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The Wonderfully Freaky: Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanical Garden http://t.co/sPZ3Xae882 (📷: @Scoboco) http://t.co/Fyb1yhVZIk
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@awitemandown No.. @Scoboco shot #SakuraMatsuri for @ANIMALNewYork http://t.co/OujtKMObX6 http://t.co/n5S8vk4cmzIt's interesting how outraged people get at protesters, but not what caused them to protest in the first place. #Baltimore
Mr. Mustart changing up his wall. Mott Street https://t.co/uy3rKNnIXC
Please stop calling the #WHCD the "Nerd Prom." Republicans will be there and unlike the GOP, nerds believe in climate change, evolution, etcYour Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash So Buy This Cheap @TheSwampDogg Album http://t.co/DuCGnArDww
Retweeted by Bucky Turco. @liamaathews and @aymanndotcom paid a visit to retired NYPD detective @tonybees http://t.co/6hyu00QWDu@joemccann Bring things.The fate of 190 Bowery's graffiti rests on the whims of the ground floor tenant. http://t.co/RBkhZ6KB4bWhite House Correspondents' Dinner; the MSM's wink and a nod to the ruling elite letting them know, don't worry, we got your back.LOL. Android bot taking the piss out of Apple via Google Maps. h/t @BIUK_Tech http://t.co/M1ztYqongK
@buckyturco the left is pointing to the right http://t.co/5q31DS3GD8
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIf @krucoff did graffiti, it would look like this. #partingshot http://t.co/eTxVEvyU8XHillary Clinton is a fantastic meh choice (by the left) for president.Despite the lack of street art/graffiti here's some cool photos of the new Whitney by @jakedobkin. Puddle is my fave. http://t.co/5983dY1E65Congrats to my homegirl @CLAWmoney, whom I owe at least a lunch to, for landing WANE COD for an art show. Stay tuned.Time-lapse video of French artist/photographer @JRart's massive "Walking New York" figure being created. http://t.co/tO3lMxf29a #Flatiron@undercitysteve Hey Steve. How long are you in NYC for? We'd love to meet up with you this week to discuss an idea.Just picked up the Village Voice and it's as thin as a flyer.@joemccann in other news, man steals $2.50, gets 2 year sentence.“@xychelsea: I really need your donations to keep my appeal going, especially right now.” #Banksy, send them a painting!That's why it helps to already be a millionaire when starting a media company. #GawkerTo their credit, @Gawker's virtually the ONLY media company that allows its writers to blast its advertisers. http://t.co/eGnz71qJpi
Marcy! https://t.co/XAwaKSVsaIToday, we shot some video of the failed #GowanusSwim, including this drone footage. http://t.co/RkuGOXpTVbI hope someone murders Mickey Mouse and stomps on his dead rodent soul @Twitter. http://t.co/WZhFvYisQOGraffiti, performance, the Occult & HP Lovecraft. My story for @ANIMALNewYork on @kilroyisgod http://t.co/DCfQPguGCX http://t.co/oTdGzhNdix
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoSo that guy who planned on swimming the entire Gowanus Canal? He stopped. http://t.co/QcLmmtsNc2Happening now: A man is swimming through the polluted Gowanus Canal to call for safer water http://t.co/PfXCkm4tbo http://t.co/mYzvKX7b26
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@justonlyjohn Guy swimming for Earth Day. We got a drone up. Hold tightI still can't believe someone is going to swim in this. #GowanusCanal #deathfoam http://t.co/KxLULZddmA“@ANIMALNewYork: NYC Occult Performance Artist Summons the ‘Rats in the Walls’ http://t.co/4qOYsozIKn” @kilroyisgod story by @TheDustyRebel!@SwimWithSwain When will you begin your swim in the Gowanus?
Legendary graffiti artist GHOST just finished this canvas for me and I couldn't be happier. 🔥🔥🔥… https://t.co/hro1vkFBbW@DavidCovucci Same.@DavidCovucci No. Read. http://t.co/2LzbUKYcwZIf you saw a giant weed leaf flying over Manhattan today, it was our fault. http://t.co/G7MSSCKTqf http://t.co/KPlwkBpb7Q
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@the_blueprint That just made me genuinely LOL@the_blueprint Right. Animals not treated right for the sake of human amusement bringing me right over middle line & back to Fuck Seaworld!@the_blueprint To me, every single spot is an admission of guilt. Otherwise they wouldn't need to run those ads. It's bullshit.Does anyone actually watch @seaworld's ads claiming they don't mistreat the whales and believe them? What a waste of marketing dollars.
.@liamaathews talks about @DirectorSkow’s “In The Flesh” http://t.co/YRzUzQHUu0 @Alecknightxxx @TheMercedesXXX @doesnteatmeat @ANIMALNewYork
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThank you @ANIMALNewYork team for NOT pegging any of today's content to 4/20. You are all heroes (@liamaathews @prachigu @aymanndotcom).@Azi Can I get your login?American saboteur and wingnut @govmikehuckabee is giant, steamy, pile of shit, stacked in human form: http://t.co/4p5wLXYaca@tonybees Hi Tony. We'd like to get in touch with you for @ANIMALNewYork. Can you please email me? bucky@animalnewyork.com@adamjohnsonNYC Yeah. Gawker is smarter than that. I'm surprised they took this angle.Do not agree. Despite it being the largest cocaine bust in France, the French still had NO problem getting cocaine. http://t.co/LYk0A1amWK
All I care about is Veep.@ADAMJK Anyone who contributes to Buzzfeed is ripe for a little ribbing, right?@ADAMJK You got nothing to worry about, I'm not an advertiser.@815k1 OK, so he says some dumb shit. I'm sure you do to, and me. But how's his work? Isn't that what you should be judging@joemccann All it will take is one good ad platform and some software.@815k1 cool, but the same can be said for virtually any artist by virtually any local. Without specifics it's just mindless banter.“@BuzzFeed: 8 Permission Slips For Real Life http://t.co/RXgnUD5cBl http://t.co/viEjew2aWj” None of which allow editorial freedom.Please RT this if you think cupcakes are terrible and should be shoved up @johnjcook's butthole, thnx. http://t.co/vhQ1hq8QQA
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoBuzzFeed caving to brand pressure is sad for all those involved: editors, marketers & the readers, who for the most part, prolly don't care.@815k1 I'm glad YOU think so.
