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KOAT Anchor 5, 6 & 10pm. Native New Yorker. Proud New Mexican, Siena alum. &

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#KOAT is following every angle in the #jamesboydcase . @NancyLaflinKOAT & @JacobWik_KOAT will have live report @ 5. lowered for 3 teens accused in bartender’s shooting
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Defense asks charges against Perez to be dismissed. Opening arguments done #jamesboydcase
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7James Boyd Case: Chief Eden to testify Monday via @KOATLiveUpdates
BREAKING: @ABQPOLICE giving the all clear to Calvary Albuquerque. Wrapping up scene now. Package was false alarm.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7At 5, What we're learning about the bomb that went off near a #NM church. Plus the latest on a suspicious pkg found at a church in #AbqBREAKING: @ABQPOLICE investigating suspicious package at Calvary Church near Osuna and Jefferson.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Explosive devices detonated at 2 churches via @KOATLiveUpdates
Beautiful views of our beautiful city from @ParqCentral Abq# #NM silly and lazy #TGIF in time for your weekend, our list of top restaurants in #ABQ as rated by TripAdvisor.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Alright. Alright. Alright. Matthew McConaughey's latest project, "Gold," will film in ABQ #NMFilm
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7I wonder if @Kohls knows how convenient these are when customers bring their #Dolphins to shop #toddlers McConaughey movie needs your ’80s hair in #NewMexico #castingcall #NMFilm
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7
@ 5:Local 9 yo cheerleader chases her dreams despite having only one leg. @orlandokoat talks to the national champ w/ a #DallasCowboys tie!
@ 5, An elderly woman carjacked leads to a SWAT standoff that's still going on. We have Exclusive video. @MeganCruzKOAT is live at the sceneFlood Advisory for #ABQ until 5 pm. Track storms here:
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Strong storms target Albuquerque via @KOATLiveUpdatesSE #ABQ SWAT call entering 4th hour. Suspect still inside tire shop. #KOAT
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7#SWAT standoff continues in #Abq. We will have a live report as soon as the other suspect is caughtFemale suspect surrenders in SWAT standoff via @KOATLiveUpdates
AFD dispatcher resigns after controversial call via @KOATLiveUpdatesAt 10, #Exclusive-We talk to the #Abq teen who called 911 about her dying friend. The message she has for the #dispatcher who hung up on her@ 10, A #BreakingBad #Abq home up for sale. We take you inside for a tour & talk to the realtor about all the interest on this $1mil+ homeNew At 5, Plans for a curfew in #NM. What it would mean for your kids & the fight to make it happen board games aren't just for kids 😀
@ 10, A #New #GreenChile invention from a #SantaFeNM couple is getting national attention! @MHowertonKOAT talks to the creators. #Hatch #NM@AmberLeeNews Read about your big promotion today ! You rock! Congrats!! 😀Putting on our mics for 5 . See you in a few minutes conspirator indicted in motel shootout via @KOATLiveUpdates
@CaleRamaker Where were you going !??@ 10 @JoeDiazKOAT has latest on heavy rain & #lightning. + A RedSticker in #Abq. & A connection btwn a grandma found dead & a swat standoff
Police say there are "multiple victims" in shooting at movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana:
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Stuffed animals for fallen officer piling up
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7
Ok.....#NewMexico, Time to cast your vote in the @USATODAY contest for #BestFood #NM #GreenChile! Vote here: Trump takes on Action 7 News tonight @ 10. What he said about Shelly, Joe & me 😱. @KOATLiveUpdates @ShellyRibando, @JoeDiazKOAT
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Google has a new feature that lets you remember everywhere you've been (if you so choose).
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Working on a @KOATLiveUpdates story w/ @KOATtoddbailey this afternoon. Dr. Seuss book released today was discovered in a box by his widow:
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Take 12 panoramic journeys through New Mexico in 2016.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@lancewest You're too funny! 🎤🎶@lancewest Oops.. That might've been my car😉 #IPlayMyMusicLoud
Looking for a job? @ABQschools is holding a jobfair. #teachers #jobhunting you need to know about, Amazon's latest e-commerce competitor:
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Working on promos for our stories New at 10 10, An #Abq grandma risks her life to track down a thief + Why an Abq actor from #BreakingBad is making national headlines.Changed things up and watched KOAT @KOATLiveUpdates @ShellyRibando and the KOAT crew. I think I found my new nightly news channel. #1 #koat
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@triceynic @KOATLiveUpdates Aw thanks for watching ! You made my night! See you at 10@wada_woo I try;)19 Ideas to Make School Lunch WAY More Fun | Brit + Co
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@MaggieCarlo @samandreacchi I'm soooo using some of these ideas!! Love it!On @WNTonight @DavidMuir gives you the scoop on @Friendlys, known for its great ice cream for 80 years #MadeInAmerica
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7
@CoachSDavy Hi! It was in our 5pm...Some Rio Rancho Public School Employees getting a one-time pay raise.A few showers and storms will dot ABQ and Santa Fe over the next 2 to 4 hours. Much heavier rain over eastern NM....
