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Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Professor of Advertising, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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How Millennials Are Changing the Way Ad Agencies Work. With a shoutout to @andrewgraff for A&G's roadmap. http://t.co/1IPG4yOU3hNot Surprised. My House is Validation: Young People Watch More Than 22 Hours of Online Video a Week. http://t.co/EpJcgdK7Og
This may be the greatest business journalism / PR / tech job ever. Made by Many is hiring a Embedded Storyteller https://t.co/5BbQf3Tyrh
It might be funny, or not, when your daughter talks to Barbie about stuff that Mom and Dad are doing. http://t.co/FGjTvv01ueThe digital revolution is driving greater gender equality. Good news for @comugrad students. http://t.co/KjImnfg3HF@BostonDealio You are sentimental. That's good. He will be pleased it is in the hands of someone who cares.@tobetv Oh I am going to try and spent that. Timing my demise with the depletion of the bank account.Millennials kids don't want their parents' stuff: not the furniture, not the flatware not the books. Good news for the dumpster business..@GlobeKranish Great reporting and story telling in feature piece this am. Well done. Thanks. http://t.co/Gp4O6bQgaZhttp://t.co/bLFger5mIb
In 14 minutes: on way down street #meerkat http://t.co/JZoJcYO5h9Very cool app. Help blind people see, read, navigate surroundings. Via Neil Perkin http://t.co/cKEJ54HtMX@eranium easy to do. Watch your settings and auto downloads and always rely on wifi. Did that once in two days.Basic email advice for students as you enter job hunting season. http://t.co/5YrGKhyRXL. Cc @comugradCan safely say I've met some above-average girls @BUCOMGrad! #thiscouldBU #advertising http://t.co/iPC6LoarPW
Retweeted by edwardboches@eranium @comugrad sadly no.
.@edwardboches @hillholliday Thank you so much!! I can't wait.
Retweeted by edwardboches@edwardboches that's a fantastic hashtag/campaign
Retweeted by edwardbochesHeard from Sir Martin Sorrell this morning with @BUCOMGrad... First time I ever saw @edwardboches sweat #legend
Retweeted by edwardboches@AlyssaMarion12 @BUCOMGrad Ha. I was far from sweating. I just chose not to confront a guest who was a little one-sided himself. But funny.Big congratulations to @eirinnspekter for landing a gig at @hillholliday's Program 35. One of coolest creative programs around. #thiscouldBUWith access to Twitter’s social network, Periscope gains a notable advantage over Meerkat because its users can in… http://t.co/LKvtmZ55iE@lacreid Upwards of 50 million a year.@NickChilds @periscopeco ok. Will use.@edwardboches Sir Martin Sorrell. #thiscouldBU|LIVE NOW| #meerkat http://t.co/XFVpissvMAYou don't need interminably long lectures on courses on sustainability. Just learn to do good. #thiscouldBU via Sir Martin Sorrell.If you are in the business for long term then doing good is good business. #thiscouldBU via Sir Martin Sorrell.Organic growth is more powerful than acquisition. #thiscouldBU via Sir Martin Sorrell.70 percent of world will live in cities w/I a few years. Proximity and web will undercut big box retailer. via Sir Martin Sorrell.Manufacturers now have more power than the retailer. Control is shifting away from the retailer. #thiscouldBU via Sir Martin Sorrell.@NickChilds @comugrad You have to hear it. Deck is 10 percent of it.All future growth will be from non-whites. In US and beyond. #thiscouldBU via Sir Martin Sorrell.2/3 of all Egyptians under age 30. Huge market. #thiscouldBU via Sir Martin Sorrell.Every student should learn two languages. Mandarin. And Code. #thiscouldBU via Sir Martin Sorrell.Media is the engine. Creative is the sexy. Sir Martin Sorrell #thiscouldBU http://t.co/izN8cgv3iaSir Martin Sorrell. Doing a master class at @comugrad. #thiscouldBU. http://t.co/dJYBGz6QLz@brandexpression @JanetMP @MarketingMary Logo will evolve, if successful. Just like Twitter. For now, good name and logo works.Another bike friendly idea. http://t.co/LVXg5jNpSOAnd another bike friendly idea. Crazy. Not sure about going up or down really steep hills, but... http://t.co/oZgeQlaqmtOnly in Japan. Bike parking. http://t.co/1T7RaXNQuE|LIVE NOW| Major week - tweets containing move left / right control the cam! #meerkat http://t.co/n4xxBToyZx
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@milestonelou I know. They make me look and feel younger.DInner with my students and Sir Martin Sorrell. He is at a different table. #thiscouldBU. http://t.co/OoReIx3cyL@defelicedesign feel free. Please attribute accordingly.This Site Lets You Create Personalized "Thank Yous" For The Heroes In Your Life. Cool idea from my former colleagu… http://t.co/FOwd7szzsK.@armano So, what will it be, Periscope or @AppMeerkat?We put much faith in each other, trusting pilots, drivers, doctors, etc. Scary. Co-pilot intentionally crashed plane. http://t.co/3jvKDNOCS2
It's good to be a CEO. Top US CEOs reaped billions from stock gains in recent years, Reuters analysis shows http://t.co/dyheyyyuTFClimate denial is immoral, says head of US Episcopal church http://t.co/DR85qm8U6H via @Guardian
Retweeted by edwardboches“We should be Hit Makers” by @Grizzluza https://t.co/Ew88JmlxIY via @faris #COMcreativeDo good company volunteer programs may be unwanted. Cc @mullenunbound @mullenteers http://t.co/z8t4xkcxe1 via @BostonGlobeGreat news for cyclists, BU and Boston. Protected bike lanes coming. Cc@comugrad http://t.co/5Xy7tOOoqn via @BostonGlobe
A reminder to all. Own your own name. http://t.co/BdV3fQ4ERn http://t.co/NyNiU8seS1We consume and share news that confirms our existing viewpoints. What liberals and conservatives share on Facebook. http://t.co/5mhHxHBxW3Don't try this at home. http://t.co/Oi7fivSmpiI just voted for Eastern Standard in #MunchMadness! http://t.co/2LR3HPmwTJ via @BostonGlobe
@ionaholloway Hope she writes that fast.@tobetv What? No link? (How about low involvement students.)Unconscious consumption - the rise of low involvement digital - Isobar Blog http://t.co/xmq72Holy1 Great post from @patsmc@arikhanson Snow. Welcome to spring. 13 degrees in Boston.
