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Flaming Liberal. RW asshats: be gone or be blocked. I don't cast my pearls before swine.

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With @POTUS on #IranDeal but not #TPP but agree abt not running away https://t.co/1XxtDhzHxSFor sure, on #1. I’m not so much a scheduler, but you don need to find time to write. https://t.co/QyG84H8fmW
Retweeted by Holly TookerOMG I love @TheRealTBone & his dry wit. @SMShow https://t.co/5MAtwfgczXAdmit it. Sometimes you find yourself wondering what Joe, Jeremy, Kass & Shirin are doing in #SurvivorCambodia now. #SurvivorSecondChance
Thanks! https://t.co/ioZSG0JFjmMonty Python and The Holy Grail as you have never seen it before http://t.co/EYiXfZOMLI HILARIOUS!Surprise! Company w burst pipeline in Santa Barbara has extensive record of safety violations http://t.co/vAcVa4ZLUz We don't need no EPA!Bernie personally calls his 100,000th campaign contributor, and It’s not Wall Street http://t.co/tgiPLLQic1 http://t.co/O0JhEY5maD
Retweeted by Holly TookerTweet a selfie with your red nose using #RedNose25 & @GatesFoundation will give $25 to fight poverty. http://t.co/iu0Ks0TCNu
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@moronwatch They keep coming RonPolland@rickoverton @SMShow Bernie has stated he will not run 3rd party & he's known for not running neg ads.Amid Butterflies, a Bit of a Lingua Franca at the Natural History Museum http://t.co/Oh6sniFuyQ @smshow from Official Butterfly ExplainerTraipsed around UES this am seeking Metro sec til 14th vendor found the article on page A22. But I did say titli, patengeeyou and projapati8 newsstands in my neighborhood and not one NYT with the metro section!!! #justmyluckAmid Butterflies, a Bit of a Lingua Franca at the Natural History Museum http://t.co/Oh6sniFuyQ NYT article: me & 143 ways to say butterfly
PR Mad Men that pushed cigarettes as healthy now pushing genetically engineered crops & food #GMO HT @8extremes http://t.co/5ZhkWctTSL
Retweeted by Holly TookerWinner of #Survivor #SurvivorWorldsApart Mike the blue collar guy who is Jesusy. By rights a Dem but I'll bet Merica creator is GOPMike won a lot of challenges & #Survivor but not my heart.Dan is sooo annoying #SurvivorFinale
Retweeted by Holly TookerJOE!!!!! SPENCER!!! #SecondsChances #SurvivorFinale
Retweeted by Holly Tooker#SurvivorFinale I voted for 7/10 of the women and 9/10 men! #SurvivorSecondChanceThis is why you have a 4 hour so on a night like this. The rest of the cast deserved a mention. Not just season negatives. #SurvivorFinale
Retweeted by Holly Tooker#SurvivorFinale Good thing they lit Rodney's candle for him. #Cantstartfire
Retweeted by Holly TookerI would love to see a season made up of all the people voted off first. #SurvivorFinale
Retweeted by Holly TookerDoes this reunion break the record for fewest number of players who get to talk? Because if it "beats" Caramoan, dear god. #SurvivorFinale
Retweeted by Holly TookerLol, you gotta love Will trying to #godsplain to Shirin *while* he's apologizing to her. #SurvivorFinale
Retweeted by Holly TookerRodney still is too dumb to realize Jeff throwing shade! 😂 #SurvivorFinale
Retweeted by Holly TookerThey can afford it. https://t.co/aj13AJu8tPYou do realize the morans on the Right are going to read your slogan as "ShariaCoke" don't you? @CocaCola https://t.co/WFt3MjS2rpDan #SurvivorFinale still a douche. @JeffProbst I love yr defense of the show from Dan's badmouthing. Bravo! Well played.@theshirin speech had better be on YouTube. Damn DVR cut off tape in the middle of it to start "reunion" & I'm bummed.#STFU @SpeakerBoehner http://t.co/SI5GYwmjS8
Retweeted by Holly TookerNebraska Legislature Repeals Death Penalty With Enough Votes To Override Expected Veto http://t.co/37EOohwVse @politicususa #p2 #ctl
Retweeted by Holly TookerBoycott all Nestle products for blocking GMO labeling laws ! Buy Non GMO Verified brands. @TheGOPJesus @mills_abbot http://t.co/nboXrDlG26
Retweeted by Holly Tooker#SurvivorFinale excited to see who wins. MikeSadly I have to avoid #Survivor spoilers until I get home! https://t.co/wBuLn2EfKKAs one who advocates various types of gun control, I must say: the @boyscouts decision to ban water guns is stupidest thing Ive ever heard.
