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.@LVLVLVLVLVLVLV sign to @brownswood, release first single with pianist Tigran Hammasyan: http://t.co/ZIHt9RDr74 http://t.co/xmWsgp9we4
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Last weeks playlist on my show featured music from Dayme Arocena, @Okwonga , Naomi Shelton etc. http://t.co/gM3xBgM1bq This weeks? Tune in
Retweeted by Brownswood@claynfriendsmtl just to clarify - a week on monday, not this monday :)
@claynfriendsmtl if you would like a refund email emily at brownswood recordings dot com@claynfriendsmtl hi these are due to ship monday week. So sorry it wadn't clear that it was a pre order.@claynfriendsmtl offering for anxious or the upper hand?Who hasn't seen our awesome news yet?http://t.co/l01DHV3K5X
Retweeted by BrownswoodIt's been a pretty pretty pretty good day so far. Signed up with @brownswood, dropped a new tune and all before next week's @worldwidefest !
Retweeted by BrownswoodBrownswood are delighted to announce that we have signed British production duo LV via @clash_music - http://t.co/3LllhgPnun
Cuban singer DAYMÉ AROCENA's debut LP on @brownswood is a Future Classic http://t.co/CiJI8hdLRg (words: @Sociedadnyc) http://t.co/5xyTyHewxq
Retweeted by BrownswoodOWINY SIGOMA BAND - Owiny Techno - 12" + MP3 download code http://t.co/IWgTXodCyk http://t.co/4rH0yxWkdZ
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Daymé Arocena Live In London! http://t.co/sjLbQ3q13R http://t.co/XvI1WQ4W9E
Daymé Arocena Gives Afro-Cuban Soul and Jazz a Fresh Update With “Nueva Era” http://t.co/E2gzqzkLlW via @remezclaDaymé Arocena Gives Afro-Cuban Soul and Jazz a Fresh Update With "Nueva Era" http://t.co/PThA0KDdgw http://t.co/zRXnfpPE8q
Retweeted by BrownswoodWorldwide Festival is less than a week away! Take a listen to some of the artists on our playlist: http://t.co/e4cQnBm5NfDayme Arocena's 'Madres' selected by @nprmusic as one of the 'Songs We Love 2015'! http://t.co/kJdPTe6ma2
@Chad_Mulligan it sold out really fast but there will be a new plain black vinyl edition released in August.Just bees and things and flowers...FILL YOUR BOOTS WITH #DAYMÉAROCENA VINYL https://t.co/Psbujqvp5p@brownswood http://t.co/L6C5jIDq21Sorry for the delay everyone! The Daymè LP's have finally arrived. All orders will come with a tote… https://t.co/bGXropgshQBack on @RadarRadioLDN this Saturday 4-6pm with @RITA__MAIA guesting! Warning: may contain @worldwidefest related excitement.
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Daymé Arocena: Nueva Era http://t.co/ZzQUcXinwDRead our review of DaymA(C) Arocena: Nueva Era: In one of the most interesting commerce and art collaborations... http://t.co/qNMOtXk8t9
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Favorited: Clear out the earwax listen to this..... Turn it up! Owiny Sigoma Band - Luo Land by @brownswood https://t.co/gIBUMkhuUe
Retweeted by BrownswoodCuba’s shining light Daymé Arocena is ready to take centre stage. http://t.co/xoPB5sqXwz http://t.co/RV3vXhR4Il
Retweeted by BrownswoodGracias @HUCKmagazine http://t.co/cLZQM060qy
Tickets for #daymearocena show at The Waiting Room LDN on the 16th July £8.50 http://t.co/EhjhXJi8gZ @HavanaCulturaUK @gillespeterson
@slocrock done x@slocrock hello! could we get an email addy for you? x@pkinsella2 drop morell at brownswood recordings dot com an email xOwiny Sigoma Band​'s 'Nyanza' will now also be released in special edition orange vinyl! - http://t.co/ZAeFXBpZdb http://t.co/hOwQTFpUsa
Owiny Sigoma test presses have touched down! - http://t.co/AmtkVUG8K2 http://t.co/MmtIyYeftK
Retweeted by BrownswoodCuban singer Daymé Arocena is glad to announce her debut album 'Nueva Era' @brownswood @gillespeterson Take a listen https://t.co/zUGezU77et
Retweeted by Brownswood@FinksLondon just emailed you a sandwich order as couldn't find a number x
.#DaymeArocena​ lève le voile sur un premier album de jazz afro-cubain ►► @brownswood http://t.co/okWEzwTFSG
