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We're thrilled to kick off @MakerCamp 2015 next Monday! Check out the awesome launch video & get ready! https://t.co/m3t91FY6cI #MakerCampWhat's your favorite story or project from Vol.45? Tweet to us @make! http://t.co/uvwBV6bpyFRetired Cleaning Robot Turned Into Abstract Expressionist Painter http://t.co/HgzfTOXTd5 by @garethb2 http://t.co/JjkwrmKlZJMeet Gyroman (not a Greek food truck), but a #3DPrinted toy that uses 104 pennies to walk! http://t.co/dqnRkLTnMD http://t.co/c34oBAylBIThe current state of the #MakerMovement in Italy, from #Arduino to electric hybrid motorcycles http://t.co/hOWhOmac3F http://t.co/Mf48MYtx8TBake these easy, cute & delicious #BB8 cupcakes for you next #StarWars themed party! http://t.co/khZ0ccxo0T http://t.co/ZtONVo9jwZCheck Out This Beautifully Quirky Nixie Tube Clock http://t.co/1QOeQO3dte http://t.co/BiiXZJPINsOur executive editor @msenese celebrated his 2 year anniversary at @make! Congrats Mike & here are some fun facts! http://t.co/ZKjReIihTEChoose the Right Ear Protection for Loud Jobs http://t.co/6DSLAZvp5w by @JeremySCook http://t.co/Ful1Wq29WT#HowTo: Build a Kite Aerial Photography Rig http://t.co/Xyh1dXbSHm http://t.co/nJyNHbl8P2
Dale with Windell Oskay of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories at the #MakerCamp 2015 kickoff meetup @oskay @EMSL #maker http://t.co/qY7MIa20XWHappy campers making #MakerCamp tshirts during our kickoff meetup! #makers #maker #make #summercamp2015 http://t.co/lTrLCunngfCreativity is in the air! Campers making their own #MakerCamp t-shirt w/ #Makey stencil & fabric paint. Come join us! http://t.co/Bds99UL9BF
Retweeted by MAKEGetting all ready for the big #MakerCamp kickoff tonight at the Maker Media Lab! #maker #make #summercamp2015 http://t.co/7FhFqUbNLPWe're getting ready for the #MakerCamp 2015 launch party at our Maker Media Lab. Come join us! http://t.co/f13RDyKzSy http://t.co/nOup5j28J1
Retweeted by MAKEInteresting read: Between Kickstarter’s frauds and phenoms live long-delayed projects http://t.co/Iyre8o1OSN via @arstechnicaCelebrate #MakerCamp's 7/6 launch w/ 15% off @oskay's 'BIY Science Lab' book http://t.co/tYQvGtTvVt Use code CAMPLAUNCH2015Feeling Fourth of July festive?Get your crafty fashion on w/ a pair of #DIY fireworks sneakers http://t.co/JthPM0fpF0 http://t.co/uUN8XKSricBuilding a robot arm using #CAD software (Part 3): Designing the mount section http://t.co/huePgIgPjY http://t.co/Knc74rgfhEStop by @MakerCamp 2015 launch party today at our Maker Media lab for a night of fun activities! https://t.co/gJ3i5bfw54This 14-year-old designed her own custom marble machine w/ #3Dprinted parts! You can too: http://t.co/nfV4JSRKXV http://t.co/iYUSh3gjfWThis father-daughter team made a dream bike that you won't find in any stores. http://t.co/hYiiLYfbJb @ignoblegnome http://t.co/lHJuCtq3hkVintage meets modern: 48 Solenoids transform this 1960s typewriter into a computer printer http://t.co/nX6nuUE3h1 http://t.co/dBGSjHpqNmMake it Safely: What to Wear in Your Workshop http://t.co/U9fCyRmqJO by @JeremySCook http://t.co/jfAQWhMlqKThe RI Mini Maker Faire 2015 call to makers is now open! http://t.co/gHxxxWo2Ot