Retweeted by Holly TookerBernie Sanders Drops A Truth Bomb On Wall St: Criminal Fraud Is The Big Banks’ Business Model http://t.co/61a5z5vCya via @politicususa
Retweeted by Holly TookerBill O'Reilly seems like he'd be fun at parties.
Retweeted by Holly TookerTried explaining to a 4-year-old what I do for a living. I just told her I get yelled at on the Internet all day. She did not understand.
Retweeted by Holly TookerIs that Flat Rand? https://t.co/f62RSrclD5“The ignorance of the oppressed is strength for the oppressor.” A.R. Bernard http://t.co/ZvZpm6McJs
Retweeted by Holly TookerHuzzah! Look in Thursday's NY Times Metro section for an article about me and my 143 ways to say… https://t.co/HuZvkby81OCorporations are people unless they commit crimes. @edshow“I can’t take another punch to my intellect. And, where’s the liberal media, again?” caller to @smshow @freespeechtv http://t.co/pRm0TQjeh8
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@SMShow @RadioGuyChris The 2 of you showed restraint & kept the facts flowing about Iraq lies. You both were aces today. Have a drink now.
Retweeted by Holly TookerBREAKING: President #Obama stands up for veterans and pledges to veto #GOP bill gutting VA benefits. http://t.co/GxPyUp9vsj
Retweeted by Holly TookerCorporations are people unless they commit crimes @Thom_HartmannThe Ramble was designed to get you lost. Learn its secrets on this guided tour! http://t.co/ynfzglJ729 http://t.co/zAr04hJNiM
Retweeted by Holly TookerWhere will you cast YOUR vote in 2016? #gop #tcot #p2 http://t.co/9ndIN0k2RC
Retweeted by Holly TookerChilling out by Bethesda Fountain after work. @CentralParkNYC @My_Cen_ParkNYC @NYCDailyPics http://t.co/W1aDbzrq9k
Retweeted by Holly TookerSeems like Card freelancing, W has never unequivocally reversed stance on going to war, only errors in execution. https://t.co/wyMCMAUBWs
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@SMShow Christie' delusional they concluded https://t.co/sm9RzdnE9ghow the racists & bigots hate in " Merica " http://t.co/cqDLowBe5g
Retweeted by Holly TookerThe goal is to shine a light on #TPP, for the public to see this huge trade agreement that will affect their jobs. http://t.co/mesgqekBJY
Retweeted by Holly TookerTee hee https://t.co/HKpG2P3MT8The #TwinPeaksShooting in Waco shows exactly what's wrong with the media's coverage on race. #MediaJustice http://t.co/rJMEzSCv9o
Retweeted by Holly TookerWhen RW trolls like that moron call @SMShow remind them Cheney/Bush neocons wanted Iraq war b4 9/11!!@dilkocer flags rise, people RAISE them fyiTop of the One WTC #newyork #NYC via @CBSThisMorning http://t.co/l90hPUjImZ
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@TheRealTBone Watch out Paris! 1 TALL American headed ur way! Ha! Have a great trip, I'll answer @SMShow phones 4 you http://t.co/aHXLtNc0Cc
Retweeted by Holly Tooker5K miles and on a plane and you still find a way to get to me @SMShow @RadioGuyChris #naturebox http://t.co/fIY8j5jXMo
Retweeted by Holly TookerLawmaker Says Congress Needs A Pay Raise So People Who Aren't Wealthy Can Serve http://t.co/DZNg1QeONQ via @HuffPostPol
Retweeted by Holly TookerAll females must be forced by "small govt"-loving GOP to give birth to their rapist's child & defective fetuses too https://t.co/guWDdm26YMReally. https://t.co/2bwqj49JyV@moronwatch His screen name might be a tip off >> NOT_ANAL_LUBE#RedNationRising Dear Tea-Partiers small government starts with you -kindly give up the following. http://t.co/Q14qhaSB32
Retweeted by Holly TookerWe want to strip you of every asset you have so that we can enrich our financial backers. http://t.co/YjpioOyMlz http://t.co/f3xxy3soE5
Retweeted by Holly TookerAnti-Obamacare Republican renounces ‘pigheaded’ GOP — and he wants you to know why http://t.co/oleUkUYpQW http://t.co/FxDM3EPzVJ
Retweeted by Holly TookerDogs like kids don't come with manners @Darlene4NY Up to us to teach them.
