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Watch my spiel here on Republicans speaking out against President Obama but not doing anything about it. http://t.co/gPs6uF2FC8Investors fear a market correction is coming...but @cvpayne says don't listen to the alarmists and miss out! Listen: http://t.co/MzK9g98GCkDid you catch this on my @FoxBusiness show? Hardcore Pawn’s @lesHCP advises DC on how to negotiate. Check it out. http://t.co/JT72JzeUyo.@SenMikeLee: Not willing to wave the white flag on Keystone. http://t.co/PNwUWBcUWpGroup of students on #debtstrike & refuse to pay back their college loans after their school goes under. What do you think? @FoxNews #CavutoWho's watching with us this morning? Tweet along with the gang: @CGasparino @dagenmcdowell @cvpayne & @adamlashinsky #Cavuto @FoxNews
Media loud and furious over #BlackLivesMatter, so does the silence over this mean Christian lives don't? @FoxBusiness http://t.co/2Dy0qwUgyqThe problem for conservatives isn't so much the Pres...these days it's their own party. RETWEET if you think Republicans are caving too muchRETWEET if you think the 2016 GOP field is too crowded. My thoughts tonight on @FoxBusiness. 8PM ET. http://t.co/mInJBTmye5Some people see #TheDress as White/Gold, others see Blue/Black.. RETWEET if you really don't care. http://t.co/RT6k1AJzeZ
NOW on @FoxBusiness: New details money is not motivating people to join ISIS. Hate is. RETWEET if you agree with that http://t.co/kphKBcg5yZWhite House now describing illegal immigrants as "Americans-in-waiting"?! RETWEET if you're sick of this name game http://t.co/C0yGcah9vv8PM @FoxBusiness: How College students are on a "debt strike," asking taxpayers to pay off their loans. RETWEET if you're against this.RETWEET if you AGREE with me. Tune in TONIGHT to @FoxBusiness for my #NeilSpiel. http://t.co/hXiZ4xPS5nOhio Gov @JohnKasich says he may consider a 2016 run. Should he? RT for YES and REPLY for NO #CAVUTO @FoxNews
Can @lesHCP, the ultimate negotiator finally get these guys in Washington to negotiate? Turn on @FoxBusiness now! http://t.co/TYKWGfoKc8NOW @FoxBusiness: IRS gives pass to 800K hcare enrollees who may have filed with bad data. RETWEET if you’re wondering where your break is.RETWEET if you want Republicans to quit playing games when it comes to taking on Pres. Obama. Tune in now to @FoxBusiness for my #NeilSpiel.NOW on @FoxBusiness: Should Pres Obama pay more attention to #ISIS? RETWEET if you agree with me. http://t.co/Rs7TY2r5nE8PM @FoxBusiness: Pres Obama doing the same ol’ show: Pitching the same amnesty plan. RETWEET if you’re sick of these re-runs.
Which @FoxNews heavyweight do these guys want to get in the ring with? Find out now on @FOXBusiness http://t.co/z8BQPW8Ew8Rep. @DarrellIssa just NOW on @FoxBusiness with me on the immigration funding debate. http://t.co/WxE55rAAvXRETWEET if you think donors are betting on @JebBush WAY too early. Hear my Spiel now on @FOXBusiness http://t.co/UcFJzYdjbWPres Obama slamming shady retirement brokers, but RETWEET if you think this sounds a lot like the Federal Government http://t.co/jRGnZ21vMBNOW on @FoxBusiness: Apple wants to build a car?! Why I say stop hawking things that don’t make sense and won’t make dollars and cents.8PM on FBN: Tech on a tear, but when you hear me tear into tech you might be pulling your money out of the market http://t.co/9oIYntkE1fICYMI: #Boxing champs Evander Holyfield, Larry Holmes & Bernard Hopkins weigh in on the #Mayweather-#Pacquiao fight http://t.co/Rva0bo7zwe
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"Fishermen are always starving, but they eat well." - Brick Wenzel #StrangeFBN http://t.co/XkqSwLrWSo
Retweeted by Neil CavutoWhile remodeling their grandmother's house, the family found comic books stuffed in the wall. #StrangeFBN http://t.co/89qBNDsAiu
Retweeted by Neil CavutoTune into @FoxBusiness tonight at 8 pm ET to see my interview with @TeamCavuto on Obama's unlawful #executiveamnesty.