@kendall you're so ironic. You say some incredibly dumb shit on Twitter. I point out verbatim the dumb shit said and you call me dumb. LOL@kendall You didn't say some. And then after you changed it to all white Americans. Why are you playing games? Just own it.@kendall Of course some do. And so does Black Americans, Indian Americans and every others. It's not a white thing, it's an American thing.@kendall You made a sweeping generalization about a huge group of people based on your gut feelings. You look stupid, not meThe @eastriverferry's looking like a L train refugee ship today. 🚢🚇@kendall I can read fine. It's just funny to hear you spew baseless bullshjt about quite a big subset based on your anecdotal experiences@kendall Do you really think that's an issue endemic to white Americans or Americans in general who travel there?
@815k1 I wish I could be as dismissive but I like Ron English's work.Security guard getting briefed in front of Ron English's nearly complete mural. @ Houston Bowery Wall https://t.co/bNmmAYlpFe"If a police officer kills me and someone is around to record what happened...I’m fine with the video being shared." http://t.co/21JbmHbxaZ@ZekeJMiller Denying it's real is definitely the easiest way.Hey all, announcing my first byline in the @DailyMail! http://t.co/MgFKk92qTs Of course, I didn't write it, wasn't paid & it's plagiarized..
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoHere's what #RonEnglish's mural looks like as of 5PM. http://t.co/6crJ5mvugU (📷 @aymanndotcom) #HoustonBoweryWall http://t.co/8qAYnKNQXK
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoNYC's only elected Taliban, @nycgreenfield, calls for ads featuring models in underwear to be removed. http://t.co/oQKJqzBqCR @MTA says: NO!Brooklyn: Report any info on this dude immediately (before he kills someone). [warning: graphic video] http://t.co/NhCl8XUiht
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIf this was a Muslim NYC councilman asking @MTA to censor ads that aren't even that bad, what would the response be? http://t.co/g6UHSmPhpTMy "Tug Life" article up on Animal NY! http://t.co/xBnzy0GPai
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoANIMAL got a sneak peak of what artist Ron English is painting on the wall at the corner of Bowery and Houston. http://t.co/VgqUrJdSgZOne thing I didn't expect to learn about @patkiernan this morning: He owns a selfie stick.@AstroSamantha How's the new coffee machine?
Spoke with @RogueCheddar about the origins of ULTRAWORLD, check it here: http://t.co/vvMlzJya65 #indiedev #gamedev #art
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoGraffiti writer #HOUND already hit the brand new #BoweryWall. http://t.co/p2DCs1b78w (📷: @aymanndotcom) http://t.co/hbuUVTUQBsMy photos of Ossining’s historic Brandreth Pill Factory, illegally razed Tues: http://t.co/AGBaKJBefn @ANIMALNewYork http://t.co/n7VV52HGn9
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIt has the Star Wars music and everything. Star Wars, Star Wars. http://t.co/2LdA3gKru7The only 'Religious Freedom' law America needs, is one that bans white people from wearing those terrible rasta hats with the fake dreads.169 fought the law and the bar won. http://t.co/wjw2tXo7gZHillary's campaign to rebrand her as a commoner reminds of when RadioShack thought it could make its brand relevant by calling it The ShackThose "no cat calling" signs were very site specific & placed in locations where women have reported being harassed: http://t.co/QEE6src0wBThe new #BoweryWall is ready for its next artist @RonEnglishart http://t.co/PW6tNfuviY (📷: @aymanndotcom)@rosieperezbklyn We honored you today Rosie. http://t.co/ddwiShsOI8Bratton on how the NYPD lost focus on the "worst of the worst" after Diallo and embraced "over-policing" under Kelly. http://t.co/HkemCZahna
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The speed at which the IRS site runs, even on tax day, is something of a modern marvel. http://t.co/mQNzIIl86ZYou think the #MTA would care if I chisel out this hunk of wall like it was Banksy? Coolest… https://t.co/JTeg5NgBf6Early prototype artwork for the #Snowden bust @ANIMALNewYork @buckyturco @aymanndotcom http://t.co/egFrBsAU3X
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@joemccann @brianleroux @tylr God do I detest always being too far ahead of the curve ;)Curbed founder & American hero @Lock-heart Steele won't be forking over $32 to walk into WTC's ritzy new restaraunt. http://t.co/zzSGozpMTEProtest season has just begun and it's already getting ugly: http://t.co/OdLZiy8a5f@adamjohnsonNYC That's a great Onion headline, huh?@fmanjoo Answer: She rides in a van.Marco Rubio; dumb.Brooklyn-based Amped Up is a new, fashion-forward clothing line for amputees. Here's a preview of the fashion line http://t.co/5WvcScvhlb
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