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@thekenyeung Yeah. Ex-Yahoos everywhere. I think this was more true 5-6 years ago than now.@thekenyeung I feel like there are a ton of product people who aren't necessarily forward-facing but have been crucial at GOOG, TWTR, etcSome Xooglers I dream were still teammates: @clean_freak @jenna @mrdonut @tjack @dylancasey @therealfitz @kfury @shellen @caro @siobhanquinn
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@louisgray @clean_freak @jenna @mrdonut @tjack @dylancasey @therealfitz @kfury @shellen @siobhanquinn Awwww. *sniffles*|LIVE NOW| Caterpillar is here for an encore - #meerkat http://t.co/lcNkRMbavo@johnpaul Oh dear. Why the heck are you there?@needcaffeine cc @wdevoe@AirCanadarouge Yup, I found it -- thanks!@Bandrew Worse than United? (That's the second cheapest option.)@mpbroache DAMN, really? This one's a codeshare so I don't think I'm running that risk.Big question of the evening is whether I will get full @united PQMs for an @aircanada Rouge flight booked on http://t.co/5yVfCbONr7@FossilLocator YOU SHOULDI looked up a llama mask on Amazon and now I feel ashamed. http://t.co/55TDCGwQM3It's sleeting outside. I'm officially angry that I bought this six-pack of bitter reminders.… https://t.co/3W1FQ8dGbkThanks everybody for tuning into THE #MEERKATERPILLAR SHOW STARRING CATERPILLAR! Her "creative director" has to go reheat some pizza now.@caro @corsairstw yup. that was the first thing shown off.|LIVE NOW| IT'S THE #MEERKATERPILLAR SHOW STARRING CATERPILLAR - #meerkat http://t.co/VRFpJPLIya@Aerocles It was on last night. It will return tonight!By popular demand THE #MEERKATERPILLAR SHOW STARRING CATERPILLAR will be back on tonight. Maybe she'll drink from the toilet again. #meerkatNice! #disruptive #brands using #meerkat! RT @Everlane: |LIVE NOW| - #meerkat http://t.co/907ZJTByoc@joemarchese @ryanlawler Roger that."lol tech doesn't have a women problem." #MWC15 http://t.co/3qWwEw8n54
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyToday I made a decision to focus whole team on our wild side project Meerkat. --Let's hope this is one of those tweets.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@DogpatchPress Cool, glad I was able to bring it to your attention!
Cold nights make for cozy bunkmates 🐱❤️ @ Brooklyn Heights Historic District https://t.co/TUo7vnqVpkNow that my #cat is an #earlyadopter #influencer on the #disruptive app #meerkat, we'd love to talk to #brands about some #creative #synergy@OkayMeanwhile it's @AppMeerkat@dan_leslie I will have to upload it to YouTube. That should be an option in @AppMeerkat@dan_leslie whenever Princess Caterpillar wants to be the center of attention again. So, probably tomorrow.There were just two dozen people tuned into a #meerkat livestream of my cat drinking out of the toilet. http://t.co/h0naBvoUAb@caro Ok thanks for watching everybody, I hope you enjoyed the exciting premiere of THE #MEERKATERPILLAR SHOW@caro Blue Wilderness is her fave!!!!|LIVE NOW| IT'S THE #MEERKATERPILLAR SHOW STARRING CATERPILLAR - #meerkat http://t.co/c2ggfhocHO@drew @ScottBeale but still: IG took something that had been possible for YEARS and simplified it enough to be addictive.@drew @ScottBeale the exact same thing could have been said about Instagram. Not that I think @appmeerkat has the same kind of potential.@ScottBeale @AppMeerkat rather, they've had a few smallish acquisitions that seem to have been acqui-hires (it's hard to tell otherwise)@ScottBeale @AppMeerkat That could be a bidding war. Though Snapchat has never had a big acquisition. Their M&A skills are unproven.the one that says YO IS BACK amirite RT @drew: did you get my yo about my ello post about meerkat?Given how promising social broadcasting of live events is to Snapchat, I do think they'll at least clone @appmeerkat in the next 12 months.@1938loren There are obviously no single women in their 30s working for Tinder.The title of Most Intriguing Jepsen this week should be going to Mary Lou, not Carly Rae #womenintech http://t.co/jJdw7jyYef@1938loren Precisely.@Aerocles Caterpillar is going to be doing a regular show on Meerkat called #MEERKATERPILLAR starting TONIGHT so TUNE IN@bozatwork yeah usually it's just my cat!Oh yeah! #meerkat will be #SXSW #disruptor #startup #trend!!! RT @donsteele: @caro you missed It as must have SXSW app!!!!!!@bozatwork it told me 4 people were watching when I was streaming, but didn't give me a wrapup reportGuys! #meerkat is big with #millennials! How long till we see #brands being #disruptive on it? Will Snapchat buy it? Will it be a #unicorn?OK everyone, please tell me what you thought of my one-minute #meerkat livestream of the creepy close-up of my eye.|LIVE NOW| - #meerkat http://t.co/VByfEPg9wX@wdevoe I don't think it ever should have been designed to "gain momentum." Social enhancement of what Google already offers is great.@kevinmarks Totally agree.@digiphile Yeah, but the the FB status update is more like an old instant-message status. You don't update it as much as Twitter.@digiphile Yes, and Google was trying too hard to emulate Facebook with status updates.As a former Google+ team member, I think things would've gone way better if there had been no Facebook-like "stream." http://t.co/0c3HRrlizhUber just launched a quarterly print magazine, Momentum. http://t.co/ohaDShoZ5H http://t.co/aRyuLu1VLc
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
@wdevoe just really really bad unfortunatelyok well good bye weekend i will miss you it was quite a week tbh but it is all over now good bye http://t.co/2DQnf7W7mf
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThis movie is hinging on "so bad it's good" but might not ever really get there and might just be horrible, I can't tell yetOMG. "Serena" omitted the most pivotal early scene from the book AND has a grizzly bear running amok in NC. (Grizzlies never lived there.)@wdevoe I watched the first two episodes and definitely want to watch more of that.OMG, the film adaptation of "Serena" is on iTunes. @RottenTomatoes says it's horrendous. I CANNOT WAIT.I found the perfect spice rack after what I think has been months of searching but it is $300. #brooklynproblems #damnyouetsyThe word-hoard: Robert Macfarlane on rewilding our language of landscape http://t.co/RJIRc1b0sX #longreads@McRieger Thank you!