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My piece in @The405 with @Brownwood's beautiful Daymé Arocena http://t.co/QS3PwKBz8p
Retweeted by BrownswoodBienvenue dans l'univers Jazz singulier de la chanteuse cubaine Daymé AROCENA ! Agréable vendredi à tous ! https://t.co/cEjQXzz7gC
Retweeted by Brownswood.@OwinySigoma Band has some of the best tribal dance music in the world http://t.co/ORzEe55MJ0 http://t.co/QnPZDFJUhA
Retweeted by BrownswoodThe 405 meets Daymé Arocena http://t.co/32GyV0vuRM via @the405
Daymé Arocena Live In London - Tickets - http://t.co/EhjhXJi8gZ http://t.co/NFZvKlTRNDBuy the High Res 'Nueva Era' Album at low price on Qobuz! - http://t.co/cm1dVwvgNf http://t.co/YjoRuUJXrVListen to the When I Heard You podcast 001: Sunshine Funk! http://t.co/kAdRIIq76g ft @DeleSosimi @OwinySigoma @brownswood @Soundway and more
Retweeted by BrownswoodAvailable to #PreOrderatVTnow @OwinySigoma Nyanza on #vinyl or CD via @brownswood http://t.co/ECM4FO09OP http://t.co/Zyu8p7nK89
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Listen to Owiny Sigoma Band - Luo Land on @hypem http://t.co/SUnMUKiFUQTake a voyage of sonic discovery with @gillespeterson - the most exceptional curator in all the land. https://t.co/TCUTYly9DC
Retweeted by Brownswood.@OwinySigoma's ‘Nyanza’ Out August 28th. More info - http://t.co/0ynZRNA7HN iTunes - http://t.co/FBlkprvfaG http://t.co/E26DKr48UAA new track, everyday, for your listening pleasure. Today's, @Owinysigoma - Luo Land (@brownswood) ♫ http://t.co/1tVgM7msok
Retweeted by Brownswood.@OwinySigoma return - check out sensational new track 'Luo Land'. http://t.co/M7IHd9oYdq http://t.co/NbyoM0V7lo
Retweeted by BrownswoodOwiny Sigoma Band Announce New Album 'Nyanza' | News | Clash Magazine: http://t.co/c3Gz4t3FX6
Brand new @OwinySigoma premiere and interview over at @NoiseyMusic > > > http://t.co/jdrpDuSEIU #LuoLand #NYANZA @brownswood
Retweeted by BrownswoodInterview and brand new song "Luo Land" live now on Noisey... http://t.co/lFe0xGSbUB
Retweeted by BrownswoodPremiere: Owiny Sigoma Band - "Luo Land" http://t.co/GXtqaI9dD2 via @NOISEYMUSICiTunes #music_jazz best selling album: Nueva Era - Daymé Arocena http://t.co/XHBlwMjUCt
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Feeling ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by BrownswoodLa cubaine #DaymeArocena a trouvé sa voix sur @brownswoodhttp://t.co/LxhZNuxZ9A http://t.co/BeJ6wd3fmv
Retweeted by BrownswoodThe most direct way of getting demos to @brownswood #futurebubblers. Find 'em at @RoughTrade Notts & @ReformRadioMCR https://t.co/Q67k1MPqzf
Retweeted by Brownswood#Música #ChangaaAttack #Nyanza @OwinySigoma @brownswood #LuoMusic #Kenya https://t.co/gGs7zqneT4
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Daymé Arocena: Nueva Era review – a new rich and powerful voice from Cuba http://t.co/xKkpXDujrPDaymé Arocena, le plaisir d'une nouvelle ère #PopAndCo cubain aujourd'hui (via @franceinter) http://t.co/g578ERF2ce
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ICYMI: Our June playlist is here! Over two hours of tunes from the likes of Owiny Sigoma Band, Lil Silva,... http://t.co/jdIcXDqaxT
Retweeted by BrownswoodCongratulations to the beautiful @zaramcfarlane winning Jazz Vocalist of the Year at the @jazzfm Awards xFirst winner of the night: @zaramcfarlane awarded Vocalist of the Year #jazzfmawards @cityjet http://t.co/gIwhrneKqR
Retweeted by BrownswoodSearching for the perfect beat tote bags are available via our band camp! http://t.co/jKDSokhWOH http://t.co/ENcC7IfPJz@brownswood are searching for new talent that is a bit 'out there' is that u? @lyrixorganix http://t.co/44Yt8Mma4N http://t.co/n6Ukl1Kig4
Retweeted by Brownswoodbooming on the boelbox: Owiny Sigoma Band - Changaa Attack by @brownswood https://t.co/lDHDqA4LWo on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by BrownswoodA new track, everyday, for your listening pleasure. Today's, @Mbongwana_Star - Malukayi (@WorldCircuit) ♫ http://t.co/1tVgM7msok
