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Southern Charms webmodel, Niteflirt camgirl, domestic diva, who just likes to have fun!

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http://t.co/DnifnJco90Pic didn't take I guess...here's a hint http://t.co/QsQ75225tJI have a idea though for a video...hehe 😜 http://t.co/ODGsOXxmqYI might go to a dept store and try on clothes and shoot a few pics, tho can't really buy anything...ugh lolHappy Monday Twitterland! Need ideas for my next update for this week...I have nothing to wear...somebody help lol
My Saturday evening: drinking Merlot reading while hubby fixes the hot water heater lol http://t.co/dyFhrFPcP9
Ugh might be stuck at home drinking wine, reading a trashy romance/sex novel that makes "50 Shades" lame....lolWanting to go out tonight despite the cold rainy weather, I want to wear a short dress stockings & my new shoes and find a playmate :PMy new shoes arrived! Love the heel just the right height & fit! http://t.co/tAzap9MgvO
Fake people don't surprise me anymore, loyal people do
Retweeted by Sierra LynnDinner is served :) http://t.co/ZBK6ObMQDVGot some gifts in the mail today! Thanks Andrew! :) 😘😘😘It will get better-about to do errands and tend to family stuff. Hope everybody else is having a better week than me http://t.co/Q5gEMx5NKD@Shamsky100 thanks...I know it's just hard, it was a great feeling having at least a "real job" again and now that's gone...such is lifeSorry I haven't been on much, been busy with family stuff, check out this week's updates! http://t.co/NF0ieYIuPF and join today for hot fun!
Feeling worse as the week goes on...lost my vanilla job yesterday, was laid off, they outsourced. Feeling worthless right now.
Sweating like crazy...the shower will be heavenly!Post workout body ...nope no 6-pack abs still soft here lol! πŸ˜‚ http://t.co/q6Wd8EnPACWish I could just buy my own but I can't even afford to fix my car! Nothing beats being housebound ....sucksUpdating my wishlist....I really need some beige high heels, size 7.5. Not 7's, not 8's, I need exact size please.http://t.co/AxW4kDpI9BJoin my site for xxx hot fun ...I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Hot videos with over 10,000 hot xxx pix http://t.co/8i3reRjPZuDon't miss out on Update 341 -tight assed jeans & my Members Only bondage bonus update! http://t.co/NF0ieYIuPF http://t.co/NRWqFFux0O
Headed to bed...nite Twitterland sweet dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜›Got a hot new video posting tomorrow, Update 340 on Thurs and a very hot Members Bonus bondage set taken at a swing club posting Friday! :)@srdanantik1972 thanks sweetie :)After having a bad day, I watched "Marley & Me" with the family. Great movie, never get tired of it. :)
@SexySam_dn hi sexy lady! :)Sure HunNipple play is always fun....#TittyTuesday #MILF #tits http://t.co/pu4s2Rg1DlMight have to get some quick "play time" in before I start working http://t.co/t1u5i5tdTaCheck out my latest update and join today! watch as I play with and finger my wet pussy deep http://t.co/PEd4UX9U0Y http://t.co/C8C1DR1KUT
@dirtyguybri mmmmm cum kiss it babyEnded up having to work -got swamped actually! YES I am wearing shorts! It is 75 degrees out! http://t.co/vtNEkKz0kG
Shot two updates for my site for this week and a video! Here's a sneak peek at one of the sets/footage http://t.co/6vQe4LjnQ1On our way to friends' house for wine, hot tubbing & good times! πŸ·πŸ˜‹πŸ˜›
@RocSolidXXX @AdenaPaige @MariahSc1 @ScwifeLiz @mrssiren @MsJerseyThick26 @AaliyahBlue @KnightMilf @SexySam_dn @Giannanicolexxx thanks!Wishing I was here right now in sunny Florida look at the temps look at the sunniness http://t.co/3RLn5NU1Ms
@JustKotaSky Truth!!!! I hear you on that babe! Fat must be beautiful & heavenly then!!"@annikboney: @SierraLynnCharm worth every visit and every $$" thank you! I try my damn best to make my site as hot and REAL as possible!To the people calling me fat, it's called fucking being healthy
Retweeted by Sierra LynnYou can also see me in action, hardcore, fetish & hot MFM fucking too! Don't miss out, purchase a video today! http://t.co/Wp878wrMyvHere's the photos link http://t.co/NF0ieYIuPFAnd let's not forget..,to see "more curves" click on this link http://t.co/PfPqwcrlD2 and then http://t.co/AxW4kDpI9B for more hot fun!@Da_Dirty_Spoons Yep agreed! They define the real woman that I am! :)Guess I'll be keeping my curves eating like a normal person πŸ‘ http://t.co/yCK0nVuB3vNom Nom Nom... http://t.co/85E59dMLsG@Shamsky100 thanks sexy! 😎😘At least 15-20 lbs heavier & curvaceous now is the word...and those who don't like it too fucking bad!! #tits #MILF http://t.co/vHOEg96NYRAnd some jealous moron tried to tell me I was fat in this pic...really? Lmfao πŸ˜‚ skinny actually compared to now http://t.co/XEzIJD8t1HAhhhh #ThrowbackThursday ...miss these days of my early charmhood #smokingfetish this dates back to '04 http://t.co/b8g8IyTdwAUploaded update 338 for tomorrow, at least you will have another set of picsLovely storms that we've been having here...little sleep last night oh and now my allergies are acting up big time 😁😁😣
