOGREPORT: Wisconsin Conducts Chilling "John Doe" Police Raids On Conservatives! http://t.co/9lwbG38jz3 #tgdn #tlot #ccotWisconsin Conducts Chilling "John Doe" Police Raids On Conservatives! http://t.co/FTwswRDeAT #tcot #tgdn #tlot #ccot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#WakeUpAmerica RT @Rare: Islamic State kills Ethiopian Christians in Libya http://t.co/8ikQdd3UG0 http://t.co/cbJ0P8Ehgk #ccotIslamic State kills Ethiopian Christians in Libya http://t.co/xesVnGXmG3 http://t.co/f2z1l2BHb9
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMorning prayer Lord give us strength for today ,hope for tomorrow and the courage to face the future.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#TeaParty Don't ever feel like you didn't make a difference - @glennbeck on @TheBlazeRadio #truth@ScottWalker is on with @glennbeck on @TheBlazeRadio #hopeful :) #TeamWalkerMuslims living in Minnesota arrested for trying to join ISIS http://t.co/JHGx7J0YJc http://t.co/AjsCOPjx8f
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WATCH: @AllenWest FIRES UP East Texas Patriots! “Wherever there is tyranny, I’m going to fight it” http://t.co/sNeH6C0huK @AllenWestRepub
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWATCH @AllenWest FIRES UP East Texas Patriots! “Wherever there is tyranny, I’m going to fight it” http://t.co/8rQFn2fWmq @AllenWestRepub
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLUSA's Internal Enemies ID'd! RT http://t.co/0ewNdRDWm5 #TCOT #CCOT #MakeDCListen #TeaParty #Conservatives
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL10 Illegal Aliens rape a 13 Yr Old Girl: http://t.co/NBM1YmlLjy #DML2016 #IllegalAliens #NoAmnesty #TCOT #CCOT #NationalSecurity
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLBe THIS guy... Ted Cruz is awesome! #PJNET #tcot #tgdn #ccot #RedNationRising #teaparty #ycot #TedCruz #TedCruz2016 http://t.co/OZphWN1Kux
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMom and daughter, 14, vanish after trip to NYC's Times Square http://t.co/x4C8BfQMsk http://t.co/Nahff6WLsV
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@FoxNews just to clarify, how many times has Mr Obama been called on to help one of our own, especially Military, and Has Not #WakeUpAmerica@FoxNews can you count how many times Mr Obama has been 'called on' to HELP an American, especially Military, outside our border? Write thatA great read. We must research deep. RT @KLSouth: The Rubio Deception… http://t.co/iYIfuWH5vl #tcot #gop
#WakeUpAmerica RT @AllenWestRepub #3 MOST VIRAL WORLDWIDE RIGHT NOW Video That Could Rock Hillary Clinton’s Campaign http://t.co/GGEnwzAoKxRT @AllenWestRepub: #3 MOST VIRAL #WORLDWIDE RIGHT NOW: The #Video That Could #Rock Hillary Clinton’s Campaign ... http://t.co/GGEnwzAoKx@AllenWestRepub best video have seen, more videos need to be made like this.#3 MOST VIRAL WORLDWIDE RIGHT NOW: BOOM! The Video That Could Rock Hillary Clinton’s Campaign OFF ITS FOUNDATION! http://t.co/BAZQsmAr25
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLIf Assad is toppled in Syria 2 million Christians he is protecting will be slaughtered. You want that? The NWO & ISIS want this.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@FLGovScott on with @seanhannity talking about our great State of Florida! Keep up the great work Governor, WE thank you! #hannityDid Hillary Clinton park her ‘Scooby’ van in a handicap space yesterday? http://t.co/enLoxuuSVZ via @mchalfant16
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLJoin #TwitterBlitz To Stand & Pray STOP Persecution Of #Christians #OrangeJumpsuit #RedNationRising & @RevMahoney http://t.co/CioxfL4beJ
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHillary Clinton gets a "False" about her own family roots http://t.co/Eq5JxFgx9b It’s all for political convenience http://t.co/gjyxjR8OBr
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWhy the #MiddleEast is seen as a challenge for #HillaryClinton http://t.co/MfW0qHDiYZ http://t.co/EIq2MQLN2U
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLPlease help spread the word! @kelliwardaz to #RetireMcCain http://t.co/2FmEIB7TPV #ReadyForKelli http://t.co/VEo6x3vLQv
