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I just sold a video on @Customs4u! To see my videos click HERE: http://t.co/HkyJLJaZJ5 #clips #fetish
@Shawn_Roberts13 it's no problem !!#BDRocks #beautifuldisaster #apparel beautiful_disasterclothing @bdrocks me and my babe sporting our… https://t.co/GluUMZDvFC#bluetounguesdontcare #softball #bluegatorade #summer with my sexy athlete @chancedschmidt ❤️⚾️ https://t.co/oVs58QJ9H9@chancedschmidt I love my sexy athlete too babyLong 2 days of softball yesterday the sun killed us! @MISSBROOKEHAVEN love my cheerleader http://t.co/e6l738gk5s
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#FF @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @tylerfaith4real @Corey_Feldman
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I love when I get to see the gorgeous @therealjuliaanne@Jimmyevans15 hi jimmy thanks for listening@MISSBROOKEHAVEN #LoveWins brooke
Retweeted by Brooke HavenON AIR @VividRadioSXM @TheSingleLife want my hat ?? Go to @BDrocks and get 10% off using my code #MISSBHAVEN http://t.co/zNkJp2n7X0Dip into the honeypot of lesbian fun! @TheSingleLife @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @TheAshGraham 855-99-vivid #Honeymoan http://t.co/ClzGJpxkEz
Retweeted by Brooke HavenYes pleasssse https://t.co/vHScVDPHmh@XNicoleAnistonX miss ur cuteness xoYYYYEEEESSSS! #All50 #MarriageEquaility ♡♡♡☆♡♡♡
Retweeted by Brooke HavenTune in to @VividRadioSXM right now to talk about where @TheSingleLife @MISSBROOKEHAVEN should go on our honeymoan
Retweeted by Brooke HavenCall in now to @VividRadioSXM 1-855-998-4843 talk to us on @TheSingleLife about the "honey-moan" lesbian honeymoon@MISSBROOKEHAVEN @BDrocks @VividRadioSXM Love it, Brooke! Great "in your face message"!
Retweeted by Brooke HavenUsurpations...I knew that word would f things up! @TheSingleLife @MsRadioSapphire @TheAshGraham @CourtTaylorXXX @MISSBROOKEHAVEN
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN @TheAshGraham @TheSingleLife I was going to say the same thing. :)
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN @BDrocks @VividRadioSXM whatever. .to the haters..
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@TheAshGraham @TheSingleLife hahaha you said long and hard 🙈Well that was long and hard reading the declaration and not in the way I like @TheSingleLife @MISSBROOKEHAVEN
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@cin39132 I'll be hosting #vividvirgins July 24th on @VividRadioSXM tune in !!In my #hatingmewontmakeyoupretty thermal by @BDrocks get urs today using my discount code #missbhaven @VividRadioSXM http://t.co/zO1d3Ds3qKIt's all about the boobies https://t.co/ZYmcQ9xTFO@TheAshGraham reading something secret (until it airs) Tune into @VividRadioSXM @TheSingleLife very soon to hear it http://t.co/M1v4gylTXICreeping on my girl @MsRadioSapphire boobies today in studio @VividRadioSXM @TheSingleLife @TheAshGraham 👀👅 http://t.co/VbpMopeEBwHere at @VividRadioSXM today and can't wait to see birthday girl @TheAshGraham and my fav phone sec voiced vixen @TheSingleLife@TheSingleLife @whoismrrobot @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @VividRadioSXM @SIRIUSXM can't wait
Retweeted by Brooke Haven#AMAZEBALLS!!!!!! @SorenJeff @whoismrrobot @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @TheAshGraham @VividRadioSXM @SIRIUSXM
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@TheSingleLife @whoismrrobot @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @TheAshGraham @VividRadioSXM @SIRIUSXM Damn right!
