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James Iry @jamesiry San Francisco, CA

Some people when faced with a problem think, I know, I'll use distributed computing. Now they have n^2 problems. Director of Software Engineering at Loyal3

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@takipid @typesafe I am the 20%
Unicode brings so many new options for censorship through character replacement. For instance: "sh💩t happens"Every time I hear "24 by 7 by 365" my dimension analysis checker crashes and my leap year validator raises an exception.
@bryanstearns @built Surprise…it's aguacate, not avocadoHey HP employees: typical San Francisco startup dress code is "Don't be naked. Unless there's a parade or a race. Then it's okay."Dear hackers, Now would be a good time to mail exploits on usb sticks to random Chrysler owners. reasons that escape me at the moment I spent all day unscientifically faking this #Pluto fly-around (with #haze).
Retweeted by James IryI thought it would be easy when she asked me to get her a small drink at Starbucks. But it turned out to be a tall order.@jamesiry going as Trump's hair meeting Putin, singing "we shall overcomb" :)
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If Trump picked a running mate in a "The Apprentice" style reality tv show, what tasks would veep contestants be asked to do? Discuss
@johndcook "is" vs "should be." English has so many complicated distinctions.OH: Occam's Taser: the most painful explanation is usually the correct one.
Retweeted by James Iry"He stood on a hill, his hair blowing in the wind, too proud to chase it." Poem for Donald Trump #Trump2016
Retweeted by James Iry@extempore2 How do I loop? How do I loop? How do I loop? How do I loop? How do I loop? How do I loop? How do I loop? How do I loop? How do II want to hire whoever does @SlackHQ 's release notes.Compiler devs, I'm not sure how to break this to you, but SSA is ass backwards.
Retweeted by James IryIt's the end for emacs
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@susanpotter @pj_brew Try going a week without each of them and see which one you want to do first.@jamesiry smirks from Japan :)
Retweeted by James Iry@havocp Just go straight for a wrist tattoo.People are raging because an open source project adopted a code of conduct. Others are raging because it’s not perfect. The Aristocrats!
Retweeted by James Iry"There was an earthquake this morning." "How big?" "4.0" "Meh" #California
@chrisamaphone Congratsamaphone!
And I urged them to make a golden app that would give me washboard abs and a trust fund, but no luck there either.
Retweeted by James Iry@chrisamaphone Kle*ne closure
@extempore2 To repeat myself: WAT@extempore2 WATTrump says it would be cheap and easy to build a wall along US/Mexico border. But how much cheaper and easier to build a wall around Trump?"We just want a rough ballpark estimate." That's what they say before they rip their masks off and hiss "but you promised it would be done"
Let's all agree laundry icons are bullshit.
Retweeted by James Iry@deech BOLO YOLO would be a good name for a beerI just wrote "a endless." Maybe some day I'll learn a English.@mralancooper At this point I'm convinced you use TweetDeck just so you have a endless source of bitter tweets.@djspiewak @bodil If you think idiots can't be actively destructive you've forgotten a certain president we had 2 terms ago.@fogus No, not empathy! I was so close.People want big, loud syntax for the unfamiliar and terse syntax for the familiar
NaNsplaining: When you object to the consequences of one of many terrible design decisions with floats and someone quotes the IEEE at you.
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Seeking mature individuals to help make Soylent Green. Direct responses only, no agencies.\/ıʍ ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ sɔɐɯǝA lovely family portrait, created by @bhgross144.
Retweeted by James IryPluto sent a love note back to Earth via @NASANewHorizons. This is the last image taken before today's #PlutoFlyby.
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oh is that what happened
Retweeted by James IryFor every school child who lever earned about Pluto it was a small, featureless white ball. Until now.@extempore2 @wyattepp Rather than a mere type synonym@extempore2 @wyattepp Showing a clear lack of understand of what new type is about: a new type that, by the way, has the same representation@_sidverma @migueldeicaza And… now I think "pyrrhic shadenfreude" should totally be a thing.@wyattepp @extempore2 In other words, Go doesn't really have dimensions. Just something that looks vaguely like dimensions.@wyattepp @extempore2 If you multiply 5m by 2m you should get 10m^2 (an area), not 10m (a length).@wyattepp @extempore2 If you have 3m it should be legal to double it 6m. Go says no.Is it a firing offense if I spend all day today looking at pluto porn?New Horizons is 1.1 million km from the Pluto/Charon system - after 9 years in space, the probe is 22 hours to closest approach
Retweeted by James IryWhat happens when you put people who don't understand types in charge of type systems.
