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PeteWadeinIndy @PeteWadeinIndy Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Tea Party member recovering from @GOP. My opinions are, at times, unintentionally offensive. PROUDLY A TARGET OF IRS FOR BEING A TEA PARTY MEMBER!

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New day, new tweets, new stats. 1 follower, 0 unfollowers. Via good old http://t.co/itdUW7wQAP@bcwilliams92 Perhaps, just perhaps mind you, Americans have become immoral and are, as a society, now involved in personal corruption?
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George "Stephy" Stephanopoulos to run Hillary campaign. @ABC needs to fire him immediately.... and not just a leave of absence, either.Remember? When the media scourged Romney for having less than $2mill in an offshore account? What will they say about Hill & Bill's $25mill?Wondering how to grow on twitter? I gained 10 followers in the past day. This is the app: http://t.co/itdUW7wQAPAP reporter romanticizes ISIS, omits the whole raping, torturing, enslavement of women part: http://t.co/jWXbSYO9MC
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyShocking everyone: Bloomberg’s Everytown stats are push-poll nonsense. #TXlege
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyStop calling college adults who want to conceal carry “kids.” You have to be 21 to get a handgun. Education! #TXlege #CampusCarry
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@DLoesch My gosh! That was incredibly well done! SFCC did amazing job. KUDOS!Not happy that #campuscarry was weakened, but glad to see it passed after lawmakers fiddled around for forever. #TXlege
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyWhen are the feds going to put that bitch and her husband in jail? Never! http://t.co/VEa4TcHwoi
@1catholicguy Deeming a work by Dr. Rhodes' research 'lackluster', on any Christian thesis, calls suspicion upon your veracity.@1catholicguy @CatholicNotions Cant say I agree with that approach, exactly. I suggest book, CULT OF THE VIRGIN by Ron Rhodes. A good read.African-Americans say this country was made great by their ancestors. Really? Then why is Africa still the armpit of the world?@1catholicguy @CatholicNotions I remember, as a child, watching Bishop Sheen on TV. My Baptist mother thought he was a great man.@1catholicguy @CatholicNotions Yet, Ireland's Catholics voted overwhelmingly to allow homosexual marriage. This new poop isn't Peter.@marchaig I cheerfully admit, I am a racist. White Christians made this the greatest nation on earth, without exception.@VickiMcKenna well, you're just Mother Nature, aren't you! LOL@KirkMahoney @JHWalz32 @BoschFawstin Who's the queer with the sword?@Nottinghams1 @DebbieV1 Having his records sealed is not 'national security'; it's self preservation.@WayneDupreeShow Obama & Libs repealed laws forbidding the use of propaganda in 2013. Here is just another example of why they did.There is no way political correctness can continually work. Someone will always be offended. It is inevitable.Americans need to decide if they prefer to be politically correct or to live free.DOW is down an inch-and-a-half..... June swoon is coming.@Will_Antonin He is a really 'high functioning' Alzheimer's victim, isn't he?Gee.... let's elect Hillary because she's a woman. Political correctness worked out so well when we put a minority in office.The real problem with most black's view of slavery is that most slaves were not white. Had they been, this would be a non-issue in society.@VickiMcKenna LOL!!!! As an owner of a "Grand Cherokee", I guess I am more 'politically incorrect' than I had even hoped!! Great point!American culture is so screwed up! They decry the dishonesty in politics while eagerly embracing "political correctness" in every matter.Propaganda ever sang the 'wonders awaiting' the 1st black POTUS. As that has dismaly failed, we await the 'wonders' of a female POTUS.@farfenugen @StarCoreOne02 Actually, Morpheus, there's truth in that. Of course, Obama's kin were never slaves. It could be disassociation.The KKK always said the election of a black president would be the ruin of America. Does it pain you to know they were right?@CardsFanTX @StarCoreOne02 True... but Obama would have to be a hypocrite to 'shame leaders when deserved".If you think welfare is a great system, ask yourself how long you would have fed your child if you hadn't taught him to feed himself.@StarCoreOne02 Many did, that's true. Also, 5000 American slave owners in 1820 were black, themselves.My concern is not whether you should or should not own a gun, it is why you think you should own just one.If the history of American slavery is so appalling to blacks, why does Obama bow to Islamic leaders who enslave their people?Obama often makes me rethink the idea that segregation was a bad thing.@sjh2222 Perhaps, "DEATH TO AMERICA" would be considered hate speech? Except from the WH, Democrat Party and Ivy League colleges, of course.MEDIA LOOK TO CRIMINALIZE ‘HATE SPEECH’ AFTER GELLER’S MOHAMMED DRAWING EVENT http://t.co/hyzB3m6W3K I Say We Criminalize CNN!
