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James Iry @jamesiry San Francisco, CA

Some people when faced with a problem think, I know, I'll use distributed computing. Now they have n^2 problems. Director of Software Engineering at Loyal3

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You say "best practice." I hear "argument from authority incoming!"@HiveTheory new job? Or just new badge?@extempore2 @copumpkin @tpolecat Depending on which you think Scala is doing you might or might not be surprised.@extempore2 @tpolecat @copumpkin …equivalent to 2 legged if with () on the implicit branch.@tpolecat @extempore2 @copumpkin There are two ways to predict one legged if. One is that it's always unit…the other is that it's…@extempore2 Ooh, I got one right!Hahahaha! You might not be a crypto expert if.... https://t.co/Gh3ecfAQbo
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@johnregehr Chemtrails are exactly why my foil hat has a brim.@johnregehr FROM CONTRAIL'S!@johnregehr Contrails. It was contrails all along. Why did nobody make this connection before now?I followed your advice and laid myself off in the first round. Now I AM much happier. Thanks #happinessindustry ! https://t.co/x6v8WnkgPhEventually natural selection will evolve a species of permanently happy employees. https://t.co/x6v8WnkgPhInternet of things means the clean/dirty indicator on my dishwasher can be wrong on my phone.Bash's ubiquity is extremely powerful. But not as powerful as its ability to crush my spirit.
Retweeted by James IryShall wear this is a badge of honor @jamesiry http://t.co/WsxXaL6J7T
Retweeted by James IryNeed a good portmanteau for adding people to lists with insulting names.Accurate. @tpolecat http://t.co/HlYqR832So@built pshaw http://t.co/vsawah5NfYWhat part of DevOps is curling random shit to bash?
Retweeted by James Iry@PhilDarnowsky the entire movie will be programmer apes grunting at a screen in confusion.@jamesiry they're also making a floating-point science fiction art movie: 2000.99999999994
Retweeted by James IryThey're making a Monty Python movie about floating point arithmetic. Working title: "NaN Shall Pass".SourceForgeryNew post: Data, code, and regulation http://t.co/ApV8qEYIKH
Retweeted by James IryTrue to form: FIFA clutches knee, drops to the ground, and rolls around yelling that it was fouled. http://t.co/lORHO58Mwy@fogus In a manner of speaking http://t.co/lORHO58MwyDid you hear the one about the drunk logician who had her license revoked? It was open and shut case of drinking and deriving.SourceForge to users: fork you https://t.co/ekeWT9npFL"I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How." http://t.co/4G1JxvkdIK
Retweeted by James Iry@extempore2 do not make @PLT_Hulk angry. You won't like him when he's angry.schadenFIFAfreude
@jhaberstro @littlecalculist not forever. Undefined. In x/y imagine neg y moving up to 0. Result is farther and farther from pos y@littlecalculist I could talk about NaNs for at least x/0 days.congrats to @jeanqasaur joining the faculty at CMU! the PL group is very lucky to have her.
Retweeted by James IryI used to think I knew what dependency hell was until I used Ruby MRI. I had no idea.My reaction when the somebody I follow interjects some random sports observation http://t.co/69AumktthMDo I really think a rhetorical question is the best way to make this point?@raganwald Ironic that a highly technological industry would equate "artificial" with "bad"In box zero? Yes, my inbox count has a lot of zeros.Just notified that I was added to a list called "Important People." I think you forgot the word "Very."@nicolasrinaudo Nvm, that's content negotiation, not the request entity@nicolasrinaudo F7?Ooh, updated https://t.co/z07jz9Dcze@daniel_bilar @johndcook @igorcarron Sometimes my jokes work…sometimes not so much.@daniel_bilar @johndcook @igorcarron @johndcook Wait. That can't be right. Nobody says "centimeters" in New Orleans.Okay, how many of you are actually doing all of this https://t.co/Tbojkh5X01
OH: "Unicode is the worst system for representing human language, except for all the others that have been tried." - Winston Knuthill@deanwampler @whirlpool Get a Bosch. Super quiet, super reliable, gets stuff clean.@mfeathers @martinfowler @rachellaycock Some code seems easier to carry than others. Modularity plays in to it. Probably other things.#lolwat ?! http://t.co/w41TdRyCpB
Retweeted by James Iry@thenextweb @brendaneich social security number, the ultra secret credential that you have to share with absolutely everybody.@nbartlett @qikipedia Beavers are also fish http://t.co/kIqDV09ztJ@built similar to using a company's computer to write code they own. Just more of an implied contract@built you do if you have a good argument that stranger took it with the understanding that you would own it, e.g. typical tourist thingOK, I Lol'd http://t.co/RUBaziIbqf
