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This Week In Star Wars: Guinness and Prowse film Obi-Wan/Vader duel in Episode IV! http://t.co/Fte8yMVyfr http://t.co/CxqxYzMsUA@erichof Already using My Fitness Pal, will look into Runtastic! Thanks!Of the notable events this week in Star Wars history, my favorite is that it marks the anniversary of the filming of the Kenobi/Vader duel.Announcing my new weekly column: This Week In Star Wars, in which I note important events in @starwars history: http://t.co/Fte8yMVyfr@wonkabars7 Haha, fuck no. You seen a picture of me? I'd be dead! No, P90 for fatties is where I'm starting.God help me, I just started a 90 day workout routine. If I die of a heart attack I blame all you fuckers for not talking me out of it.@liambrazier Yeah. More people should know them. Weird how they slipped under the radar for so long.A new column kicks off today! Keep your eye on AICN in a few hours, especially if you like that little Star Wars series of films.@filmfest_ca Tell him I say hi. I mean, I don't know him and he doesn't know me, but I sure do love Big Lebowski.@RAWRnivore @ASamanthaRae @jeanniepak right?!?@ASamanthaRae @jeanniepak quit subtweeting me!@Horrorellablog I fell in love a little bit when cute robot girl started screaming "I HAVE A GNOME STICK!".@DrewAtHitFix got namechecked on the last Nerd Poker! Jealous! Now @steveagee has to tell tales of my Destiny badassness to calm me down.
@mattkward I've been a little underwhelmed until the last few episodes. Really hope the Arya stuff starts paying off soon.@SebazNZ That's what she said!@Mirr32 Haha, glad to hear it. That's exactly what I go for with those set visits.@Mirr32 Yep.Yep, by far the best episode of Game of Thrones this season. The character writing on this show is unfathomably sharp.@TheJoeLynch @StephenKing Yo mama!"Failure has a thousand explanations. Success doesn't need one." - Sir Alec Guinness.@mattkward but they don't show anybody struggling getting invited. It was all people currently doing good work changing the world!@mattkward But that's definitely not how it plays.@mattkward I think the assumption is that they'll do it right this time and invite everyone once the smart people think up more inventions@mattkward which is exactly what it feels like at the end. Such a sour note.
@MaconBlair It's goooooone, MacReady. http://t.co/U8rlVo8JAF@garywhitta Thanks! I had a ton of fun putting that together.Since it's Temple of Doom's birthday, you should revisit my big ol' Fortune and Glory series I did last year! http://t.co/872qI8WrzsIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released today in theaters 31 years ago http://t.co/OgvNjKyfAc
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@swankmotron But there's so much Star Wars discussion that I'm sure someone has touched on something like this column before.@swankmotron I'll be curious to get your opinion on this one. As far as I know there's nothing specifically like this out there...@swankmotron Yessir.Been doing a lot of homework for a new weekly column that debuts on Monday. Hope you guys dig it. I think you will. #stayontarget@scottEweinberg @parkerandcooley @mike_is_bored off the top of my head I think Chrissy/Kintner happen pretty close. I'd say very late June.@scottEweinberg @parkerandcooley @mike_is_bored But I will say it works anytime, anywhere, so do what you want!@scottEweinberg @parkerandcooley @mike_is_bored "August? For Christ's sake, tomorrow's the 4th of July and we will be open for business."@thismamatweets @scottEweinberg Don't watch it for the first time with one eye on twitter! Promise me this!@rodpaddock Sounds like an ass-pain, but if it's going to keep being this frequent of a problem I'll have to do something like that.But their advice on stopping it from happening again is pretty much "don't ever buy anything online." Okay, that's doable in 2015.My debit card was cloned for the 2nd time in 3 months. My evil corporate bank's fraud dept was on top of it & is refunding my money, though.@CarterNixon tell Seb he's full of shit! (I'm just assuming it's Seb because you said "party" and he's a party animal)
@AdamFrazier @parkerandcooley @iamchoppah yay!@AdamFrazier @parkerandcooley @iamchoppah Searched hard for Robert Vaughn's Baseketball "I can't believe you're that dumb" look in gif form@jothomas999 healthy fear. Nothing good can come from a clown.@iamchoppah ugh.@buffywrestling yeah, Jared HarrisI don't know if I could ever give a Poltergeist remake a fair shake given my love of the original, but I really didn't enjoy myself tonight.@CaptArschkarte perfect!@EricVespe easy! Serkis as everybody!!!!
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@DestinyBZ9 @JonahHill that probably the best idea...@EricVespe @JonahHill Paul Giamatti for Mr. Beaks
Retweeted by Eric Vespe.@EricVespe The 1982 version of the late great Maury Chaykin has gotta play @DrewAtHitFix. MR. POTATO HEAD! https://t.co/G2vxiwQ3jg
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@ColeRothacker @JonahHill I think Harry's go-to answer is Eric Stoltz in a fat suit.Suplee lost his weight, so he can't play Harry again...Let's Fancast the AICN movie. I call @JonahHill to play me. Father Geek has to be Sid Haig. Who for Harry, Moriarty, Merrick, Capone, Beaks?
