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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkzI1el

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RT: Pvt: "Big party over at ZH HQ" @zerohedgeFor anyone with money stuck in #Greece or #China - one word of advice: #Bitcoin
Retweeted by David SchawelHE HAS A NAME: 7 yr old Amari Brown, was shot and killed last night in Chicago while watching fireworks with his dad. http://t.co/VQLqu83Dw5
Retweeted by David SchawelAmazing people have become desensitized to these headlines "82 shot- 15 fatally- in Chicago over holiday weekend" http://t.co/BYClDVGdURNai to Janus#Greece Betfair odds implying 75% probability of a "No" vote. http://t.co/0CGk74hFL9
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@ReformedBroker before or after the 20% coupon?@raymhicks Keith is super smart! Great hiring choice!@Mr_Minderbinder Yeah I'm bummed but the Blackhawks machine will continueWhat happens if the vote is Yes, Tsipras & Pavlopoulos step down, and there's no majority vote on replacements?IMF has negotiated in bad faith, failed to learn, covers up the harm it's caused, blames others to protect itself. http://t.co/EEPTfoRxSh
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@BarbarianCap in other words, they're brilliant@georgepearkes very trueWith capital controls, No, IOUs, Greece heads into economic isolation, double currency (like Cuba), no imports. Is that dignity?
Retweeted by David Schawel@georgepearkes no kidding, it's kind of inspiringTo creditors it's a matter of being paid back, but there's a whole country struggling behind the scenes https://t.co/DRDPvOEm4h@caroljsroth the #Blackhawks machine will continue!@trock0407 bogey golf@Makro_Trader ha! Was after playing the holeTough par 3 at Pine Needles http://t.co/H9oWiy745m1st hole at Pine Needles http://t.co/62zBiVXBHJ@helenenothelen Well done Helene@IvanTheK the Turks enjoy special sauce?@pmarca Managers didn't puke clean bonds at 50c on the $ post crisis b/c they thought it was the best economic choice, inverse true at tops@pmarca Always safer to lose with the crowd - career risk drives a lot of decision making@naufalsanaullah @IvanTheK yeah good point@IvanTheK @naufalsanaullah what exactly are they going to move into that's liquid & in size?@___laissezfaire it's incredible@grodaeu @TheStalwart IMO what you describe is nothing more than a forbearance@grodaeu @TheStalwart Yes, but original tweet is about what extending can accomplish. I envision improvements in ability to repay.@TheStalwart If it was a liquidity issue & not a solvency issue
@LongShortTrader which classes of people/institutions provided the liquidity for these IPOs in China? Maybe little guys getting hit?China to JanusCraziness https://t.co/u0JEJmk0gW@BarbarianCap that was an epic article & pictureHere's the link to the old Chinese cotton hoarding article http://t.co/STdUJZ1ipA2011: Chinese cotton hoarder, never forget "I think there's still hope for prices to go higher," he said." http://t.co/DMzNwu5eO7@georgepearkes just messing around, have no real opinionAgree, good point George https://t.co/ny8aaLe8Fo@mirtle what is the asking price down to? Just a prospect?@DumbLuckCapital @zerohedge the whole "we're going to throw as much crap against the wall by as many people as possible" strategy failed@deuxetvingt ha, maybe for us in the space, but most wouldn't think about mortgage optionality & its impact on overall rate vol@VctSnm I've written numerous pieces (ello,blog) about it & just linked a post that explains it. Do a little work yourself to find stuff.@VctSnm You can think what you want but it's an axiom - not an opinion/theory.@VctSnm you have no idea what you're talking about@MattGarrett3 Fed owning trillions of MBS out of the system & no hedging needs etcThe massive removal of volatility from the US bond market via MBS purchases is one of the least understood concepts todayBassman on the differences between bond market volatility in the US versus Europe & whether it will persist http://t.co/nJCtoILtheCan't believe the Shanghai is allowing investors to use real estate as collateral for margin callsGreek Finance Minister: "Why would I support a deal when it would just put us closer to insolvency in six months?"
