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Co-host of 'What'd You Miss?' on BloombergTV. Editor at @markets. Fan of poker, chess, handball, country music, and Chinese food.

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#Greece poll of polls (Aug30): Syriza 24,5 ND 22,4 GD 6,1 Potami 5,6 KKE 5 LAE 4,3 PASOK 4,1 EK 3,9 ANEL 2,4 und 14,6
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@deprangy always wanted to be able to do thatHow I love EM FX shenanigans..
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@jbarro *you’re@davidfrum what do you mean?@MarkHalperin @TheStalwart @bpolitics @DMRegister The Chamber of Commerce wing -- Jeb, Kasich, Christie -- totals 10%. RINO Trump has 23%.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalAmazing new #s in new GOP @bpolitics/@DMRegister Iowa Poll.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@LorcanRK @TheStalwart @IvanTheK @abelisted court-document put together in defense of the muppet is quite the read
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal.@bpolitics/@dmregister Iowa Dem poll: "It looks like what people call the era of inevitability is over."
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal"If Biden is not in the race, the poll shows Clinton leading Sanders by 43 percent to 35 percent."
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalGame change: Clinton 37%, Sanders 30% in new Iowa Poll.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalNew @bpolitics/@DMRegister Iowa Poll: Clinton: 37 Sanders: 30 Biden: 14 O'Malley: 3
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal“This feels like 2008 all over again,” says J. Ann Selzer, the pollster for the Iowa Poll.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalBernie Sanders has closed to within 7 points of Hillary Clinton in Democratic presidential race. Clinton: 37%, Sanders 30%, Iowa Poll finds.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalHillary Clinton has lost 1/3 of her supporters since May, a trajectory that if sustained puts her at risk of losing again in Iowa. #iacaucus
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalNew #IowaPoll: Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders narrows to 7 points: #iacaucus
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalAfter reading @Popehat, where he calls me a "punk" "muppet" etc, I hired Ken White as my attorney. Great job so far.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@IvanTheK @LorcanRK I meant in a legal setting@IvanTheK two well known Twitter figures working togetherWow, this might be kind of historic @abelisted oh coolNice, Twitter standing up for the departed @abelisted I know! It’s really surprising@TheStalwart I've never seen him write with that tone before. Subtly different - conversational, almost sarcastic, less hectoring.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalWhy is WMD pluralized as WMD's instead of W'sMD? #showerthoughts
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@Dalagiorgos BlairBasically he’s thrown in the towel, and is acknowledging something big is going on (globally) that he can’t comprehend. Quite fascinating.This Tony Blair column on Corbyn-mania is worth reading.'s what happened at the massive protests today in Malaysia:
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@TheStalwart Back to hovering around 50% chance for Sept.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalIf markets are flat next week and nfp exceeds 200k, where will Fed Funds futures for September be?@xeniatchoumi love indo-Chinese food@TheStalwart yeah, in Arlington, Virginia
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@TheStalwart Trump as the anti Paul Ryan
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalFed's Fischer sees good reason to believe U.S. inflation will rise: via @chrisjcondon @Jeffrey_Black
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalAre there people outside of DC who favor cutting Social Security?Lol, I’m sure Republican voters are just clamoring for Social Securiry cuts!, I seem to be missing a key part. Looks like I’m staying at zero (altitude).Just like Stanley Fischer, I too am laying the groundwork for liftoff fischer @chrisjcondon @Jeffrey_Black
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalYes, but did he say this while winking conspicuously? can't tell if this is real or not
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@DuncanWeldon thanks!@DuncanWeldon cool chartCarney insisting the UK retains "monetary sovereignty in a globalised world". This chart suggests "kinda".
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalCarney: "Domestic financial conditions as a consequence of increased global risk aversion" could be headwind to growth, inflation
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@jamesacoxiii I don’t think soWhy emphasize a single forthcoming datapoint?Does this paragraph from Fischer hint that September is still on the table? bank chief in small country says central banks in small countries are still important. Fed doesn't dominate.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@BCAppelbaum adorableFischer says the Fed is following the Chinese economy more closely than usual these days. Fischer: “we should not wait until inflation is back to 2 percent to begin tightening” by Vice Chairman Fischer on U.S. inflation developments:
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalI got goldsplained, it's happening.....
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@TimDuy Agree, and yet it seems the more dovish observers are the most opposed to such an idea.Thousands of Malaysians Rally in Capital to Demand #Najib's Resignation @business #Malaysia #Bersih4
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalKapa Research for Vima SYRIZA 27.3 ND 24.2 G Dawn 6.8 Potami 5.5 KKE 5 Pop Unity 4.8 PASOK 4.3 Cent Union 3.3 Ind Grks 3 Other 2.6 #Greece
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalIf the Fed had a singular inflation mandate, would you expect its policy stance to be, ceteris peribus, more dovish or hawkish right now.Lordy. Citi's top economist says China is sliding into recession, sees GDP at 4.5%, needs massive 2008-style stimulus
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalStephanie Pomboy thinks foreign liquidation of USTs will lead to QE4. So I guess this will be the new CW worry.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalICYMI, from @theoargitis: Why predictions of another drop in Canada output may prove wrong #cdnecon
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalAnother @M_C_Klein piece that makes me really jealous of his skills."The Chinese market crash: what you need to know" (Makes me happy this is a headline in the Irish Farmer's Journal)
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalNigeria story of the week: Nigeria MPC Members Slam Central Bank's Policies on the Naira
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal
Inflation is different this time. Goldman “while we continue to expect the FOMC to hike at the December meeting, the risks of later liftoff have increased significantly“Goldman: “We are reducing GDP growth over the next three quarters by ¼ percent each.”@IvanTheK I think I once saw an Ichimoku Cloud of the vix@DavidSchawel loool@lizzieohreally where ?@lizzieohreally so am IFun week!great week to lower your average cost
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@ReformedBroker thanks man!Wdym TimeCheck it out. My q&a with @elerianm is out"Yes, Senator. We regularly review Finance Twitter..."
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalA multi year perspective on the Eurozone M1 and M3 data
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal!! Japanese Karuizawa whisky sets $118,500 auction record via @Frederickbalfour @business
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalDaft Punk b-sides No, but people never used that, and they stopped using it. People still use "podcast" despite iPods no longer being a thing.Serious question: Did any word go from neologism to obsologism faster than "podcast"?JPM and SocGen are like Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd on this quant meltdown beef, via @inyhwang
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@mattmiller1973 @JFreports Hong Kong pegs! They're hardcore capitalists.Yeah, I could see TXNMXN being a very popular currency pair among traders. only question is, if Texas secedes from the U.S., will they peg their currency to the dollar or free float?. nationalist group gathering signatures to put secession on 2016 primary ballot
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalVery flattering profile of Trump's college years from @mviser near LODThe Clinton Campaign is already touting how many Super Delegates it's got locked up. via @Jeneps and @MarkHalperinPettis on PBOC sales of USTs. Be not afraid.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalLIVE on #Periscope: It's been a wild week. Check out today's chart chart of the day coming up....@ljkawa wrote up David Woo's explanation of how China roiled markets this week. Are you coming here?@MylesUdland @reutersjamie ywOh man. @reutersjamie beat me to that one. BRB, deleting my account. new bull market in just 4 days really puts the efficient in efficient markets.
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