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Sinnamon Love @SinnamonLove House of Love, Brooklyn, NY

Retired Porn Star. AVN & Urban X Hall of Fame Inductee. Published Writer. Radio Personality. Educator. Mother. Grandmother. AutismActivist. Hip Hop Head. HIS.

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regrann from @phontigallo - You were her lover and her sec-ca-terry, working every day of the week.… from @eatatpot - Pool life. We suggest you do this #laborday #punchbowls #djs #music
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveBig weekend coming up to end the summer! Jarobi White's BBQ at Commissary all weekend. LA Times Taste cooking demo on Sunday. Let's party.
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveJust Added to Jarobi's Labor Day Weekend BBQ & Pool Party at The Line Hotel!!! Adrian Younge will be…
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@JoelakaMaG @thsppl Dope.@JoelakaMaG Such a dope write up. I may need to swipe your "Do not send unsolicited dick pics" meme and post to IGregrann from @eatrhymeslife - Just Added to Jarobi's Labor Day Weekend BBQ & Pool Party at The Line…... from @eatrhymeslife - Just Added to Jarobi's Labor Day Weekend BBQ & Pool Party at The Line…
This needs to be required reading. Start now. “Don’t be a Fuckboy — don’t, just don’t…” by @JoelakaMaG TP put the grandboy in his own bed to fall asleep failed times 10. *le sigh* He is not having… know your life is out of order when you are making iced coffee at 4pm. #happymonday Oh wow. How old are you?@Jae_Millioso me to step my game up in terms of plating and presentation.@Jae_Millioso Thanks. Food is a passion. What I used to lack in technical skill, I have picked up from my partner. Living with a chef forced@Jae_Millioso Its inexpensive so lots of people are accustomed to buying it, but health wise its a no go. Try buying wild fish if possible@WriterWinn Ah.. I was into all that. More a Trekkie though.@Jae_Millioso @CreativCulinare Very cool! I just have to get you to drop tilapia from your repertoire. Its all farm raised & so horrible.@WriterWinn With 007 coming in November & Star Wars coming out in December, its a nerds wet holiday! 😄👍@Jae_Millioso Thanks. No need to be angry. I left behind 18 years worth of material. I may be gone, but my work lives on to enjoy.@Jae_Millioso Why?Thank you Google for such a pleasant Monday morning greeting. 󾌸 #travelbug #happydance you Google for such a pleasant Monday morning greeting. 😄 #travelbug #happydance
Watching Smithonsonian Channel's The Real Story, James Bond. Little known fact, I am a HUGE James…'s Labor Day Weekend Bbq & Pool Party At The Line Hotel || September 5, 2015 via
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@YerbaUno What?!
A little light reading before bed. Goodnight Moon. 󾔁󾕆 little light reading before bed. Goodnight Moon. 📙📖 testing: Chef @JarobiWhite made me a #GlutenFree Banana Bread. 󾌸󾠧󾬍󾮗󾮞󾓑󾔑 testing: Chef @JarobiWhite made me a #GlutenFree Banana Bread. 😄💏💓👍👏👑🎂 Mansion of Madness is Ridiculously Good!!! #grindhouse #thrillers #asylums wanted a burger with egg for brunch. Ask and you shall receive. #notglutenfree #canelaskitchen Ah.@solconsultancy ah. There may be a glitch in the code. That happened before. Email me through the site.
