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.@github it would be dope if email-reply comments were parsed by markdown
stereogram gifs should be a thing https://t.co/10nJi12PGPWe have a p2p network that transmits *money* & my mom is communicating with untappable encryption. I would hate to write cyberpunk in 2015.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@kylekostka thanks man, you're welcome to come crash anytime!almost beat the fog home 🚴☁️I received private communication stating that NSA, Huawei, and Canadian intel show up at IETF and vote against stateless nonce standards.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@JasonLBaptiste https://t.co/VtLNcKIe6u for a nice start to your day :)Waking up with the sun is fun ☀️ Time to get some stuff done 💪iptables -h RIP@wlejon also interesting https://t.co/oIPrBR2XAY@wlejon makes sense! I should probably read the docs 🙈
What does the + mean in openssl keygen?🎈 🏃
Download http://t.co/WivlHyrsEA -> set to spaceship ambience -> workFrom Mars today. http://t.co/QI9vGRNsyR http://t.co/qhBs5aKm6m
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There's a new tend in tech where people call themselves "thought leaders". The qualifications? Being douchey enough to call yourself that.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@almafeta what version do you have? I think my taste is almost completely from the whey actuallyUnfortunately I made it in the dark last night and the future powder is all over my apartment now like fucking glitter1 scoop whey, 2 scoops soylent, chilled overnight, tastes like peanut butter :~) http://t.co/MqBGtEB3my
http://t.co/BGWJwjYLs5 Mac 802.11 internals.
Retweeted by Cam PedersenBest podcast for when I get home? I want to learn and be entertained at the same time.@webster are you going to put it on the Internet?@webster potential to open it, or too sensitive?T-10 http://t.co/PE7vp3Kidu@PeaweeMatt dinner or coffee?
@npmjs it would be super convenient to sort search results on www, any plans for that?@emotionalnaiad dissoluteMy love for tartar sauce is unbounded
Fascinating wiki article https://t.co/AwSu2MUOeYAnd yes, mistersavage on @reddit and @imgur is really me. http://t.co/XLw8sEwmwe
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http://t.co/NDYqGpJfgzTropical Cyclone #Joalane in the Indian Ocean earlier today. This storm is huge. http://t.co/xV3wZEwRHt
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It’s a great day to make things.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@jasdev it's hard not to destructure those into implied motivations and many times implicitly opposed ideals though. Humans are v messy
Damn, even the second hand moves in the Clock app icon in iOSRemotely send Chrome and Node.js into infinite loops via this one weird OSX kernel bug I discovered. (CVE-2015-1105) https://t.co/bDBtpVbvr0
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@JustGetFlux how did you implement iOS support?@deezthugs HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHGood news, everyone! Imgur has been nominated for a Webby award! If you have a sec, please help us out with a vote: http://t.co/W202J3d7Te
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@deezthugs WKWebView?@deezthugs great Social Mediaing broThere is a hammer coming down on the very notion of human beings communicating privately at scale. If you don't realize this, pay attention.
