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@SonofBaldwin @boudicon Sounds good on paper.@SonofBaldwin @boudicon And ironic.Detail of custom track bike dsense1 designed for #TeamPuma. Circa 2006. https://t.co/1aHgfCc82q
This is great and fun from @liamaathews http://t.co/J73DqhsF6J
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoTerrible human alert: there's people out there who are so addicted, they can't even put down their phones during a transaction at the ATM.@MathewKatz For Texas, lol. This is an abomination.From photos I've seen, #1WTC looks just as soulless on the inside as it does on the outside. I've never been more ashamed of a new building.Flavor Flav not getting arrested is news. 1st time I met him was at Nassau County Family Court. He was having issues with the metal detector@MikeySpeers Yeah. I've familiar with that one@MikeySpeers its same as my Twitter
@yoitsdsy @ANIMALNewYork @URNEWYORK Artists4Israel. A right wing, pro Israel group that takes urban artists to paint in occupied territoriesJust exposed @aymanndotcom to "Turk 182." https://t.co/9SznBcNJwg #1985 #graffiti #socialjusticeArtist Vincent Castiglia paints with his own blood as a sort of therapy. His mom was a hoarder. http://t.co/zdghMiVFSfANIMAL asked David Letterman fans what Dave should do now that so he's retiring and edited it in Top 10 format. http://t.co/k0KnOc49CZ@selfagency Spot on!!!Years ago, the New York Post said the 42nd Street Midtown South stationhouse is a fire hazard. No follow up since. https://t.co/CR0tGUZjNdI don't get activists who complain that the U.S. is not doing enough to help Syrians, while ignoring the inaction of Arab nations.@sahloul @rmslim @CNN @Reuters Meanwhile so will the entire Arab world.This reads like a scene for HBO's Silicon Valley show. https://t.co/402hJfSF6S@OutOnALumb I seriously doubt that. I'm looking forward to your next heart-wrencher.@OutOnALumb @ANIMALNewYork David Lumb. The only writer at ANIMAL who made me cry.Republicans complaining about Iraq is the equivalent of Al-Qaeda complaining about the lack of office space at the WTC.
Find out where #TheRapQuotesATL are or were in this video. http://t.co/yg2wRao9tI Thanks @animalnewyork & @jayshells for blessing our city
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@SaculSacul @nytimes Exactly.@brianstelter NO. You're a reporter you must tell! This is like a doctor eschewing his Hippocratic Oath!North Korea, the only nation on the planet ran by a Boll weevil.@anla500 LOL. I never saw that until just now. Thank you for alerting me.Big respects to Bucky Fuller. No other icon, not even Bucky Dent, has helped legitimate the Bucky name more than him. http://t.co/FwpDbUwmKT@MostOfficialMob Not yet. He was arrested soon after the incident and is currently suspended from the force.Why is Detective Wojciech Braszczok hiding his face? It's all over the internet. #WojciechBraszczok #Bikers http://t.co/hjt2jhyt5gCut! Reshoot! https://t.co/JMQM7sutURWho uses rolling papers with gum strips @nytimes? Answer: amateurs. http://t.co/fj3d6fJoH1He also gave his location: "I have been living in the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan & following its leaders' rules." http://t.co/uFeEzwUgvmSix days after 9/11/2001, OBL said... "I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks..." http://t.co/uFeEzwUgvm?Since he denied ever perpetrating the 9/11 attacks, I'm not surprised that OBL was a "truther." http://t.co/zWtlbhSG3bI love yall!! RT @TheRapQuotes: Ayo @KillerMikeGTO your site-specific lyrics installed in exact (cont) http://t.co/lgA4FK1nE1
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoArtist @jayshells takes @TheRapQuotes to #ATL. http://t.co/7guQFB4xyeI think I'll miss the end of the subway token more than the end of the Late Show with David Letterman.@MelissaRusso4NY Good report, but why didn't you mention his exact location? The WTC site is a big area.I hate when the Daily News acts like the New York Post with its faux outrage. http://t.co/q3o2cepjnx
The DEA made its biggest ever heroin bust in NYC, and yet, it won't affect the price/supply one iota. Congrats guys! http://t.co/VWUIuypaE8Considering the history, it's kind of amazing how close this graffiti art is to @MTA property. Very bold @NYC_DOT!!! https://t.co/xfJ8yAvUhRHere's a lost property report Bayna El-Amin filed with mynytaxi in 2013, right near the Dallas BBQ in Chelsea. http://t.co/ZdQL4gtfxhIt took 3 @nypost reporters to write a story about ghosts haunting an apartment complex. http://t.co/pJgNrGRVhI@Azi I remember when first shop opened on Clinton Street. Then they got fancy and moved to Lafayette and Banksy had an exhibit there.@yojimbot LOL@Azi @riceid @SteveKornacki Shout out to Azi for T5S reference alone.How a violent protest unfolded in China, our @ajabrown was there http://t.co/wnQ4Pl0BjP http://t.co/4pMD94RZVo
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIf those were black biker gangs shooting out with police in #Waco, martial law would've been declared & nuclear weapons deployed.Those motorcyclists who were menacing dude and his family deserved to be run over. Lucky, they didn't get shot for that bullshit.
