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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Inconceivable! (@incon_ceivable) impresario, Clockwise (@clockwisepod) & The Rebound (@reboundcast) co-host

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@The_3M @robpegoraro @googlephotos Sure. But you can’t dismiss price as a competitive feature. That’s just silly.For so many internet companies, free is creepy because it implies privacy invasion. For Apple it should be free as loss-leader for hardware.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@The_3M @robpegoraro @googlephotos That’s may be the case for you, but it’s definitely not the case for everybody.New: Our reactions to the Google I/O keynote, with @atomicxx and @Ihnatko! http://t.co/O5XOcN6GWS
Retweeted by Dan MorenThe good news about meetings when you’re a self-employed is that there are always enough doughnuts.@lexfri Which, by the way, is my favorite of the Lex Friedman action figure line.@lexfri Somewhere in the multiverse, a single tear rolls down the cheek of 2012 Treadmill Desk Lex.@The_3M @robpegoraro @googlephotos Sure, it’s a business. And now Apple has to compete on storage pricing.@kelly_heather Got your coat back? Phew.@RoboTony @tinyasterisms Some of us know the real truth. The deep, dark truth.@radioactivecat Neither Aer Lingus or Ryanair would let me. Maybe I’m on a list!@gpcroft Thanks!Hey, @clockwisepod is live! This week with @Ihnatko and @atomicxx! http://t.co/os58FwoSn3@CraigGrannell I don’t know about *that*, but I do think that it’s just something that they haven’t really thought about.Who's writing novels? An illustration by Tom Gauld: http://t.co/qaz3cGd8IN http://t.co/zRYIqshwFz
Retweeted by Dan Moren@zandperl That one is clearly inferior.Still your move, Apple. http://t.co/usYV2zv8dUUnlimited free @googlephotos storage (up to 16 MP pictures, 1080p video), as if iCloud Photos' 5 GB of free storage could look any weaker.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jeffcarlson It’d be great if people just stopped using generic nouns for every piece of software.@zandperl That is very close to what I would consider a perfect meal. WHERE IS THIS NIRVANA?!Google announces Magic Schoolbus.@jonseff @PhilipMichaels JON. https://t.co/T8Urix81HPInternet of Thin Mints.@flargh http://t.co/Zceuvhmj3uOkay, I’m confused about the name of this Google API: Weave? Meave? Veave?@TSindelar @jsnell Wait, did we veer into technobabble? Reverse the polarity!@joesteel You wool-d say that, Steel.Google’s new OS for the Internet of Things. http://t.co/BEXVLCZXyd.@jsnell Let’s blue sky solutioneer the shit out of this synergy.“Straps & Apps” is my least favorite tapas restaurant.Polite cheers from the golf fans in the Google I/O audience. No golf clap?@laurenalexg Just thinking of all those superheroes who forget to pack their costumes.@laurenalexg How much extra for spandex?Who had 15 minutes in until the first snippet of code shown onscreen in our Google I/O pool?You should always lead with the sexy, so that’s probably why Google kicked off with “App Permissions”. Whew. Someone got a fainting couch?Totally just saw @PhilipMichaels on the Google I/O livestream. HI PHIL.@jsnell @PhilipMichaels And I’ll be on stage presenting for Google! How the tables have turned!@kelly_heather So later, when your kid asks you what they’re worth, you can tell them you once traded them for a piece of paper.@PhilipMichaels Check for a chip in the back of your neck too.@kelly_heather IT’S A TRAP. Don’t give them your children!While writing a post in which I mention I’ve taken the Calendar complication off my Apple Watch, I get a call from an appointment I missed.@samroebuck Force Majeure always sounds like the best Lee Marvin war movie never made.@GlennF TURNS OUT.@raychel_gordon Best meal of the day, amirite?@TSindelar @joesteel Runs like a dream. Low maintenance!
@joesteel Rio Grande 4 EVA.@joesteel 🙏🏼@siracusa Buy an Xbox one, John! Join us!@ArmanNolledo 28. 32 has proved…challenging.First Prison of Elders run? Bam. http://t.co/qjzrBONDxhBoston: traffic and heat. I’ve missed nothing.@Genevieve I thought about pahking my cah in Bahstun Manah. But decided they probably wouldn’t appreciate that.Good to be home! And by “home” I mean a stretch of Tarmac at Logan Airport. This is where I live now.99% of my time in the Dublin airport was spent in U.S. customs pre-clearance. 1% of time inhaling a scone. (Kids, don’t do baked goods.)@MykeCole We are the airport people now, Myke. In the future airports will expand to encompass the globe. No planes, just moving sidewalks.Hello, Dublin! Goodbye, Dublin!
