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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Walker Thrills a Packed House at CPAC http://t.co/t6AxtECESXWisc union members/ISIS both crazed-Scott Walker Likens Dealing with Union Protesters to ISIS https://t.co/da5KVzfwVkMuslim Brotherhood tilt-Rev. Graham: Muslims Have ‘Infiltrated’ Our Government and Are Influencing the W.H. https://t.co/PTnpYS6aH9Krauthammer: ‘Incomprehensible’ Obama Admin Isn’t Weaponizing Kurds https://t.co/1WQ8RYhBJmHillary's baby-Bombshell: New Pentagon Documents Prove Military Knew Benghazi Was Islamic Terrorism – http://t.co/kBHiYfthrjDHS hides crucial fact on ‘terrorist influx’ http://t.co/FYmpLm7ALx via @worldnetdailyCould the answer to why boehner/mcconnell seem so feckless is combating the far left agenda of obama nestle somewhere in the nsa?The Crusades began due to the same actions isis is using spurred & united Europe to end the barbarismJohn F Kerry is a liar-Intel chief says 2014 deadliest year for terror ever recorded, in counter to upbeat Kerry | http://t.co/ToyVd0TAhZMy how the fork in political road would have been so much better if we had a strong/smart/patriotic speaker of the house for past 6 yearsYou note that heads roll whenever the religion of peace meets the religion of turn the other cheek‘CHRISTIAN BLOOD WON’T WASH OFF': Ralph Peters Just Called Obama the Reincarnation of ‘Pontius Pilate... http://t.co/GLObwB9Hr7@MarkRMatthews Hear! Hear!#TCOT Time to End Too Big to Jail http://t.co/3KpLsEyrOE
Retweeted by Ed Unusual and unplanned that an actual criminal probe is launched against one of obamas minions while he is still in officeThe lefts goal is to limit us to just 1 firearm...If that's the case i'll keep my AA 12 shotgun, all around weapon https://t.co/ilkskjT1QK@PatDollard But we can always try and give it our best effortMore Lois Lerner emails found. “No one will ever believe that both your hard drive & mine crashed within a week.” http://t.co/fCZthVZ4Ba
Retweeted by Ed Is there no dem appointee w/clean hands? Scandal-Ridden Loretta Lynch Clears Committee With Three GOP Votes http://t.co/dUM5EIhOScFrom a privileged family-‘Jihadi John': Barbaric ISIS Killer Is College Student from London http://t.co/HRSVv16xtE via @joewmillerBeyond mute marine-Smoking Gun Lois Lerner Email Found, Discussed Faking Hard Drive Crashes; Criminal Probe Opened http://t.co/ksTVs7qCvtGoing dense pack-Aer Lingus slashes transatlantic fares and adds extra flights http://t.co/5Cu432PeU6Sorry Liberals, Rudy Giuliani is Right on Obama | American Action News http://t.co/ovV0IOfZuJ via @sharethisAnyone with the smallest IT experience knew Lerner's missing emails were somewhere. Democrats denied and the media gave them a pass. #tcot
Retweeted by Ed @LSUJEFF @UTHornsRawk @KimberTrent Germany was devastated after WW1 & became a financial basket case...opened the door up for a strong rulerHearing you live, 5 x 5 #tcot
@Katiegreenradio and thank you Katie!If Obama loves America, I’m a pole dancer http://t.co/1GZQHai8xM via @worldnetdaily@Fritzz2009 @EDinCali ....& then she said ...I love you noshit .....hahahahaaa wait! whaaa! where's my watch!!!! http://t.co/IlVzHKZZ28
Retweeted by Ed @magarika seems the attitude here is to submit to beatings or risk being labelled a "hater"@magarika read up on the violent history of that community prior to the incident....cops couldn't protect them or their property@magarika something to aspire to?@EDinCali So we look to 2016& #CGI embezzled donations via OfficeOfGovermentalAffairs (jarrett)contacts awarded2 #GCTF affiliated companies
Retweeted by Ed @magarika yes let's compare criminal recordsUnemployemnt about 40% >12 million quit looking for work>Yellin knows> not raising InterestRates #ObamaCrash2015 @EDinCali @saramarietweets