@EconomPic @mmport80 but trying to squeeze juice when there's little often gets people in trouble. Accept lower returns for now@EconomPic @mmport80 I think it's tough tbh. Cash has strong optionality here. Various EM debt has merit, I like non perf loan pools too@EconomPic @mmport80 I like some corners such as various CEFs/mREITs, small banks, etc, but broadly speaking there aren't many deals now@EconomPic @mmport80 This is part of the problem, a constant focus on return ON principal even when the risk/rewards are unfavorable@mmport80 @EconomPic Yes, who said otherwise? Point is that after bubbles looking back there obviously are places that were safe@Real_ESPNLeBrun sharp?@EconomPic read the original tweet - nothing said about missing gains@DanielleMorrill Owned blue chips/bonds during the tech bubble, rented & didn't own during the fin crisis etc. Nobody is forced into things@bravo0123 @Nonrelatedsense @DanielleMorrill Depends what u r trying to avoid. Could be T-Bills, a diff currency- whatever isn't the bubble@Nonrelatedsense @DanielleMorrill Yes timing issues exist but you CAN choose alternatives & by no means will you nec have the same losses@DanielleMorrill How so? If people knew about the tech bubble or housing/financial crisis they could've avoided lossesICYMI: Proud of the success of my friend Paul starting & growing Ledbury shirts, check it out https://t.co/HWPgtk7agd@TheStalwart myself, @conorsen & @IvanTheK were reprimanded last night for beating the "xx to Janus" into the ground. I love it still.@MattJCutshall @Vegas @DAYLIGHTVegas oh hai @jvposter !!FYI, @Eurogroup closed the door on further negotiations with #Greece ahead of Sunday's #referendum while continuing to urge a "Yes" vote.
Retweeted by David Schawel@CrosbyVenture haha, I was wondering when that was from@JayZawaski670 what's the Kimmo penalty for?@TheStalwart Well done Joe.@mbusigin clean rebuild is probably best LT for Toronto@mbusigin trading your best player and retaining salary?@JodyShenn honestly, I would be too7th person in NC this year bitten by a shark today - statistical anomaly or cause for concern?"We appreciate the idea, but the liquidity remains off & please remit payment ASAP" https://t.co/nHXdMZIEgb@DarrenDreger find me one GM ever that doesn't want to add "another piece"@TheDomino Yes, I think we'll start to see some chasing of these names. Will do well in rates up, valuations still reasonable, last to rally@TheDomino FinancialsCan the mortgage market handle the surge in minority homeownership? http://t.co/ap8dVHjVKj #mortgage http://t.co/moHgb2FWv2
Retweeted by David Schawel@IvanTheK @JodyShenn @tracyalloway Yes he was, by a gentleman named Mark, to Market street@IvanTheK @tracyalloway it's ok, it's getting late in London, they may not have much dynegy left after a long day@IvanTheK @tracyalloway Depends, they may not be the smartest guys in the room there@tracyalloway i bet people will be skilling him with questions@MichaelBonderer hahaha@modestproposal1 and we let them off the hook?@conorsen tough situation either way, skeptical they can grow or see inflation help them out the burdenIf I'm Greece I think I tell them to stick it. All these deals will just continue to cripple their economy. #touristmusingsThey see Europe as a superficial union w/IMF being "glue" that binds. They are not the visionaries Europe needs. #Greece #dimopsifisma #OXI
Retweeted by David Schawel@The1Tab thoughts on this signing Tab?Many good opportunities available now to buy dollars for 75-80 centsNo currency-issuing national central bank would freeze the money supply in a depression. But that's what the ECB has done to Greece.
Retweeted by David Schawel@MarkYusko @BrattleStCap go to bed! Up early for breakfast !
This is awesome: The World's Most Spoken Languages & Who Speaks Them http://t.co/r8o05hDVsJ@SoBendito I take it you're not enjoying some of the emails?@howardlindzon to be fair you have more hair too@georgepearkes but I'm just basing on my recollection of the Twitter stream a few years ago@georgepearkes I think on TWTR it's a much more pragmatic approach now versus the initial bailouts, ppl understand the situation better@georgepearkes which direction? Pro grexit?@EddieOlczyk Thanks Eddie, I just moved off the ledge....understand it's a business but still a bummer@TheStalwart not even sure a 10bp drop in yields really does much of anything@_oldmangloom Combo of the cap & him wanting 6.5mil. Shouldn't penalized teams resigning their own players like this.@_oldmangloom don't rub it in, I'm still angry about that
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