Retweeted by BrownswoodRead our review #DayméArocena @brownswood Nueva Era http://t.co/dVQaL3IbXU via… http://t.co/2HG24JZNkN http://t.co/E5cxFfk6F9
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Here is a Tune : Owiny Sigoma Band - Changaa Attack by @brownswood https://t.co/vWUZZY3xrn on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by Brownswood🌴Le #Brésil est à l’honneur dans les oreilles de la jeune artiste #DayméArocena !🌴 http://t.co/yHRu3dpAzv @brownswood http://t.co/P57L1zrj5x
Retweeted by BrownswoodNew video from Daymé Arocena. We interview with the Cuban singer in the July issue. https://t.co/q7H5XyNgxR #lunchtimelistening @brownswood
Retweeted by BrownswoodWe review #DayméArocena new EP Havana Cultura Sessions: thx to #HavanaClub and @gillespeterson for finding this girl! http://t.co/bmn8GsXHjR
Retweeted by Brownswood@deLaceyMusic @soundscolours Thank you for the support! XThey're calling her the Cuban Ella Fitzgerald. They're big shoes to fill but Dayme Arocena might just do it.... http://t.co/7ETpxCZeVS
Retweeted by BrownswoodDaymé Arocena – Nueva Era http://t.co/faFYvT4vS1
Retweeted by BrownswoodDaymé Arocena – Nueva Era | Jazz | Written in Music http://t.co/jog1b7n8Re via @writteninmusic
Meet Daymé Arocena — a Cuban singer who's capitalizing on an incredible opportunity to sing to the world #GlobalHIt http://t.co/krWeFodfi8
Retweeted by BrownswoodNext star, singer Daymé Arocena: From an open-mic in Havana to a record in London. http://t.co/Cu2toc6hef @NYTFridge http://t.co/YPvfeQd53N
Retweeted by BrownswoodA rising female singer in Cuba gets a shot at international fame http://t.co/5aGnGkLFSSSpoke to Doctor L of @Mbongwana_Star about role of producer & problems in the way music from Africa's been packaged - http://t.co/sM8n7eoXkV
Retweeted by BrownswoodOur interview with an amazing new Cuban voice, Dayme Arocena. Her debut album, Nueva Era, is released today in... http://t.co/G8mrF2XdWt
Retweeted by Brownswoodinterview with Daymé Arocena up on Sound and Colour http://t.co/EwYpKNCDPw22 year old Dayme Arocena brings us "Nueva Era" on @brownswood up on @Deezer now: http://t.co/Z3mPKMKK3g
Retweeted by BrownswoodNow Playing Owiny Sigoma Band - Changaa Attack #owinysigomaband http://t.co/bxSztTT8P3
Retweeted by BrownswoodWatch #dayméarocena singing Don't Unplug My Body Live https://t.co/6QOb8sqruK @_HavanaCultura_ @olisavill @robertmitchellm @djsimbadA new track, everyday, for your listening pleasure. Today's, Dayme Arocena - Madres (@brownswood) ♫ http://t.co/1tVgM7msok
Retweeted by BrownswoodDayme Arocena​'s ’Nueva Era’ is out today! http://t.co/jHdlZbO9QP http://t.co/ZokigIE83X
This fortnight's track: Havana's answer to Ella Fitzgerald http://t.co/CkfKaojHig @TheMetropolist @brownswood
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#FirstLookFriday! Meet Dayme Arocena, @Brownswood's newest signee, #Cuba's latest export! http://t.co/TSTgJ8YUP9 http://t.co/DKTxdJtaZP
Retweeted by Brownswood@LVLVLVLVLVLVLV OI OI x@OfficialHuey hi Huey i just wondered if you had checked out Daymé Arocena's album at all? Hope all is well.Owiny Sigoma Band // Changaa Attack http://t.co/i16dNiyfNu via @wordpressdotcomDaymé Arocena – Nueva Era | le Digitalophone http://t.co/Bhd60tL7Wh via @LeDigitalophone
Brownswood Bubblers 1 was such a classic;it's been 9 yrs & it's still in heavy rotation.I love every Bubblers album. https://t.co/PXMuwzdLlR
Retweeted by BrownswoodA very sunny throwback to the very first Brownswood Bubblers! Available via our bandcamp - http://t.co/rNhtHz777m http://t.co/Nq0hgztNY2Recensie: Daymé Arocena – Nueva Era #jazz 4 sterren @brownswood @RecordLabelNews http://t.co/eGyQC0XFwz
Retweeted by Brownswood@Naipalm https://t.co/7yCQDyyEbz
Listening to: “Nueva Era,” Daymé Arocena (2015) http://t.co/7zBucZhatA http://t.co/duZsCilHHh
Retweeted by BrownswoodOWINY SIGOMA BAND/"CHANGAA ATTACK"2015.06.03 23:43
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