The best part of flying in Europe is chugging scalding hot tea before boarding. http://t.co/PlpxN3xvB9@GlennF Moorish Spain, The Expulsion, The Diaspora, and The Ottomans are four of my favorite bands.@jessiechar Cream soda. Preferably with real sugar. Or Doctor Brown’s.@GlennF Way out on the way out.@rthvk1 Not for much longer.This stop hits a little close to home. http://t.co/7I4xXNjSVTToday I had a @_RelayFM lunch with @imyke and @mattalexand. We discussed important things. Possibly beard-related. http://t.co/XuusinSfpXBut is there a LEGO Harrods INSIDE the LEGO Harrods?! http://t.co/dUlq50GNejThey say you should always have a job title to aspire to. http://t.co/M4wQOkAKH3Nice to see both Grimlock and Dino-Riders acknowledged by a reputable institution like the Museum of Natural History. http://t.co/A9LvSDrlOd@jamesthomson Oh, it’s all coming back to me. Although best tea and scones I’ve ever had were at the Willow tea room in your city!Breakfast with Victoria & Albert. http://t.co/PsecLZ8GR7
@PVBrett Glad to see the V&A museum takes coreling protection seriously. http://t.co/NsyVDpvBQxLlama: Ranger (Proficiency: Spit) Sheep: Cleric Cow: Fighter, obvs Goat: Rogue (Climbing Advantage) Chicken: Bard http://t.co/xXslHridqw
Retweeted by Dan MorenEvery time I see a poster for San Andreas I can’t believe we ended up with an action star who decided to go with “Dwayne” over “The Rock.”@tbaucells Depends…do you consider Edinburgh part of your native land?@PhilipMichaels His Watch tells him to do that ten minutes before every hour.This trip may end up being a little longer (or shorter) than expected. http://t.co/6JPpB0Yel6@thepelkus Because nothing can stop the Grimace, Kai.@iainmackinnon 48 hours. Then it’s back home. Next time for longer, hopefully!The side effect of watching as mUCH British TV as I do is that when I overhear people in the UK speaking, I feel like I must be in a show.@thepelkus Kai, when I looked forward to what life held for you, I’m going to say that’s not far off the mark.Nobody ever mentions the strange effect the Tube has on people. http://t.co/4oryg1OmPW@jamesthomson @CraigGrannell Scruaubblue.@mcelhearn Sadly no. Just passing through on the return from Portugal.@ouvidizerque Already done! Was just there for four days. Too short, by half.@jamesthomson I hear nothing but the finest recommendations.@mcelhearn Edinburgh, for school.
@jamesthomson James, you’re so far awayyyyyy. (Scotland on the next UK trip, I promise. Need to hit up my old Edinburgh stomping grounds.)@_crispy Rolling into London now. No Germany this time I’m afraid. Headed back to the States in a couple days.@ianbetteridge Thank you, sir!@skypunch @jsnell @marcoarment So it seems! Will probably pick one up just to be in the safe side.This is my first time in the UK in 10 years. I was only here for a few days then. Prior to that, 2001, when I was living here for 6 months.@skypunch Yeah, that’s my safety option.@skypunch I’m only here for 48 hours, so it’s unclear how by a deal that is. And I have like 3.5GB left.@_geraint Funny enough, I was totally going to mention that.@_geraint I hear there’s a queen and guys with big fuzzy hats too.So the Vodafone Portugal SIM picks up Vodafone UK network when I turn on data roaming. But the Vodafone PT was prepaid. Can they soak me?🇬🇧@alderete I drive a German-made stick shift at home, so that was easy. ;)Portugal, it’s been real. See you again some time, I hope.@randygarcia Probably because it was taken under the harsh terrifying lighting of an airport terminal.It’s time for another game of good news/bad news. Good news: more legroom. Bad news: no under-seat storage. http://t.co/HnHAS8qapn@jimandtonic @imyke That guy!
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