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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

svp & gm, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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@tysonius chip off the old block.@elonmusk P85D efficiency has been nothing short of amazing after torque sleep update. Almost hard to believe. Well done.@mcgd gonna try it on my 1 year old in the morning :)
The tax man cometh!The upside to teething/awake baby at 2am is being up for the launch of @periscopeco // first few streams look amazing http://t.co/PNDcTLMnYb
@waynep fair point@waynep you missed a meerkat oppty@jmilinovich @mdudas @maxbulger that's deep!@ai should have called you :)@hunterwalk @satyap or hair test@satyap no. Almost :(@satyap you going to yoshi's OAK tonite?@mdudas inter-overlay-side-banner unit.I worry about the omnibang bubble in tech, but Im glad we're finally talking about the subject. Thanks .@JoshConstine http://t.co/GFj6Fsb3TpBig congrats to some VC friends I really like (on this year's Midas list): @RWong @ryanjsweeney @mcgd @davidlee // http://t.co/O4aKZ1Tn4e3) I hate cowboy shirts. // .@sacca2) Teetering on the verge of leaving Google myself in '12, a 15-min call with .@sacca confirmed what I knew. I had to leave and go big.1) The @Forbes piece on .@sacca has one lesson: guts + ambition are the keys to business success. Period. http://t.co/zaXH4wPGbCFirst .@bgurley and now Mike Moritz sounding the alarm bells about crazy valuations. Reason is a good thing. http://t.co/1bJV8RG1Kg.@JeremyClarkson is an idiot for what he did, but Top Gear won't ever be the same. A tragedy for gearheads around the world.
@Speroman @pmarca @cdixon you ain't lying J!Love me some payments + commerce, but this is what I'd work on if I needed a new gig. // .@pmarca @cdixon // http://t.co/OgCXRsdJdr
@godxavier even for an amateur like me ?@godxavier like that app?@mikefyall @jmilinovich yes please!@jmilinovich looks awesome. @mikefyall is playing Minecraft :)
So glad to have you guys back on my screen @shanesmith30 @SurooshAlvi .@VICE #season3@sacca @sama agree. Same for later stage non-consumer plays that aren't profitable but huge valuations. Painting themselves into a corner.“The End of the Credit Card' // spot on Dave. "Forecasting with slide rule precision” by @dgwbirch https://t.co/rR2K3xScu0@aroetter @isaach hire that guy.Time to reach 100 million users: Telephone - 75 years Web - 7 years Facebook - 4 years Instagram - 2 years http://t.co/hVg3bs4CTb
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@tomloverro @mdudas can't tell if we are helping or hurting his 2028 chances :)@tomloverro @mdudas Mike's IQ is higher than Rubio, Cruz, Bush's combined.@tomloverro @mdudas "in my first 100 days, I will make Twitter education mandatory for all pre-schoolers"@mdudas amongst developed Western countries I think we let some of our biggest idiots run for office. We're fairly unique in that way.The field of 2016 Republicans looks like a veritable goat rodeo. Is it only in the U.S. where dummies run for office? http://t.co/tj0rWRmCel
@mdudas @sweetgreen @TheLevelUp mine still has an old World Series ticket :) http://t.co/Z4UxHL2xJ1@godxavier @nytimes actually same for me, 80s, SF peninsula.'The Case for Free Range Parenting' // Love this in principle. Unsure whether I can follow in practice, via @nytimes http://t.co/j6je5i18rf
The Warriors crush once again. #DubNation http://t.co/0gBeJBZ1SA@garrytan love the model. Surprised.
@Stammy Monaco GPHuge, well-deserved tie up between Starbucks and .@Postmates // congrats @Basti. You guys are a huge part of our weekly household routine.@BenedictEvans browser fading as a use case too.@BenedictEvans right. Need. More. Data.Dear .@TeslaMotors, please hire Bureau Oberhaeuser to design the new UI in 7.0. Beautiful concept, via @verge http://t.co/kFoQeF3pta@samsheffer @verge dammit :)@BenedictEvans it's because they don't have any data about you.@erickschonfeld Musk is getting into the habit of overselling. Just like the original P85D announcement."Violator was the pinnacle of us having fun, I think", Martin Gore. Best album from one of my fav bands ever. http://t.co/HNzGt2IklGThanks to the Accompli team I'm using my first Outlook product in 8 years. Well done guys. Don't mess it up :)@1Password yup. Trying to get some outside validation :) works for native apps too or just web?@JoshConstine can't make APX but go crush today @jmilinovich @williamready @vas @RWong !!1Password on iOS. Essential?
