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James Iry @jamesiry San Francisco, CA

Some people when faced with a problem think, I know, I'll use distributed computing. Now they have n^2 problems. Director of Software Engineering at Loyal3

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@paultypes @dibblego Pre-internet C++ programmers should have searched in an obscure discipline very few programmers had heard of?@dibblego @paultypes Maybe philosophers should complain that CTers cargo-culted "monad"@dibblego @paultypes That's unfair. C++ "functor" simply has nothing to do with category functor, etymologically.@raganwald NaN is the x/0 dollar mistake.@polkabecky @paultypes I came to a different conclusion…"what a successful nutbag"@raganwald Well, Java suffers from exactly the same wart. Whether that's confirmation of your joke or just another joke I dunno.@raganwald Or at least hard to do it and retain common optimizations like short circuiting equality via pointer checks.@raganwald It's hard to get NaN semantics right. window.alert (NaN === Nan); // false var x = { value: NaN };window.alert(x === x); // true@raganwald I don't think even NaN should have NaN like semantics.Henceforth all namespaces/modules/packages will be named "util" in order to ease the normal workflow of dumping everything into util anyway.@milessabin @jason_faber @rit Yeah, but how would anybody know the difference?The biggest challenge with exceptions is that they are inexorably tied to programming language/OS threads rather than logical threads.
@kevino doesn't integrate with my gold Apple Watch. No sale.$3,000 toilet? That can just kiss my ass! Well, I mean it could if I could afford it http://t.co/vKTB8ygrmQ
The tool is not the solution. At best the tool facilitates the solution.
COBOL ISAM storage, the NoSQL solution you can rely on for the decades to come.Imagine if 20 years ago somebody told you a book store would end up running a sizable fraction of the world's server power.The dream of the 90s is alive in OpenLDAP.
Retweeted by James IryWell. That settles that. #HowOldRobot http://t.co/qPAVmlFrSe
Retweeted by James IryAnd that "may not" is based on speculation rather than people with dark skin actually reporting problems.The source of "Apple Watch doesn't work on black skin"? http://t.co/QjmG3TDZyu It has been corrected to say "may not" work on dark skin :/@aurabogado @bodil Source? All I've found it issues with dark tattoos. No credible sources saying anything about dark skin.Not a big fan of "glorious death" tropes, but in the case of MESSENGER I'll make an exception. Die well, little bot. http://t.co/eUUJbqSim1“Filtering should happen on the endpoint or not at all.” https://t.co/Hnqdlq06G9
Retweeted by James Iry@drmaciver Looks like a nnamespace weirdness rather than a scope weirdness. i.e. y is in scope, just not in the same namespace.
At tonight's Scala SF meetup there were Kleisli arrows. With no warning! Just BAM! There should be a label.Lots to discuss & disagree about in this one: @scriptjunkie1: For your education http://t.co/2KTApeG3Em
Retweeted by James Iry@headius @tim_yates Haha, too fast. Glad to have almost helped though :)@headius I just want to be careful about browsing around the repo lest I get dirty@headius do you have links for commit guidelines (code formatting etc, license, copyright, etc). Also, what package?@headius I can do it. I'm clean.@samth @edwinbrady There's Google+. Bwahahaha. Just kidding. Google+ only connects to itself.@marius The Unicode Consortium holds an emergency meeting.@propensive Small correction. If it is a "wet" burrito, a burrito covered in sauce, then utensils are ok. Otherwise heed @heathercmillerOH: "The round robin isn't very round today.""Visual Studio Code"? Seriously MSFT? Do you not understand search? Um. Oh. Sorry, didn't mean to remind you of that Bing thing. Awkward.@compscifact @paultypes Or your brain crashes while you try to figure out what you believe.My @Quora answer to What is C++ code for the following program? http://t.co/9PkUwENnUu@extempore2 wikipedia ¯\_(ツ)_/¯@extempore2 C#, Java. List subclasses Collection, but List<X> not a subtype of Collection<Y>@extempore2 you guessed it, forced string serialization, equality, etc.@extempore2 A few OO languages haven't had a built in top. C++ is one example. C++ library writers frequently invent one for …This Scala existential isn't working… forSome { reason }. Thank you! I'll be compiling all night, folks. Don't forget to tip your JVM.@headinthebox Existenials. The compiler synthesizes fresh names for them then lets those names leak out for maximum confusion.
@vpatryshev right, but noob doesn't know, spends effort to find out, updates, allows to go stale, then next noob repeats cycle@shamusyoung do you even Mandel, bro?@deech @dysmento @jessitron Proof system: encasing your dog in a giant hamster ball.@jamesiry In both cases, questions of adversary injecting bad information into the system & trust therein arise.
