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@ifyoucantwell Chris we need Season 3 plz@CALLAMINA @HaltAMC legendIf you like The Binding of Isaac - come check out this run by @iKasperr - insane: @HaltAMC Joe Mac is legend@Singinman1 @HaltAMC Why??? It's a great show@JSmithOTI No disputing the menu factFired up for the @HaltAMC finale tonight in one hour! Who else is on Team Joe?@JSmithOTI Higher up on a menu means less food clout. That menu went Apps, Salads, Calzone, Sandwiches, Pizza, Pasta, Meat. Rekt@JSmithOTI Look where it is listed just barely above sandwiches hey hannah! How are things?@kevinbrokeit @Wario64 bruh@traceychieng you can name the replacement ๐Ÿ˜‚Austin drops from the comp and the entire USA celebrates. #BB17Endurance comps like this are one of the few competitions you can manipulate/make deals as a player which is why they're fun to watch. #BB17Fallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 41 [OK Corral]: via @YouTubeRocket League Tournament of Shame - Heat 4 [BaerTaffy]: via @YouTube@healeebea why and how@Jason_Wright59 Ahhh strike one@JSmithOTI to make O'Brien potatoes for first time - any tips? ๐Ÿณ@DragonFan96 but it shut downFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 60 [Burger King]: via @YouTube@RichBlue211 flaunting but congrats
@danidONAT0 dani - don't feed into the dark side@JSmithOTI great idea - winner gets a case of pbr and bad news bears collectors dvd@LIRIK Alliances were meant to be broken bruhPinball + Tupac = this @Brawlhalla @NorthernlionLP @RockLeeSmile @AlpacaPatrol GL b o y z@CobaltStreak @Dick_Hammer1 nice!!!!!!! You guys coming to the city at all@JSmithOTI pax east 201X@CobaltStreak @Dick_Hammer1 that's ledarius hometown! How long you here for@JSmithOTI hi bae@NorthernlionLP cellophane-out@SophiaXCV ๐Ÿ˜@LoganMocilan15 1x a month I play with subscribers on thanks BL$@ItsJordanNoll thanks J@Lasagna_Cat retired@ShariBischoping Smart to break them up@mollsissobored @Cott_da_bae lie@AmberFaye_Moss YouTube!@milesbrown83 @robcesternino Watch out this Monday on the podcast@HazBroism sims?@brattyVette @YouTube its good@sbj49 Thanks man! Retired though@LylesMovieFiles Thanks Lyles!@lowe_ltrevor91 ๐Ÿ’€@LoganMocilan15 both!Would you like those 180 minutes back? ๐Ÿ˜‚ New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 40 [I Saw It]: via @YouTubeRocket League Tournament of Shame - Heat 3 [RockleeSmile]: via @YouTubeFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 59 [Well Placed]: via @YouTubeFallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 39 [V11]: via @YouTube@CobaltStreak Next up this hairstyle:
@wathen26 what did i mess up@MattMamba24 thanks Kobe@georgeisking @NorthernlionLP Teaching me front flip and then scumming by staying in net right after@TwinsMommy Soon* (tonight tho)@wathen26 Hmm? :)@Dick_Hammer1 @CobaltStreak What side of State do you live onFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 58 [Tragedy]: via @YouTube@EvelDick ๐Ÿ˜‚@EvelDick@WhenChukAttacks Good luck Chuk!!!!!@CobaltStreak michigan hype@MathasGames your welcome, son. also: jigglypuff@Wario64 @MathasGames@Kirbogon @CaspianCrawdad Caspian, does Kirb get your stamp of approval? Email me plz@hamsterwatch @RockLeeSmile @JSmithOTIMy reaction when I heard that @katelovelymomo decided on a @Ford vehicle. League Tournament of Shame - Heat 2 [Northernlion]: via @YouTubeI think @UM_JRoss15 has a future in TV when his playing days are done. #OLSM Hey guys, I sent a request into you guys on Monday, and the window says 48 hours. When should I expect to hear back?@nugnuts @michaelalfox @NorthernlionLP Fierce I can see, but hes a nice guy, like most Canadians@Thiiirsty Thanks man! Put it on my google cal@Thiiirsty @WhenChukAttacks What time is he live?@RockLeeSmile Your taste in movies A+ - I thought it was the best movie I've seen in a long time@RockLeeSmile You watch Nightcrawler yet?Hadn't checked yet! Thanks KQ! It's been a fun ride so far. :) they day off yesterday, so episodes will be late today, but they'll all be up...after I catch up on work@michaelalfox That was painful for you - just be you malfie@JSmithOTI @MajaMFox @michaelalfox I would help Fox of course, but would strongly advice against him going on the show. He's too niceThx for making the trip from Ohio Luke! Great meeting you & your Mom. Thx for supporting a great cause @GoodGirlCB a great Friday!@SheilaK22 :)@ericrongey GL!@SquidGrip Squidz@MajaMFox @michaelalfox Ask @JSmithOTI@ThyTan11 @michaelalfox You'd have to ask the magic 8ball @JSmithOTI ๐ŸŽฑ@EvelDick @Flipz209 ๐Ÿ˜‚
@aflawson1 thanks Cody :)@TulaneTerry ---> @DanielleAlexisMThere's no "deserving" in the game. You have to go out and take it. #BB17 of the block is over, now the real game finally starts. #BB17Fallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 38 [Errand Boy]: via @YouTubeIn this week's podcast we break down Michelle's casting story & help her hone in on the best parts of her character:โ›ณ๏ธ good looking golf swings that hit only bad shots. @ Bay Pointe Golf Club League Tournament of Shame - Heat 1 [AlpacaPatrol]: via @YouTubeFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 57 [Gun Swap]: via @YouTube
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