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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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Mmmm lunch http://t.co/q5foVhbNjUFantastic day of wine tasting, sightseeing, and dining. Now time for some (more) bourbon and #OrphanBlack@UnpluggedCrazy I like your list
@DerfelMacklin sniff. Brian’s Song is still the original heaving sob for me@saalon @DerfelMacklin Ida Blakenship as the lady in the desert@saalon @DerfelMacklin 👍🏻👍🏻@saalon @DerfelMacklin copywriters as warboys@saalon @DerfelMacklin head of McCann as Immortan Joe?@saalon @DerfelMacklin the riding lawnmower has to be in the convoyWell, #Hawks, it was a great season and a nice run. Ouch.To everyone who livetweets/retweets live events AND uses hashtags, BRAVO! You're doing it right.Eh, might be time to say "not for me" http://t.co/72Gq9ggA14Proud to be Irish. 👭🍀👬
Retweeted by Shan@d_m_elms is NOT quite working out as expected, rather@d_m_elms But they are subverting that, showing that despite the "savior" trope ruling is quite working out that way@d_m_elms that's an interesting story, but not exactly this one. It does analyze in detail that getting the throne much easier than ruling@saalon @DerfelMacklin It's Ksenia Solo, so the entire plot could be them opening a lemonade stand for all I care :)@d_m_elms But the show totally botched the execution of the Jaime/Cersei scene (and the original Dany/Drogo scene)@d_m_elms Well, there's Sam & Gilly. And was Rob/Talisa, Jon/Ygritte. But it's not exactly a place for happy relationships@saalon @DerfelMacklin True. I just hand wave the conspiracy stuff, just like latter day XFiles, and enjoy the characters@saalon @DerfelMacklin I totally get the Alison disconnect from the main plot. And yet it still amuses me to no endI know we're all sick of talking about *that* #GameOfThrones scene, but this is a well-reasoned take on the criticism http://t.co/tzHvFcKZYc
@artincircles so many feelings 😃😍😭Freddie Mercury on top of Darth Vader says it's Friday quittin time. http://t.co/4Pw0FY9jOD
Retweeted by ShanDem #Hawks unis@hollye83 Or maybe she finally watched WATCHMENLaura Linney and Maura Tierney in PRIMAL FEAR cause me to fan myself like its 100 outside@TNRLM @artincircles @1Lcampesino or Central City. I’m terrible with geography even when it’s fictional@artincircles @1Lcampesino and Felicity would mope and cry. Before heading to Star City for coffee and a laugh@artincircles @1Lcampesino well, not anymore. But Illyria is.@moryan thoughts are with you and your family, Mo. I lost both parents to cancer, and too late realized all the time you can never get back"But Jess was so obviously the wrong one — he was so obviously the train wreck." This is an early Christmas for me. https://t.co/0AZbLY6ua2
Retweeted by ShanHappy belated Birthday Bobby Cox. Hope they spelled your name right on the cake this time. http://t.co/5VLoAfbUay
Retweeted by ShanNow that TV season is over, if you're looking for something to binge and you haven't seen HANNIBAL, get on that pronto@stephsmith cool, i'll have to check that out@DerfelMacklin @saalon to add a Furiosa? If so, YEP@saalon Welcome, program! (I feel the same way. Though SFX, Quora, Sheen, production design and SCORE! are all valid defences IMO)@DrJtotheMastro obviously he's not tweeting enough cat pics@saalon @DerfelMacklin Aragorn as swaggering dudebro on a chopper@saalon bing!@saalon Now, just warn me about vegetables and getting stabbed or something@saalon Now I feel better and safer about my couch@stephsmith did you see the movie? Was it any good?Also, in that #GameOfThrones podcast was a chance to win DVD/BluRay season of the show, or the beautiful coffee table bookThe Tuning In To SciFi TV Small Council discusses the "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"… http://t.co/ewPq3CiaF5 #GameOfThronesI love the appreciations that @denofgeek does. Here http://t.co/SKDjJfBrE4 one to TIN CUP a great golf movie (!) and romance@artincircles Doesn't it share producers? Berlanti and Adler?@artincircles Right! their total audience numbers are scary for riskier fare. And they balk at the cost of that for that audience@artincircles Even with critical praise & buzz & audience love, still hard to get over 5M viewers. Which is CBS death wish@artincircles sorry..I just *remembered* that@artincircles wait - your favorite show UNFORGETTABLE went from CBS to A&E@artincircles Maybe. We're seeing it with sitcoms to online (Yahoo, Hulu, Netflix, etc.). But hourlong SFX show? Economics would b difficult@artincircles has anything ever moved? Other than Ringer pre-airing. I can't think of any from Big Network to UPN/CW/WB@DerfelMacklin A show about speed and time travel shouldn't do that, right?