Retweeted by Ed Lives off racism, must keep it burning-John Lewis: Giuliani Shows Stains of Racism Are Deeply Embedded in Society https://t.co/mTxNbNfQknYes that's why he got popped-Melissa Harris-Perry: I Hope Trayvon ‘Whooped the Sh*t out of George Zimmerman’ https://t.co/vE5xYMyKYM@romeocharlie08 It's all Bravo Sierra on steroids@EDinCali Yes Sir they do! (Kerry) His comments about US being Safe was like ....they have 2b drugged or under Jarrett's leather whip ..lol
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali the Democrats bar is very low since 2008 all the JFK Democrats have gone far far left wing
Retweeted by Ed It's absurd he is head of DHS-Jeh Johnson: ‘Absurd’ that I Have To Spend My Work Week Defending Paying People https://t.co/BKP0Y9cyp5But kerry voted for it-John Kerry Mocks Netanyahu for Supporting U.S. in Iraq https://t.co/kD4PxwWvtNWants him lynched-Trayon’s Mom: DoJ Let Zimmerman Get away with Murder https://t.co/e45iX8rS1TDont believe your own lying eyes-Kerry: Despite ISIS, ‘We Are Living in a Period of Less Daily Threat to Americans’ https://t.co/gANFRxXSMa@romeocharlie08 The media unquestioningly parrots it like a commie re education camp@mcrumr Feeding off the infrastructure built by the contributors...will last until resources/money runs outObama/democrat mantra: Don't believe your own lying eyes....Believe usReally? Polls show 70% against amnesty-Obama: If Americans Voted, Immigration Reform Would’ve Passed https://t.co/Pqw6a7omHBMeyers: Joe Biden Jokes that Biden Is a ‘National Embarrassment’ https://t.co/7kalQrnD4AWhat happened to the democrats who defended and loved America like John F Kennedy?...Now the bar is barrack obama/nancy pelosi@JeffGoldsberry She'll be overwhelmingly voted in for the qualities of being a woman and a woman of "color"@mcrumr Cali has been turned from the "Golden State" into a dem run welfare stateThe Names: This Is Who ISIS Has Recruited from the United States [+video] http://t.co/V2jDYIUut3 via @joewmillerI don't think I could have taken 4 terms in the senate listening to barbara boxer's inanityHillary wouldn't bolster US security in Libya because it would expose her/obama's fail in deposing gadaffy & turning it over to terroristsBoko Haram Fighters Turn to Cannibalism in Nigeria | Restoring Liberty http://t.co/RyKMgmTNB3 via @po_stRush: Obama/democrats Exploit Ignorance of Young People to Seize Control of the Internet - Tea Party News http://t.co/TNkXdS4i4GTurn net obamacarelike-Former FCC Chief: Obama Meddling on Net Neutrality Is 'Shocking' http://t.co/Py73dtlX4U via @Newsmax_MediaFar left in charge-Cops instructed to 'close eyes' during tense situations http://t.co/AqLffw2dZv via @nypostEunuch Mitch McConnell Squeals Like a Pig | RedState http://t.co/Dbyemq4gpkNASA's job=muslim outreach and Secretary of Homeland Security says My Job is to Give Voice to the Plight of Muslims http://t.co/CyBGDso2qP[VIDEO] Eric Garner’s daughter on Sharpton: ‘He’s all about the money’ | American Action News http://t.co/oFIHUqpCr4 via @sharethisFinally ridding ourselves of Barbara Boxer....Encourage Condi Rice to run for her senate seat http://t.co/f2talScCAB
@SAKREV ask swift boatersEngel: ‘There Is an Absolute Panic’ in Saudi Arabia, Turkey About Iran Getting a Nuke https://t.co/o8L1aCHwYzJohn F Kerry shocked that the Russians lied "to his face" Wait for the look on that face when Iranian mushroom clouds cover the middle eastFrom the Administration of Liars-Kerry: Russians Have Lied to My Face https://t.co/iDgJB43DxfJust another WH Liar-W.H.: Despite His False Special Forces Claim, We Still Support V.A. Director https://t.co/jzzhHq6TX9Fallon: No Reason Transgenders Can’t Become Generals Because of Their Privates https://t.co/C4rPuUlVOJThe Betrayal Papers: A National Security “Smoking Gun” of Obama’s Conspiracy with Muslim Brotherhood http://t.co/UYcZeW8g55 via @joewmillerChickens Are Coming Home To Roost: Rev. Wright’s Daughter Is Headed To Prison | American Action News http://t.co/35K5sD97u2 via @sharethisKerry/Obama to Nigerian Christians: Change Laws on Abortion, Homosexuality If You Want Protection http://t.co/HM499yYba5 via @po_st@HarleyLeBon @politico @EDinCali @BettinaVLA @hipEchik I love Condi! I'd vote for her!
