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Technology writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. http://t.co/t4fghvVg8R

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@fireharejenny thanks very much! I suspect the LG G4 could be the phone S5 owners need, though at 5.5in it'll be bigger. Or Note 5.@OaktownTuro it's purely about what you value. If expandable storage & removable battery are key S6 isn't an option. Wait for LG G4 IMO ;)
Interesting read - Microsoft The New Google, Google The Old Microsoft http://t.co/W1PCTTJCY0 @gordonkelly @Forbes http://t.co/eL6QxNDYLC
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@stu122208 thanks Stuart!As a Samsung G5 user, this review has me thinking twice about upgrading to the G6 model http://t.co/LIVEN4yX46 via @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly'Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Galaxy S5 Review: Should You Upgrade?' My answer may surprise you... http://t.co/p6ACvRUOJR@mqcapps if an upgrade, not a clean install, it keeps everything.
Here's where @GordonKelly raises some good points. Microsoft Is The New Google, Google Is The Old Microsoft http://t.co/PAnLyTDL3B
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@stamford_drift @Squawka he has 2!
@VardyPartyCo @premierleague Newcastle don't!@ByTheMinNUFC another player to magically improve the moment he's away from the club.@mikewmckee @joaoluisc @google @Microsoft @ForbesTech @Forbes so cute. Actual logic being...?#FF Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @Ewan @erikkain @PaulTassi @_JayMcgregor @amitchowdhry @antonyleather @RMac18 @IanMorris78
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Well done all. Nice one Ewan and the weekend to come! https://t.co/2RLW1djYJA@ToddCPietrowski it's available on the fast ring.#Microsoft Is The New #Google, @Google Is The Old @Microsoft http://t.co/Ztao0odCrT via @ForbesTech by @gordonkelly http://t.co/HKUzzK3gZw
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@hopbin @MichaelKnight27 @Sharonavraham no, I find it possible to have multiple interestsDitto https://t.co/XbgtqxMUR4Interesting source sharing my post! https://t.co/2kwmArfWtV@hopbin @MichaelKnight27 @Sharonavraham if you can't see both sides I don't see how you can be objective in picking one.
Microsoft Releases New Windows 10, It's The Big One @Forbes http://t.co/8b812R6rOJ@hopbin @MichaelKnight27 @Sharonavraham economists agree banks wrecked the economy because of inadequate legislation. Devils advocateGoogle pulls YouTube support from 100 million older iPhones and iPads http://t.co/ja9aKcNfp6 @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@moviegistR @SamsungMobile @MKBHD indeed. My first impressions comparing the two were a surprise: http://t.co/vxgy7biGFOThis security flaw could spell trouble for iOS 8 users: http://t.co/2M0laInAGi http://t.co/SH37mBqDFh
Retweeted by Gordon KellyAn iOS 8 security bug allows hackers to crash your iPhone or iPad using Wi-Fi: http://t.co/If1u9mAMq0 http://t.co/lo7GYZU2Xv
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Apple iOS 8.3: Should You Upgrade? http://t.co/tiRQjRxAia via @forbes @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@Inglshjam Actually wrote about this one specifically :) http://t.co/hEEZUE1GDv@ThusSpokeJon @Forbes Completely different - should explain everything in the copy.Apple iOS 8 WiFi Bug Crashes iPads And iPhones - only solution: "physically run away" ! - me for @Forbes http://t.co/Mp9sJqLjAS
Microsoft Is The New Google, Google Is The Old Microsoft http://t.co/Ih3s7PvWqx by @GordonKelly#TheShiftIsDueToFEAR http://t.co/inKydncx96
