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The fire toad at the ozarks mini maker faire! @make
Retweeted by Make:Looking for a beginner #woodworking project? Make this simple wall-mounted battery organizer out this student-built jet engine powered car at #TrondheimMakerFaire @trondheimmakers the #PlutoFlyby with this 3D printable plaque. Download the STL file today!
The Megakopter, 48 motors, 150kg of lift, the largest electric multi-copter in the world,
Retweeted by Make:Clever #IKEA Hack: This lamp can alert you to incoming emails, tweets, Facebook posts & more new #ROV build from the students of #Elektra at #TrondheimMakerFaire,
Retweeted by Make:WATCH:This birthday cake w/ a #3Dprinted frame transform just like Optimus Prime #Transformers
The Wonders of Transparent Aluminum by @seanragan #FlashbackFriday Maker Faire opened Friday | Make: via @make
Retweeted by Make:#FlashbackFriday Post: Top 10 outrageously awesome dorm room hacks for back to school! to @Hackheim at #TrondheimMakerFaire, about sandboxes, robots, and the Commodore 64,
Retweeted by Make:Watch how @JimmyDiResta restores an old draw knife he found at a flea market. a beautiful stone sink from a that large rock that's been sitting in your yard. up on your robot trivia: 10 facts you missed from #robot history class This Transfixing Benchtop Gyroscope Build by @clickspring1 Things You Didn’t Know About Composting Toilets, he did! This guy builds #3DPrinted resume so big that he has to ship it by freight a themed party? Build a projector for tracing designs on baked goods weekend: Flaming Toads, Virtual Reality, and Invasive Paper Coming to the Ozarks Mini Maker Faire @OzarksMF#Estimote Fixes Security Problems with Beacon Firmware by @allan & Sandeep Mistry
#ThowbackThursday Post: CNC Panel Joinery Notebook by @seanragan #NationalBurgerDay! Celebrate with this delicious ramen burger ingenious thumb ring book holder makes reading with one hand as easy as pie! by @garethb2 on #Periscope: Make staff picnic: egg toss's nice & sunny outside, so our @make crew decided to have a little picnic by the lovely #goldengatebridge! epic #WeekendProject: Build an Ionic Thruster like @NASA Uses for Space Propulsion easy bike hacks to build right now by @donald! Sculpt this simple clay wolf head 🐺 this cool & easy @ResidentEvil T-Virus prop for your cosplay #ResidentEvil Moves to Prohibit Recreational Drone Use Over Private Property on #Periscope: Come make and play at our Maker Media Lab in Palace of Fine Arts's Ian Gonsher shares tips for prototyping low resolution designs in foamcore FCC Rules Block Development of Prototyping Board Tessel 2: by @aallan #Tessel2
NEW project: How to build a no-screws, snap-together & #3DPrinted R/C Car a common jeweler's bench pin to gain better access when working on projects w/ small parts the way to the international space station with this #DIY orbit tracker: 4 WEEK countdown starts: Meet the Trailblazers of the #MakerMovement speaking @MakerFaire NY #makerfaire #WMF15These 6 Electronic Instruments Go from Retro to Bananas by @JeremySCook a compact 4 node @Raspberry_Pi cluster, for development, data crunching, or just for fun computer to living room: This #DIY hanging wall art is the pixelated fun of #Minecraft Reveals Centimeter-Accurate Drone System by @msenese Heads-Up Display Magnetically Snaps to Your Glasses by @calebkraft
Burners, time to give your look that extra boost!'T MISS: Walking robots, giant marble mazes & more at Trondheim Maker Faire this weekend! your own underwater robot of your dream with @OpenROV, available now on @MakerShed this fun & simple brain-teasing golf ball in a block of wood by @garethb2 Print 10 Materials at Once with @MIT’s New MultiFab #3DPrinting Boat Paddle Battle is coming to World @MakerFaire this September! Get excited & register: the #LED Out With These 6 Unconventional Lighting Projects by @JeremySCook in: Go behind the scenes of the making of escape room, powered by #maker tech Robot Bands That Will Rock Your Socks Off by @JeremySCook future of gaming is here: #CastAR raises $15 Million for augmented gaming @techillusions Adorable real life robotic #Pixar Lamp shares some of the same curiosity & playfulness fun and do science by flying toy rockets with an #LED tracking light!