Watching "Supernatural" right now while waiting for work...oh man what I'd give to be in a Sam & Dean Winchester sandwich! lol πŸ˜›πŸ˜œWho wants to play?? #pussy #stockings #stockingsandshortskirts #heels http://t.co/iBPOMkyOGdWent to dinner with hubby and watched a live local band. Headed home now for hopefully more FUN! πŸ˜›πŸ˜‰ http://t.co/UXcVkbO1I6
@housewifekelly @breakingbenj @BenBurnleyBB @SXMOctane I totally agree! One of my favorite bands!@xicpuppy47 thank you!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹Started cleaning the house, forgotten I had no bra on http://t.co/FrOYJPkOfBCheck out update #337...black stockings and sexy suede black heels! http://t.co/PfPqwcrlD2
Bought these for only $10 today, they're sooo comfy for the price and cute too! First flip flops of the season! http://t.co/AmQfak3sIuThanks again Hoyo for these sexy Lucky Brand sandals! They perfected my Easter outfit!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ http://t.co/B9LCz1QE29
Happy Easter everybody! http://t.co/Og2vBG04Zs
This Is what I do before I have to go someplace proper http://t.co/srXIubBw3B
@sfsmodelman23 no although I have had issues with that and tendonitis
@MjstrongStrong glad you likedHappy #TittyTuesday #TitsoutTuesday http://t.co/xwCIKn2UPHCheck out my latest update 336 if you haven't done so already! Silk pajamas! http://t.co/Bt3O5Xk0ZU@sfsmodelman23 thanks, it's just musculoskeletal pain from sleeping weird and my job. Doing pain med & doing the ice/heat thing nowMorning Twitterland...sitting in the urgent care with back and shoulder pain... Fun stuff
Continued... Hopefully everything went thru... This is turning into a regular Monday thing...grrrrrr😣😁. Hope you all have a good day thoShot update 336 last night, had connection probs with the shitty backup router that we are having to use now...so hoping everything goesFound this on Pinterest -soooo sexy! http://t.co/bIw06V0YyT
@SexySam_dn mmmmmm I wish I was doing that to you! πŸ˜›πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
@SexySam_dn hi pretty lady! I've missed talking to you, how have you been? 😘😘My derrière takes up the entire pic #panties #ass http://t.co/mweosjEyEpInteresting view...#panties #SexySaturday http://t.co/auVBq9tvLu
Oh and banana....gotta keep this body healthy hahaMade this lunch smoothie, it is yumπŸ’£πŸ’£- spinach, fresh halo mandarin oranges strawberries in it...I feel better! http://t.co/LdIDrjEKZT@stingray942 thanks baby! 😘Back view lol From Update #263 http://t.co/NF0ieYIuPF http://t.co/EUJTUzUNXMHere is a pic to put you all in a "Spring-ish" mood http://t.co/Gi11Uxs0BWHave Easter shopping to do soon too...everytime I go to the grocery Russell Stover truffle eggs call my name, red velvet flavor especiallyI'm hoping my paycheck will be decent...I worked my ass off and then had internet issues so hope it will be worth the aggravation!TGIF....but wore out....damn job! lol@dirtyguybri I still cam by appointment only. pm me and we can figure out and work out a time.
@dirtyguybri mmmmm I can hardly resist having my pussy eaten you have no idea how much I enjoy it! 😊😜@dirtyguybri lol guess...I've been told before that I make a nice pillow -guess I can take that as compliment?πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜›Laying down resting while dinner baking. Apparently my cat thinks that I make a nice cushion&my butt is her pillow!! http://t.co/bucAvFvEJFCheck out Update #335 "Best of Bath & Showertime" http://t.co/HeyWZwxiA5 Hot nude & masturbation pics so join today! http://t.co/CwTGF5VD5KGood morning Twitterland! Doing much today, internet issues resolved, working and eating a mandarin orange...another update posted 335...Going to bed BUT- you still NEED to watch my new video if haven't already! Do it now & let me know what you think! http://t.co/Wp878wrMyvBut even with issues resolved I have a full day ahead tomorrow...extra workload so wish me luck everybody! Going to bed early goodnight!Day has finally gotten better...internet was down (router broke) but was able to use hotspot and get my reports typed...
Day just won't get better....:::deep breaths:::: πŸ˜₯πŸ˜–I wear the sexiest high heels in this video and pantyhose...you'll be wishing that I was your secretary because I'm horny constantly!I shot a new video for my SC videos page as well that has posted! http://t.co/Wp878wJnq3 watch it today and ENJOY! :P sure to make you cumBut at least Update 334 is posted! πŸ˜ƒ Hot pantyhose update! http://t.co/2IAC96qwobToday is a shitty day already...
Here's my wish list - Spoil me and I'll definitely spoil you back! http://t.co/yDuhpp1kaM via @amazon
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