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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester.

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@nathanheller Is it weird that I could stare at your New Yorker portrait for hours? That Apple-stalk curl on the right!In heaven there is no more wide-ruled paper.
Retweeted by June ThomasIt would not surprise me one bit to see jockeys sitting in an NYC subway station, trying to make weight. #supersweaty@TruBlu I never do that because the sleeves are always weird on women's versions. (And, yes, men's rarely fit--in length especially.)I need a version of this story that offers advice to women who wear men's polo shirts! (Love the annotation device.)
The timepiece that will change the watch world forever isn’t by Apple. It’s by Swatch: Happy birthday!I Am Cait, Becoming Us, and I Am Jazz: On TV's new trans-focused shows, the drama happens off-screen sexual orientation: @junethomas s voice
Retweeted by June ThomasMy dentist's office is going to be on The Mysteries of Laura. I think we all know what the real mystery is.
If you're in LA, I'm on KCRW right now, talking TV with @franklinavenue on Press Play With @TheMadBrand.
"Portrait galleries are to art what pub quizzes are to information: They reward trivia over deep knowledge." Da-da-da da-da-da da-da-da.@adam807 Next time I see you, the first noise I'll make will be my version of the first notes of "It All Comes Back."Is it weird that my biggest cheer was for the straight ally at the end of this video?
I can't believe they did 10 episodes of Wayward Pines and managed not to show the Abbies' junk. #emmyforsneakycamerawork"Knock knock." "Before late capitalism destroyed genuine social relations, you could have walked straight in."
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@ColinLusk Have you managed to avoid the ubiquitous Adobe ad that centers on the fictional social media site Woo-Woo? Lucky man!NO, I'M NOT ON WOO-WOO.A lovely appreciation of Ingrid Sischy, by @JesseDorris: You know I'm going to be checking your timeline on Sunday morning TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE STILL ALIVE.@lindsayism A total stranger? This makes me want to do an intervention!On jumpsuits, a @heathertwit investigation: out @Slate LIVE podcast with marriage equality hero @EvanWolfson, me, J. Bryan Lowder, @JuneThomas, @mjs_DC...
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@adam807 @annheppermann Truth!@adam807 @annheppermann I've seen lots of listener complaints about vocal fry, and never one about a guy.@nprfreshair Male vocal fry, like climate change, is also real.
Retweeted by June ThomasMovie teens' default method of ingress is through a bedroom window: @Slate I think you might have a million dollar idea on your hands there: Trump armpit merkins.@laurelei1717 @Slate Bright blue. No, it's strictly DIY. OH, TOO LATE!@carltonking Well ... No, no, I'm a serious journalist who writes about dental access issues.If you missed the July 13 Outward LIve event, here's audio, featuring @ChopTedAllen and @evanwolfson: wonder if I'm the only nondentist who gets marketing emails about prophy paste and "endo, perio, hard and soft tissue lasers"?Oh, and yeah, our discussion of "the female gaze" was really about Magic Mike XXL. X Gabfest: @NoreenMalone, @stevensonseth, me on armpit hair, Planned Parenthood videos, and the female gaze:
@katelinnea Thank you!@Jesselansner I've been away from my computer for three days. This feels like a treat!I am taking the day off, and it is awesome.On the @NY1arts Book Reader, I praised Charles Kaiser's THE COST OF COURAGE and @leoncrawl's new book: Season 3 is challenging in parts, but I still can't resist it!@guan Tak!
@rojospinks Not my department, I'm afraid. Jessica Winter is your woman for that.
Amazing show! RT @LucasPino: With Lea DeLaria's band before the gig tonight at the Cutting Room.
Did the Suits universe implode when two characters imitated The Wire's Clay Davis then did a scene with Wendell Pierce?
Why portrait galleries are the gayest art museums in the world: @danengber @Sarah_Smarsh And some of mine:
@jpjernigan Right? (Though "bum bag," which I think is what they call them in England, is pretty funny, too.)Loving @willapaskin on the Emmys:
Love this: Ranking New York's major art museums by loudness: loved editing Jason Rezaian; as @joshuakeating reminds us; he's STILL in jail in Iran:
@trishbendix I wouldn't care as long as there was at least one Olivia Benson--don't mind if it's Margitay or the cat.@thehighsign UGH!@thehighsign Yay! Congrats.@emilynussbaum Now you're singing my song.@naylandblake @CityWineryNYC Aw, man, and I had some really sweet stationery items in the pockets of my seersucker suit! Thanks for coming!