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Transform your favorite art into #LEGO mosaic using “Bricasso,” an all-Lego mosaic printer! http://t.co/cs217mc4rM http://t.co/96dqUgkhnsRecap of @makerfairekc 2015 on @make by @msenese http://t.co/71cZWMfsTX #KansasCity #MakersAreEverywhereFrom flaming dunk tanks to #Arduino-controlled butterfly wings, @makerfairekc is filled with mind-blowing projects http://t.co/kTF28v8n7N#Falcon9 Explosion Is Second Setback for Unlucky Student Space Scientists http://t.co/nJ7WFaziYm by @aallan http://t.co/YEAgnkv5hnMake your own ham radio and connecting with the network of "hams" around the world! http://t.co/5mLfD2Ma7q http://t.co/GwcMvvtYAv#SkillBuilder: Using an Awl to Sew Leather and Heavy Fabrics http://t.co/z7w2EtOoDC by @JeremySCook http://t.co/xzO8AVhck5Don’t let the limited features of your car’s dashboard get you down. Customize your cockpit: http://t.co/Jj4SOjA3l5 http://t.co/ZiN6YqaJ2Q
Summer clearance ends tonight. Get the sweet deals on your favorite supplies from @MakerShed! https://t.co/jQBYKKzznN"Be open about your mission" @janeonbike, CEO & Inventor of @sugru talks about finding her product’s niche http://t.co/SLuiySf2le #MakerProWatch your favorite song transform into a 3D model & you can even 3D print it! http://t.co/ee7LNl3fUi #3Dprinting http://t.co/VX874qE4XJMake your backyard games more fun by adding lights & sounds using simple electronics http://t.co/rZaA6Pmz4h #arduino http://t.co/vx48NbyeoHThe Amazing Air-Filled Under-Sea Adventure used more than 40K balloons to fill the building’s five-story atrium http://t.co/FBcYrlLNnPMeet Flambé, the ridiculously awesome fire-spewing dunk tank we saw at @makerfairekc http://t.co/578Ziw7qHQ http://t.co/PXd3k3wCBBThe Best Ways to Cut, Drill, and Glue PVC Pipe http://t.co/GWEw0b1iAQ by @TensorFlux #SkillBuilder http://t.co/LXK3BYq7OVBuild a super-efficient, easy-to-use backyard oven that’ll never put cinders in your pizza. http://t.co/RwTKISffUZ http://t.co/X73bmb2D0DYour #MondayMotivation project: Sew an easy, durable & stylish drawstring bag http://t.co/wjA6a17mtd http://t.co/DDuaVU1nMJHow much do you know about personal eye protection equipment? Learn the basics http://t.co/MH5J3SWmhE by @jeremyscook http://t.co/DsLHX3BjXbCraving ice cream cake? Check out these 6 best ways to make #IceCreamCake at home: http://t.co/PczmQzEsgb http://t.co/F2Ve2vbhk5
Cool off with this tasty watermelon St. Germain slush! http://t.co/9AvNGovuji http://t.co/Qvj3DehzrcThe Pakistani Cargo Truck Initiative Project—stunning restoration, craftsmanship, and artistry. Writeup/video coming. http://t.co/EnojiGBGe2Power Wheels and Make's own Jim @Nicegress Burke sure seems to love his job. A great day for a Faire in Kansas City! http://t.co/5z0xjvrmQh#SkillBuilder Saturday: Designing dual extrusion #3DPrinted parts with @Onshape http://t.co/fVuBw3Zq3w http://t.co/tZbQ2QEPRREmbrace the heat w/ these hot sales -3 Days Only! Sale includes #RaspberryPi, #Drones & more! http://t.co/fMfMImMdIc http://t.co/M8hrObANBu