Retweeted by Brooke HavenOne hour until the #BIRTHDAYgirl @TheAshGraham & my #FAVORITEgirl @MISSBROOKEHAVEN are reciting the #DeclarationOfIndependence #July4Special
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN come back to nakedotcom
Retweeted by Brooke HavenJust us chilling @chancedschmidt @MISSBROOKEHAVEN https://t.co/p5x1mwtw29
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@TheSingleLife @whoismrrobot @TheAshGraham @VividRadioSXM @SIRIUSXM can't waitIn bed watching @whoismrrobot excited about tomorrow #TheSingleLife has @MISSBROOKEHAVEN & @TheAshGraham 12-1p @VividRadioSXM @SIRIUSXM 791!
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@RocStarChic7 like what sugar ?Thank you jimmy and great meeting you https://t.co/Ohw237UEFgcum play with me live for a free show on http://t.co/2OJCmWJ5uq @realfreewebcams live now http://t.co/8KzuEdhIccJust A Lil Over A Hour Til @MISSBROOKEHAVEN's #FeatureShow @RealFreeWebCams http://t.co/WnH3E35OpF @CamPromoXXX http://t.co/WqWLIlsGTl
Retweeted by Brooke HavenEXCITING NEWS!!!! I've just collaborated with #Beautifuldisaster clothing !!!!! Use my special code… https://t.co/6u29fS7UUVToday's the day it's feature cam show day with yours truly !! Tune in today at 5pm pst / 8pm est @realfreewebcams http://t.co/1wBWMbv6PKHey pretty lady https://t.co/Ms9gcX8lYZ@dboiandkendra email me bookbrookehaven@gmail.com@RocStarChic7 your a dollIf your not already following follow the gorgeous and sweet @MISSBROOKEHAVEN. Hot pictures included❤️🎀💋
Retweeted by Brooke HavenTonight @realfreewebcams #FeatureShow With @MISSBROOKEHAVEN 8pm EDT./5pmPDT. http://t.co/WnH3E35OpF @Onlybadchicks http://t.co/hpHuSwH3S2
Retweeted by Brooke HavenDon't miss my free feature show tonight !!! You have no excuses .... ITS FREE !!! So come hang out… https://t.co/8jZgSo9uof
@RocStarChic7 @Alexa_PierceXXX thanks my beautiesThen bring ur ass home https://t.co/AqzcmFxFcO“@Alexa_PierceXXX: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN your profile pic is sexayyyy!” I miss you very muchhttps://t.co/p5x1mwtw29 Check out me and Brookes YouTube channel @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @chancedschmidt
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@BestBigBoobs aren't u streamate
@MISSBROOKEHAVEN Keep 50% or more when you cam w/ us on http://t.co/CxDOJHbJyP plus upload & sell your content when you are offline!
Retweeted by Brooke HavenMisbehave with @ChristyCanyon11 and @MISSBROOKEHAVEN today 2-4pm PST(Brooke at 3pm) for #MeatMonday! Send them to hosts@vividradio.com
Retweeted by Brooke HavenJoin @MISSBROOKEHAVEN with christycanyon11! Taste the treats they have for you 855-99-vivid… https://t.co/eB7CdglHoa
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN Glad u like the panties @ChristyCanyon11 has on 2day on @VividRadioSXM As she said earlier, they are 1 of many given by me
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@VividRadioSXM @ChristyCanyon11 @MISSBROOKEHAVEN 💋💋💋
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@VividRadioSXM @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @ChristyCanyon11 @BrandyAniston never let these so called males in the so called "adult industry" define you
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@VividRadioSXM @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @ChristyCanyon11 @BrandyAniston you are of a Greater Bloodline.. Cud you're a good girl and you know it.
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@VividRadioSXM @ChristyCanyon11 @MISSBROOKEHAVEN yummy 😋
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@VividRadioSXM @ChristyCanyon11 @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Sexy two shot❤
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@VividRadioSXM @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @ChristyCanyon11 @BrandyAniston you are Royalty 2me please wear these one day with me http://t.co/WiUZhuBmPA
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#WCW @StormyDaniels @TanyaTate @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @candyxxxmanson @thejessicadrake @TERA1PATRICK @AngelVain @CharmaneStar
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@chancedschmidt I love you https://t.co/ZE6R4iAvMJ@VanessaCater miss u
Luce tan bien q hasta la sombra le combina #Gasolina @lisadaniels3 🔥10 Days Left Enter & Win! http://t.co/yQy7VeOVw5 http://t.co/g9IicSkHAz
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Book your private one on one Skype show with me !!! Email bookbrookehaven@gmail.com for details@JaimeB80 I sell themThat's bad ass https://t.co/tInR2KU9vuWant some of my sexy swag ?? Check out @stickupdolls and place your orders now !!! #booty #hottyhttps://t.co/VWZA0Ybc8PYou want some of my swag ? Only 6 more days to win the contest click this link for more details http://t.co/3cPR8msrVh @StickUpDolls
No matter how long you have traveled in the wrong direction, you can always turn around.