Was @adamsandler on dust when he agreed to do 'The Waterboy'?Guardian Angels protested Ice Cube? Another "high point" in its storied history @buckyturco @janosmarton @CurtisSliwa http://t.co/MqH81M9qWT
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@AdamBForman @janosmarton @CurtisSliwa Yeah. That merry band of morons is quite possibly the most irrelevant organization ever formed.Just waited 20 mins for the M & when it arrived, sardine conditions. Shit seems to be happening more often. http://t.co/PETRgyiyYh@buckyturco @MRCOPE2 Back in 2011, it looked even worse: https://t.co/mB7ilVWerN
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoBefore and after. @MRCOPE2 painted a massive "Welcome to the Heights" in his section of the 191st Street Tunnel. https://t.co/vUvi5P9vRYShe should have worn the swan... https://t.co/zHAmVLnOK0Like Britain? https://t.co/1QLxs6Lfe1This never happens. We contacted @NYPDnews and Internal Affairs and are waiting for more information. https://t.co/MtYisNOiuFI'm pretty sure the chickens are getting fucked a lot more than the chicken farmers. https://t.co/LSbhbAV7EFI named this pigeon in honor of @alanket. https://t.co/sQZ1fZZeBF
Bubbles, Washington Square Park. https://t.co/TryxzOuu89The real roots of violence in Jerusalem http://t.co/jMah1fKeRf http://t.co/xdyTVXpaSQ
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@buckyturco SAMO© AS AN ALTERNATIVE 2 “PLAYING ART” WITH THE “RADICAL? CHIC” SECT ON DADDY’$ FUNDS #vitoschnabel #julianschnabel #190bowery
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@lainnafader They probably said that knowing it would get more press if it's open to public rather than a snotty bunch of art world types.Oops. But hey the graffiti has NOT been buffed. They just removed the window panels. https://t.co/qaK207I2NGOG Illuminati https://t.co/6uxGg8wcuDIt's kind of a comic-tragedy that #VitoSchnabel is showing work inside #190Bowery & not the graffiti & street artists who made it relevant!@cwsrud @AmyKNelson @nytimes What a patriot!15% of Bostonians approved of death penalty for Boston Bomber compared to 60% of Americans. 🇺🇸 #insatiablebloodlust https://t.co/IoLYPNWM3N
Whoa! https://t.co/v3VxChFSSvPlay about Mohammad - in theatre festival about censorship - canceled. http://t.co/NVKd6aMQ0T
Retweeted by Bucky Turco#newpublicart Another angle of a #mural by @kingbeeuw on Broadway and 171st St. -----------------------------------… http://t.co/7pIB1CK7u3
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoBoston Bomber gets the death penalty. Great work America! That will DEFINITELY serve as a deterrent against future terrorist attacks.I love how residents assumed it was anti-NYPD... https://t.co/cQSQX2KXd3It's got "everything" one would need. https://t.co/kzDZ4V263F@BobbieK2013 @JeffreyToobin Weird. He didn't block me and I was kind of being a snarky asshole.I feel sorry for all the suckers who are going to cram into #190Bowery this weekend. Curious about the inside? click: http://t.co/kbKAZoBWt1@drewwest_press How does British police handle all those hooligans without killing them? Perhaps it's cause they don't carry guns?@drewwest_press Really, it was a stick?provocative NYT opinion column: Let Syrians Settle Detroit http://t.co/F59ISbyt5I
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ANIMAL's interview with #MichaelAlig about his art. He said Marilyn Manson is buying this one. http://t.co/KSScrjuv5B http://t.co/bg8XA4BNoDIf @hamiltonnolan was an artist, he'd make stuff like this... https://t.co/t7JtcDBEIi#AugustMartinHS has been transformed into a world class graffiti gallery http://t.co/L1ePum8iCA (📷: @aymanndotcom) http://t.co/2EEOegge12
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoNY1 news reporter & Shaolin-warrior-in-training @RogerClark41 at @usashaolin this morning. #thatwiffleballbat http://t.co/Uv1w2UBEYdVideo Released of Amtrak Derailment | News | Philadelphia Magazine http://t.co/LPaILMyIBG via @phillymag
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@ROANZONE Hi.@marcorubio Seriously though, are you retarded?5Pointz Turns Troubled High School Into NYC’s Unlikeliest Graffiti Mecca http://t.co/L1ePum8iCA (📷: @aymanndotcom) http://t.co/02X66OzSQt
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@crimsonboudoir their cops don't carry guns was the point and they still handle suspects like this.@crimsonboudoir That IS the NYPD way. But I'm pretty sure they have crazy people in London too. Only difference is they don't get shot.@crimsonboudoir Right. But I also don't carry a gun and have gotten myself out of some pretty hairy situations in NYC without one.Congrats to all the urban artists who donated their time to paint inside a troubled high school in Jamaica, Queens. http://t.co/fsn79kvjUi190 Bowery will open its doors to the public for the first time this weekend. Cool. I can't imagine what it looks like inside.@crimsonboudoir True. But I know for sure that I could have disarmed that man without shooting himJust watched the video of the NYPD shooting Hammer Guy and I have to say that cops are still way too shooty. http://t.co/r3mEHdk4MZ@KatieLusso Sneaky, after all that waiting@KatieLusso @lindsaylohan @News12BK Did she sneak in the back after all?Lindsay Lohan apparently went in the back entrance to do her community service in Fort Greene, thoroughly disappointing the media.Police shot the Hammer Guy (the man attacking women in NYC w/a hammer) in front of my building this… https://t.co/FXcg8KYNLA
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