Learn the Basics of Spread Spectrum R/C: by @TensorFlux project: Heat-Treat Steel for a Rubber Band Shooter How to choose, cut, and bend sheet metal by @TensorFlux the manual CNC machine: Check out this clever homemade 3D router table a Vague Copyright Law Keep You from Hacking Your Car?'s #NationalWaffleDay! Celebrate with delicious macaroni and cheese waffles: astoundingly detailed papercraft #Boeing airplane made from file folders #MakerMonday Project: Build Your Own #Arduino-Powered Self Driving R/C Car 30-Foot-Tall Skysphere Is the Ultimate Man Cave by @NathanBHurst
Clean metal like a pro: Learn easy techniques to remove oxidation or paint from metal at home greatest watchmakers in the world + unlimited budget & time = A $3 Million wristwatch laser engraved skateboards are too beautiful to ride by @donald
Six “Now, Why Didn’t I Think of That?” Shop Tips: by @garethb2 for @MartianMovie? Keep track of time on Mars with a Martian Binary Clock #TheMartian
Retweeted by Make:This stained glass Claptrap from Borderlands 2 looks fantastic! your mornings just a little bit sweeter w/ this easy single-serve blueberry mug muffins!
I'm in popular science! @make #MadMaxFuryRoad
Retweeted by Make:#NationalAviationDay, Saturn’s moon & real NASA tech in #TheMartian movie are just a few things on 'This Week @NASA
Retweeted by Make:LAST DAY to sign up for NY #MakerFaire Street Team! Will we see you there? #WMF15 Sept 26-27
Retweeted by Make:Hey Makers! Help us improve by participating in a 5-min reader survey:'t forget your #WeekendProject: Simple #Sugru hack puts light on your safety glasses your evil lair w/ #3DPrinted Frankenstein knife switches, perfect for #Halloween prank with glass using @MIT’s new molten glass extruder by @MattStultz #3Dprinting your own instrument: Get inspired w/ these 6 bangin’ #DIY percussion projects all nerds out there: Your PC needs a fully functional control panel like this one Derby for Grownups Fills Portland with Wacky Racers by @TensorFlux history of craft cocktail culture and how it fits into today's Maker Movement
Make your own Ham Radio & connect w/ the network of "hams" around the world! #NationalRadioDay about what's inside a #Monowheel? Let's take a look at the 5 important parts 3-mile High Rocket Flight Captured with @Raspberry_Pi Camera by @garethb2 our founder @dalepd and Mythbuster @JamieNoTweet share their thoughts on the Maker revolution (via @forbes)Breathtaking #moleskine art from artist and graphic designer Lisa Laughly to Lem Fugitt: A Mighty Bridge Has Fallen Know Your Rivets by @TensorFlux meets high tech: Make a Bluetooth rotary dial by @calebkraft baby Princess Leia rocks this mini #StarWars speeder bike built by her #maker dad awesome light fixtures to brighten your shop by @JeremySCook
Help spread the word about #Makerfaire NY! Join the Street Team & get two free tickets to #WMF15 9/26-27
Retweeted by Make:Well, that's a controversial product-->These shotgun shells are made for shooting down #drones working #papercraft engines are jaw-droppers by @garethb2 in music and electronics? Join us for a Circuit Bending Workshop tomorrow in our lab. RSVP now: lightning in the palm of your hand: Build your own Musical Tesla Coil with @MakerShed
Retweeted by Make:WATCH: The new #TheMartian trailer reveals the power of making in the extreme environment Make your own white-on-black sticker with a vinyl cutter ultimate DIY project for pet owners: Create Sphero-Powered #puzzles for your furry friends
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