Getting ready @CityWineryNYC for big @SlateOutward show tonight! @junethomas @jbryanlowder @mjs_DC
Retweeted by June Thomas.@mashagessen doing what she does, i.e., being brilliant, about Pride in Budapest, Hungary, this weekend:
@Mediadisdat @SlateOutward Thank you!Sat down to read a few pages of @leoncrawl's book The Next Next Level and finished the whole thing. V. thought-provoking.
@laronovitch I once wrote a novel (the only novel I ever wrote) where some of the action took place in Iqualuit (when it was Frobisher Bay).Watching an old movie in which a guy goes to newsstand, buys paper, and reads news that rocks his world. #buggywhips@laronovitch Or maybe there'll be no one to correct me when I get a provincial capital wrong.
@alisaharris Also good.@alisaharris Hood to hear.@alisaharris We weren't sure if people would be into it.Yale Law prof Akhil Reed Amar offers a powerful alternative to Justice Kennedy's Obergefell decision: @dankois @jbryanlowder @mjs_DC When/if we launch the show there'd be an iTunes feed to sub to. (Hope I understood the Q!)@iolantherosa @dankois @jbryanlowder @mjs_DC Since it was just a pilot, this was part of the Slate Daily Podcast feed. 1/2@LABExperiment71 @SlatePodcasts @SlateOutward @SlateCultFest @juliaturner We sprang it on them. (Truth is there isn't much room for plugs.)
@avizenilman But for you, Avi ...New Double X Gabfest: @HannaRosin, @NoreenMalone and I talked asexuality, RiRi's BBHMM video, and 1939's The Women: @jbryanlowder @mjs_DC Thank you!
@amy_clarke She got a new dad in later seasons!@amy_clarke Nothing will ever be as tricky as the shit that goes down on The Fosters.@amy_clarke Ta!@amy_clarke I think 2 years. The twins are 15, and Brandon is maybe 17--he's still in high school.@amy_clarke Jesus is the worst, and she's his twin.@amy_clarke To keep up with Lena.@amy_clarke Unclear.@amy_clarke Even though she's a computer genius now?@adam807 We have our own version of that (queers only TRIUMPH).@adam807 The Plus version should appear v. v. soon, apparently.@adam807 I'm with you. You'd think people spent about a third of their income mailing packages.@adam807 (Not true, BTW, I'm a philatelist at heart, but I order my stamps by mail like a normal person.)@adam807 I HAD TO WAIT IN LINE, AND I GOT A PAPER CUT BREAKING A STAMP OFF A SHEET.@adam807 No Plus yet, I don't think, BUT there are no ads--just a brief Panoplug.Want gay news and views but think reading is passé? Listen to the Outward podcast pilot: made a podcast pilot! Enjoy @jbryanlowder, @mjs_dc, and my kiki-ing about teh gays! @WillOremus piece on Facebook freebooting, i.e., stealing videos from YouTube and uploading them on FB:
@KilroysCarnival @stevensonseth I wish! I could go LONG on LTIH!@LoveridgeLizzie @lpbradley Spectacular!
"That's not the sort of conversation I'm capable of having," @amazonecho just told me. I wish humans were self-aware enough to say that.Reminder, one week from tonight, Ted Allen, Evan Wolfson, and the Outward crew live at @CityWineryNYC: today @mjs_DC has had to reassure me that he's sure Burt's bees are going to be OK.Why do so many TV characters own the same afghan? A brilliant investigation by @lpbradley: hope someone told Burt Shavitz's bees that he's gone: Thank you!
@ethanepstiiiine I'm sure she will.@PKBlake Yes, though I'm less familiar with his work, I confess.Things I just learned: Lukas Heller, screenwriter of Killing of Sister George, Dirty Dozen, etc., is writer Zoe Heller's dad!
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