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@adriaanm To hell? With good intentions?@djspiewak adding my nose to phone's TouchId immediately@havocp @jamesiry I see you haven't had the pleasure of writing much go :)
Retweeted by James Iry@jamesiry crying mao because the repository/package system for JVM is such a train wreck
Retweeted by James IryJVM Backend and Optimizer in Scala 2.12 wrap that doesn't pop? New technology is bringing the end of times, my friends, the end of times. "I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the on-coming train."@justinesherry Partly a translation problem. Most langs have only a single title for adult women. Of course also a binary gender assumption.@jawher Faster isn't the primary driver. The primary driver is build reliability and resiliency.LMAO if your company doesn't use an internal repository as a caching proxy for external repositories.I love our IT department!
Retweeted by James Iry@extempore2 Think of massive eng efforts from a management perspective: individual brilliance is a SPOF for the success of the enterprise.
Retweeted by James Iry@extempore2 Google's engineering philosophy: hire brilliant people & dumb down/standardize their work so each eng is fungible with any other
Retweeted by James Iry@raganwald Related you say, “It’s in the wiki,” I hear: “RTFM. And good luck *finding* the FM. Loser.”
Retweeted by James Iry@fogus Just like GoGo: "Don't Let Confusing Parametric Polymorphism Get In The Way Of Writing The Same Data Structure Multiple Times!"Go : "New and Improved Java! Now With Even More Boilerplate!"@extempore2 "When I think about the nicest things Paul Phillips ever said about anyone, I uh....hmmm" - James IryDLC is 560 points.800 points costs $10 "Maybe if we make it confusing, people will spend more!" MAYBE THEY WON'T SPEND ANYTHING, DUMBASS.
Retweeted by James Iry@extempore2 Thanks man, that means a lot to me.There must have been some magic in That old rat wig they found For when they placed it on his head wrote my first two lines of CoffeeScript. Adding to resume. Somebody endorse me?OpenSSL today: You get a CA! And you get a CA! And you get a CA! Everybody gets a CA!
Retweeted by James IryWhat percentage of the responses to this tweet will be comprised of people complaining about the phrase "comprised of"?
Really it's about the ethics of building entire towers out of the tusks from an endangered species.@drmaciver (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻, QED@nviorres @headinthebox Tuples are "and" structures. That kind of API needs an "or" such as Either or Option/Maybe. Golang gets this wrongOh God, Someone Ran Fear and Loathing Through Google's Neural Network #deepdream
Retweeted by James Iry<equally inflammatory counter comment quoting the flame-bait> @headinthebox Checked exceptions are bad because they crash into reusability
@mbeisen @justinesherry No quinoa either. The goats are saying quinoa was over last season.Pro tip: If software is written in Go, it is not a strict requirement that "go" be part of its name.
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Greek constitution to be rewritten in #rustlang to deal with their ownership and borrowing problem.
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This guacamole is so awesome. They made it garbanzos and paprika instead of avocados!Sometimes in IMs and texts instead of writing "ok" I write "kk". Suddenly nervous what'll happen if I accidentally press 3 times.Typical IM session: Hi James! - Hi! I have a question - Shoot Hope you don't mind - np Haha - What's up? Thanks for the time - :/@lqvdn Right now I'm really hoping you mean "building architects" 'cause otherwise I just … don't … even …"Let's cut to the chase" he said, hoping to get to the point quickly. But in my mind this started playing type coercion is a system whereby half of your semantic mistakes fail late, and the other half fail silently.
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New Horizons is now 15 million km from Pluto (39 Earth-Moon distances) and closing. 12 days to encounter.
Retweeted by James Iry@SlateGist cyber warfare camouflage pattern cyberwarfare soldiers wear camouflage with screens from The Matrix printed on it?Make joke on Twitter. Get rando response "lol at <verbatim quoted punchline>". Remind self not to Tweet drunk.Yes, it scales. architecture
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