Retweeted by James IryAlice and Bob are always having a hard time because of Eve. Unclear if book is on cryptography or the doctrine of original sin.Here's my testimony for tomorrow's crypto policy hearing. No cybers were harmed in the making of this document. http://t.co/GlyIvtcRBY
Retweeted by James IryTo program it helps to learn pseudo-latin and greek. For instance free as in libre, free as in gratis, free as in monoid.I really, really love that http://t.co/du4KP5vck6 has a chapter on Duff's Device with the extra credit assignment "never use this again."
I tweet about stale information in the company wiki and devs start talking about code documentation. What about the bottom of the iceberg?The company wiki is a fantastic place to put information that you can't maintain but want to be sure newbies read after it's outdated.Build and test often. Short feedback cycles ensure a speedy progression back and forth between "damn I'm a genius" and "damn I'm a moron."A: "The emperor has no clothes!" B: "Yes he does!" A: "Okay, but they're ass-less chaps." B: "It's still clothes." A: :-/@extempore2 Ah, my bad.@extempore2 Prolog: no inference (dynamically typed), and cut is about micromanaging a state you aren't even supposed to know exists.Going to be one of those weeks. http://t.co/1J45SuG3At
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.@cwensel “I do wish someone would implement the good parts of ______ on ____ to save us from the rest of it” is perfect tech MadLibs
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Did you hear about the lonely programmer who learned Prolog? He heard it was good for finding relationships.@jamesiry functional programmers misunderstood when they heard the easiest way to make food taste good is currying.
Retweeted by James Iry@jamesiry such class warfare
Retweeted by James IryOO developers misunderstood when they heard the easiest way to make money is inheritance.@bodil "Bodil's Beefs"@bodil I'd subscribe to that youtube channelboot2dockers_ass@rit @bodil http://t.co/Gj5iRDJCc2"Wow…Pinche tu madre" indeed. The exact moment Calbuco erupts, caught by a hiker. https://t.co/eXQRXKTWrDYou tried, Twitter. You tried. http://t.co/O97JtWp7Gv
Retweeted by James IryComcast, before we cancel this merger allow me to talk about the savings you could enjoy with our bundles plus we have a special on HBO.@constantine_jn Did I say Milan? I meant Walnut Creek https://t.co/wDfJ0Yprge@constantine_jn La Scala is in Milan.@jessieopie @constantine_jn I'm having a hard time coexisting with that bumper sticker.
RIP Paul Hudak. You inspired me and so many others.The moon landings were faked by vaccines. Wake up sheeple.OMG you guys! I engaged with a brand!
@deech or what if we just didn't let philosophers eat75% of the time using @SlackHQ integration with @giphy I get something NSFW. Which is awesome 'cause I can blame my HR violations on techI heard Captain Picard used Android because he got a good Data plan.@built Only if you jump over police cars.@jamie_allen @peterseibel Different people mean different things by "systems language."@doublec @briantrice 4 top level comments. None understand the point of the paper AFAICTWe use a coding challenge for our security engineers. Their task is to hack into HR and give themselves the job.
Retweeted by James Iry@jasonbaldridge Dude. That's like stabbing yourself in the face for the irony.Amazon needs "ironic mode." As in "I'm just looking at these items for humor value. Please don't recommend anything like them to me ever."@nuttycom @antiheroine @danielglauser Babies let you know when something is upsetting. Those babies were being stimulated but not scared.Worth it for one heading alone "The Autistic Gopher Hypothesis" http://t.co/choduwNurx@ambrosebs Any such type would be advisory at most because Java and the classfile don't knowSo, now when a conversation lull appears, I simple make a random comment about Docker. No more lull in conversations
Retweeted by James Iry@ambrosebs plus everything in the MLish family (SML, Ocaml, Miranda, Haskell) because they don't have null.
In this Jepsen post, we explore why MongoDB allows both stale and dirty reads at the highest consistency settings. https://t.co/yAtnE0vlKY
Retweeted by James Iry@lisperati @sriramk @olabini It will be solved by uploading web designers into computers where they will manually push stuff into the center@built Don't call me maybe.Psst, hey kid, you want a monad? The first one is free.
BREAKING: Wired investigative reporters discover the package manager. https://t.co/6uBdGqC2hD
Retweeted by James Iryhttp://t.co/WQcOmkuCHz@fogus Ran out of characters.@fogus relevant https://t.co/Aq8p5Osobv@fogus I don't like to be a full stack developer, can I be a full binomial heap dev instead?
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