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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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Goals 😍 http://t.co/2YKQHbzwSr
Retweeted by CarmenI think I will never get over Mikes death. Ever. Why..??? :'( @DesperateABC #MikeDelfino #heartbroken #poorsusan #tears #DH @HatchingChangeLaunching my 1st ever t-shirt for a cause thats super close to my heart. I hope you like it! http://t.co/nQekBLegBX http://t.co/nZu4YO460m
Retweeted by Carmen.@TheEllenShow THANK YOU ELLEN! It IS white & gold!!! :D #TheDress #whiteandgoldThis is so cute 💕 http://t.co/0ACfUoO73E
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2 reasons. http://t.co/kV5jyGgzQ2
Retweeted by CarmenJoey! 😂 http://t.co/vaFr3bPKSw
Retweeted by CarmenIch: *schläft für 4 Stunden* müde Ich: *schläft für 8 Stunden* müde Ich: *schläft für 1 Monat* müde Ich: *schläft für 1 Jahr* müde
Retweeted by Carmen#OffendEveryoneIn4Words http://t.co/3wYuP5dPOe
Retweeted by Carmen@beeyzabe Wer kommt denn da alles hin? :)@beeyzabe Autogramme und Fotos musst du zusätzlich zahlen...leider leider leider! :(@beeyzabe Wo du die Tickets kaufen kannst weiß ich nicht, bei dem Veranstalter auf der Homepage, hab mich darüber nicht informiert ;)@beeyzabe Alle die auf meinem Hintergrund drauf sind;) Alle so toll,Paul war auch total süß!!! *-* bei den Panels kann man Fragen stellen ;)#Titanic never fails to make me cry. Big time. Jeez. #justsaying #KateWinslet @LeoDiCaprio
😍 http://t.co/E9MOwNxWPd
Retweeted by CarmenSome people need to open their small minds instead of their big mouths.
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“@JeanetteJenkins: #fbf This woman @pink makes me smile. You know those kind of people that sprinkle good energy. http://t.co/bRoxWEMv7I” ❤️
Retweeted by Carmen“@JeanetteJenkins: Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.” Here here!
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😂😂 http://t.co/JX1s5EcPaa
Retweeted by Carmen@thescript “Who’d have thought that I’d be in such a mess?” #TheScriptFamily #ManOnAWire
Retweeted by Carmen@swr3 @kelly_clarkson @KidRock #PieceByPiece!!! ;) ♥@beeyzabe Dann wünsch ich dir ganz viel Spaß dort!!! ;)@beeyzabe Jaa!Deshalb war ich das Jahr drauf auch gleich nochmal ;) Aber auch die anderen waren total toll!!! :) Auch die Panels sind super!Finally!!! It's here! It's here!!!! I looove it! It's been so long! ♥ @kelly_clarkson #PieceByPiece
A couple of days after we leave Phoenix, Llamas run amok around the city. Coincidence? I think not. http://t.co/3GITwtMrIR
Retweeted by Carmen@kelly_clarkson Pre-ordered #PieceByPiece, its already on its way to my house!!! *-* #excited #Germany #ReleaseDay@JLo I love this so much! :D ♥Photo bombed by my favorite couple... Jennifer and Justin!! #Oscars http://t.co/D8PISyoyMu
Retweeted by CarmenReflecting http://t.co/MU87M1ZByJ
Retweeted by CarmenLove to rehearse w/ #JenniferAniston. Wish she had gotten attention for her perf in Cake. She was terrific. #Oscars http://t.co/AzokunwuV6
Retweeted by CarmenWe 💚 RT “@AdelaideKane: Lets rule, Germany!!! Watch #Reign on @sixxTV Tonight at 9:10pm! 😘”
Retweeted by Carmen@beeyzabe Zum Reden gab es leider nicht viel Zeit, aber er ist natürlich seeeehr lieb und süß, genau so wie man ihn sich vorstellt ;)@beeyzabe Das Profilbild war schon ein Jahr vorher, auch bei der Bloody Con :)+++ EIL +++ Die Wettervorhersage für 21:10: IT´S #REIGNing!