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7New #Breaking info @ 6 on the suspect accused of driving drunk, killing an #Abq businessman. What we've learned about his release from jail.@ 5, The latest on the suspect accused of being drunk when he hit and killed a well known businessman in #Abq + Some teachers getting raises@AlignYourLife Thanks for the follow! Love your websiteDouble Major: @ZachJohnsonPGA wins 144th Open Championship in playoff:
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7New Horizons will spend up to 16 months transmitting data from the Pluto flyby back to Earth:
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7
Cases dismissed: 144 DWI suspects catch a break after cop is shot
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Mentioned by @taylor_dayne makes teen version of me dance around room!Will play my Pandora TaylorDayne after newscast rolling RT @BelieberTatted @ShellyRibando Tell Hubby, Not So Fast.... 💯👌@taylor_daynee August 8th ...
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@taylor_dayne @BelieberTatted #Abq is lucky you're coming😀 Teenage version of myself would be dancing around her room right now!Thx 4 tweet@BelieberTatted Funny! Thanks!Only time I'm glad my source was wrong! #TaylorDayne in #Abq in Aug.Thx to my Twitter & Facebook followers for info:) w/ my husband this evening. How can he not know who #TaylorDayne is! in fatal DUI identified as Reed Rutledge via @KOATLiveUpdates@ 5, Deadly bike accident in NE Heights. + Roads blocked off for a swat situation in #Abq. And #AdamSandler comments about movie shot in #NMSunday morning feeding frenzy in #Abq #ThereWere8!
Levi Chavez sues, says probable cause never existed via @KOATLiveUpdatesA pic taken by our production guy, Armando, of the Control Room... Minutes before we went on the air… Jury: James Holmes guilty of 1st-degree murder in 2012 Colorado theater mass shooting.
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7
@ 5, Drug testing for local athletes. You'll be surprised by what they're *not testing for. + Save $$.The big #sale that starts at midnight!
Trending: Former Journalist Talks About Shootout
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7
Tonight at 10, @KOATLiveUpdates Exclusive - Former @CNN correspondent & his wife talk to us for the 1st time since motel shootout in #ABQGetting ready for the first 5pm of the week. @koatliveupdates
Look who stopped by work w/ Mommy today?! Dolphin, doggie, &....Ava😀
#BREAKING Tornado warning issued for Socorro County: #NMwx
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Rainy afternoon, evening ahead via @KOATLiveUpdates
Live @ 5 is coming your way! We've got #Abq Flood Advisory. Plus, A new #app to help you find work. Rita's on Juan Tabo & Eubank area. 🍦Not just Chocolate Chip Mint,,,but Choc Chip Mint Italian Ice!! #PureAwesomeness @DavidMuir @WNTonight @Doug_Fernandez7 Absolutely! Why were you doing that again?! Lol
The late news coming your way in 10 minutes. See you then! @KOATLiveUpdates Plea deal reached in Taos traffic stop case via @KOATLiveUpdatesA big thanks to @DavidMuir & @WNTonight for helping us with this promo! For video see:
Happy 4th! 🎉
@_IanAnderson Congratulations on the new job! You will be missed here in Abq!
#Free rides on #July4th . Call 505-999-1400 for @BernCounty #TavernTaxiA packed newscast at 5: Big storm heading toward #Abq. + New info on the man accused of shooting a #CNN reporter. & A body found in #ABQToday's #BehindTheScenes The process of getting "air-ready".It's tough to share w/Joe & Doug. They take much longer😉
Dylan Redwine case now has person of interest via @KOATLiveUpdates@adamf_505 @KOATLiveUpdates Siena College professor !😀More #BehindTheScenes... Preparing for the 6 with a computer in the anchor desk on set 5, We talk to former anchor @LynneRussellCNN about being attacked at gunpoint last night in Abq. How her husband saved her life.It's like Christmas morning we got out new live truck @KOAT LiveUpdates #newsphotog
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Our new baby is here!
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Former CNN anchor survives gunfight at ABQ motel via @KOATLiveUpdates
As requested, I'll try to start posting more behind the scenes pics for you. This is where the… - A hit & run pedestrian accident in #ABQ and streets are closed . We have a crew at the scene at 6.
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