Retweeted by Neil CavutoJust now @FoxBusiness: FMR VA AG Cuccinelli: Admin allowing more illegals in U.S. is more of a threat than defunding his executive amnesty.RETWEET if this makes you nervous. The State Dept. is asking for people to tweet their best ideas on how to fight terror. @FoxBusinessThe issue here isn’t the money we’re taking in, it’s ignoring all the money going out. Here's the proof. http://t.co/bzeSlcWSJARETWEET if you plan on watching the #MayweatherPacquiao fight. Now on @FoxBusiness: Three boxing legends weigh in. http://t.co/4eyskAoEdXEXCLUSIVE! The champs are here! @holyfield, @THEREALBHOP and @LarryHolmes75 all weigh in on #MayweatherPacquiao. 8PM! http://t.co/zvrP1b6JKj
What's the deal with the White House's fixation with Fox? http://t.co/T6RWCyndYVIn case you missed it: #Cavuto RT @foxnewsvideo: Could #ISIS slip into US amid surge of #SyrianRefugees? | http://t.co/BoOdx694wITweet along with this week's crew: @GaryKaltbaum @CGasparino @dagenmcdowell @adamlashinsky & Ben Stein. #Cavuto on Business @FoxNewsThe admin set to quadruple the number of Syrian refugees allowed into the US. Worried ISIS could sneak in? Tune in now @FoxNews #CavutoThe #1 business block just kicked off on @FoxNews. We'll see you at 10:30a ET. Our gang is fired up and ready to go! #Cavuto
Ben Stein can’t believe the White House’s #JobsForISIS comments. RETWEET if you can’t either. http://t.co/AWn0zaJWBODonors are reportedly ditching @GovChristie. Did he get into the funding game too late? @JonHunstman explains now. http://t.co/5w6lVrGT04The White House wants old folks to keep working, so it can keep spending? RETWEET if you think this is backwards. http://t.co/ed8lkMe5QjWhat's the deal with the Admin's fixation with Fox? Tweet back & I’ll read some of your tweets at the end of the show http://t.co/jNwnTOsV70RETWEET if ISIS taking over Libya concerns you and you want action to stop them. http://t.co/6eNq8WPgPpHas America gotten away from using its hands? John @Dratzenberger thinks so. RT if you agree #CAVUTO @FoxNewsCold where you are? PROVE IT! Send us photos of the snow & ice where you live & we may show it on the air! #CAVUTOCOLD @FoxNews
RETWEET if you think the government SHOULD NOT be the one to hike the min wage. http://t.co/YNFR3sL4vrFmr. Gov. @HaleyBarbour joins me now on @FoxBusiness with his strategy for GOP to block Pres. Obama's amnesty plan http://t.co/0LewkueMeSIn case you missed “Neil’s Spiel” on @FoxBusiness: Fox isn’t the problem, Mr. Holder, you are http://t.co/e841vqOpPFLet’s just say Ben Stein isn’t a fan of #JobsforISIS. RETWEET if you agree with him. #PutOnFoxBusiness http://t.co/lWLYp5K2T5The White House doubling down on its #JobsforISIS comments. Ben Stein can’t believe it. He joins me TONIGHT. 8PM. FBN http://t.co/uz26Ai8ZucMy response on @FoxBusiness last night to Eric Holder's recent comments criticizing @FoxNews. Watch here. http://t.co/qQpCPSrZuv.@tulsigabbard: We must identify the enemy http://t.co/QM1WoQ6xDy @foxnews #CAVUTO
NOW on @FOXBusiness: Harf doubling down on #JobsForISIS, saying her view may be ‘too nuanced’ for some. RETWEET if you think she's wrong.Pres Obama fighting back as his immigration plans are blocked by a judge... NOW on @FoxBusiness: Why @Judgenap says he's wasting his time...Trust me, Mr. Holder, we have plenty else to talk about and we don’t have to go further than your office when we do. http://t.co/ThVt6KBjQqRETWEET if you’re upset with the way Pres Obama is handling ISIS. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/3IKG9Mxn9x
Am I joining the next cast of #CelebrityApprentice??? Tune in NOW to @FoxBusiness to find out! http://t.co/I63akdVax7I demand @JrzyJoePiscopo perform on #SNL40 and look what happens! Joe Piscopo on @FoxBusiness now to thank me. http://t.co/wGauL3gLxDIf so many government workers aren't vital, is it vital to have them? RETWEET if you don’t think so. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/lXQs3ZsAHzYou think this brutal cold snap is bad? Meteorologist @BigJoeBastardi just told me this is only the brutal beginning http://t.co/Ej75Rd19iW“Islamic extremism.” Rudy Giuliani is wondering what's the point of a terrorism summit if you can't say it? FBN. 8PM. http://t.co/cKCxpEs78STONIGHT. @FoxBusiness at 8PM: SNL alum @JrzyJoePiscopo here to talk about his performance in #SNL40 + SNL afterparty http://t.co/EhireYNLnq