Retweeted by Brooke HavenWhatever happens, happens. Don't stress.
Retweeted by Brooke HavenLet's get this party started @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Only 10 Days left to enter & win! http://t.co/TwRkp4DUOr #StickUpDolls http://t.co/95tmOS262E
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Me and my bestie #playboyjazzfestival @missbrookehaven 👯❤️❤️ #hollywoodbowl https://t.co/SELlJovX69
Retweeted by Brooke HavenMy boo's @missbrookehaven & @sarahjessiexxx #PlayboyJazzFestival https://t.co/h8qrsIBri7
Retweeted by Brooke Haven#playboyjazzfestival @missbrookehaven @nikkipam 👯👯 https://t.co/fpb1M10bC6
Retweeted by Brooke HavenWith my "white" Fam Fam lol #PlayboyJazzFestival @missbrookehaven chanceschmidt @sarahjessiexxx 🙌🏾 https://t.co/cKGo09Taee
Retweeted by Brooke Haven#PlayboyJazzFestival #funtimes @missbrookehaven @sarahjessiexxx https://t.co/7qlIMLvKXS
Retweeted by Brooke HavenMy boo's @sarahjessiexxx & @missbrookehaven #PlayboyJazzFestival https://t.co/G4Q04t1bYK
Retweeted by Brooke Haven#playboyjazzfestival #hollywoodbowl @missbrookehaven @nikkipam 👯👯🎷🎺🎧🎼🎶🎹 https://t.co/5FR6QusyJE
Retweeted by Brooke HavenRepost from @nikkipam via igrepost_app, it's free! Use the igrepost_app to save, repost Instagram… https://t.co/GnTi0mqtYaRepost from @sarahjessiexxx via igrepost_app, it's free! Use the igrepost_app to save, repost… https://t.co/K01zufbFcP
Repost from @nikkipam via igrepost_app, it's free! Use the igrepost_app to save, repost Instagram… https://t.co/t6kFoGHqhDRepost from @sarahjessiexxx via igrepost_app, it's free! Use the igrepost_app to save, repost… https://t.co/O9NO4vHT9WBad ass time a #PlayboyJazzFestival with my boo and friends @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @sarahjessiexxx @nikkipam http://t.co/oERABIdwat
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@JDillingerXXX @chancedschmidt @sarahjessiexxx yes sir !you going ?Were taking @chancedschmidt to his first @HollywoodBowl @PlayboyJazzFest experience w/ @sarahjessiexxx @nikkipam and of course @georgelopezYou know I'm all about the funk! RT @georgelopez: @nikkipam @missbrookehaven Yea Yea #somethingfunkyintheair
Retweeted by Brooke HavenGeorgeLopez: @nikkipam @missbrookehaven Yea Yea #somethingfunkyintheair http://t.co/9OX477yY5l
Retweeted by Brooke Haven#PlayboyJazzFestival time! Shout out to the homie @georgelopez & @missbrookehaven for the tickets! Xoxo https://t.co/HAugEeJApt
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@nikkipam @missbrookehaven Yea Yea #somethingfunkyintheair
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN almost that time baby!
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@chancedschmidt .... And what time is that mister Chance ??When your laying in bed counting the minutes till your baby's plane gets in ..... Miss the boo thang @chancedschmidt
@sarahjessiexxx I love you
@nikkibenz lol and me lol
Watching get hard with my bestie @MISSBROOKEHAVEN 😂
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