@MovieElijahWood Universal Studios Hollywood, late '80s@rejects @DrGMLaTulippe back off, we're getting cigars and talking about taking over the world and stuff@kristapley @ToppsSteve why bummer?@praeriedikter Yep, there's a reason I usually wear a beard. :)@ToppsSteve saved up all week for the new Vintage. Didn't get it. Opened award bundle, gave me 10k more credits. Pulled Boba. #fate@praeriedikter that was a few days before my 24th birthday.You're welcome, FURY ROAD fans: http://t.co/fDKEvYmlOW cc: @mentosUS
Retweeted by Eric VespeThat pic of me doing my cameo/glorified extra bit on Kong was snapped by the late, great Andrew Lesnie. Still hasn't sunk in that he's gone.@DustinKH you'd have to ask him...@jack_p @woodelijah but not nearly as cool of a photo op.@kbiegel @DrewAtHitFix That can't be true because then that means I've seen Drew's wiener and that'd make things real uncomfortable for us@woodelijah yeah, PJ's is cool, but I like giant animatronic apes. Sue me!#tbt to the 1st time I met up with King Kong: http://t.co/3MReKjgl2B#tbt to the 2nd time I met up with King Kong: http://t.co/Rfjfr5Ir9j@davidlowery can't wait. Always thought they'd make a comeback in some way. Their look is so gorgeous and unique.We made a new pilot based on all the ridiculous scenarios @gavinfree constantly comes up with. https://t.co/U5g2ju1gYb
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@scooterhath it is, you just gotta show a little makeup skill/creativity. http://t.co/uBNpE8yrRoYou can win a @TheRickBaker foam latex zombie appliance from Thriller! See http://t.co/uBNpE8yrRo for details! http://t.co/FgEpWPSHW3We don't run many contests on AICN anymore, but we're about to do one that I couldn't pass up. It'll terrorize y'all's neighborhoods.This is a worthy crowdfunding campaign. Help finish Orson Welles' final film! http://t.co/OaBn0Itwxm http://t.co/GhBwhFJRAF@haydenweal If you have time, try to head for the bone church in Kutna Hora. It's about a 45 minute drive outside of Prague. Incredible.
@EricVespe This guy. http://t.co/fZ6cVzSYRq
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@CaitiWard_ I do have my moments.@EricVespe These always blow me away. http://t.co/WLZqxqqioT
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@EricVespe Large Marge http://t.co/rWb1GdBp2u
Retweeted by Eric VespeTik-Tok is the best! I 'bout shit a brick when I saw hi on an ILM tour I did once. https://t.co/J7nqHsUd24@DannyTRS A favorite of mine, too. So fucked up and crazy fantasy. Pretty much anything Rob Bottin, really.@SimbaMeansLion double fav!@EricVespe Hail to the King, baby. http://t.co/eO1FqWYv9y
Retweeted by Eric VespeAnd then I'll go back and convince that art school to let young Hitler in. But Star Wars first. #timemachinepriorities@EricVespe Lifeforce http://t.co/QBFZk3vMEA
Retweeted by Eric VespeI'm going to invent a time machine just so I can get myself to England in April of 1976 and receive this invite: http://t.co/aCFjAMldW9@EricVespe all hail http://t.co/4HIh7e2DXf
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@Horrorellablog 'cause I asked for people to send me their favorite practical effects moments and love flooding feeds!@EricVespe Unless I'm mistaken, nobody's gone for Bruce yet http://t.co/Y9HREaFAcw
Retweeted by Eric VespeGet away from me, man! https://t.co/1GTucPP5LO@EricVespe That's an easy one. Mr. Wink from 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army'. http://t.co/SMyrMzP0CY
Retweeted by Eric VespeYou will be a true believer. https://t.co/YJovV7M9Ue@EricVespe Doesn’t always have to be flashy to be great. http://t.co/HfoNkBoWNP
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@EricVespe Gotta love the Graboids from Tremors. http://t.co/KzzzY3c4mr
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@boyalien haha, I restrained from RTing the Dirk Diggler pics, so you're welcome.@jcdeleon1 there's literally a wiener hanging above this tweet on my timeline.@EricVespe Oh, here's one from The Stuff I always thought was scary! http://t.co/XlrmnCAZys
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@EricVespe As The Thing's spider has already gone, I vote Jackson's lightbulb zombie kill in BrainDead. http://t.co/BtYks5seeT
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@EricVespe http://t.co/FmEABn6v3O
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@Stonejackit @unklerupert It was. @ManMadeMoon wouldn't let me have it.
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