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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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@hollye83 Is there a cute couple separated by Saran Wrap?@AmberGokken heartily endorsed. So that’s a go.
@HistoryofMatt that’s what I read. And really great world building and amazing action choreography@HistoryofMatt I keep hearing that. Sold.@johnpavlich a dog? I know about that. *sniff*. But I will check it out.I think tomorrow might be a JOHN WICK kinda day. Is it really that entertaining?@Sockmonkey666 one down! #GoBravesWatching the S2 premiere of #Bitten and I have zero idea of what is happening. Also there’s a good chance I’ve had a lot of bourbon.@saalon does someone try to file a (red) brief with the court?I really do miss seeing this on my television screen every Friday night... https://t.co/cxXJ38ILoc
Retweeted by Shan@DerfelMacklin lol. Also, there are a bunch of redshirts on that show that need an away missionA fascinating piece on TV criticism http://t.co/bdzeUTp95d@1Lcampesino well it was DARK maybe he didn’t see the number@BernieDawg @ugakerri depending on the device and app, they’ve been showing up weird and linky for the last few daysDidn’t really dig the BvS trailer. But I’ll give the movie a shot. \_(ツ)_/¯@stephsmith Ha! Yeah it’s a crazy cult thing. I can’t believe that ever got made. Bond in a diaper! Guns out of the head! Blockbuster!@stephsmith a while ago but yes.@artincircles where’s she been? I always wanted to see Madame de Pompadour again@shanarosenberg (needs a TARDIS emoji)@shanarosenberg Awwww. Go watch something fun!@BernieDawg c'mon, i doubt he could lift Mjolnir@shanarosenberg This reasonableness shall not stand@shanarosenberg What? Without starting a protest movement or 1000 retweets? Is this even possible?@jowrotethis isn’t that the Hokey Pokey or the Time Warp?@saalon I do like BADLANDS though.@saalon My take is ponderous, narratively inert, faith based nonsense that is nonetheless BEAUTIFULLY shot and lit.@saalon That's good since it's basically its only function (Sorry, I hate Malick). :)@saalon What a gorgeous screensaver!@StormofSpoilers @jowrotethis Loved the new pod episode! (BTW, I've always said vuh-LON-kwer)@HistoryofMatt Surely you can't be seriousYES. An oral history of, for my money, still the funniest comedy of all time http://t.co/lgpSOrUW2E@TVandDinners LOL. My current tally, including Netflix shows, is 94. Yay for couches!@TVandDinners "only" 50. yeah, I watch a lot of TV@TVandDinners It's so frustrating. I keep a color coded spreadsheet I started from when I moved (and my old DVR could only have 50 passes)@TVandDinners I tried that, but cable nets usually show full season catchups & time zone repeats so u get 15-20 eps. :(@TVandDinners My DirecTV DVR (which is otherwise superb) occasionally does this (Broadchurch, Lost Girl, etc.) and drives me INSANE@jowrotethis I do that too! (Except when I yell "Shut UP!" or "Kill him!" when Pete Holmes is on)@saalon PROUDLY@saalon if I wanted kid stories I’d turn on Disney channel or hang out at an orphanage. Plus it meant scenes with Kate Dishwater@saalon kids. Ugh.@saalon the Lois stuff - especially the casting - is so so awful. I do like Routh though
@moryan watch out if they play “The Rains of St Petersburg”@artincircles not really. That’s why that kiss was out of left field.@artincircles right re the direction. I was never a big Carter fan and thought her CONNECTION to John was iffy@artincircles except Root Bride. Which of course is A+.@artincircles oh and I finally watched the new POI. Was okay. I appreciated the concept & story. But a B for me.@artincircles smart, funny, insightful about the biz. One of my favorite follows.@artincircles yeah, he’s at @jonrog1@hollye83 Omundson is SO great in that role.@artincircles if you liked that show its creator/writer is a good followAIRPLANE! (1980) Director of Photography; Joseph F. Biroc | Director: Jim Abrahams, David and Jerry Zucker http://t.co/OYvUks00Qq
