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Dave @Dave77062 The Republic of Texas

I am the God fearing, gun owning American that Obama warned you about. Molon labe ego te provoco

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ALERT: Joel Osteen Just Made a Disturbing Announcement About Muslims http://t.co/fRTCk3H1w7 via @conserv_tribuneAfter the Confederate flag bans, will we start seeing this in ALL churches? http://t.co/fA89g2sXsj
Go Reagan! #reagan #RedNationRising #freedom http://t.co/sNbhMkr4Aa
Retweeted by DaveThe Texas Senate just adopted a resolution affirming the definition of marriage as between 1 man and 1 woman. #txlege http://t.co/AxkFcwdkCP
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I have nothing to add. http://t.co/n9oUk0zb7nEmbarrassing White House lit in rainbow colors after Supreme Court ruling - http://t.co/D89Sktq3oW http://t.co/D89Sktq3oWThe 10th Amendment was ratified in 1791stating the fed govt possesses only those powers delegated to it by the constitution. Any questions?.@JacksonLeeTX18 True or false. You're named after two Confederate generals. I'll wait.
Retweeted by Dave@HoustonDynamo any idea which Comcast station is broadcasting in English?
So @megynkelly respects what Hillary has accomplished? Might want raise the bar a little there Meg. http://t.co/MSHaSwCDbpFlipping through the news and see this. An advertisement for Gucci. Do people really wear this crap? http://t.co/S5MdzAUQAr
Lowe’s Just BLASTED Radical Islam in a HUGE WAY I will be shopping at Lowes. http://t.co/4flA9g571B via @TPInsidr" I respect Hillary Clinton, and all that she’s achieved.” ...@megynkelly is she kidding? I guess all news folks are the same. Shame.
@RealChrisPowell where can I get a copy of the fitness regimen you follow?
Islamic State's Latest Execution Video May Be Its Most Horrifying Yet http://t.co/mzLop1BMMd via @theblazeHillary Clinton Not Talking About '92 Clinton-Gore Confederate Campaign Button http://t.co/Xa2HU9AY7v via @theblaze"..remove guns from society, and until somebody gets enough “oomph” to repeal the Second Amendment, that’s not going to happen." Karl RoveMarine Cpl. Riley E. Baker , 22, KIA 2006 #USMC... http://t.co/YPR5ylkqug
Retweeted by DaveBREAKING: ISIS Terrorist Arrested in NC After Planning Attack to Kill 1,000+ This Week. http://t.co/AL8pp1wpwZ
Retweeted by Davehttp://t.co/fq457h8tTchttp://t.co/yTcpoUrr5s"The things you take for granted are the things someone else is praying for" ...unknown.
The Blaze published this crap? Four Gun Rights Arguments We Need to Stop Making http://t.co/G3FxtqYHmt via @theblazeThe way our vets are treated in this country sucks. News says wait to be seen by VA dr. up 50% over last year. Hey Barry this is on you.Love my Gov but he won't win the nomination Perry: 'American people are going to see a very different candidate http://t.co/CXSMD3mOeR
@TeriGRight here is his position on common core. Education | Official Ben Carson for President 2016 https://t.co/C7NwziW1DRBrian Williams @BWilliams has zero credibility as does any media outlet that employs him.@TeriGRight he is opposed to common core.Listening to ABC's @MarthaRaddatz coverage of the SC events is disgusting. The media's sensationalism for ratings is simply wrong.Ben Carson for President! Read his stance on the issues. His positions are spot on! http://t.co/WmHPyHn7gk“@Stonewall_77: #LiberalLogic Is Convoluted.Protect Citizens By Disarming? #WakeUpAmerica #2A http://t.co/CiudYGTeuF” @jjauthor @ericbolling
Retweeted by Davehttp://t.co/BgtulSMXzU@HoustonDynamo this is painful.http://t.co/xT665qm7Abhttp://t.co/nNvIxNOUEe
Rick Perry: May justice be carried out swiftly for our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Retweeted by Dave@ChuckNellis @DelTMids @fiddlestix007 @sussiekiesays well said Chuck!There is NO gun problem in America, there's a mental health issue but this doesn't suit your agenda @DelTMids @fiddlestix007 @sussiekiesays