Turns out you can play songs on the jukebox even when you are no longer in the bar http://t.co/ptRUjQ160T
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySo happy to be home to this little purring cuddle monster even if she is mad that I'm typing a… https://t.co/N4EeNUXytw@JetSetCD Yeah. Combo of flight long enough for int'l service + plane full of insufferable vacationers@JetSetCD @ZachHonig definitely a long-haul flight to Hawaii with crappy domestic-route amenities.Gift shop at JFK is selling "Frozen" t-shirts. Way to rub it in.Hello, home. #upintheair #frequentflyer @ John F. Kennedy International Airport https://t.co/vQWaNNMYPxI'm at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York, NY https://t.co/9Xlg19PnZi@msquinn there must be a madlib app for that@msquinn I have got to be the 80th person they asked. BUT I will say I aced a wedding toast last year so maybe word got out.@dherman76 @splashthat cc @bennydoteventsI am at LAX and lines to board flights right now are so tangled that I almost got on flights to both DC and SF before I found the JFK line.“The odds are good but the goods are very odd.” On dating and recruiting in Silicon Valley http://t.co/Ke9BMqWcNC http://t.co/sXCYJGV0Lp
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@IanGertler @piewords thank you!@kylemce yes. Money quote.@caro "To paraphrase Steve Jobs: Don't let your cat stay hungry, your cat will always stay foolish so don't leave out breakable items."
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI just agreed to be my high school's commencement speaker. This is terrifying. No PowerPoint for my usual cat-GIF icebreakers!?I'm at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - @flylaxairport in Los Angeles, CA https://t.co/TrmGAHYaPy@VincentAOKeefe That's a fantastic story! Glad your daughters have you setting such a great example.Yo dawg, I herd u like unicorns, so here's a unicorn... RT @skift: Airbnb's New $1B Funding Would Value Site at $20B http://t.co/CHMFAlTbIp"Snapchat's mega-stories about college football games attracted larger audiences than...the same games on TV." http://t.co/mQ0wMJX9A4@HarrisonWeber I really like mine (and do not tweet my weight) but it has a few bugs (e.g. lower weight if bathroom is full of shower steam)Flavored vodka that I actually want to try RT @CardinalSpirits: Coming soon to a distillery near you... http://t.co/7nZoGt14lq#TheDress has actually spawned some cool now-you-know press, like this: Blue didn't exist until modern times http://t.co/gqO9eKerVbCrazy. RT @tgeisenheimer: @caro yeah, that's lowWow. App install ads are a $6B business. http://t.co/O0fEnj2n2L
Everything that's been written about how @uber has transformed transportation in Los Angeles is barely scratching the surface.Love this from @jackizehner. Yes, men can and should be advocates for women in tech. Here's where to start: https://t.co/X48xstK4oWCourt comms person just warned @alexia that if she published photos taken inside courtroom, her editor would be called. Gender assumptions!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@StephanieWei Same happened to me.The homeland security countdown clock in the corner makes this just perfect. http://t.co/lb1nOn2BhR
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@carney @nichcarlson he probably meant @socarolinesays but you are correct, that's the angle I would have taken.Judging by all the "llama interviews" I've seen, everyone who owns a llama must have put it up for comment to the press after yesterday.
7 bylines (via @NewsNatasha) http://t.co/bYsSqrGIyq
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWearing to SXSW RT @moneyries: It's black and blue -- and you can buy it http://t.co/bVNyCDNjEF (h/t @AvantGardeLady) http://t.co/zlrhUvNoYOSo this is what an "open Internet" looks like? Shut it down.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@skidder http://t.co/VvuJG6Uxvm
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