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We architect information. Account is managed by @reichenstein

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@revanmj Covered.If you are allergic to Google+ but still want to help testing iA Writer 3 (iOS), write to ih@ia.net, Subject: “iA Writer 3 Beta”How many angels can dance on the head of a startup pin? http://t.co/VwXpOWaMdo@sdw That being said… We dropped comments ages ago and never looked back. Just way too big a waste of time for what you get out of it.@sdw Comments are annoying, dirty and evil. That is what makes them so much fun to read—as long as they are not comments on what *we* wrote.@serglotz Not sure if AI will help with comments when natural intelligence can't really deal with it.The Verge: “We're turning comments off for a bit” http://t.co/IXtfUZHsqZInsane: Hacking Team’s “senior security engineer” not only reused same passwords, but used variant of “password.” http://t.co/80ysXA1Fda
Retweeted by iA Inc.The Verge: “Reddit… is a machine that promotes kitsch.” http://t.co/H9d3YFnbWL@_CarlosNobre_ Iain is sick today, need to discuss with him tomorrow. We'll definitely get back to the users that signed up via G+.@ThBenkoe Okay, dann schreib an jo@ia.net. Könnten jmdn gebrauchen, der das Theme ungeschminkt über die laufende iA3-Installation schaltet…@terrybain @AndreElijah It'll just be there one day after you update. We'll make sure you'll hear about it, of course.@AndreElijah Free for iA Writer Pro users.@jordanborth Yeah. Write to ih@ia.net.@ThBenkoe Fast fertig. Willst Du's testen?Preparing iA Writer 3 for Beta testing… http://t.co/OJOob864or@vitsavicky Apple people hate Google+@NAM3R You're good. We'll get in touch.@brainofdane A little revolt. Better give in before this turns into Reddit. :)Okay, we get it. No Google+ for iOS testing signup. We'll have to look into alternatives—was a hit on Android, so we thought… Yeah, whatever
Jeremy Mickel’s adineuePRO: http://t.co/PqPMJhZSwJ http://t.co/1rNTtEmTIe@spare We have used it successfully with Android, and thought that signing up for G+ for the beta wouldn^t caus too much friction. But…@spare A classic moral dilemma.@thomaswensma Looks like Google+ is not very popular these days.@spare Not right now.@vladgeorgescu :)@vladgeorgescu What you don't like Google+? :)@maguay Coming soon after. Apply here and send a request to the Admin for being included in the mac Beta.iA Writer 3 Beta for iOS starts today: Apply here: https://t.co/ecYI5hURBm@wldcordeiro Not something we discuss.
@iA https://t.co/Uof9KEdgxL
Retweeted by iA Inc.@tinybigstudio Not sure how it applies here, but I’ll use it as randomly in creative direction, and if not understood, I’ll share the video.@thijs I do not. The equivalent are scoop yard bullying, street protests, street priests and lynch mobs. Not as easy as online though.@tinybigstudio Funny. My tempo. Got to remember that.@tinybigstudio What do you mean by "call my tempo"?@thijs You are paraphrasing.What speaks in favor of activists and anti activists is that, rarely, the motives for an action are singular or in any other way pure.And maybe the darkest thought is that, whether we partake or resist the rage, whatever we do here, we probably do it for self promotion.@fabianmohr “Das Leben der meisten Menschen besteht schließlich nur noch aus Anweisungen, die sie sich oder anderen sinnlos geben.” –E.C.Where it really gets dirty is when other competitors drive the rage—whenever there’s a shitstorm watch who offers what “alternative”.@der_waldgeist Used to be an excellent vetting platform for unconfirmed news. Lots of things went sour though in the last 3-4 years.The result of these rage wars are an even more intransparent PR machinery on the corporate side. This accelerates the said rage dynamic.Public trials are not an appropriate measure to arrive to justice—more of an expression of angry desperation than a demonstration of power.Often we have no idea what they rage against—we are generally angry {or jealous} at something or someone. Those under attack have no chance.Online rage made roll head after head, even reversed months of negotiation between Apple and the Music industry. Today’s bread and circuses.@reichenstein couldn’t resist using the Twitter API to throw together this overview of (most) replied screenshots: https://t.co/KT7GSotyOa
Retweeted by iA Inc.Big call: “…the vast majority of Reddit users are uninterested in what unfolded over the past 48 hours.” http://t.co/sRoLbGPK9B@kjetilhoho His profile and its trail looks legit. Some answers seems a bit passive, but still plausible. Thread is still young.The Reddit PR nightmare goes on: A former Reddit employee was supposedly let go because of Leukemia. https://t.co/aDbRoJ4IFc
It Twitter wants to take over Reddit's role as "Front Page of the Internet", this is the time: http://t.co/fIjMKrrDwy@awendt @jhaaren Reddit’s main capital is a community out of control, about as stable as Bitcoin. Trying to control it is avalanche surfing.Mind sharing a screenshot of your desktop? http://t.co/GQsPVx2QTp
