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MoMA artist. Designer to brave clients. Advisor for igniting passion for work through creativity. Keynote speaker.

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Just a head's up. Keep an eye on @Entrepreneur Mag over the next few months.
"Creativity is in danger in this country. It's not taught. It's not fostered..." Featuring @jamesvictore >>>
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A metaphor for success.: If you poke your head up from the foxhole, you're gonna get shot at. But always poke your head up...This has been a most awesome day. Thanks to all my kind and generous supporters and also my entrenched haters.Feck it. And show it. Yes, thank you. I prefer to have an opinion, Mark. Cheers and best, James.@inkmixerYYC Ed Zacherly!@eggner_g Crud... death.@eggner_g ...and cake is NOT an option?I love brave clients. ... not 'new' just boring...@djsherman All's good, dude. I actually don't know what I would do for them...@djsherman @google Not exactly... But nice try.Friends. Don't take it personal. Luvya, James.I got this compliment from a Google fan, "YOU'RE A BELOW AVERAGE DESIGNER SHUT THE FUCK UP" Geesh, sensitive people...The Burning Questions Collection. Writings to inspire courageous living. Available for only $2.99.
Google, Schmoogle"The best thing they (Google) did was spell it correctly." @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreNot everyone is a fan of Google's new logo. Designer @JamesVictore is one of them: via @techinsider
Retweeted by James VictoreIf you want money, HELP others make money.If you want love, GIVE loveIf you want attention PAY attention.@chriswweller @techinsider Yup. Spelled correctly.My opinion on the new Google logo."SHOW OFF! Dammit!" by @JamesVictore via @YouTube Great advice again by James Victore.
Retweeted by James VictoreThe Burning Questions Collection. Writing to inspire courageous living is available for only $2.99.… have to invite failure into my work and life. I don't ACTUALLY want it to come in..."Cogito ergo screwed." #MessedUpQuotes
"Other people tell us that we can't be weird" - #JamesVictore #creativity #revolution
Retweeted by James Victore@bernadettejiwa Consider it yours. Email me your address. Luvya, James.I am designing an online course for you. Possibly my best work ever. I can't tell you the subject… your work with the world and let the Universe salute you. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James VictoreWhy following @JamesVictore's advice will help you find a whole new meaning to the phrase 'working for yourself':
Retweeted by James VictoreShow-Business @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - World is waiting for you and you didn't even know it.Creativity disrupts. Be disruptive. Watch @JamesVictore's @Grandrapids_CM talk:
Retweeted by James VictorePerfect is perfectly boring. Available now at the Victory Labs Monthly Small Group Workshops in Creative Courage. Williamsburg,… mister_feldman Best way to tell a story is to live it 👊🏻 Inspired by the great @jamesvictore #feckperfuction #v
Retweeted by James VictoreShow your damn work your work, SHOW your work Thank you, dear.
Showing off. Tomorrow's Burning Question.@sanderssays !!!!If you haven't seen @mendelsund' s design work... you're missing part of the clue."I am free..." Complete freedom is not always a good thing. #MessedUpQuotes celebrate my late mentor, Paul Bacon with me and adoring Jazz and Book Cover friends. Sept 9th,… Peter, Drop me a line, please. I have an event you may like to attend. Cheers, James. james@jamesvictore.comSketches don't lie.✓&q=james+victore@JamesVictore spells it out like a boss #stepawayfromperfection #creativity #posters #bold&fearless
Retweeted by James VictoreLook out Brazil! I’ll be there September 14 through 18 TEACHING and working in Porto Alegre and Sao… Good insight, FG!
Feck Perfuction
.@Morrasola @kluddaren The pursuit of "perfection" is distracting to actual fun...A public thanks to my lovely friend @jessicawalsh Your work is a Gift. Tatiana!!! Thank you for your confidence and support!"Perfect" is the fucking OPPOSITE of "Wonderful."Your opinion is your voice. Your voice is what people love about you. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James VictoreWe have to fail to learn, grow and move forward. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James VictoreWithout an opinion you’re a raft, lost and floating on other voices. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
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If you don't feel a little fire burn inside you when reading the words of @JamesVictore then you must be dead.
Retweeted by James VictoreTake a deep breath, inflate your chest and move forward— brave and scared shitless. @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreYou only fail when you stop taking shots. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
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@elisepruitt88 It took that long?... I must be losing' my touch.. xo, James.Norman Rockwell, Victore style. A poster made for the Wolfsonian "Thoughts on Democracy" exhibit.
@JessicaKausen Me too... but my tweets are always just reminders to myself.@JessicaKausen Context: Complaining is not conversation.The internet was not invented so you could spread your pain....and in the end, the tweets you take are equal to the tweets you make.@david_k_rathbun HA!!If you ain't Weird, you ain't you. @99U@therevdoctor Howdy.I'm outta here. Off to seek Genius...@SkyNebula ...?Hard Work or Luck? to use the megaphone
Filbert. You like that line, eh?Good stuff always cuts through... IF you have Love, Attention and Consistency. @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreHow to use social media? @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - watch James Victore give me advice RT @JamesVictore: The Attention Economy
Retweeted by James VictoreWord."Freedom is something you take." - @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreThe Attention Economy work or Luck? Social media successLook out Brazil! Getting ready for my September Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo… great advice on how to stand out from the crowd on social media via @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreHow to use social media?
@uncoatedmanc Sure. Lemme know how/ where to contribute.Watch tomorrow's #BurningQuestions for the answer to "How do I cut through the din?" Click on the… Shhhh...RT @HOLSTEE: Rebel rule #1: There ain't no rules. Design by @JamesVictore. #rebellion
Retweeted by James VictoreBest typo to date, "Got Milf?"Bragging about how much time you spend at work shows a complete lack of commitment to your life. Just sayin'@BeeHiveOven Saw it! Brilliant. Thanks for the suggestion, John.
"You miss %100..." #MessedUpQuotes #withLoveVictore is the LAST thing on your twitter description... is what you should be PAID to do. Just sayin'.Designers, DO NOT forget these questions: 1."What do I have to SAY," and 2."How do I want to PLAY?"
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