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy"UNEXPECTEDLY! Sticker Shock for Some Obamacare Customers. “So the proposed 2016 Obamacare rates ha…" http://t.co/DTcXjmfYtb
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@geraldfruehwir1 @mikandynothem Gerald proves that, in every crowd, there has to be at least one ass."BOB WOODWARD: Bush Didn’t Lie About WMD, And Obama Sure Screwed Up Iraq In 2011. [Y]ou certainly…" http://t.co/Phu6rhJhcV
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyA sad day in society when the cardinals have to apologize for mascot holding a police lives matter sign..but Rams players can honor a felon
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@JackBPR @erinhaust Laws preventing propaganda in US were repealed by Obama & libs in 2013. Here's an example of why.RT @mktldy10: @JosephMRyan1 26 shootings, 12 dead in Chicago this weekend! Where's Al and Barack #BlackLivesMatter http://t.co/FOYBmw4NED
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@PeterNickeas @MaxCUA Between Baltimore & Chicago 30 blacks were killed by blacks. To them, BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER #blacklivesmatterGov. Walker: Federal Gov ‘Too Big To Fail,’ Next President Must Shrink It to be ‘Small Enough To Succeed’ http://t.co/aZgwJRF9Wv @Breitbart
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@Lrihendry ...Why is this fool allowed to suck air among the rest of us?F4U-1A Corsairs of Marine Squadron VMA-21 at Orote Field, Guam, Marianas, 1944 ❤️🇺🇸 http://t.co/dOs4xNnfmK
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@VickiMcKenna @CarterFliptMe @David_Blaska @JedSanborn When is someone at these meetings going to say,"Screw you! We will not comply!"?NYC Murders Up 60% Under De Blasio. Nice. http://t.co/8Oy8EWzY6f
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy#SmartPeople: Dartmouth students hijack Memorial Day for hashtag racialist propaganda. #tcot http://t.co/cSnzbt3kIY
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyNothing honors our military fallen quite like street thugs shooting little kids in the head on Memorial Day. #Chicago http://t.co/6xiYTAJhjQ
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@Junebug1952 Who's the queer with the sword?DID YOU KNOW? In 2013, Obama & libs repealed laws that prevented using propaganda by the U.S.? Explains a lot, doesn't it? LGBT? Climate?If African-American slaves made America's wealth, what the hell happened to Africa, a nation whose people still live in abject poverty?
we are taking care of it locally. Thanks anyway. https://t.co/wh9WvRrfbeI would hate to live my life like gutless democrats and other liberals.Nations, and even certain 'churches' may acquiesce on homosexuality not being sin, but the only opinion that matters is Christ's.Nations, and even certain 'churches' may acquiesce on homosexuality being an abomination but the only opinion that matters is Christ's.'As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man". No surprise that homosexuality is rising.Its not surprising that homosexuality is rising or that certain churches are acquiescing. It is a sign of the end times.@comcastcares nope... came back after the third day...2 tweeps followed me in the past day. Feels great! Do you also want to feel awesome? Check out http://t.co/itdUW7wQAP
@HommerGSimpson @tradethecycles are you really so stupid? If TC was ANYTHING but natural born, you libs would have already proved it.I think its time middle class WHITE CHRISTIANS had their say, don't you?@tradethecycles @HommerGSimpson God.... you bunch of idiots.Obama doesn't want to engage ISIS because he doesn't want to offend Allah, his god.Ireland's "yes" vote on queer marriage proves media propaganda is very strong...that's why Dems & Obama repealed it in the US in 2013.Growing and engaging with the right tweeps - gained 2 new followers in the past day, courtesy http://t.co/itdUW7wQAP
3 tweeps followed me in the past day. Feels great! Do you also want to feel awesome? Check out http://t.co/itdUW7wQAP
@comcastcares Whatz the deal? Internet & TV out in zip code 46143 for TWO DAYS!!!!!Forget unfollowers, I believe in growing. 1 new follower in the last day! Stats via http://t.co/itdUW7wQAP
BREAKING: Baltimore grand jury lynch mob indicts cops in drug dealers death.Iraq had no WMDs? If 200,000 dead Kurds could speak, they would tell you our Democrats are fools.Worldwide #Persecution of #Christians at an 'Unprecedented' High; Eleven Killed Every Hour http://t.co/xBM6xu6uL7 via @po_st #tcot #ccot
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyThe problems of Baltimore, Detroit and DC are all the same; liberal blacks, aka chiefs and princesses, run them like their personal tribes.From 1948, propaganda was illegal in the US until 2013, when Obama, Hillary & Dems passed a law to make it legal? http://t.co/CcZKpGWW2jThe BHO Justice Dept. in action. The nonsense is endless. Enlist with us at http://t.co/oSPeY3QMpH. Join now! http://t.co/RamhSVJhvv
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyThe only good part of this story? They killed this 26-year-old Marcus Wheeler, a thug that looks like Obama's son! http://t.co/ut2gb2OtqZNo marches. No national outcry. Just a white cop killed by some black woman's bastard kid, an innocent like Trayvon! http://t.co/ut2gb2OtqZFollower -1, Unfollowers - 0. I didn't know I was this awesome. Get your daily stats via http://t.co/itdUW7wQAP.
Since Zippy doesn't have one, I humbly submit: The Judianna ISIS strategy. 1. Bomb the entire region back to the Stone Age. 2. Leave.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyNot being partisan here but doesn't it seem every Democrat who runs for or holds a prominent national office is a crook, a liar or both?@iowahawkblog In Indiana, a county commissioner can serve 4 years, then draw his salary, at retirement, for life.Elected office should be like jury duty - a low pay annoying civic obligation, not a f***ing career plan.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyshameful....Black Boston University Professor Mercilessly Ridicules White Rape Victim http://t.co/aGDna3Axkk via @youngcons
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@TalkSouthRadio @gerfingerpoken When you get the answer to that question, let me know. I've asked it for months now! Seems the perfect time!I wanna know why airstikes weren't in place to obliterate the all-too-predictable ISIS victory parade after Ramadi fell. @gerfingerpoken
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy
New day, new tweets, new stats. 3 new unfollowers. Via good old http://t.co/itdUW7wQAP
If you want respect, you don't do it by degrading your own people... Lyrics from Kanye's Grammy performance? http://t.co/JqYRhvKrpn1 amazing follower in the last day and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with http://t.co/itdUW7wQAP
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My Condolences To The Family, Friends & Fans Of The Legendary Music Icon B.B.King :-( He Will Be Missed By Millions! What A Talented Man!
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyBritain faces growing threat from 350 jihadis back from Syria who may be plotting attacks in the UK: They let ... http://t.co/2MwIJBxlgu
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyStephy apologized! What do you want? Sincerity?A god who always fits our notions is a god we created, not the God who created us.
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