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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Now in London with Accel

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Excited by the positive reaction and words of encouragement from the tech community on our #Angel launch news! http://t.co/7IQXQnJMRM
Retweeted by Fred DestinTechnology is no longer a category. Welcome @HelloAngels: Introducing #Angels: https://t.co/R6yT7LNiVe"@livajudic @craig_montuori ok thanks !!
.@veenome has been acquired by @Integralads : http://t.co/0XlKNRyMkZ … — #dctech #startup http://t.co/JilqsA3N5v
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@maxniederhofer @ivanfarneti klan Destin ftw ! karashiitake !@eileentso @benrmatthews @fdestin App. fee = yes! We are a non-profit and we take 0 equity. We do distribute tons of refund codes. ^JM
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Name and Shame. No pity :-) @eileentso: startup accelerators that charge an application fee? (new concept for me)"@ivanfarneti @maxniederhofer in the ring of course ! for the glory !@maxniederhofer oh i did feel a mild tingling of shame upon leveraging said information :-)@maxniederhofer you know what they say about PR …Unicorn-spotting VC firms - @accel right up there : https://t.co/nFmmEPZxXCA must watch for all entrepreneurs in their first 2 years of starting up. Be insanely focused http://t.co/mCbDrjXOTp @fdestin thank you!
Retweeted by Fred Destin@afarha you're welcome :-)
Phenomenal post on attention policing and our right to silly memes: @megangarber wears #theDress: http://t.co/CHRwwm6IUR@fdestin @PillPack This is incredible. My Father takes about 15 pills a day, and sorting his medication is a nightmare. Come to the UK soon!
Retweeted by Fred Destin@fdestin @PillPack best thing since slice bread.
Retweeted by Fred Destin.@pillpack = crushing it. http://t.co/jwZxydl1sp
@letymoron not really an expert on nasdaq valuations :-)
@dianemulcahy yes you're right, damn :-)@dianemulcahy @daniellemorrill question i had is dispersion of capital returns. data on how much is returned when is sparse.@gtzi actually majority of @accel london's latest fund is early. this is a massive opportunity..@dianemulcahy rattles the VC cage (again :-)) with a look at the extreme longevity of VC funds : http://t.co/E4RdrWa4LhAnointing the new leader in SaaS accounting software : $100M investment from @accel group for @xero - http://t.co/SJucxCkXZGToday’s $100M+ Late-stage Private Rounds Are Very Different from an IPO. Another brilliant must-read from @bgurley http://t.co/Kee9xbLNQq
Retweeted by Fred DestinWhat I hate most about Twitter, is finishing a good tweet, having -1 characters left, and then having to decide which grammar crime to commi
Retweeted by Fred DestinMobile represents 40% of Q1 UK online retail (75% tablets) says @Capgemini
Well deserved! @robinklein & @fdestin right up front - Top 10 UK #tech #startup investors on @twitter @startupstowers http://t.co/FUheohtXOT
Retweeted by Fred Destin@dafrankel @robinklein @twitter @startupstowers thanks boss76 data centres, 8 clouds, 100's of clients: one @docker container interface for all by @weaveworks - http://t.co/4k5vcwkVz3Where do I find readership figures for European tech publications and blogs ?
@azizmorsly haha indeed :-) is there a fuller / better list somewhere ?The top ten UK #tech #startup investors on @twitter ( via @startupstowers): http://t.co/a0Jh3vzFUSsxsw hangover party: @danprimack chronicles the death of @AustinVentures - http://t.co/89qnVfvmDI
Swathed in fine fabric, drizzled in unicorn tears, smirking in my sleep RT @wesfulgham Still wondering how Milo Yiannopolous sleeps at night
Retweeted by Fred DestinHa ! Boston parking meters available no matter what ! With @jab and @HaleyMcLane http://t.co/2ENgrnVMiE
Boom! @accel co. @WorldRemit adds $100M to take on @westernunion : http://t.co/mpiJsymukr
@tristanwatson @sama @ycombinator ah yeah missed that thread but believe that for sure. strong distributed community beats facilitiesNEW POST : developing London Tech Clusters beyond Shoreditch - how about Croydon? http://t.co/b3L4PIGJocDeveloping London tech clusters beyond Shoreditch: Croydon ? http://t.co/2olNeuqojbEuropean startups and early global competition by @markscott82 : http://t.co/vfGOhjHCEg
I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard (with @HaleyMcLane) : https://t.co/MAewHfJMcC
@rayhanrafiq i actually have hard data on this, side by side comparisonsHello UK startups : @angellist has landed. feel the power, spread the word :-) https://t.co/l4pqA2dIoA@rayhanrafiq @probablygeorge sustainable business relies on delivering qualified leads. Most of these generated online. Ergo...@rayhanrafiq it's a truly terrible launch given the amount of publicity they have had.