Retweeted by Dave(IBD) Cimate Madness: Obama Pledges 28% Emissions Cut To U.N. Hoaxsters http://t.co/IuGpoNfCtg - #PJNET - http://t.co/x6NSmW7OP7
Retweeted by Davehttp://t.co/nrOFuxGpBbWith Maryland having tight gun laws they are 4th in the nation in deaths per capita per the FBI. Hey O'Malley..shut up.The man has a point. Charleston church massacre suspect: NRA executive suggests pastor to blame for deaths http://t.co/ty85NDp7K1Amen Sheriff Clarke. http://t.co/33H6zoc6zS@SpeakerBoehner do you ever get tired of bending over for Obama? You know he hates you and hates America, right? https://t.co/iXJ25ZmGQq
Retweeted by DaveI'm shocked, shocked to hear POTUS Obama decree that we need a "national conversation about gun violence." Shocked, I tell you . . .
Retweeted by DaveAs sad as it is, the church shootings are another example of what gun free zones produce.Toby Keith doesn't think stricter gun laws will prevent mass shootings http://t.co/1PjC41FnmO
Typical opportunistic crap..Obama said "People were killed because someone who wanted to do harm had no trouble getting a gun."Disgusting Dem Gilliard calling for gun control after shooting. Time and a place jackass and this ain't it.
Really?? Rachel Dolezal: ‘I Definitely Am Not White,' But I Do Have White 'Privilege' http://t.co/BxGZ0iZ33vMuslims Offended by July 4th So This U.S. Embassy Did the Unthinkable to Appease Them http://t.co/f5dZW3qPjY
This has to be a first. Head of Spokane NAACP quits amid furor over racial identity
Of all the things to worry about. EPA calls for regulating emissions from US airliners http://t.co/obNFqseGqOBarry is an idiot. Obama transfers six more Gitmo detainees, including alleged bin Laden bodyguards http://t.co/voapVa2PfFWhat a great idea. Funeral homes increasingly using dogs to comfort mourners via the @FoxNews App http://t.co/C7mBHMUEtI
For those who think Islam is a religion of peace... (These are verses from their "bible" -- the Koran.) http://t.co/cFN9MNMTaA
Retweeted by DaveBrian Williams consoles Rachel Dolezal (chapter president of NAACP). #RachelDolezal http://t.co/A2PwXmzHRR
Retweeted by DaveElect Ted! https://t.co/UdyCqAE1w5It's Flag Day. You either fly it with pride or you don't fly it at all! http://t.co/yEvS1zaCos
Retweeted by DaveWe need more police like Sheriff Clark. https://t.co/VdlNvS76HzThe new KFC ads making Col Sanders seem like some redneck boob really piss me off.How about we allow them to open fire? Armored Blackhawks Arrive at Texas Border http://t.co/siT7U2HG6J via @BreitbartNewsMike Rowe Gets Told To ‘Drop The Right-Wing Propaganda’ And Responds PERFECTLY http://t.co/WUvwSY1LTjAmen my brother. VETERAN OWNS WESTBORO DIPSTICK: Who Was Stepping On American Flag (VIDEO) http://t.co/AtU2w1Ndz0 via @Freedom_DailyIt's flag day. Are you flying your flag?..wait now it's that centrist RINO piece of crap Chris Christies turn..How about real candidates like Ted CruzI have to turn off ABC now, I can't sit through any more of the we love Hillary crap. Hillary's a liar and a traitor and should be in prisonThe Two Words CNN Anchor Used to Describe Shooting on Dallas Police HQ Is Dropp... http://t.co/wLvkBfOrOE via @theblaze
http://t.co/ESb5UJItRACan someone please explain to me why ABC news is reporting from our military HQ in the mideast?Queen Michelle BUSTED In Another Painfully Obvious Lie, Taxpayers Angry http://t.co/1oVq8eUjTC via @Freedom_Daily
This is what labeling a breed dangerous does. Prospects Improve For Pit Bull Whose Mouth Was Taped Shut http://t.co/xHOAfbsxVm
#MemorialDay is not about the sales. It's a day to honor our fallen warriors: #USMC #USNavy #USArmy #USAF #USCG http://t.co/ICTG1NzeyQ
Retweeted by DaveREMEMBER. It's the very least any of us can do. #MemorialDay http://t.co/pwS3CCA9BO
Retweeted by DaveHILLARY CLINTON LET AMERICANS DIE IN BENGHAZI https://t.co/2lCAamKeBt via @YouTube
Retweeted by DaveWhy am I the only person on my street flying a flag? ...disgusted.
