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We all have a role in ending slavery in our communities and worldwide. At End Slavery Now, we help you find yours.

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It's not just sex. Forced Labor is much more rampant that sex trafficking: http://t.co/qm1dGQGQy9 http://t.co/Bh9qigoeYoThese are GORGEOUS images of women around the world that are truly empowered: http://t.co/i71qDaXA02 Nice job, @TR_FoundationNew on our blog: The End to Child #SexTrafficking Starts With Us: http://t.co/elyw8CAqhl"It takes a huge commitment & great faithfulness from those on the front lines." @ChristineCaine on 7 slaves now free http://t.co/IWpWEmvYLVHow one person learned about #humantrafficking and did something: http://t.co/nGWTRTFnPI Via @EnquirerUK nail bars included in #HumanTrafficking raid: http://t.co/hAC1DM185nVulnerability points – those factors that make individuals more likely to be trafficked: http://t.co/g5cP3ep3pw http://t.co/svXB5XJUV0@millerm1962 Awesome! Can you email us at info[@]endslaverynow . org?The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better. -Robert F. Kennedy
What does having a "happy ending" really look like? http://t.co/GiooJ2I6DrWe need teachers willing to pilot a lesson on modern abolitionists! Language Arts or Social Studies. Grade 7-12. Know anyone?What a unique way to redeem abuse: http://t.co/vhON1H3Rap There is hope!12 Tips for those working with survivors. Also helpful if you ever happen to meet a survivor: http://t.co/hkOUJnDjioWant to know what you can do to #endslavery? Sign up to get actions: http://t.co/cn9vX0oJp6
Learn about the stories of real child brides: http://t.co/GLYKCVqJgZ #TooYoungToWed12 year old Thea is marrying a 37 year old man. How do you feel about underage marriage? http://t.co/tgUmi3ajPqThe average age of a “woman” entering prostitution is 12-14 years old.HT raid in UK nail bars: http://t.co/hAC1DM185n via @guardian Have you ever considered your nail tech could have been trafficked?@GailMuschamp people definitely care, sometimes the right ones just aren't aware of the issue.Find an organization fighting slavery near you to stand with: http://t.co/FSss8MbcyH@GailMuschamp The ones we can find have closed out. We encourage you to start your own petition for the change you want to see!🍟@Wendys If your parents picked 🍅, would you pay them 1 penny per pound more? Please join @ciw #MarchMadness http://t.co/dL6h9vvuQv
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@EndSlaveryNow I'm walking a 1,500km #pilgrimageforfreedom to raise funds and awareness to #endslavery http://t.co/0hZ8oVNL9r
Retweeted by End Slavery NowBiram Dah Abeid still imprisoned: latest developments #FreeBiram @IJM @EndSlaveryNow http://t.co/UokPv3yOXG http://t.co/tXUekLHWqY
Retweeted by End Slavery NowSlavery surrounding the Unaccompanied Minor Crisis: http://t.co/g5cP3ep3pw #Immigration #ModernSlaveryLiberty for all; chains for none. -Frederick Douglas
We believe there are 5 major forms of #slavery in the world today: http://t.co/QZvHWs3kpA http://t.co/M37hwdfHExWe celebrate the abolition of slavery worldwide but we still have a lot of work to do to eradicate it. http://t.co/7nGY6OrJWl"Give me liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry's inspiring words spoken 240 yrs ago today in Richmond. #RVA http://t.co/iAgOzTGQxb
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@Number7Coffee Is the coffee sent out produced ethically or fair trade?.@Guardian #modernslavery is closer than you think: #humantrafficking victims rescued from UK nail bars http://t.co/lS51fwIS9V
Retweeted by End Slavery NowWould you think that carpet was so beautiful if you knew how it was made? #StandwithSanju http://t.co/Cb2nXuZnr1 @GoodWeaveThis is why we buy tomatoes at whole foods: supporting fair food! @ciw @sfalliance. Maybe Publix will get the memo... http://t.co/8VBjOMuvFZ
Retweeted by End Slavery Now
"I had never been offered a girl so young before and was stunned, but I had to keep up the ruse": http://t.co/mfiTpslirBFun colors! http://t.co/mPKkxJRn0g These boots are ethically produced and are fighting poverty around the world! http://t.co/tASN98dRTh
A great way to bring up slavery to your kids: http://t.co/VbKt0rcKSi Written by survivors of child slavery. @RestavekFreedomRun for freedom: http://t.co/955RczCgYc Is there a run in your area?