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLParent Alert: Keep your kids home April 17 http://t.co/CK3XzWSB0z
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSHADY: Clinton Foundation Will Continue to Accept Foreign Donations During Hillary's Campaign | American Action News http://t.co/oxquy6O8Yy
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLNOTHING SACRED: ISIS destroys Christian grave sites in Mosul http://t.co/GBZSjmc6yP via @perrych http://t.co/B0I5Uq1GRD
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#BREAKING: Iraqi governor confirms death of key Saddam Hussein aide Ezzat al-Douri http://t.co/MtM0sKEzcw
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHardDriveWipes @usarubric @RednerDean @kittyssaloon @SavvyHuman @sundoghigh @Marizellell @azredhen @yrwol7 http://t.co/MMnIbtDIoy
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThey lied to us all! #tcot #tlot #withnewt #pjnet http://t.co/Ah72XHpMe4
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@glennbeck @TheBlazeRadio >>> Responsible Hard Working American <<< A really great phase! by a Great caller! Heads up @TedCruz @ScottWalker
House votes to protect family farmers, ranchers & small businesses, & provide tax fairness to hardworking families http://t.co/8I0nohW1h3
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLFlashpoint Report: "Al-Qaida in #Syria Releases More Images of Training Camp in #Hama." http://t.co/MpmUzyv2Ug http://t.co/S8akc91kku
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@FlashpointIntel any images available of ISIS training camp in Mexico less than 10 miles form United States border of the state of Texas?Simple isn't it? http://t.co/vnAIG0LwKr
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLToday we pause to reaffirm our commitment to “Never Again” as a sacred pledge. http://t.co/D4BPTpOXHR http://t.co/cXDtsxR9B6
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLOhio public high school hosting "A Covered Girl Challenge," asking students to wear hijab for a day http://t.co/9dEKQ4jWB2
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHillary Now Supports Driver's Licenses For Illegals http://t.co/OX68ngo7KW
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHOT WATER For Hillary Clinton Over This Fib! http://t.co/OVBRDNi4xT
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWe haven't forgotten Benghazi. Have you? #StopHillary #gapol http://t.co/FeoAPs5z5D
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMSNBC Allows Dem Rep. Guitierrez To Promote His Event To Help Immigrants Avoid Deportation… http://t.co/8j5b5QbDFG
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLReport: Islamic State Operating in Mexico Just 8 Miles from U.S. Border | http://t.co/vlacboF0It #WakeUpAmerica #tcot #jcot #ccot #pjnetArmed robber Gregory Wallace explains his crime 2 days after #OluStevens gave him probation- "I did what I had to" http://t.co/OvzvWpTRJH
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSomeone please get on the horn to the KY Probation Dept- armed robber Gregory Wallace has been smokin' up a storm http://t.co/fkXvbsUl2S
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLPlease take screenshots from armed robber Gregory Wallace's FB- his probation officer might want to see them https://t.co/G11DstGxiu
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLCan people smoke blunts when out on probation by Judge #OluStevens? Here's armed robber Gregory Wallace from 4/2/15 http://t.co/brXXNmlsWN
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLArmed robber Gregory Wallace posted this 2 weeks after victim blaming judge #OluStevens gave him probation -2/19/15 http://t.co/EOFbij8omR
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#WakeUpAmerica (pic) RT @LifeNewsHQ: RT @politicalmath Hillary's "every day Iowans" http://t.co/GVBIEca6mK http://t.co/avODvpgWbLRT @politicalmath Hillary's "every day Iowans" http://t.co/5p9otqXCgL http://t.co/1C7XfXRRdM
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