Retweeted by CarmenI love this. This is so beautiful! https://t.co/m8DzDcELeK #MomsAreTheBest @PampersAll Eyes On Jen! Check Out Best Pictures Of #CAKE Star At #Oscars2015! http://t.co/P52jGox2Pu @HuffingtonPost #JenniferAniston #CakeMovie
Retweeted by CarmenEinmal Elena sein...mein ganz persönlicher #TVDMoment ;) @sixxTV Heute gehts endlich loooos!!! ♡ #tbt #TVD6 http://t.co/OfQT9vqEIv
My audience was really excited about something today. But no one was more excited than @AndyLassner. Hi Andy. http://t.co/pmxqb4H9Q9
Retweeted by CarmenI wouldn't say no to that! :D RT"@Pink: Turns out I wouldn't take ANY music or ANY one to my deserted island. #bliss http://t.co/MCdbG5Lcyh"@beeyzabe @sixxTV Das war bei der Bloody Con 2013 in Neuss :-)Turns out I wouldn't take ANY music or ANY one to my deserted island. #bliss http://t.co/enY2Nraovw
Retweeted by Carmen@Pink woow *-*
Behind The Scenes of #Friends http://t.co/d4G9ZBQ651
Retweeted by CarmenWhat a woman #JulianneMoore https://t.co/aD6iQPiQEg
Retweeted by CarmenTwo days to the next episode of The Odd Couple. We premiered very well. Let's keep that going people! #theoddcouple
Retweeted by Carmen@kelly_clarkson @iTunesMusic Soooo excited!!!!! ♥ #PieceByPiece
#IveSeenEveryEpisodeOf this could take a while
Retweeted by Carmen#IveSeenEveryEpisodeOf F•R•I•E•N•D•S .. More than a hundred times ❤️ still the best TV show 🙌 http://t.co/NFHnn2AiQE
Retweeted by Carmen#IveSeenEveryEpisodeOf Friends, at least seven times each. http://t.co/G2W4jXyW72
Retweeted by Carmen#IveSeenEveryEpisodeOf #Friends #Charmed #TheVampireDiaries #GilmoreGirls #OCCalifornia #Lost #Alias Oh gosh, what a trending topic :D#IveSeenEveryEpisodeOf #Friends ♥ Mulitiple times. :DIt's here. #FriendsDeck http://t.co/8aMCk0dZqK
Retweeted by Carmen@HeadsUp I LOVE IT! OH. MY. GOD. THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!! I think I won't stop playing that deck. Ever. :D #Friends@peopleschoice Love them! #JenAndJustinEveryone please vote for my friends Lukas & Sebastian! It would help them a lot! It's just one click! Thanks! :) https://t.co/zht6Q3Dn0LSich einmal wie Elena fühlen...definitv mein tollster #TVDMoment!!!! ;-) #SalavatoreSandwich #TVD #TVD6 @sixxTV http://t.co/WfrSuCZAO2A friend in need is a friend indeed: http://t.co/qEUjwh8V0l
Retweeted by CarmenThis is what window washers dress like at a London children's hospital. Awesome! http://t.co/Z1Qc4g2pJM
Retweeted by Carmen@_juliannemoore: "After seeing the movie my husband said ‘You’re gonna win an Oscar’ and I said ‘Come ON!’”
Retweeted by CarmenI was just reading through some Twitter time lines and noticed this. My life is complete 😂😂😂😂😂 http://t.co/PD8Wo7muur
Retweeted by CarmenJennifer Aniston said she still considers @RWitherspoon to be her little sister and now we do too! #ETOscars #Oscars http://t.co/GpLGshvOpd
Retweeted by Carmen@BipashaPriyanka Hahaha that's awesome! :DAhhh! Jennifer Lopez instagramed Jennifer Aniston photobombing her😂❤️😍❤️ http://t.co/5dX088O7xz
Retweeted by CarmenMy Lord I am in love with Jennifer Aniston!
Retweeted by CarmenPlease let me age like Jennifer Aniston. That's all I want.