A debt we can never repay "A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself."..William Bruce@KarenVaughn_GSM Total respect, prayers and gratitude to you and your family ma'am.#WakeUpGOP! Conservatives are not a WING of the GOP--we are the BASE! @ChristiChat #SisterPatriots #TCOT #CCOT http://t.co/IYxMQsToU7
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Too good not to repost. Lord, I apologize. http://t.co/PH6Uul73P0
This soldier carried his service dog down a mountain because it was 117 degrees & the rocks were burning his feet. 💪 http://t.co/OFP4tbOGzy
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George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams and the media’s sinking reputation | http://t.co/yBgaLwASvAGun Control in Chicago Leaves 42 Shot This Weekend–Including an 81-Year-Old Grandmother http://t.co/fg7FGdcMK7 via @johnhawkinsrwn
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If you don't know what the symbol to the the right is, you might want to find out. http://t.co/LhadSdgVBDFeinstein " I am worried about the Islamic state..it is evil" Not much gets by her. Now maybe we can hear from Sheila Jackson Lee.First Brian Williams, now George Steppinonupalous showing they are witless partisan hacks. Will we hear Al Sharpton isn't a journalist?
Retweeted by DaveRemember Democrats Booed God? @whitehouse @vj44 @thedemocrats @housedemocrats @senatedems @hillaryclinton http://t.co/WmxhqRbFBV
Retweeted by DaveCowards die many times before their deaths; the Valiant never taste of death but once. William ShakespeareThis is Islam. Any questions? http://t.co/CWEIr009lmFace The Nation's Bob Schieffer said Christian groups like Family Research Council are "hate groups" and should be banned from television.
RT if you love and #StandWithRickPerry #2A #tcot #pjnet #NJ2AS http://t.co/mf4cokZS8H
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Removing a statue of Jefferson Davis from U. of Texas campus doesnt change history http://t.co/ukOgCmhPHu via @usatodaycollegeAnyone see a problem here? Christians drop, 'nones' soar in new religion portrait http://t.co/QDYkxvRdvDC'mon people. Dogs die every year. Man saves dog in hot car, but gets arrested anyway http://t.co/9vxaBKTkbP via @usatoday#America’s oldest WWII Vet credits longevity to cigars, whiskey and the right to own #firearms http://t.co/byGsHviluM http://t.co/FVyCXBMiCg
Retweeted by DaveThe Many Faces of The Religion of Peace #RespectForMuslims #WarOnWomen http://t.co/Whqlo7gJsu
Retweeted by DaveChris Christie spent $82,000 on food at NFL games. Here are other ways he could have spent it. http://t.co/hl126J7m2H
The State Dept. is refusing to investigate Hillary? Gee, anybody surprised?How about No. Students at Texas university look to rid campus of Jefferson Davis memorial http://t.co/d0Zqu3x9Z0Where's the outrage? 3 arrested in murders of 2 Mississippi police officers during traffic stop http://t.co/KZeVZV2m2E
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