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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester.

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How to pick up an owl. I love how it looks a bit annoyed at falling for the trick.
Retweeted by June Thomas@EmilyECarter TRUTH!@jon_biggs I did American Studies, which had more options than most degree courses, I think. But it was a long time ago ...(At least when I went to college, in England there were *very* few electives. We mostly followed the curriculum for our course.)I'm slightly envious of U.S. college students who get to pick their classes. Slate has some advice: #TakeThisClass
@DonnaWinslow The Netflix algorithm has suggested it to me, but I've not watched it yet.This is a VERY important project. | Help Us Map America's Best/Worst Pun Business Names | Atlas Obscura
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Rewatching Bob & Rose for first time in ages. God, the acting is amazing, esp. Lesley Sharp and Penelope Wilton.@yoprice Hate's probably not the right word. They intimidate me, they're heavy, and they monopolize my attention. I'd rather read 4 smalls.
@adam807 Permanently with their phone calls.@adam807 I don't know which company you're talking about (can't be bothered to read your TL), but one nonprofit almost put me off theater.What would Egyptian street vendors do with the $8 billion used to expand the Suez Canal? (Video.) piece: Who Put Me in the Ashley Madison Database? via @tnr@TrojanTopher Amen. I personally don't watch The Arrow, Flash, etc., but I have many friends who do--and love them.@TrojanTopher @juliaturner I'm hoping it will get more attention when paired with Jane the Virgin.@TrojanTopher @juliaturner Agree completely. I *think* because of the weird timing of its S1 premiere. S2 begins with the other fall shows.Cra-zizzy! Chess. I don't even know what chess pie is, though I keep seeing it listed.@ChadMBriggs Of course you are.@ChadMBriggs I don't think I could face that. The show has aggravated me too many times with squandered potential. Where are you?
@AlySemigran It's like a code I dream of cracking.@moryan Was that for sure a studio note rather than an actor availability issue? (I have no idea.)@corybarker Ah! Thank you.@corybarker What does this mean?@AlySemigran Big Brother as experienced through your tweets is a wonderful thing."Killing of Sister George"—the lesbian classic film deserves reputation rehab, by @junethomas
Retweeted by June Thomas@HollywoodQCast DO I EVER! It's Charlie's Angels with a touch of homo-sass.@poniewozik OK, now I cannot wait to check it out.@TaraAriano @adam807 Well, my bigger problem is that it's impossible to find two-finger poi in these parts.@HollywoodQCast That avatar photo!Nice piece about Narcos (on Netflix Friday) from @diana_emmeline: There goes my weekend.@kphipps3000 EXCELLENT news!Dammit, the Homeland Season 5 trailer looks really good: producers on what it was like in the control room when Kanye said "George Bush doesn’t care about black people": I'm talking about SHIRTS.@adam807 Before you ask: No catchers.@adam807 Why are you referring to the Slate softball team? HUSH!@nprmonkeysee Ditto. And yet, when I go to Montreal, where a schmear is really a schmear, I always crave more. Can we be satisfied. Linda?Excuse me while I go to weigh my cat., really, why do New York bagel places put so much cream cheese on their bagels? @juliaturner We didn't--nor did we mention the amazing iZombie, which is all about the rehab of Liv Moore (geddit!).
@Wilshawl Aw, that's awesome! Enjoy!@ladyterrier @alijhardy Now I want to hear those bells ring!On this week's @SlateCultFest we talked Fear the Walking Dead, Diary of a Teenage Girl, and the Ashley Madison hack: It worked fabulously.@ladyterrier Ooh, thank you!@ladyterrier @alijhardy SHOW IT TO ME NOW!@alijhardy Aw, thanks!Lesbian Air Force officer maligned in Ted Cruz's religious liberty ad tells her side of the story:! Grat! U! Lations! to @mjs_DC @junethomas @jbryanlowder for winning excellence in journalism awards from @nlgja
Retweeted by June ThomasWho's the best dog--yes, who's the best doggie--in pop culture? 12 nominations, but only mine is correct:
@TVMoJoe Local Univision news spent 3 minutes on Trump and Ramos. First three minutes, but no more than that.@katelinnea Lovely. And I've not been looking at Twitter as much.@katelinnea TOTALLY. You would love it. I'd just forgotten how anxiety-producing it is. (And hello--it's been a while.)We are rewatching Jewel in the Crown, which I haven't seen in 20 years. YIKES is it terrifying about aging. (Also colonialism.)@mosquito_chaser Ay! Hope you recover quickly and completely.Sadness RT @BergenStComics: Friends Of Bergen Street Comics: I'd just assume you have pinkeye.@jbouie I've had MUCH louder conversations in English, too!@jbouie The only time I've had a bar staff member come to shush my table was when we were speaking Spanish.Why did stocks plummet? Is it China's fault? Is the U.S. economy doomed? A crystal-clear explanation.