@solconsultancy I have a small stash left.Oh shit... Thanks instagram for catching up with the times! #update #layout #mirror #collage #borders @EatRhymesLife NO! Its open to the public! For reservations, For tables & Daybeds , events@eatatpot.comregrann from @eatrhymeslife - We are almost a week away from Jarobi's BBQ & Pool Party at The Line…... from @eatrhymeslife - We are almost a week away from Jarobi's BBQ & Pool Party at The Line…
The little old man is finally asleep smh... to build a better #GlutenFree Breakfast Sandwich: Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free 7 Grain Bread,…
@pegaita Hell yeah!Cheese... #canelaskitchen #houseoflove #glutenfree forward to visiting L.A. next week. ^_^@pegaita So will I finally get to meet you next weekend? ^_^regrann from @eatrhymeslife - West Coast Get Ready!! @jarobiwhite is bringing @EatsRhynmesandLife with me at the @TasteTalks All-Star BBQ on Sept 13 in Brooklyn! @JarobiWhite is one of the…
@livefromhqz Even though she is staying close to home, the feeling is no different.@livefromhqz Yeah... It's a tear jerker. My oldest went away to a private college. I was good until we got ready to leave her dorm.@ForTheByrdz @JarobiWhite Thank you for being an amazing friend and a true supporter. It means SO much.Watching from the distance as she chats with someone in line during orientation. #Ipromisenottocry AVN - Cleopatra of the Nile Passes Away: - PASS Issues Update About Additional AHF Subpoena: THANK YOU to @JarobiWhite for joining us last night, and to our loyal neighbors, family, & new friends! #BlackChefSeries @EatRhymesLife
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Friends of Life. Daughter (& Step-Daughter,) of True Legends. Fishbone x Tribe. Remember their faces.… from @eatrhymeslife - @jarobiwhite is such a humble man. This is a few words from the… from @eatrhymeslife - The beautiful sounds of Chris Johnson @bassplayaplaya & Scott Tixier… tonight? You DON'T want to miss this! @JarobiWhite @EatRhymesLife - Tickets:
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveThis man is a BIG deal - #SUCCESS is inspiring those around you! Food, music, & @JarobiWhite tonight! @EatRhymesLife @BlackChefSeries
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@jarobiwhite back at it again today... Go to @eatrhymeslife for ticket info 👌 #ChefVersetiApproved
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveWho is coming to dinner tonight?! See you there!! Let me know if you have your ticket… Living Mid-day planning session Fueled by caffeine, sunlight & the hum of passing… @blujeennyc #Regrann #Regrann@Ejvega good morning! Are you coming to our dinner tonight?Tonight!! regrann from @jarobiwhite - regrann from @eatrhymeslife - We are happy to announce…
Watching Dreams of a Life about the mysterious death of Joyce Vincent, who died in her apartment in… On a Sunday afternoon. #regrann @Jarobiwhite @eatrhymeslife isn't even my block... but there is nothing like a #brooklyn block party. ^_^
Spaghetti Carbonara with Ancient Harvest #GlutenFree Quinoa Pasta, Proscuitto & Peas. #ancientharvest College Mani-Pedi with my baby girl. = food & music! Spend Monday night with @JarobiWhite! Tickets: @BlackChefSeries @EatRhymesLife #NYC #foodies
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveSalute @HUNTERHEATHER & @SinnamonLove
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveLock down your tickets ASAP! @BlackChefSeries @JarobiWhite @EatRhymesLife
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"To know, know, know him.. is to love, love, love him... and I do. Yes I do." Are you a relatively new follower? You don't seem to know I am a gifted cook and married to a celebrity chef.@freezeretlaw No. I wouldn't serve salmon for brunch.@freezeretlaw I made it the other night.@freezeretlaw What on earth are you talking about?Woke up & ran a handful of errands without eating. SO happy to be back home! My daughter tried her… blowing in the wind like whoa. Lol #naturallycurly #naturallygrey #whitehairdontcare
Tickets for next week's #BlackChefSeries event, with featured Chef @JarobiWhite! @EatRhymesLife @BlackChefSeries
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveThis is Jarobi / @jarobiwhite. He is, without question, one of my favorite humans. #TribeTacoTuesdays
Retweeted by Sinnamon Loveregrann from @eatrhymeslife - Next Week! Monday, August 24th! Chef @JarobiWhite (ATCQ/ Evitan) is…
Worst Behavior...
@freezeretlaw Not with Salmon. Lol@freezeretlaw Except that isn't ground beef. :)@bluezman1_on1 ha! Not today!Digging through my fridge and what do I find... tomato, tomatillo & olives. It's a out to go down.… out to our fantastic intern Crystal who is helping out with the @eatrhymeslife IG! *drumroll… have no idea what I am about to make for dinner. Lol! 1 more day until #TribeTacoTuesdays!!!! You ready?? regrann from @eatrhymeslife - Guess what…
"I got it..." - gothamsartwayne research on my phone in bed because these two won't let me move. #HouseofLove
@jarobiwhite playing bones with the neighbors. #blockparty #bedstuy #brooklyn #houseoflove the captain a break today. I'm on the grill Brie Stuffed burgers, Shrimp & Pineapple Skewers,…"I'm in heaven with my boyfriend." Time to get up! #brooklyn #bedstuy #blockparty
The home @justblaze just hit the stage at @VerbotenNewYork. I don't mean to brag, but you know LA was home for me for 21 years. I don't care what other… Girl bye. I'm midwestern. We do casseroles well too. It's in our blood. Lol!@cynicalsmith points fingers -----> @JarobiWhite <------- It was supposed to pair with the Buffalo chicken tacos... @JeanGrae @satori06gothamsartwayne is watching me cook and says, "I want a bagel too grandma!"
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