Big thanks to @codorniou for the Gand Tour of the London @facebook @fdestin was like a little boy in a candy shop. http://t.co/D92CRSFF2m
Retweeted by Fred DestinHahaha look at that fanboy "@HaleyMcLane: Proud supporter. cc @codorniou @facebook http://t.co/x70DRIrumt"Naughty, these scribblers. http://t.co/ME2JruvohL
Retweeted by Fred DestinTo survive this roller coaster you must have an intense amount of passion for the problem you are working on - http://t.co/BRkfBJszmL
What a launch !! @onthemarketcom gets as many visits as … the @zoopla blog .. (= 1/160 of Z traffic): http://t.co/jM2oU895E3v interesting VC roundtable w/friends incl @marissa @slazar @fdestin @PruAshby at British Consul General's Residence http://t.co/6JvECDKET1
Retweeted by Fred DestinSweet IoT demo from @poweredbySAM http://t.co/BTGotO7CU9@jamiesmallwood I can see that !Just met @MayorofLondon and wow, the energy !!.@MayorofLondon says France's 4th largest city is now London with 400-500K French citizens. Wow!Everyone ,worth doing ! Go participate in @bjoernlasse 2015 Startup Ecosystem Report - http://t.co/KzexbENBE9Excellent post on on-demand services by @VCsurferDAD : http://t.co/EnWQhZDKI2The Periodic Table of VC bloggers https://t.co/d0bVFnCA5z
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.@SarahADowney joins formerly known as @atlasventure and in an instant things got way more interesting in East Cambridge #slamdunk
Retweeted by Fred Destin@davemcclure @BetaKit @realventures @WhiteStarVC @500Startups @gymtrackco that's 3 co-investments. 497 to go
Retweeted by Fred Destin@aainslie hahahahaha ! taking big bets on that one :-)@alextarhini_ startups not vc :-)Today not one but four early stage companies discussed where valuation demands were "multi-hundred million". Crazy stuff.OH: "We were raising a new funding round but now given market feedback we decided we should be "overraising" !! "
.@supercellgames winds super bowl: http://t.co/pCQvN0eS00New faces in London vc : @sitar @hkanji and @tcoppel: funds sprout amid rush to invest in London tech http://t.co/kmllpRl9SoNice to be among good company. Venture capital funds sprout amid rush to invest in London tech http://t.co/tLdT54ipx5
Retweeted by Fred DestinBah (@kncminer) ... @johnbiggs: A Rare Look Inside A Massive Bitcoin Mine http://t.co/LotzkPJD2e"
@umairh that post on struggle is stunning. Let me buy you a great lunch.@monkchips @shoreditchworks sure. Fd at AccelBeautiful by @umairh on embracing the struggle and the art of living. Written for me, for you. https://t.co/yw3HuASDBl@monkchips worth doing talk / sponsor event at @shoreditchworks ? Chat ?wow. @Accel London is all in for the @docker ecosystem. first @weaveworks now @ClusterHQ - @KevinComolli favours the prepared mind.
Retweeted by Fred Destin@wadhwa I know it is courageous to try to frame this issue and I appreciate the fact that you do it.A rare European data infrastructure play: ClusterHQ raises $12M from @Accel to make data play with containers https://t.co/yq4eESZduM@wadhwa preposterous to vilify you for verbalizing female issues as a man. What a minefield. Discussion almost impossible.First board meeting with @kncminer in beautiful STHLM. Forgot how funky parts of the town are.
You're not going to find people or pursuits you love if you're busy settling for those that you don't.
Retweeted by Fred Destin@Tedesign @jmpatouillaud il est luxembourgeois :-) Johnny peut etre ?julien codorniou et fred destin n'auront jamais la légion d'honneur! La scène tech française à Londres http://t.co/16PPed2Vz6
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Very excited to be working with the @kncminer team - welcome to the @Accel family! #sthlmtech #helyes #cphftw http://t.co/73d0IA9IHB
Retweeted by Fred Destin@cbarchak @mkotting @kncminer thank you ChrisKnCMiner will use cutting-edge tech to make bitcoin mining more efficient http://t.co/w1J9HWIny5
Retweeted by Fred Destin@christianhern @mkotting @kncminer haha ! Takes proper arctic winds to cool these over clocked babies !! Thanks :)My partner @mkotting and I are investing $15M in #BTC miner @kncminer on back of world first 16nm chip: http://t.co/jNi9SQTNFI@rodolfor @fdestin See? Toldya! » Exclusive: Google Is Developing Its Own Uber Competitor - http://t.co/icXQJXzlzQ
Retweeted by Fred Destinhahaha love it !! @atlasventure Tech Team is now "FKA" via @danprimack #misstheoldcrew http://t.co/O0ygtuQvvf
Thanks @robinwauters! Excited to join @NotionCapital! Sad to leave my friends @Accel; will always cherish my time there
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Choice quote about TK - "the gremlin in a sport coat who runs Uber" #valleywagging : http://t.co/NkXm5s6QsQTo invent your own life's meaning is not easy, but it's still allowed, and I think you'll be happier for the trouble (Bill Watterson)Take VC meetings for what they can be: great free advice (via @jeffnatland) - from @MichaelGokturk: https://t.co/JHp96DJdiTwell played, i must say. http://t.co/TTl31101Lw
Retweeted by Fred DestinProud to have @MeetEarnest working with Jeff Fagnan and @atlasventure http://t.co/eqxtAbcNYQ
Retweeted by Fred DestinThe behaviours that define A players: https://t.co/09GwpsOiH3
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Good, balanced coverage of #FrenchConnect #London by @lefigaro (+ great quote @codorniou): http://t.co/q8vQIW7Hfc@tprophet tx !@levelsio @albn @fredwilson Yes i failed with my movie collection - ended up re-torrenting every movie i already owned into a streamer@albn sorry what's the context ?Important - need a GREAT Hard Drive data recovery specialist for a friend of mine who just lost 10 years of photos - thanks !Wow seems like @deliveroo Hampstead overwhelmed by demand tonight !! Good problem to have.
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