Retweeted by CarmenAppreciating Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone's adorable #Oscars hug in GIF-form because we love them so much! #Access http://t.co/QtkzFXWusW
Retweeted by CarmenGlory
Retweeted by CarmenAnd hell YES does she deserve to be there tonight!!! @ActuallyNPH #JenniferAniston ♥ #Oscars2015Aaaand there she is, my personal #BestActress!!! ;) She looks absolutely stunning! *-* ♥ #JenniferAniston #love #Oscars2015 #OscarSnub #CakeEdward Herrmann, we love you.
Retweeted by CarmenCrying all over again for the loss of Edward Herrmann. #Oscars2015
Retweeted by CarmenI was not ready to see Edward Herrmann and Robin Williams up there. Ugh my heart.
Retweeted by Carmenhttp://t.co/CUcGSADPZC
Retweeted by CarmenI was not ready 😭😭 http://t.co/9cwGLZQ5Jx
Retweeted by CarmenJennifer Hudson is a goddess.
Retweeted by Carmen"It’s our time to have wage equality — once and for all." -Patricia Arquette #Oscars http://t.co/y5umVEiJcs
Retweeted by Carmeninterviewmag's photo http://t.co/c5Zuia9Ohp
Retweeted by CarmenYAAY! I'm really happy for @PattyArquette ! :-) #Oscars2015God bless you @PattyArquette
Retweeted by CarmenHell yes! #PatriciaArquette so proud of this wonderful artist #oscar
Retweeted by CarmenSpending the Oscars celebrating Kev's great performance in Anna Christie @OdysseyTheatre_ http://t.co/HoBhCBW32j
Retweeted by CarmenI’m supporting @StJude this holiday season. RT if you support their mission of finding cures and saving children. #StJudeGiveThanks
Retweeted by Carmen“@ChrissieEvert: "Why do I love when winners ignore the music? She's talking about the death of her son & they start music?Uncool" Agree!
Retweeted by CarmenWhy do I love when winners ignore the music? #subversive
Retweeted by CarmenThe lesson so far from this year's Oscar acceptance speeches is that the orchestra CAN be beaten
Retweeted by Carmen@autumnreeser I love #JenniferAnistons dress! I think she looks absolutely stunning! :) ♥ #Oscarfashion #Oscars#BestActress nominee @RWitherspoon takes a moment to snap an #Oscars selfie. http://t.co/HWWbf7WvSZ #Wild http://t.co/JtVR7r1Vfh
Retweeted by Carmen@peopleschoice #JenniferAniston@ProSieben Wer hat den ersten Oscar gerade überreicht??I met @jensenackles and I totally fangirled. I'm so embarrassed. http://t.co/8Ydscug8it
Retweeted by CarmenIf you're watching #Oscars2015 tonight... #AskHerMore Via @smrtgrls @RepresentPledge http://t.co/NjPiQzd3AV
Retweeted by CarmenCuteness abound! #JenniferAniston hugs nominee #EmmaStone (in @ElieSaabWorld) on the #Oscars2015 red carpet. http://t.co/iG52Rbcq3r
Retweeted by CarmenActress #JenniferAniston at the 87th Annual Academy Awards http://t.co/oEieFNajz9
Retweeted by CarmenAnd finally 😎 my girl 😻😻 #Oscars2015 Very simple and elegant #jenniferAniston 💖💖💖💖 http://t.co/n9bxVqBscO
Retweeted by CarmenThis moment. #Oscars #EmmaStone #JenniferAniston http://t.co/jewaZtvNBS
Retweeted by Carmen1, 2, 3, 4 #JenniferAniston & #EmmaStone declare a hug war! #Oscars2015 http://t.co/Ck4lHlB94w
Retweeted by CarmenAaawwww Jen looks beautiful!!!! *-* ♥♥♥ #RedCarpetOscar #Oscars2015 #JenniferAnistonWell said, Reese! :) #AskHerMore @RWitherspoon #Oscars2015 #RedCarpetOscar@RWitherspoon This post made me so happy! :) #AmIweird #dontcare #love #JenniferAnistonAll my ❤️ to this lady on her b-day!! Her light, grace & humor make the world (& ME) smile! #JenniferAniston #WCW http://t.co/DOO61GLdNs
Retweeted by Carmen
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