@saalon @artincircles this has been Morning Conversations About Art and Capitalism, Brought to You By The Matrix@saalon @artincircles sadly, Apple is mostly an anomaly@saalon @artincircles And I often "defend" things I understand the puprose of, even if I don't necessarily support them personally@saalon @artincircles yeah, too much experience with decisions to make quarterly numbers vs long term strategy, but I understand it@saalon @artincircles we should have a beer from the replicator at Starfleet Headquarters. :)@saalon @artincircles I personally support more thinking like yours, but the logic/mission/reality of a corporation is a different animal@saalon @artincircles I think corporations ONLY goal should be value creation/profit. If you want/choose to do more, then awesome@saalon @artincircles I kid, kinda. I tend to read/follow lots of artistic purists (a facet of me too) that don't get role biz plays@saalon @artincircles cynical/profitable tomato/to-mah-to. :)@saalon @artincircles And though I hate Transformers, I understand why a guy looking at an excel sheet greenlights them@saalon @artincircles Oh they do, but those are also mostly "properties" with m'dising and tie ins and whatnot. Some given to authors@saalon @artincircles ...understand corporations reason to be is to make money and create value for shareholders and parent companies@saalon @artincircles And it's not popular, but I also tend to defend "corporate" decision making even if I may not love the art, as I ...@saalon @artincircles That's true. Nolan, maybe?@saalon @artincircles Yeah, laudable, even if it worked less for me as it went on@saalon @artincircles I always liked that the took a bunch of WB $ (that they made for them in the 1st place) and did their thing with it@saalon yep. Well acted and gorgeously shot, but digital crotch pie? lol@saalon wait...maybe it was. Perhaps I'm lumping all the ugh into the last one@saalon Worse than reliance on Ewoks in a way.@saalon 3 had the deeeeeaaaaath sceeeeeene. The kid. The rave. The "we'll just watch" final fight. Endless chamber meetings.@saalon Hot Topic?@saalon The thing I liked about the "burly brawl" was that all the Smiths attacked vs standing aound like in the finale. Better strategy@saalon yeah, i'm a big fan of the first. Plus I devoured any and all writing about them all at the time.There's still stuff to like in all@saalon Huh. I always thought folks liked/tolerated 2 and HATED 3.@saalon Isn't that the prevailing opinion? I kinda like Reloaded but Revolutions is a huge disappointment.
This inning, yo #BravesFOREIGN SUBSTANCE #Braves@artincircles both the sisters were really good casting I thought@lafergs @artincircles basically, it’s a beefy, athletic, scripted, well choreographed soap opera@lafergs @artincircles this is adorable BTW@lafergs but Barry isn’t goofy and bad at dates. Oh…wait.Yes it was “@TVandDinners: This was a lot of fun. #SupernaturalParody http://t.co/XoSckcp4bTCouple of hours later and I'm still vibrating from #MadMaxFuryRoad@lafergs not if you live on Elm Street@saalon bad hair, slow speech, scar, cult guy and the other. I think. :)@saalon ...but not nearly as entertaining as the gals. He does work in some subtle differences, though@saalon Part of the problem is that their upbrining "normalized" them and made them more similar than the Leda clones. Fine for the story...@artincircles always love her in anythingHardy (and Hoult) are fantastic, but Queen Charlize owns this all the way. Miller's direction clear, linear, spatial and explosive.Great jumping Zeus. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD believe the hype, y'all. Knocked me on my ass, picked me up, then knocked me back on my ass. So good#SEC to honor Penn Wagers by assessing commemorative 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalties at start of all week 1 games http://t.co/luY5OlZ3l1
Retweeted by Shan@ugaJana88 YES@saalon @artincircles Likewise. (Though I expect not to get much talking for the next 2 hours. Only 50 or words in the script I've heard)@saalon @artincircles Anyway, it's honestly been enlightening even though we agree to disagree. I've got a date with Imperator Furiosa.@saalon @artincircles I'm not angry. And if it really bothered me, I could unfollow and clean up feedly.@artincircles @saalon Like I said, filters only go so far. And though frustrating, it's also interesting. Like Spock observing "humans." :)
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