Retweeted by June ThomasThe most amazing #LGBT TV history montage narrated by my all-time favorite @junethomas (via @SlateVideo)
Retweeted by June Thomas@RonPyke @TheAdvocateMag I bet she wasn't the only one!The gypsy robe ritual, Broadway's quirkiest opening-night tradition:
Retweeted by June ThomasI rhapsodized about forgotten lesbian classic The Killing of Sister George in the @TheAdvocateMag :
@lbennett @vulture Tarantino? The Tarantino who directed the worst ever episode of CSI?LADIES BE SHOPPING
Retweeted by June ThomasWord! DANCE, @HannaRosin. Honestly! did Black Lives Matter begin? With Katrina, says @jbouie: tribute to crossword writer Merl Reagle, who died this weekend, by @metabymatt:
Here's an artsy poster to remind you to floss:
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@BriefWit I was all New York Undercover, Living Single, and Martin.SyFy summer Friday nights are to 2015 what Fox Thursday nights were to 1995. (Though I now watch a day later.)@jpjernigan And I'll have to wait longer than you!RT @RadioTimes: #Corrie stars dominate new cast list for Happy Valley 2, I think @dankois has you confused with an intern from four summers ago.
@dlindle @NoreenMalone Absolutely, male feminists are great and essential. That particular one seemed to want a cookie, though.Read Awl pal Seth Colter Walls' novel:
Retweeted by June ThomasBaltimore, home to 620K, now has more homicides this year than NYC, population 8.4 million. Feel free to take notice.
Retweeted by June Thomas@JeffHidek But there's no saltwater in saltwater taffy anyway. It's the ultimate site-specific foodstuff.Something I've always wondered: What's with saltwater taffy and American seaside resorts? I love Last Tango (even despite the events of last season), but the greatest actor of his gen is the worst in the show!@FayebellineW I know, but I'm in the US and Season 2 starts here on PBS Sunday. (Also, it is AMAZING. I won't hear a word against it.)I adore PBS's camp Ian McKellen-Derek Jacobi sitcom Vicious. Here's @jbryanlowder on Season 2:
@GuillaumeMereb @aourell29 Oui, c'est ca.@GuillaumeMereb @aourell29 C'est ici et ici @guan Believe me, I've suggested it. Lead balloon.Check out this smart piece on #queer sensibility in #portraiture by @junethomas
Retweeted by June Thomas@Jesselansner @guan My name is Thomas, man's name. Masc! Partner's name = Warden. Conjures dudes with keys and manly power. Standoff!This week's Double X Gabfest was a call-in show. Names, nonprofits, voices (again!). Enjoy! Yes! I meant the more butch partner's name is the one that will often be used.@guan I think I do, too!.@heathertwit carried a microbag (and two other bags to carry her stuff) for a week: Muchly. (I confess, I did wonder, so I looked at your Twitter feed, and all became clear.)
Jonathan Groff sang "Totally F*cked" a capella outside #HamiltonBway & I'm GOING TO NEED A DAMN MINUTE TO RECOVER
Retweeted by June Thomas@leaflemming I used to rent that movie over and over!What delightful peeps the Slate Plus members at tonight's gathering were.@leaflemming Would Whale Rider/Once a Warrior count? I first saw him in the divine Desperate Remedies.
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