Retweeted by Gordon KellyThis is big: Google Pulls YouTube Support From 100 Million iPhones and iPads - Forbes http://t.co/mDrDzJqCdF by @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyGoogle Pulls YouTube From 100 Million iPhones and iPads - me for @Forbes http://t.co/syBogeuM1Z http://t.co/NiMlBWD2SCThe newest or the biggest? @GordonKelly asks if you should go for the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy Note 4 http://t.co/onyHTkhkyD
Retweeted by Gordon KellyInteresting from @Ewan - Galaxy S6 Edge Vs. iPhone 6 Plus Review: Apple's Past Broken By Samsung's Futuristic Vision http://t.co/nmxDarjsZ2Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Galaxy Note 4 Review: First Impressions Raise Big Questions @Forbes http://t.co/YRf0IPYmllI don't know why this dog is banned from the park but he looks like he knows how to have fun! http://t.co/jH65617KMl
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Trouble on the horizon... https://t.co/rfNVFsV8PK@MileHighFan @SpyderD pleasure. Important to call out companies as much for bugs and errors as shiny new products :)@MileHighFan @SpyderD sorry chaps, not at this stage.@MileHighFan @SpyderD and an updated one for iOS 8.3... http://t.co/nPky3hds5I :)
A touch of class from Leicester City. http://t.co/k8P1dNkXA7
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@matejp23 1st team: Bellerin, Moreno, Sanchez, Austin, Giroud, McCarthy. Plus Zouma, Ward-Prowse, Yoshida (got lucky with 2 there).@FantasyFootyFix gotcha. Thanks!@FantasyFootyFix do the averages take into account transfer hits? Got 67 but 12 pt hit after NINE players were unavailable... Hail Mary!@matejp23 67 points here pre-bonus. Had to take a -12 hit as well after NINE players were unavailable! Gamble paid off. Now WC time :)@MiguelDelaney @opuszczony saw it yrs later, so had no context for score settling - but rep of clash between editorial/execs felt familiar!@MiguelDelaney @opuszczony ...but I love shows that drte to close all loops. Too many Lost/Dexter it.@MiguelDelaney @opuszczony yep. Irresponsibility of fake serial killer strategy annoyed me, but print press portrayal I could relate with.@MiguelDelaney @opuszczony (2/2) frustrating that when comparisons are made between two great *anything* supporters trash other side.@MiguelDelaney @opuszczony I spotted that from your timeline! I appreciate it, but just didn't do it for me. Both wonderful shows but (1/2)@krmarko irritates me how often it is pushed out that 4GB is plenty on Chrome OS. It is if you like continually reloading tabs. Feed it RAM!@MiguelDelaney @opuszczony arc probably. Final episode? Not for me. Sopranos finale tends to be a Marmite thing.@opuszczony @MiguelDelaney agreed. That's a very good thing.@krmarko Pixel 2 LS on my shopping list. Chrome OS may be stripped down, but it needs *lots* of RAM like Chrome on anything else.@FPLbyForm @Fpl_Updates no, figured players I'd get with WC next week would be ones I'd be more likely to hold for the rest of the season.
@FPLbyForm @Fpl_Updates oh, and Hart!@FPLbyForm @Fpl_Updates Had NINE not playing so took 12 pt hit (WC next week) - 33 points so far with Aguero, Eriksson, Kane (c), Silva left@Fpl_Updates @FPLbyForm Baines cheated of penalty, Coleman cheated of assist. Both missing bonus by a point... hash!@DPD_UK tracked delivery van to my street, drive past & say I wasn't in. The 'yellow card location' proof... #lies http://t.co/P1Q3cx3XPt@Fpl_Updates Coleman and Baines owner... so close!#FF Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @Ewan @PaulTassi @erikkain @amitchowdhry @_JayMcgregor @RMac18 @IanMorris78 @killyourfm
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBy me for @Forbes, a mixture of both serious and fun: https://t.co/0VzU57BEt2Some Apple users are reporting bugs with iOS 8.3: http://t.co/RSr9Vs7FOd
Retweeted by Gordon KellyApple forums are buzzing about 3 big bugs in iOS 8.3: http://t.co/kuGBPFh3oB