Retweeted by iA Inc.Digg wanted to be killed softly, Reddit wants to die hard, live: https://t.co/Ctlx9toLwt@colly @hellogeri Good looks go a long way.@MikejpWalsh @iA they’ve put up a TL;DR for everything happening, now. https://t.co/EggAmTWVqb
Retweeted by iA Inc.@iA private now too.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@MikejpWalsh Oh!Reddit is imploding: https://t.co/IHeZuuULcP“Musicians have always held a variety of views about how freely to let their music percolate through the Internet.” http://t.co/KC2qkX7Tm9
@Teodorik The minimalism contest goes to Antonio. :)@andthenpatterns Thank you, can't wait to show you what is cooking. :)@AisleOne Thank you!@papadimitriou Thanks, Paul.@verpixelt In the beginning, yes. We'll see how things evolve.Information Architects has opened an office in Berlin …we will bring our way of thinking to motion design. https://t.co/olmb11nRoDThe real Swiss top management style: https://t.co/n0FVJHOncW@FlorianNow Haven't looked at it yet, and not sure why they chose Roboto, but it doesn't sound like an obvious choice, branding wise.@papadimitriou :)Apple Music Family Membership Onboarding—the walk through: http://t.co/7hQI1rfv0hMissed the best part: The family track will remind the dad and mom generation of solving The Mask of the Sun. https://t.co/NrS70XEvKS@paulkruczynski Don't remember seeing that, sorry.Apple Music: The bizarre onboarding. http://t.co/MncaCeWyGp http://t.co/qqdxDqyyfrZuckerberg's last graf here suggests a profound misunderstanding of social relationships: http://t.co/WDsDTyDvTH
Retweeted by iA Inc.New Facebook logo. Why? http://t.co/dWy2zyd13I http://t.co/3x94nxP4t5@mohldesign @jkeussen This was the context we saw this in: https://t.co/ufKOhMH3GF Figured it's a generic screenshot. Sorry about that.@iA I totally agree! Also, I'd appreciate a quote next time instead of re-posting my screenshot from your account :) http://t.co/zBH0Fkq1MY
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At the new iA office in Berlin. We'll tell you everything about it tomorrow. http://t.co/WDOrBQE4CQHey, redundant icons in menus, you are not helping. http://t.co/IOPp513kX4new bbc homepage has some sweet container action going on http://t.co/WDXGE8G0qO cc @KonstantinWeiss @ia
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Oracle beats Google at Supreme Court. “Each side had said a win for its opponent would seriously impede innovation.” http://t.co/H6phj2na1BHihihihi. https://t.co/QRBJ7KOluq
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Not *that* much different for information architecture, interaction design and branding. https://t.co/0M7QZTYHQS
Retweeted by iA Inc.@hdv Yes, but the street number had @reichenstein's birth year, so it was alright.@cbuchler @dotmariusz @pedrooaao There will be an official opening, soon.Today, iA Berlin has opened its doors at Reichenbergerstrasse 71. More on that soon. Welcome back, @pedrooaao. http://t.co/f2LOZgICGwOn that matter, ☣☢☠ϟ Dropbox “Deprecating the Sync and Datastore APIs” is a major headache for iOS devs. https://t.co/Vu3y7zf73O@iA yes, but if the OS publisher obsoletes its old APIs, you are forced to rewrite, at least partially. Apple is a master PITA for that.
Retweeted by iA Inc.“Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.” ― Ernest Hemingway http://t.co/jXj47tObry
Retweeted by iA Inc.Classic: “…the single worst strategic mistake that any software company can make: …to rewrite the code from scratch.” http://t.co/DKl9gwthvj
@bram_stein @letterror @iA @typofonderie @espiekermann I want font-banana: 0.138
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@typofonderie @iA @espiekermann All families have more than 2 weights: we must question the idea of “bold”. Italic will solve itself.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@iA @espiekermann the easy answer: thanks to #Microsoft #interface to let users press both italic + bold buttons on Office.
Retweeted by iA Inc.Best photo of the day: the running of the media interns to relate news of Supreme Court rulings. (note shoes) http://t.co/n3AGuLjSUx
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Spiekermann at Typo Day: “I don't know why we still draw Bold Italic. No one ever uses Bold Italic. Why would anyone use Bold Italic?” :)Today @reichenstein speaks at Typo Day Zürich about Text as Interface: http://t.co/JROgJwWeux
For now, let's just focus on fixing it quickly... 6 months later... http://t.co/06nxj2sMqj
Retweeted by iA Inc.Netflix “now has a market capitalisation of $41.69bn — significantly more than Viacom ($26.7bn)” http://t.co/YaOmThMWmfso sad to see @circa go. proud to have played a small part in it. here's how it all started https://t.co/6M6VDSvVBb
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@Joel_Avery_UK https://t.co/GD1shUG7JB@Joel_Avery_UK @espiekermann The next level of pseudo creativity is a “set” of evenly “styled” and meaningless icons. Everybody LOVES them.
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