Why haven't we seen any Mugshots of these #WacoThugs? What kind of arrest records did the have? #TwinPeaksShooting
Retweeted by Holly TookerQuick question, does anyone know how many of those #WacoThugs were killed by cops? Right now I have a total of 0 #ohokay
Retweeted by Holly TookerMore died today in Waco than Ferguson & Baltimore combined & the media still won't refer to bikers as thugs. Think about that. #WacoThugs
Retweeted by Holly TookerTexas’ Republican Governor Made it Illegal for Cities to Ban Fracking http://t.co/omjiIOUK6e
Retweeted by Holly TookerStop already!! https://t.co/gehF4GSOrMThis is profound. http://t.co/KuMgtertgU http://t.co/A8h6UAdew1
Retweeted by Holly Tooker'The Bees Can't Wait': White House Plan to Save Pollinators Falls Short, Say Experts - http://t.co/lbIt0hLWpy
Retweeted by Holly TookerVery excited for #survivorfinale tomorrow 8-11EST/PST 7-10 central. Big finish for S30 and reveal of "second chance" for S31! Don't miss!
Retweeted by Holly Tooker6 billion pounds of perfectly edible produce is wasted every year, simply because it's ugly http://t.co/feWIpeWSpa http://t.co/stFmBwUcVn
Retweeted by Holly TookerLovely man. All the more reason why I don't understand his #TPP support & #Arctic drilling decision. https://t.co/PXrBKhmeoA🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍 http://t.co/6cO5FfFzLZ
Retweeted by Holly TookerWhat you get if every person calls themselves the "good guy with a gun": #TwinPeaks
Retweeted by Holly TookerAccused Burglar Falls Asleep During Heist @smshow FL man! http://t.co/xRZYkMwxNZMakes perfect sense. https://t.co/EBpwwjigl3Sanders takes aim at high drug prices | TheHill http://t.co/1gc2facSvJ
Retweeted by Holly TookerWyoming can now put you in jail for sharing nature photos with the government http://t.co/MRnEDHkjez via @dailykos
Retweeted by Holly TookerThis is another movement whose time has come! https://t.co/JSAodVjtE8Kansas’ Governor Destroyed The State Budget With Massive Tax Cuts & Now Kansans R Paying The Price http://t.co/U1Ae5AqGa1 via@thinkprogress
Retweeted by Holly TookerIf you retweet just one thing today, please let it be this... http://t.co/9qtbqTBqpC
Retweeted by Holly TookerBernie Sanders’s plan to make college free by taxing Wall Street, explained: http://t.co/tk6nMFCwOS http://t.co/fdpImCebfi
Retweeted by Holly TookerGarth Brooks 'Fully Supports' Obama: 'It's Got To Be Hell' To Be President - VIDEO http://t.co/JlN2hDJzar #LiberalsUnite via @JesusChitChat
Retweeted by Holly TookerHeard on @SMShow , to "My Cherie Amour", salute to Allen West "My Sharia Law" (listen) http://t.co/l3pfORvfqN
Retweeted by Holly TookerAmericans say they totally hate socialism but also seem pretty on board with Bernie Sanders' general platform http://t.co/ERogT2J21f
Retweeted by Holly TookerBiker Clubs Instead of Thugs? This is How Racism Works The "favorable" treatment I was referring to #wacoshooting http://t.co/DX7hDUtMg3
Retweeted by Holly Tooker#unansweredMadMenQuestions Does Peggy tell Stan that Pete fathered her baby?Right rewriting history AGAIN! https://t.co/NPd0PQiKJyJeb Bush and the New GOP Myth of the Iraq War: http://t.co/YUUxK4ctY4
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@TheRealTBone I am going to miss his bon mots while he's Cannesing it! @SMShowIt WAS Allen West @SMShowRoosevelt, Kennedy, Kerry: Dems often nominate insanely wealthy liberal candidates. but we're supposed to pretend this time it's different?
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