Retweeted by James IryAt Cal Poly Pomona "admins now outnumber faculty 12,183 to 12,019." For crissakes, they only have 24,000 students. http://t.co/Az4w5PgHtQ
Retweeted by James Iry@natpryce @paultypes As an anthropologist, jewelry maker, geologist, and philosopher I object to your usage of group, ring, magma, and monadLlama: Ranger (Proficiency: Spit) Sheep: Cleric Cow: Fighter, obvs Goat: Rogue (Climbing Advantage) Chicken: Bard http://t.co/xXslHridqw
Retweeted by James IryDo you even k ern, bro? - @khzaw
God is so easily fooled! (From my new induction oven manual) http://t.co/vAo6uDs2y8
Retweeted by James IryMan, those Common Lisp books come out every decade like clockwork! http://t.co/q39iYCEJii
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Pac-man is 35 years old today, but is not generally known as a Kafka-esque statement of existential suffering. http://t.co/c8AJwM561H
Retweeted by James Iry@bhurt42 Also a technical term in programming language semantics. Which I said on my first tweets on the subject. I hate twitter today.Lesson learned, can't talk about technical topics on Twitter. Not enough space to clarify. People drop in at random points in conversation.@bhurt42 Can't do this over twitter. I'm dropping out. Not my def. I linked earlier to one source. See also types and programming languages.@bhurt42 No, "type safe" does… just with better rigor about what is meant by undefined.@bhurt42 But that's not what C and C++ say or do. Undefined means literally anything can happen.@bhurt42 Examples are C and C++ undefined behavior.@bhurt42 What's not allowed under progress is getting to a state where he next step (in small step semantics sense) is undefined.@bhurt42 In small step semantics both exceptions and stuck-in-a-loop are progress. Allowing bottom is exactly why progress is used.penultimate frisbee
Retweeted by James Iry@nathanmarz So Poe's Law applies to protocol design.@viktorklang @adriaanm @posco http://t.co/QGlWRkKTFqWhen engineers without any usability training insist on designing the interface: http://t.co/kH5RuG6hxk
Retweeted by James Iry@johanatan @pelotom http://t.co/JGv4J5b9BM@johanatan @pelotom Also, even with virtual memory, modern OSes often randomize memory layout as anti-hack measure. Means won't always crash@johanatan @pelotom C and C++ often target embedded targets or OS kernels where there is no virtual memory.Should have read my horoscope. "Mercury is in retrograde. Today is not a good day to go to work without pants."@headius Also, I've never seen Mars and Utah together at the same time. #suspicious@johanatan @pelotom Nope. Behavior can depend on where in memory the process is located, for instance.@tpolecat *Flash to stay-at-home parent holding a baby and feeding a two year old* "I can? But I've never built from! Please tell me more!"@jamesiry @adriaanm @posco I like to stare C undefined behavior in the face often. Reminds me I'm alive.
Retweeted by James IryI am improving paintings. http://t.co/kfynYvR3YI
Retweeted by James Iry@adriaanm @posco Exactly. For actual non type safety you have to look at really crazy stuff like C or C++ style undefined behavior.@posco Yes, even that is type safe. Progress and preservation are incredibly low bars.
@pelotom Type safety is kind of an easy target, I guess is what I'm saying.@djspiewak @bvenners Artisanally designed, sans serif Morse code is hot among todays literati.@pelotom Even segfaulting, if it was reliable, would be okay for type safety. It's stuff like undefined C(++) behavior that gives problems.I love that in this article http://t.co/psB9EXhdFh, @jeanqasaur spends more time talking about a paper notebook than a computer.@bvenners @djspiewak Have you tried really teeny print?@pelotom Downcasting is partial function of type forall a,b.a->b that throws on failure. Tricky bit is to prove there's never a bad output@pelotom That takes care of progress. Preservation is weird. But sub typing makes a lot of things weird.@pelotom e.g. invalid up casts are static errors and invalid down casts are exceptions.@pelotom it is, as long as the lang has well defined behavior on bad casts.And, yes, Java is type safe too (as long as you ignore its FFI…but that's true of most popular langs)Preservation? Dynamically typed languages only have one type. Check. Progress? They throw an exception on any problem. Check. Type safe.With #typesafename is changing is it safe to say it was a terrible name? Ruby, Javascript, and Clojure are type safe… http://t.co/IFzJyqy2nGhttp://t.co/o3P2jLEPwJWill render your export-controlled software in calligraphy for freedom of speech and also calligraphy practice.
Retweeted by James Iry@djspiewak It means we have a nervous system and it's working.
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