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@edincali @realjtp Negotiated for Bergdahl http://t.co/55l1NQkbea
Retweeted by Ed Rumor has it:Sen elizabeth warren (fauxcahantas) is now claiming to be Eskimo since it is so cold in MassachusettsMayor of Jerusalem Takes Down Knife-Wielding Terrorist Who Stabbed Pedestrian [+video] http://t.co/xFSbVBwD6x via @joewmillerWOW: This 12yr.Old Georgia Young Man Goes Off On Obama In This Viral Video | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily http://t.co/GRyN7rInPX via @Doug_GilesMatt Vespa - Sen. Tammy Baldwin Lawyers Up After Three Deaths Are Linked To A VA Report She Sat On For Months http://t.co/ceFY9ebJBB@EDinCali This "sustainability" crock is right up next to the global warming scam.
Retweeted by Ed Undocumented democrats-Greg Abbott Shares Solution For Illegal Immigration Problem http://t.co/HERsJpYHiH via @WestJournalismBeef producers say Obama is trying to slaughter their industry | http://t.co/gaZgrROxsR #tcotApple is going into automobile business...If they manufacture them where they make the ipads they can avoid high wages/environmental lawsLAUSD Deficit $160 Million/Growing--Unions Demand 8% Raise ($800 Million) http://t.co/7oJACjw3fr
Krauthammer: ‘Gruber-Like Arrogance’ Led to ObamaCare Tax Mess https://t.co/e10T2bZV8GReally? Just wait til India shoves back: The Obama administration gives India a shove on climate change http://t.co/PoBfCuciST
Retweeted by Ed But their attacks on truth more offensive-Rosen: Attacks on Marie Harf, Jen Psaki Were Sexist Offensive/Unwarranted https://t.co/I79N3x202XAs if criticism from the likes of Marianne Walsh or Josh Earnest could relegate Rudy Giuliani to the "dustbin of history." SMH
Retweeted by Ed Could olive oil be the latest weapon against cancer? Ingredient in the dressing kills tumour cells without hurting http://t.co/QjtYry0MnJ
Retweeted by Ed LOL!!!-Axelrod: Obama Believes There Are More Important Things than Winning Elections https://t.co/b0U3w9BcdrThis is right on the mark!-George Will: The Clintons Have a ‘Complete Inability To Be Embarrassed’ https://t.co/bsp7fQ7MaELets compare paychecks Pat-Patricia Arquette Calls for Wage Equality and Equal Rights for Women in America https://t.co/OPFei5ymrDLet the free market decide-Black Actors Talk Oscar Diversity: More Diverse Films Should Be Made, Supported https://t.co/Hof5r3dQCdI note the same people that negotiated the Ukraine "cease fire" are the same ones negotiating iranian nuke capability...Be afraidCompanies Benefiting From Energy Dept’s Newest Solar Farm Also Recipients of Export-Import Bank Financing http://t.co/DLB3VyogLdGeneral Paul Vallely: Need to Address Tenuous Economic Situation “to Survive” http://t.co/4ddYo2UQTC via @joewmillerThe worlds most interesting man? The man who is buying up Ireland - $225 million invested so far http://t.co/m4CZIrtxJ1
@EDinCali Sorry.Want to keep credibility as reliable source of Ontario&Cdn http://t.co/ck15QmG4gh not communicated to me properly at 1st
Retweeted by Ed American malls tighten security as islamic threats turn towards the great satans homelandTurkey moves forward with non-NATO interoperable missile defense system. http://t.co/RstobQqQvP
Retweeted by Ed Turkey treated ISIS as an irritant not a major security threat, but Suleyman Shah operation signals a shift. http://t.co/B4hXohfeEG
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