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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog.

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Peeps calling for cash @dynamicvol @TheBubbleBubble down 5%SHCOMP now down 41% since the peak on June 12th@TheArmoTrader @boes_ my snark that the timeline always gets pushed backRemember, we're ALWAYS six months away from a hike @ReformedBroker @conorsen big rise in UST rates in early 2011 too@IvanTheK @michaelsantoli @Hooper_Quant I bet not@michaelsantoli @IvanTheK @Hooper_Quant big baseball news that the sharp EM growth slowdown has come despite private sector deleveraging not even having started
Retweeted by David SchawelSantoli steps up, like a kindergarten teacher regaining control over an unruly lunch line Bear marketAny HF's that haven't taken a stake in $SUNE yet?@JodyShenn you're missing the point. The base is inflated, thus the velocity ratio is flawed to look at.@JodyShenn Yes, it's an axiom, an accounting identityHow do these strategists not understand how reserves from QE inflate the monetary base & therefore lower velocity? it increases the monetary base, so of course velocity will nosedive@JodyShenn isn't this kind of useless with Fed balance sheet size skewing the denominator?Yes; be very skeptical of rising long yields because of 'foreigners'. Nice clear post by @M_C_Klein - 1)
Retweeted by David Schawel@lopezlinette so generous of it@The1Tab maybe I'm wrong, I only saw him a few times. I see 3.7 yds/a, which is good for 33rd out of 45 qualifying players last year.@The1Tab he's 34! Surprised he's still in the league@CNBC @gavparks sounds like an Onion headline@TheArmoTrader wild right?@TheArmoTrader it is, it's a screen shot from a TV news segment that @HaidiLunCNA tweetedChinese locals trading stocks at an Internet cafe
@TheArmoTrader 45 more days until Kershaw chokes in the playoffs again :) @IvanTheK@StephenStull dad did! I was never good enough to play past high school!The LA Dodgers have a total payroll that exceeds $309mil, the highest in MLB, and have been no-hit twice in 10 days.Looks like IEA (Paris) has finally begun to revise down its 2014 global oil demand data series. Yes, a demand problem did develop last year.
Retweeted by David Schawel@IvanTheK that's the MLP company right?@The_Analyst 2 lions in your top 5 not named Calvin?@BarbarianCap @Morgan_03 almost as bad as a biker riding on a busy road@ReformedBroker short initial claims@danwiederer @aohalek Prudent to not play him - they're going to be awful this year@ppearlman Phil, you're not THAT old. Cmon!Sickening cc @MichaelSedaccaFascinating documentary on @NatGeoExplorers on the illegal ivory trade and the atrocities of the LRA@zerohedge it's like real life Dumb & Dumber@caroljsroth would be nice if someone looked good on the BearsHow long until RGIII ends up on the Jets? You know it's going to happen.@Jesse_Livermore nice!Fiscal Inflation Targeting and the Cost of Large Government Debt Accumulation:
Retweeted by David SchawelES down 20 seems like down 20bps after last week@jacksonholes I take sell side stuff fwiw, nothing more. It's no stretch to say these strategies are pro-cyclical@jacksonholes that is true, this is more color on risk parity strategies which came into focus this past week w the vol@jacksonholes it's not really a prediction, they have rules based reallocation based on realized equity volIMF showing the global trade slowdown since the crisis has been driven by structural, not cyclical, factors my twitter stream isn't an open Q&A. You tell me.@EconomPic nope, sells stocks when vol rises@TMFHousel you can make a lot of $ if you can diagnose the global economy like a doctor can for a sick patientNC lawmakers inexplicably want to cut 8,500 TA school positions. One state senator spent a day following a TA apologizes for saying the market fell @raluca3000 yes that's it@kyles09 is any tweet all encompassing?high grade bond spreads (over 200bps) and yields (4% on 10yr) are at multi year highsJPM: Risk parity often uses slower moving signals (6m or 1y realized vol)...We estimate $50-$100bil of equity selling over the coming weeksJPM: Variable annuity strategies have increased & are tied to 1-3mo realized vol. If realized vol ⬆️, they cut equities to keep vol constantJPM: Price insensitive flows increasing...if equity indices fall 10%, trend following strategies need to sell ~$100bil of equity exposure@modestproposal1 sounds like a Zoe's menu option@georgepearkes It's not an opinion. Many that point it out have positions to back it up, such as the people who have been long rates.After more than 4 decades and $73mil in sales, 82y old top Neiman Marcus saleswoman retires except for people who have been long rates - in that case it's easy to criticize economists calling for rising rates every yr@SoBendito to be fair, so did booker!In 1993 net migration to Britain was zero. It now exceeds 300,000, the highest on record
Retweeted by David Schawel
@Rich_Campbell at his house maybe?@WillardOfOdds why too bad?Airbnb poaches hundreds of Google employees top 5 pick coming in AprilOil and gas sector accounts for 23% of EME corporate bond issuance in US dollars
Retweeted by David SchawelFirms with more cash are more likely to issue dollar bonds; USD bond proceeds more likely to be held as cash
Retweeted by David SchawelThe Fed trying to stick the landing? Kidding!!! well known Abenomics ploy@GenoEspn @DavidHaugh one season with more than 7 wins since 2002. 44 games under .500 - How is the job underrated? Don't doubt it plays a role... the correlation doesn't look that high, is it even above 70%?@conorsen seems too simple to boil it down to thatTrying to juice credit? China now allowing banks loan/deposit ratio to climb above 75% & also eliminating caps on deposit rates over 1yr.China does away with 20-year-old cap on banks' loan-to-deposit ratio, could free up 6.6 tln yuan at 16 listed lenders
Retweeted by David SchawelWeak economic growth is a global phenomenon now & no different in Mexico where reforms have disappointed Hole paper: There’s “very real risk” of “seat-of-the-pants” policy making as officials “use judgment,”@dougtee probably 95% of the time@spiralcal I do sometimes! Just not very often. Haven't bought green coffee beans in awhileToday's choice #Coffeeislife also check out Michael Pettis for EM@LondonTrades maybe Damodaran for equity valuation and Fabozzi for fixed income.@LondonTrades I don't know, I hate finance books :)
@BarbarianCap bathtub buying?@IvanTheK almost Rangers season@georgepearkes China is a big black box to me, and it makes me very uncomfortable to have no idea how to ballpark outcomes & impacts@georgepearkes @george_chen all of aboveI can't help but pull against @BillSimmons favorite teams@george_chen seems like they're grasping at the straws@GenoEspn @DavidHaugh underrated only to people who live in IL@_NickRogers_ @LuolDeng9 @BarackObama @petesouza Luol is a great dudeGoogle's making it easy for you to get solar panels onto your roof Q&A between @elerianm and @thestalwart @IvanTheK @TheStalwart @mark_dow can't find it, but I talk about it with @groditi once in awhile@IvanTheK yes - my head exploded@IvanTheK remember the guy who called a head & shoulders on the Fed's balance sheet?@conorsen @austinklee @ArchMcClure sounds pompous
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