What exciting things are going on this weekend in your city?!Check out these opportunities: http://t.co/L9ukdO9fTB There are so many places you can give your time to!Did you know we collect all #humantrafficking volunteer opportunities we can find at @EndSlaveryNow? Find them here: http://t.co/H15lZCHqI0
Retweeted by End Slavery NowThese rain-boots are fighting #poverty through buy one give one: http://t.co/mPKkxJRn0g Buy for love with @roma_boots http://t.co/QtWXHONuH3#SexTrafficking victims working a truck stop typically earn $5-$100 per act and must have sex with 1-15 men a day to meet their quotas.Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Proverbs 31:8-9
Become a mentor: http://t.co/K5WsEVcXKL Provide youth in your community with attention, affection and guidance.Abolition also exists today: http://t.co/qexWvwhe05 We join those who have been fighting this crime much longer than we have.Slavery still exists today: http://t.co/QZvHWs3kpAPrint this for your bulletin board at work or in your community: http://t.co/Q1wF9WJWri Help others to recognize slavery.It is estimated that 90% of those undocumented in Europe, entered through Greece: http://t.co/1pbGotLNrW
What was the best volunteer experience you ever had?Tell companies to protect against slavery: http://t.co/Kya1k9nmvq What company did you send a letter to?@TEDxMaui We'd like to use the image on Lisa speaking on this post in an image. http://t.co/V8qXdrRHmj Could you tell use how it's licensed?@globalyouthcnct Do you own the photo in this blog post http://t.co/RglLfbiMPs ? We'd love to use it! Giving credit of course, let us know.@FairTradeUSA Resources -> Logos and Labels -> Download FTC Label -> underneath Terms of Use the link sent me to the broken page.@FairTradeUSA It does! Thank youPhil from @A21CampaignGR told us about the how trafficking and immigration are related: http://t.co/0mhM5Yawqg @A21@FairTradeUSA Looking into logo guidelines & the terms and conditions page gives us an error :( http://t.co/r3SSaPagyw can you advise?@traffickfree44 Theresa! We are looking for a Creative Commons Image of you to spotlight your work. Do you know if any of your photos are?If you want to volunteer: http://t.co/L9ukdO9fTB Check out our new spotlight!During challenging times and when impassioned to act, human beings can be capable of miracles. -Fabien Cousteau
How did you learn about #HumanTrafficking #ModernSlavery?Kayla found her door of hope: http://t.co/E3mSA916yv We hope many others will find it as well. http://t.co/yH1rR5C8A6Come on @Wendys "Why has @Wendys abandoned the #Florida tomato industry? http://t.co/yLdzmcWcyU" MT @CIW @FairFoodProgramWe love celebrating women: http://t.co/R7tBkFx7l1 These are some making a huge difference today!How many slaves work for you? http://t.co/wfPfd2EhQw Reply with your number.As he entered he said, “Wait, lady come” and turned and asked, “Want lady how old?” http://t.co/mfiTpslirB@JuliaAnnsCloset Some great ones are @LetsgoTTM @ReleveeJewelry and @freesetUSA ! There are many others of course.Tell companies to protect against slavery: http://t.co/Kya1k9nmvq Send them a letter, @madeinafreewrld makes it easy!
Tell Publix to join the @FairFoodProgram! Send them a tweet: http://t.co/cQthsJ8q3aHave you ever bought survivor made goods?Monica Boseff of Romania a #TIPhero talks about running a shelter! http://t.co/kCGasbncgx #humantrafficking #EndSlavery @EndSlaveryNow
Retweeted by End Slavery NowInteresting "Infographic" about #forcedlabor & #humantrafficking in the USA. Thanks @EndSlaveryNow @urbaninstitute http://t.co/5UDQEkTRLp
Retweeted by End Slavery NowIf you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. -Booker T. Washington
What was the best thrift store find you ever made? #Reuse
Learn to recognize the signs that someone might be enslaved: http://t.co/3rur4Krz1F#Fairtrade means farmers get a fair price for their products. Those at @benandjerrys think that’s important: http://t.co/oLGZHb7xb2
Trafficking survivors in FL case came to the US for jobs & their families, but were forced into sex slavery: http://t.co/1naUbKYXdA"This paradigm posits all sex work as illegitimate and sees sex workers as victims in need of rescue": http://t.co/bjialM12KOPlus they have a new flavor for @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight @FairTradeUSA Ethically sourced goodness. http://t.co/OJrhmkjtRN.@benandjerrys has committed to sourcing Fair Trade Certified ingredients for all of their products! Ice cream: http://t.co/oLGZHb7xb2@radcrochetqueer @Lunapads Thanks for sharing!What is your favorite #FairTrade item?
10% of those in forced labor are in stateimposed forms of forced labor (prisons or work imposed by the state military or armed forces)..@Publix, it’s high time for you to the table with @CIW and join @FairFoodProgram! #FairFoodNation http://t.co/pXZxGULYUT"Yet, treating all sex workers as trafficking victims denies them their agency": http://t.co/bjialM12KO What do you think?@rhoadesski Can you email us at info@endslaverynow.org please! Thank you!Teachers needed! Must be willing to pilot a lesson on modern abolitionists in the classroom! email info @ http://t.co/Y2ajU6zxJKTo sustain her freedom she is given the opportunity of employment through our freedom business partner: http://t.co/JKibQKIWLl@EndSlaveryNow I buy fair trade coffee. its a small start, but something i use each and every day. now i am looking at other products too
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@EndSlaveryNow I eliminate slavery from my clothing purchases by only buying from slave-free clothing companies like @prAna and @patagonia!
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@allie_sibner @prAna @patagonia That's great! Heading to check out those companies right now!NY has set up a provisional court system that tries to funnel arrested sex workers into counseling rather than jail: http://t.co/bjialM12KOWhen the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. -Jimi Hendrix
Houston, Texas, Muskegon, Michigan, St. Louis & Chicago, there are orgs near you that need help changing the world: http://t.co/L9ukdO9fTBHow have you attempted to eliminate slavery from your purchasing habits? What's one example?I was in Cambodia portraying a foreign pedophile to identify young victims: http://t.co/mfiTpslirBGet out there and use your time to help #endslavery: http://t.co/L9ukdO9fTBNeed ideas on how to educate your community about slavery? We have some ideas: http://t.co/ZLKvlk4HcGFrom @A21, 99% of #HumanTrafficking Victims are never rescued. Let's start changing these statistics. http://t.co/rHwL7l3idx
I am a child that has been wrinkled by misery I am singing this song to share my story as a restavek http://t.co/Gj0iZ1biKE @RestavekFreedomShare this slavery documentary! It looks into rug-making, cocoa plantations, & the home of an official in D.C. http://t.co/Bzb1nyKKTO
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