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watching LIVE on #Periscope: Flame-vortex "dunk tank" at Maker Faire Kansas City https://t.co/CqZlmxrUr8Your Next Hardware Project Might Be Biological, and Other News from #SolidCon http://t.co/xLunvgqted @dapplestone @doctorow @OReillySolid.@IFTTT recently introduced a channel for #makers. Start the fun of connecting now: http://t.co/2hbcUpaM4z http://t.co/KYjhz7v5UzAdam Savage Builds a Multi-Tool Holster from Aluminum http://t.co/zpWc7t4fHE by @garethb2 http://t.co/VAJI0qm8b6Your weekend project arrived! Build this beautiful rheoscopic disc coffee table http://t.co/7CFk2p8At4 by @BenKrasnow http://t.co/MTc3RGllhYWatch the creation of this wooden automaton being built out of a single 2×4 & a nail http://t.co/zGrrbIXhJr http://t.co/uT03kQ4XXbYour day at the pool just got a whole lot better w/ this floating pool noodle beverage boat! http://t.co/1aAkO46MPN http://t.co/IwN2ugrRUvThis Giant Table and Chairs Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again http://t.co/doA6gBsnPT #makerfaire http://t.co/cZuni45cD0.@Micron3DP, a maker of extruders for #3DPrinting, has been exploring 3D printing with glass http://t.co/lQvQ5nIvgU http://t.co/9r4aFnv4GQBuilding a robot arm using #CAD software (Part 2): Designing the solid base http://t.co/HEgXtDPNfY http://t.co/t4eVvRjKQB
Heading to #MakerFaire Kansas City this weekend? Don't miss these10 fun things to see at @makerfairekc http://t.co/n2mwz8TYNWGet Ready for the 4th: Patriotic Stripes Tie Dye Shirt 🇺🇸 👕 http://t.co/NgqAloXV9o #DIY http://t.co/MxN5y1oMC2Make your favorite outdoor spot just a little more charming with a #DIY gnome door! http://t.co/FOmI0k13Ur http://t.co/yxh1G1f1eEMy mailbox is happy today! @make magazine #readingforfun http://t.co/YsxYRjvbCN
Retweeted by MAKEIf you're wondering how we work in our @make office... 🙌 https://t.co/De8pfRcueeCongrats @LittleBits on receiving $44.2M in funding & adding new talents to the team! http://t.co/BEONMqjQwX http://t.co/NcHIUrgZc0Biking Across Belgium in Pursuit of Fab Lab’s Future http://t.co/aLULWdsler http://t.co/PFJk7vja56Awesome tutorial from our lab: Casting hollow spheres in a mold for an artificial reef http://t.co/PeUpsOvkFs http://t.co/27EItXYY5EFurniture designer Gavin Munro doesn’t make chairs, he grows them from trees! http://t.co/LjJOcTudrl by @aallan http://t.co/VcBdvyNBTaInsane Sculptural Furniture “Unzips” Before Your Eyes http://t.co/wvnL2jQ9gZ via @Gizmodo http://t.co/RfK9b5UFTJFinish Your Trinkets with This #DIY Faux Enamel http://t.co/ix6o0KL4QI http://t.co/C4aySZPDSc
Just starting to build our elementary STE(a)M Lab - always looking for inspiration. @make has been a huge inspiration #createchat
Retweeted by MAKE@AstroSamantha Hi Samantha! Welcome back. We'd love to discuss an article idea for Make: magazine. Please connect: mike@makermedia.comWe know you've been looking for homemade maple-bourbon #BBQ sauce recipe 😄 Here you go: http://t.co/fxwt4JBUbS http://t.co/OgHAmVqci7"If software is like a band then hardware is like an orchestra" @seeedstudio @OReillySolid #truth http://t.co/vYLFAbTqN2
Retweeted by MAKECheck out this unique community art project that explores the symbolism of keys http://t.co/jcPlJg3jZ5 http://t.co/IW41u9btPvWatch:Musician Jerobeam Fenderson hacks an #oscilloscope to turn sound into compelling images. http://t.co/4gPLDulJzk http://t.co/ItrwbXnGTsInteresting to see the divergent approaches to 3d printing cars between @localmotors and @dmicrofactories. #solidcon http://t.co/mWiTd9xiFF