Hope you liked @cvpayne & @adamlashinsky stocks to "love", I bet @JaniceDean did! Have a Happy #ValentinesDay from #Cavuto @FoxNewsWhat does @JaniceDean have to do with our gang's stock picks this week? There's something you don't want to miss! @FoxNews #Cavuto Next.Close to 1 million drones in our skies & @dagenmcdowell thinks its time to ground them! Tune in now to @FoxNews & tweet us what you think..@Staples fires back at the President after he slammed them for cutting wages. Wait til you hear what @cvpayne has to say about this. Next.Russia leading the fight to halt ISIS's funding... Tune in to @FoxNews now to find out why @CGasparino is worried. Do you agree? #CavutoSlow start to your Valentine's day? The #Cavuto on Business gang is about to heat things up. Tune in to @FoxNews at 10:30a ET
Ousted Sony Exec Amy Pascal says women must take it upon themselves to demand equal pay. REPLY with your thoughts.Don't have a Valentine? Our next guest says you could be dragging the economy down - Details now on @FOXBusinessRepublican voters giving Scott Walker top grades among all other 2016 contenders. Tweet back your thoughts.The head of the FBI says: "Everyone's a little bit racist." RETWEET if you think he was out of line for saying this.Congress off to recess RETWEET if you think lawmakers should stay on Cap Hill until they approve military action against #ISIS. @Foxbusiness
Here's how you know @ScottWalker’s a threat. The media’s digging into his college records for any dirt they can find. @FoxBusinessValentine’s Day is right around the corner. Don’t worry! We’ve got tips for you to stay out of the dog house. Tune in http://t.co/jUs3dn7Cu1Eat up America! New details these govt dietary headlines aren’t helping anyone. RETWEET if you’re not surprised. http://t.co/lk7ZkgU2lHHere's the thing about trashing where you used to work. After a while, it just doesn't work. #AmyPascal #Sony #NeilSpiel @FoxBusinessHead of the IRS is sorry for swiping millions of dollars from innocent companies' bank accounts. RETWEET if it isn't enough. @FoxBusinessA warning to all you companies that make a profit http://t.co/34lHrv1mcP @FoxNews #CAVUTO #CommonSenseenuff w the measles -go vaccinate. & lets call a spade a spade -- obamamcare=less jobs. @teamcavuto http://t.co/I5yuIZh95Y
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How big of a deal am I? Let's just say...Santa's a fan. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/eHl9T9rIf5Will @GovGaryJohnson run for President in 2016? The former Libertarian Presidential candidate tells me now… http://t.co/S3zyAqQSMNDo you think this year’s @SInow swimsuit cover is over the top? RETWEET=NO. REPLY=YES. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/yQSAP14Kh8.@cvpayne joins me NOW on @FoxBusiness with his reaction to @Pharrell’s “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gestures at the Grammys.Signs of ISIS supporters across the country…RETWEET if you’re worried the threat is among us. Tune in NOW to @FoxBusiness for the details.Did the first Presidential candidate just jump into the race? TONIGHT on @FOXBusiness. 8PM – See who just said they’re all but in for 2016.Why rip Apple for salary & stock grants running into hundreds of millions when you can go after Staples for $10m? Fair. Balanced. Nuts - NCThe President requesting a war authorization to fight #ISIS. Do you support it? RT for YES, REPLY for NO. Tell us why! #CAVUTO @foxnewsISIS isn't just threatening our soldiers. Try soldiers' families as well. One mother tells us her story in minutes #CAVUTO @FoxNews
.@katyperry says paparazzi photos of her are illegal to share on Twitter. What do you think? @FoxBusiness #CAVUTO http://t.co/fl5hCV5jK2When it comes to handling ISIS, forget “No Drama” Obama, I think we could use a little “Drama Obama.”“Al Sharpton takes weakness in African American communities and uses it for his personal gain.” - @JGentry5 http://t.co/fg1g0HMtaZ.@JGentry5 just said, “Al Sharpton is causing more division than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life.” RETWEET if you AGREE with him.Ferguson rebuilding after protests… and the @TheRevAl is nowhere to be found. I’m not surprised. RETWEET if you’re not either. @FoxBusinessIs @ScottWalker the one to beat in Iowa? Two major GOP fundraisers join me TONIGHT on @FoxBusiness with some breaking news. 8PM ET on FBN.The family of slain ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller is set to address the media at any moment. We will carry their remarks live on @FoxNewsMICHAEL DUKAKIS on Hillary Clinton and #2016: "She's a very progressive Democrat." http://t.co/svKI47WN60 via @TheHill
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Remember those states ringing in the New Year with a hike in the min wage? Guess what? It didn't do ANYTHING to help income grow last month.
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