Retweeted by Shan@NoelMu And no denying that music as an exhilirating, emotional wayback machineWorth it for the microwave GIF http://t.co/p0hMGvP0PTWe're all 10 years old this morning. #StarWars@patman23 ChenenfreudeI have seen every episode of Law & Order and love the actor but for the life of me cannot accept that last "t" in Sam Waterston's name.Seems like there should be a German word for when you love one podcast host and hate the other, and still listen every week.@rural_juror Do stormtroopers have to be plugged in every 4 hours?The Dissolve's "The Laser Age" is one of my favorite ongoing features http://t.co/fVE8EicOfaAlso. Have a FUCKING DELIGHTFUL Thursday 😘
Retweeted by Shan@DerfelMacklin Yeah, a fun and charming "caper" show with a good cast.@DerfelMacklin yeah, I don't necessarily agree with that, but it was nice to see a solid, long take on Tony's films@DerfelMacklin No. Interesting. Also, did you ever watch "Eyes?" I really liked that one, but it never caught on.A really fantastic look at the films of the late Tony Scott http://t.co/pngq3K1Q20Rewatched #GameofThrones 5.1 and kind of attracted to Maggy the Frog. Does make me amphibisexual?Even if there are a couple of shows on that list that I don't/won't watch, I still respect the choices. Sometime show are just "not for me"Always proud of my alma mater/J-school when the Peabodys roll around. #GoDawgsVery nice group of #Peabody winners here http://t.co/OAbITKH63Y@1Lcampesino at least half a dozen pizzas
Loved the last #iZombie. Great character stuff and interesting deepening of the world. And FUN as always.Shouldn’t be this hard to delete a season pass. #JustifiedThe pope blessed the actor playing Jesus in the Ben-Hur remake but remains silent as to which is his favorite Avenger.
Retweeted by ShanLast night’s #TheFlash was silly fun.@artincircles but then he will just cast her in his next thing so it’s okay. 😃@jowrotethis as American as apple pie. No…wait@jowrotethis and it certainly helps when you have two such powerful actors@hollye83 I think you'd be okay starting S2. Which is fan-fucking-tastic, BTW.Love @moryan 6 reasons here http://t.co/gy1au5NFE7 #JustifiedI'm an atheist, of course, but it was a respectful talk. Also, if there was a god he wouldn't make them wear ties with short sleeve shirts.Just had a nice discussion about religion with two random LDS missionaries who knocked on the door.Didn't post this last night, but man, that #Justified finale was bourbon sippin' perfection.@DerfelMacklin True. If I see one of those, I immediately go to YouTube to view the same thing. Stunning an "internet company" can't do itKeith David was great in yesterday's #Community. Happy Yahoo revived the series. Unhappy their Yahoo Screen player is a hot pile of garbage
@Sockmonkey666 deal.@Sockmonkey666 hey the Braves are playing the Jays this weekend. Wager for an Amazon credit or something?LOLZ. Is there an evil screener? “@o_ofacts: Evil clowns can be hired to stalk your child for a week before their birthday.”@BernieDawg @Sandman771 hopefully more Tommen than JoffreyNice interview with Aidan Gillen (aka Littlefinger) http://t.co/EPSk02mVBU@DerfelMacklin I read that a long time ago and loved it. Great news.@lafergs @PreviouslyTV That's the only answer, really@PreviouslyTV And who guessed "sadly, not the first murder victim in Stars Hollow"Hoo boy, what a fantastic #BatesMotel tonightLove the talk about tentpoles necessarily edging out creator ideas/personality. Let’s revisit post-ULTRON, which is SO unmistakably Whedon.
Retweeted by Shan@jwj170104 Do you have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?
If neither MacLaren nor Whedon could please TPTB with a Wonder Woman take, will it ever work?This #WolfHall opened with Cromwell & a kitten. Pope, king, church, state, blah, blah MOAR KITTENS PLZ@artincircles @saalon o lil Pond ♥️👍🏻👍🏻. So great. And Paige Jennings. The GOT kids are real finds, too.Not 100% sure that counts as a spoiler, IMDB. http://t.co/VioKE5y8Z2
Retweeted by Shan@DerfelMacklin I liked his Stark. But worrying about that can drive you nuts so I’ll give credit to in the ballpark@artincircles @saalon FNL, Gilmores, Mad Men, Americans
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