Retweeted by MAKEHere's your complete guide to getting started with Sprout by @HP http://t.co/uoeW4Wiae3 http://t.co/yE0yHMEaBP7 #MadMax Fury Road props you can 3D print right now! http://t.co/HPW5MTNms6 #3Dprinting @MadMaxMovie http://t.co/XtcyTdHUNoOur own #Makey enjoying breakfast w/ #3Dprinted coffee cup! https://t.co/9vYLcbhu8aHere are some close-up shots of the 3D printed supercar @OReillySolid. Read more @make http://t.co/Kl8sIrznur http://t.co/WLOcK2UmzF
Retweeted by MAKEHowtoons: Build your own extendable robo arm from paint stirring sticks! http://t.co/u9vjjOG65i http://t.co/03RqFEuVJDWho wants to test drive this sleek & shiny #3Dprinted super car? http://t.co/RdPNQsAg7b #3Dprinting by @MattStultz http://t.co/Le6jzOpdP8Time for summer S'More party!Turn the common household items into easy #DIY campfire starters http://t.co/4u4PXZw8Yl http://t.co/SYKUZU2bmV
Clockmaker David West's handmade wooden wall clock keeps surprisingly good time http://t.co/VMck9vXWr0 by @dcschelt http://t.co/y9DRmXxOMF.@InMoov Provides Everything from Prosthetics to Cocktails Around the World http://t.co/nd4INpv6ub http://t.co/vqRs3WQtYyThe first 5 axis desktop CNC mill less than $5,000 is FINALLY being funded on @kickstarter http://t.co/QzpK24gCj2 http://t.co/KqgJHfEu4NWatch These Dancing Delta Bots Sway and Glow http://t.co/Ah7zMArGNx http://t.co/OZpdJXdVWQ #makerfaire by @calebkraft http://t.co/14HPpenfuORepost:Here's a super fun & creative project: Preserve data in a mason jar using @Raspberry_Pi http://t.co/CJIsiZ3Bvq http://t.co/fcHnKkkotsHi @henare sorry about that! Here's the correct link: http://t.co/Z6MW9gRqZrCan you believe this incredible drawbot is made out of an #iMac box? http://t.co/sVnaN6UMD8 #Apple by @donald http://t.co/ojD5S3zKvyHere's a super fun & creative project: Preserve data in a mason jar using @Raspberry_Pi http://t.co/RHx7hKKgXy http://t.co/htdhfHvojAYES, that's right: @MX3D_Bridge's #robots are #3Dprinting a bridge right underneath them! http://t.co/ouG9qwAQKy http://t.co/hh4m2mG2qB.@Parrot announced the next generation of affordable #MiniDrone series for land, sea & air http://t.co/Y38jA5fXFK http://t.co/g7Z4y8Cnh5NEW project Tuesday: Make #LED greeting cards without soldering http://t.co/U6yN0mLbAz by @dcschelt & @TensorFlux http://t.co/TmgYh9SoRy
How an early ’90s Windows gaming classic was unearthed after years in limbo http://t.co/qZqVgEFHf4 via @arstechnica http://t.co/QlhjVsgQMwGet geeky w/ your home decor! Make a super-easy #DIY D20 pendant lamp w/ this smart #IKEA hack http://t.co/nvN74sK08d http://t.co/mzG3htJjn1.@mbanzi announced that #Arduino boards using the name #Genuino will be made in China by @seeedstudio. http://t.co/cTLQgEd3qL @MakerFaireSZThis new musical instrument enables artists w/ physical disabilities to express themselves freely through music. http://t.co/Rmj4cUSBd7Can you spot the unique 'soft rock' guitar? http://t.co/lWH7Tx3x2O #knitting http://t.co/A7MIKNWw3ZThis 6-year-old builds a cloud chamber to detect cosmic rays as a fun science project http://t.co/9szn6Rs847 http://t.co/CpIgRcuAyX
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