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@secritagentman feel free to email me: firstname@fullname.com - if you have links to a forum or thread about it that would also help.#FF Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @Ewan @PaulTassi @erikkain @amitchowdhry @_JayMcgregor @RMac18 @IanMorris78 @killyourfm
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And that's why I still haven't allowed the update: Apple iOS 8.3 Angers Users One Week Later - Forbes http://t.co/It1vmNi60E by @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyRoommates Stab Each Other In Argument Over iPhone & Android - http://t.co/7XEGXgX1RM When comments sections become real life...@ThusSpokeJon @Forbes @tim_cook I'm glad it is acknowledged in iOS 8.3, but fix seems flaky at best.Apple iOS 8.3 Haunted By 3 Nasty Bugs @Forbes http://t.co/qg8PRIrqMl
@hopbin @Sharonavraham likewise. I just dislike stereotyping any one party as all bad. Most are just mostly bad ;)@derekwalter absolutely. Actually wrote about this in Jan: http://t.co/WfnHMOQHSS Maybe with iOS 9? Fingers crossed.@hopbin @Sharonavraham both parties drive me nuts. Democrat is the closest I can find to my viewpoint. #ComeToEngland !@hopbin @Sharonavraham Tories wreck social services, Labour wreck the economy. It's a decades old mutual dependence.@ShervinFazel @Forbes it's still a great camera! I think I may that pretty clear, but the S6 is another level IMO. Roll on the iPhone 6S :)@derekwalter you spotted that Easter Egg ;) Apple and Samsung both need to cut down on their bloatware.
OnePlus One + Two + Three? Yes please! http://t.co/M5HT4apemX via @EwanGalaxy S6 Vs iPhone 6 Review: Samsung Uses Apple To Beat Apple @Forbes http://t.co/GOcxvcsWEW@hopbin @Sharonavraham inheriting a ruined economy crosses off most. #DevilsAdvocate@OfficialDaitron yep, though that's actually in 8.3 as well - I believe.
*blush* "@OfficialDaitron: I must admit, I can read @GordonKelly’s iOS articles all day!"Apple Releases iOS 8.4 Preview With New Music App @Forbes http://t.co/g4reaQOGVq
@AshingtonNKA a very good result for the Best Attendance awards this month - Well done!Live long and prosper... "Apple #iOS83: Has 3 Great Secret Features" by @gordonkelly http://t.co/i7L16n0iqG http://t.co/TQX6Rr0oxR
Retweeted by Gordon KellyApple iOS 8.3: Has 3 Great Secret Features @Forbes http://t.co/BabPKZXUvP@dissimile here they (pointlessly) come! http://t.co/LTH5wWbOJu
@AngryFireball @Forbes ah hah, now I get it. Fair enough. I don't care which company it is, if they mess up I call them on it.@ThusSpokeJon got to love autocorrect. And neither did Samsung...@ThusSpokeJon it's moulded in, no problem there with my long term loan sample. Far bigger issue is the slick finish. Crazy slippy.Apple iOS 8.3 has a nasty new bug http://t.co/Ag2bawRfFR @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@tomkelk @Pocketlint an M10 next year...@ThusSpokeJon I relate to some of that, but I think he's done a better job than many predicted.Super easy! M9 a washout "@Pocketlint: Decisions, decisions: HTC One M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 http://t.co/6TxZ56qXjY http://t.co/xXdFU2hk4h"@AngryFireball @Forbes nonsense. Criticising one company means you can't criticise another? Pick a company I'll show you a critical post!Will the Touch ID bug be exploited to cause a greater security concern? http://t.co/D88HjGa08s
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBut far from perfect! "@Forbes: iOS 8.3 is one of Apple's most comprehensive, bug-squashing updates of recent times: http://t.co/djjLzCKlQd"@ThusSpokeJon not normally how Apple breaks down terminology, but seems suitable difference in this case!
@alexrkonrad @ForbesTech @amitchowdhry @Ewan @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi @erikkain @DaveThier @RMac18 *About turn* Left, Right, Left, Right...Thinking about upgrading to iOS 8.3? Here are some pros and cons: http://t.co/cyzKufupMw http://t.co/ytGuptPsQI
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