For any of my female ex-students living in San Francisco, my nephew Alex Boches is among the most eligible singles… http://t.co/wlRXQYs6dbView the top 10 trends that came out of @SXSW, via @havasww: http://t.co/aPg8FJ1TRg #SXSW http://t.co/02oYexwSnP
Retweeted by edwardbochesSXSW: 10 Trends in 2015 - from Havas WW http://t.co/LzIXMueuYK via @SlideShareGreat piece: The Complete Guide to Productivity http://t.co/xRPVlOKrFj
Retweeted by edwardboches"If you're teaching today what you taught 5 yrs ago, either the field is dead or you are." http://t.co/mdu446yWHR http://t.co/mYUchJooFR
Retweeted by edwardbochesNo one wants to see your fat ass sticking out of your pants. Except maybe your doctor. http://t.co/9cvhCuSRTN
@rosskimbarovsky Hmm. But I kinda doubt it.Awesome. Not sure if I can justify with my wife, however. http://t.co/QIdtT1roJ0
@armano David. How easy is it to get you to Boston. Between my classes and the PR social kids you would have many fans. Cc @stevequigley@luckylou @stevegarfield Good to know. In that case my stream was missing lots of content. Will do better next time.@luckylou @stevegarfield thanks.@COM_Ambassadors Ask @StephSemet @meerkat today. We should plan a broad based live classroom stream.@msabovik miss you already. Have lots of ideas for a full @comugrad @AppMeerkat Monty. Will work w Bill.@stevegarfield Steve, when live was it horizontal? Videos get saved in vertical format. I was holding camera for horizontal. Thx.@stevegarfield cool. Thanks.@edwardboches http://t.co/KcvNmOtspA
Retweeted by edwardboches@ionaholloway @edwardboches thanks for having me!
Retweeted by edwardboches@armano loved our #meerkat class. @edwardboches was even more excitable than normal. Breaking new ground on all fronts. Thanks for joining.
Retweeted by edwardboches|LIVE NOW| #meerkat http://t.co/JWiGB9ZzLO|LIVE NOW| #meerkat http://t.co/nlPxoi4p2h@DerekWilmot needs to be faster and more interesting. Expiration number? Gets them to donate to charity. Answer or take a survey. Etc.|LIVE NOW| #meerkat http://t.co/lDWoGNXWl3@WiproDigital @comugrad will find out. They will start to use. I am simply promoting sharing a cool class to show what we do.@comugrad. We are meerkating our class this am. So....tune in once in a while and you can see what we are up to.|LIVE NOW| #meerkat http://t.co/7qR3vbrUyo@edwardboches Hi everyone from the gigantic social media guy.
Retweeted by edwardboches@edwardboches Oh wow
Retweeted by edwardboches@edwardboches Cool stuff Edward.
Retweeted by edwardboches@WiproDigital strategic creative development at BU @comugrad we do content, branding, innovation.|LIVE NOW| #meerkat http://t.co/eR5h3hDqQV
@LaurenEPrince @TEDxBU @bru_maia @raulspeaks Sure“@LaurenEPrince: I am over the moon that @TEDxBU is carrying on for its 5th year! @bru_maia @raulspeaks @edwardboches, how about a reunion?”Current euphemisms for success are very violent - smashed it, killed it, crushed it. Why not Birthed it! Tickled it! ❤️👍
Retweeted by edwardboches@bad_beef
Sometimes brand advertising and great storytelling still works. Thanks Tim Geoghegan http://t.co/89K6jqEesDI've met plenty of CMOs in life, and I always say that I've never met any that can hold a candle to rock stars, wh… http://t.co/QsDL5dunbF
So much emphasis on technology we forget about creativity. http://t.co/Q9SYPsr1AqThe Economist magazine launches its first film studio. Print is video. Brands are media companies. Media is invent… http://t.co/nKrTbTjMnjOne last mad man. Drunk and mad. http://t.co/bI62j84PWC
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