Retweeted by Cam PedersenHN today: stop doing things that don't motivate you and you get into a genuine state of flow https://t.co/QyhwtHta52 http://t.co/OIGCCuPcrr
Retweeted by Cam PedersenIn future there will be no articles, just outrageous headlines that you click to reveal a comments section
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
@coinbase broken link on mobile in "what should I build"Fun fact: Bitcoin Core 0.10 has 94 configuration options. http://t.co/92GPILuMlL
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@JulianRamirez @jasdev http://t.co/dGNP4ic5K7I just realized you can throw OS X notifications off the screen"SO rep correlates with a preference for spaces: users who have 10K rep or more prefer spaces to tabs 3 to 1." http://t.co/xkdG9s4nUs
Retweeted by Cam Pedersenhttps://t.co/7G5Vc6n7TZ
"apodemeter" is a cool word + conceptOkay, so I blogged more in depth about using JSON in Postgres notifications. Pretty slick. https://t.co/mYkYF6Ff2J
Retweeted by Cam PedersenSNR 0509-67.5 is a remnant from a supernova in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), 160,000 light years away http://t.co/l6V3uteA3b
Retweeted by Cam PedersenWonder why NASA stopped talking about Ceres since this image surfaced. http://t.co/uH090N2YWn
Retweeted by Cam PedersenNoam Chomsky holding a Gnome Chomsky http://t.co/9GmFNGR3FJ
Retweeted by Cam PedersenIf you get your political notions from celebrities, you're gonna have a Bad Time.The NYC parks department covering the Edward Snowden sculpture in Fort Green Park #nyc https://t.co/jzjmKnUnaz
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“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@cgallello re: queasy - if the decision is unclear "flip a coin. If you don't like how it lands, go with your gut"It's crazy how much propaganda I miss and only learn through hearsay by getting my news from alternative sources.@deezthugs https://t.co/xjJUXNiYqX@cweberits RIP Cris@cweberits heh, you're choosing to deal with SOAP on a sunday?I have a bunch of stuff to do today but I just want to code 😒@deezthugs hahah not gonna happenThe 21st century http://t.co/kNtY54jGNT
@jasdev "I should probably shower"now i want to write my own lisp 😟@varikin it could probably be even shorter if I wasn't a noob@varikin yeah, hard part with OTP is key exchange. it was a cool learning experience though!that was fun :)one time pad tool in lisp https://t.co/8r2A5ZGojwso annoying that clisp doesn't dump line numbers on errspent an hour trying to reimplement string switches using a macro, no dice :(okay, i guess you can't use strings in a lisp case :\ lesson 1(today (learn 'lisp))
Uses for bike lanes, ranked: 1. Police parking. 2. School drop-off. 3. Food truck parking. 4. Film shoot equipment storage. ... 143. Biking.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersenalias :q="exit"Reminder: You can see tomorrow's #LunarEclipse but you'll need to get up mighty early. http://t.co/mLbStG7OqR http://t.co/I40s1GunQT
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@JulianRamirez passed it on my way home, spookyHit-and-run driver hits 2 cars, 3 cyclists, injuring one critically, at Scott and Fell in SF. http://t.co/3MbMyVJ0Uk http://t.co/wespQQ6pWc
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http://t.co/wcfeElhe95Meanwhile, in the Imgur office... http://t.co/AGceXn8ff3
Retweeted by Cam PedersenPeople in cars at a 4-way stop: "This is a four way stop." People in cars at a 4-way stop when a biker is present: "WHAT IS HAPPENING??????"
Retweeted by Cam PedersenEarth http://t.co/DUmAp1tFB3
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@wlejon @pb30 did you get your powers yet?@wlejon @pb30 duly noted..@theRealDevgeeks @deezthugs don't know enought about JWTs, but that module looks promising
Super typhoon #Maysak captured from @Space_Station with rainfall exceeding 50mm/2in per hour. https://t.co/YFlfOgtDFV
Retweeted by Cam PedersenHere's every Twin Cities-area mass transit route, mapped by ridership. What stands out? http://t.co/TG1m1g12Qb http://t.co/NIx6rqHVN2
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Remember to believe nothing you see on the Internet tomorrow, also today, and in addition every other day after as well.
Retweeted by Cam PedersenCommands respect even from #space: we just flew over typhoon #Maysak. http://t.co/w86GnxmaO2
Retweeted by Cam PedersenMagnetoplasma thrust - congrats @AdAstraRocket on the @NASA contract to make your engine fly: http://t.co/aEbvzzkYOz http://t.co/AUb2j18vBm
Retweeted by Cam PedersenAs April Fools approaches, there's still time to check that your planned ruse is actually a joke and not just an unfunny lie.
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SCOTUS unanimously declared today that GPS tracking devices are always, always, always a form of search & seizure: http://t.co/6fUKBbWQLx
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@wlejon hah, "cosmic shitton"Isn't everything "of cosmic proportion"?I love accidentally learning new vim commands
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