@thisisamul budsssss@tanujparikh once they're done working on self-driving cars...How is it possible that it's 2015 and the Gmail iOS app doesn't hyperlink phone number text in emails?@montyhamilton @PayPal @venmo super impressed by all you have cooking at .@Telstra digital too :)@dunn sounds pretty normal. I feel the same way about the dentist.
Thinking about adding the Xiaomi wallet to my fixed income portfolio. http://t.co/yl7bmiyTXR@msuster @Accel they're the best.@sehgal @tinab you wouldn't say that if you tasted it :)Morning jam. .@Sonos #coffee http://t.co/nH71ymN6o1
@tinab tastes like mud.Well it's definitely more miles from less juice then “@elonmusk: But that's not what I mean by addressing range anxiety”Non-pressure cooker #khichidifail cc @tinab http://t.co/78lYTXnnhJ@sammaule thanks man.Good to meet and geek out on the flight back .@shelisrael ! #SXSW@hunterwalk @danprimack surprised we haven't seen crowdsourced recruiting yet.
@kdwalker @lambertsbbq awesome spot. Try la condesa across the street for brunch.@NathanCHubbard dilute shopping basket (and shame) by adding other products.Love me some .@LaCondesaAustin every time. http://t.co/ub0K2JwENlDefinitely a Shark Tank weekend at #SXSW // met both .@mcuban and @TheSharkDaymond ...good dudes.Congrats btw .@peggymangot ..psyched for you!@BenedictEvans .@SlackHQ might
Proper Austin grub. http://t.co/UnAmspntavSXSW people, what are you doing at 5 today? Coming to see me talk to @tripadler, @PayalKadakia & @aunkurarya, right? http://t.co/nKVhJWtSmr
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@georgechen agreed. it's great but too early to call it.99% of Twitter doesn't know about Meerkat. It's the first inning. Silicon Valley loves to anoint companies prematurely. #Periscope
Very rare footage of an Apple engineer talking about the new MacBook. Thank you for this gem .@tysonius // https://t.co/rfPUiLiYyn@joshelman agree but surprised it took this long. The raw inputs have been there for a while.@ranvir let's grab a beer.Excited to talk seamless buying experiences & payments with .@anthonyha @Scribd @classpass at #SXSW2015 // @braintree http://t.co/LASFR2zMQY4% of companies started get to $1M in revenue. 0.4% get to $10M in revenue. Sit with that for a second.
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Great to add .@lyft to the list of seamless mobile buying experiences using v.zero and One Touch with PayPal. // .@braintree
@mdudas *or@mdudas @49ers @JedYork there must be a Jets of Mets regular season that compares ;) but agree, total goat rodeo. Embarrassing.
Deepscape 3.0 - a closer look at ecosystem of deeplinks for innovative mobile exp via @urxtech http://t.co/hzKVz97CfS http://t.co/5w31Aj6JOL
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@Speroman just started last month. Still feels weird.@amitchbr see my earlier tweet re Edition/luxury version. Will be tough sell vs true luxury mechanical timepiece that holds value.@amitchbr im a bit worried about that ;)@amitchbr bought a really nice mechanical watch about a month ago so looking to complement with something sporty.42mm sport black.Goodbye .@gigaom // staple of the industry for so long. Always appreciated good guys like @kfitchardWill a $10K luxury item sell when the intrinsic value is technology (outdated in 18 mos) vs precious metal/scarcity? #AppleWatchImpressed by all the journalists and VCs predicting that Apple's going to have a successful product release. #AppleWatch
Earthquake?http://t.co/QQZbdMHkEsFinally watched #IndiasDaughter. Without a doubt the most heartbreaking 60 mins of film I've ever seen. To ban is to further the injustice.@righthalf ultimately blind capitalism is the culprit (both against nature and humans/culture)
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